The Kapil Sharma Show - दी कपिल शर्मा शो-Ep-16-Team Sairat in Kapil’s Mohalla– 12th June 2016

The star cast of the blockbuster Marathi Movie ‘Sairat’ shares a fun time with Comedy King Kapil Sharma in his Mohalla. Actors Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar and director Nagraj Manjule along with Ajay-Atul creates a laughter riot in the 16th Episode of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. To watch it online Download the Sony LIV app. Dear Subscriber, If you are trying to view this video from a location outside India, do note this video will be made available in your territory 48 hours after its upload time Click to watch all the episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show - /> Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe to setindia channel for daily entertainment dose /> You can also visit us at /> Like us on Facebook /> Follow us on Twitter /> Also get Sony LIV app on your mobile Google Play - />ITunes - />If you are trying to view this video from a location outside India, do note this video will be made available in your territory 48 hours after its upload time

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Oky Google
This is a sairat effect episode aur jyadya time bhi chaltaa to bhi maja aata........nagraj Rocks.......
Faez Zaman
So nice wonderful movie I like that even tough I am not marathi
The AIS Family
Congratulations sairat team
Jayesh Furia
Archie nice!😊😉👸
cup cake
i love kapil and his team really they are very good❤
Aman Sharma 6
oh my God....! that time from 33:43 to 34:10. I just love her smile that's so natural. God bless u dear. Feel so good that they took a real handicapped boy in a movie as a actor. it can really boost a confidence in these type of boys as they will also feel everyone is treating them as a normal human being. God bless him and the whole team.
Ashish Khandelwal
Sairat team with. kapil. Amzing combination I m form rajsthan bt i love sairat more thn a marathi man
iam muslim,we cant spoke marathi but the enjoyment of watching sairat is in marathi,luckily iam the topper of the batch in marathi so there is not a big problem for me to watch sairat.i watch the full movie and i love it
Rohit S
38:27, Can I join? Rinku: Aao. Damn... So natural this girl is!!.. Abhi tak shohrat ki hawa nahi lagi hai Rinku ko... God bless you.
Pao Ann
@31:34 that rescept (leaving own seat )shown by the lead actor towards the music director (singer ) !! Awesome :)
Is this movie is available in hindi dub or with subtitles ?
sunil kumar saini
I like sairat movie and gingat song......😊😊👌👌👌👍👍👍💐💐💐
Shivangi Pandey
plz tell me vo 3 song konsa gya he unhone
secret superstar
Aakash thosar so so so so cute luv u 💖💖
ashu salame
Thank you kapil for inviting sairat team. such a great movie.
Patiljayasing Bhagavan
I am proud to be an marathi
khai's innocent
kapil sir..... you are great.......
Jawed Akhtar
so impressive act of dr gulatii
Dwayenth the Smacketh Johnson
The people's champ is here! First of all, thanks for inviting Team Sairat to TKSS, Kapil Sharma & Team! I think this is the first film featured on TKSS which isn't there for any promotional reason. (The film has already garnered 85+ cr domestically; majority in Maharashtra, and though TKSS will sort of promote this film to its viewers, the team Sairat haven't paid a dime like the other films which are featured purely for the promotion on this show.) After watching Sairat, Kapil & team had felt that this film should be seen and known by all so they themselves decided that they'll invite Team Sairat on TKSS. So a huge thank you for that Kapil & team, from a Sairat fan. Some are saying that the show was below par in terms of comedy, and I won't say that because I appreciate the efforts the creative team put in in a short amount of time, even though it wasn't a paid promotion and since the TKSS team themselves wanted to invite Team Sairat. So it was a heartfelt effort! I won't ever belittle Kapil & teams' effort! What I would rather say is, the interview part with Team Sairat could have been more entertaining and interesting had the right questions were being asked. For instance- 1. There was a lot of scope to ask about the awesome music this film has. Had it been asked it would have been realized that some songs' music and background score was recorded at Sony Scoring Stage, Hollywood. 2. Questions could have been asked about the strong female lead (the only lead) for which there would have been an interesting answer by Nagraj. 3. Something about how the cast was chosen and why! 4. About why the director had to blend a serious subject with a typical bollywood style love story; what was the reason? P.S. why people don't watch quality cinema and prefer mindless songs and dancing. Nagraj could have answered why he blent it & how effectively, too! 5. Questions regarding despite the film being a cliched love story (bollywood like), how is it that it is different? E.g. it's very rustic, true to the soil, features reality, etc., and yet the songs are extravagant, I would say a lot better than bollywood; Real irony! So why did Nagraj do it this way? Was it a cynical message to bollywood style? Was it the message to people that "you don't like to watch quality films, so i will give you a sugar coated medicine" kind of stuff? This could have been asked! 6. Something about real and selfless friendship of Salya & Balya; how they firmly stood behind their friend despite knowing they, too, could be in a life threatening situation, and when they almost get into jail & get beaten badly. 7. About stupid and redundant "Khap Panchayat" kind of practice which was shown in one scene where Parshya's father begs them and hits himself, and how it affects people in general, etc. 8. Something about the wonderful cinematography in the film, during the songs, and in some scenes, too; e.g., when Archie proposes Parshya, in that scene, when the two are left alone by their friends, the frame of free movement of birds in the sky between them which creates a free wave, it feels like the love hormone rush in both of their blood stream! Just amazing cinematography piece! And Sairat is full of them! So something about it... 9. And more... But still, I really appreciate Kapil and team for first of all understanding the real worth of Sairat which subverts the bollywood paradigm and calling them on TKSS for people to see and admire! SAIRAT all the way!!! :)
Eka Ebon
im from Bangladesh ...... still heartbroken ...i cant explain ......
