Abigail Williams - In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns full album

banda:Abigail Williams album: In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns año: 2008 1- I 2- The World Beyond 3- Acolytes 4- A Thousand Suns 5- Into the Ashes 6- Smoke and Mirrors 7- A Semblance of Life 8- Empyrean: Into the Cold Wastes 9- Floods 10-The Departure

full album Black Metal (Musical Genre) Symphonic Metal (Musical Genre) Symphonic Black Metal (Musical Genre) 2008

Guss Ordaz
Yourwellcome :D 1- I 0:00 2- The World Beyond 0:39 3- Acolytes 6:55 4- A Thousand Suns 11:55 5- Into the Ashes 17:02 6- Smoke and Mirrors 21:41 7- A Semblance of Life 26:34 8- Empyrean: Into the Cold Wastes 28:40 9- Floods 34:56 10-The Departure 40:43
American Black Metal... damn, I didn't expect something this good to be from the USA \m/
i was going into this album not expecting much, but this is the best symphonic black metal ive ever heard, alot better than carach angren imo
Erika Lioness
fuck this was one of the first black metal albums i had got into
Derek Scherr
Easily one of my favorite albums ever!
Onyx Valkyrja
arguably one of the best metal albums out there....Granted, the new one is impressive as well, but this.. legendary<3
Toure Cannon
I got this album at home stuck in my CD collection somewhere, but I gotta tell you this is a fucking awesome ass CD! I mean, this band blew me away, but the lead vocalist kind of sounding like the vocalist from Emperor! But that is their influence though Norwegian Scandinavian black metal. and no they are not bad deathcore shit! When I seen them in one of the hardcore metal magazines, they classify them stupid fuck heads black metal core?! This goes to show you on what people don't know what in the shit they are talking about and they need to go gag on a horses cock! This is straight up in your face black metal symphonic black metal that is , and if they can't accept that fuck them! I have a page on Facebook thats black metal called black metal frenzy if you're interested in it...... https://m.facebook.com/blackmetalfrenzy
Core comments I get but hey I`ll take this over Djent any day!
Johnny Squirt
love all of their albums, but this one is by far my favorite. one of my all time favorite albums
Gram M
Shit takes me back to sophomore year of high school
Boy Darmawan
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Ross Tregemba
Dance Club Massacre is my favorite "Metal" "Hardcore" band. Haven't been able to find ANYTHING similar till now!! Wow these guys are fucking awesome!!!
Ben Purcell
I know a very few other bands that are really similar to this, but these guys are still unmatched. there are not many bands that can even be compared- there's hardly another band that hits all the same points as these guys, and hits them as hard. one of the greatest albums ever created, right here
zanda 1349
So basically Abigail Williams - itsoats Fallujah - harvest wombs Rings of saturn - Lugal ki en In these style genres I haven't found anything better Haters gonna hate
Fresh Heat
that good shit
Chad Collins
Thanks for the upload! This is one of my favorite albums.
Roxanne G
Fun fact: the lead singer ken just matched with me on tinder 😭 wtf. Didn’t even know who he was
Timmy Turner
Such a beautiful sound <3 <3
Good album. I always prefer the demo versions of Abigail Williams tho.
Taking steps backwards...making BM sound beautiful and soft...like CoF and dimmu. This isnt for me.
Godless Throne
Much respect for this work of art.
Todd Crawford
Unlikely any American metal band will make a metal album this good ITF. One of the best ever from N. America.
Marco Bertonati
Great sound! Really, love it. #Argentina
Montanesium Chords
Does anybody know what guitar tunings AG use in "The Shadow of the Thousand Suns" and "Legend" EP?
john larose
seen these guys back in the day at rocko's bar and grille in Manchester NH with lecherous nocturne, immolation, and vader
Zander R
I'm not universally opposed to clean singing but the clean parts on this album are really terrible
Sir Bathory
I'm not the biggest fan of the Symphonic element in black metal, but this album has grown on me vastly! Reminds me of Emperor in places.... great album.
Bret Marcum
If only.
Racraza Venshev
I'd give the voice a 3, but the music's at least a 7.
Fuzzy Andrews
Sympho black metal with a core vocalist. Would be much better without the vocals honestly. But no definitely not anywhere close to carach angren, are you fucking deaf. Music is pretty cool though
Trap Nation XVII
Album art reminds me of twisted treeline
knife pocket
one of my type bands.\m/