Ahmad Gul
Doctor Gulati love u
Balwant Rai
I like sairat this movie is very good
Jaggu bv
kapil why are you not calling film 🎥 maker and actor of BAHUBALI, which makes history in Indian film industry
Prakash NZ
Is this movie uploaded in YouTube, I wanna see this movie Everyone is appreciating it, I believe this movie is awesome
Patiljayasing Bhagavan
sairat film is superb and amazing
Ram Singh Nishad
i like kapil show very very nice show
jai maharatha jai shivray nice mouvi my ne dheki hai my saudi my hu iam in h y d de se hu but nice mouvi
Rajkumar Sangave
Kapil sir u are the great 😍😍😘😙
HP Menon
SAIRAT movie is based on real life incident in nerul
ujjal Saini
33:46 awesome smile Rinku rajguru when tana ji dance I love that smile.
Ram Singh Nishad
कपिल सर आपका ये शो बहुत अच्छा लगा प्लीज ऐसे ही चलते रहना
Irfaan Enthusiastic
Sunil Grover na ho toh show ka kya Hoga.....superb episode..
soni kumari
awesome bas maja aagaya
songs are fab and the story is outstanding. Kapil sir,you are great.. :)
Vivek kumar
khai's innocent
Sir .......your role of chlid is veri cute....
Vinay Thoke
Those who're abusing Sony and Kapil for inviting Sairat team, mind that these are the non-actors who've performed and pulled of the historic performance that you'd ever watch. Rinku, who's 17 years old has won National Award for her performance. So please hold your horses and respect that at least. Their parents have not brought them up to show off and entertain like Bollywood Celebs. These guys are the most down to earth yet the best in their field. They were not promoting the film. Sairat doesn't need promotion. They were here because they were invited. Talking about the entertainment, leave it to Kapil, he's good at what he does. And so are Rinku, Nagraj and Ajay-Atul at what they do. You can not compare. If you do, you really have very low IQ I must say.
Bhushan Patil
sairat best movie 🎥
Rafia sajjad
aj sidhu g kha thy?
Prabh kaur
this movie is really AMAZING!I dont understand marathi,but I felt each scene because their acting was mind blowing...really nice yaaar...
Abhinandan yadav
akanksha shinde
Mohini balasaheb sabale
Rohit Patel
Sairat is just Sairat. There is no any other option of Sairat.
Sheetal Rathod
really the film was superb
Bandana Prasad
best episode ever
honest Indian
today the stage was full of innocent and talented people yet they're all very ground to earth....bollywood movies come here to become hit bt sairaat team came here after their film became of luck for their future☆★☆☆
sachin patel
I just love the way Aarchi smiles nd her gaze is so powerfull, i bet anybody would fall in love with her on the very first look :)
vivek patil
siddhu was not in this episode??
johnson topno
great movie,better than any of the Bollywood love story,much better
Bhoopendra Kumar
Sairat................I love. ..everyone should be like sairat casting. ...
abhijit mahamuni
i love you akash thoser
Manori Shah
I loved the movie...great work by the team...and Kapil I am fan of your presence of mind and humour "unko Sur mat do vo disturb hote hai..😂...keep inviting such talents...but lastly i somewhere felt that all the planted questions and drama can be avoided for such guests..they deserve simple, pure respect and applause...
Mayank Gupta
the girl looks smart, liked her personality the confidence especially.
liyakat ali
Amazing show
Mini Jinx
Best episode of this show
silent killer only hook
Last me to aise dance kiya hai jaise ganpati g k bishrjan me nach rhy ho
Super Danch video bhojpuri Sadik RAj
Very Nice Show
shankar bolli
good movie all the best all tim
gourav garry
Really this girl is 15, She doesn't look like 15....I really LOVE her.
vivek patil
siddhu was not in this episode??
Sai Krishna Goud
Zing zing zingat archi prasa I love u both I am from hyderabad telangana I am big fan of u yaar sairat movie was wonderful movie
jsd shafi
Ataul Islam
I love the way she talks... :) Sairat zalla ji
Nilesh Korake
Vinayak Nampalle
I love kapil
Dharmveer Guro
Nice show
Manpreet Singh Sohal
Dr.Gulati (सुनील ग्रोवर) की एंट्री के बाद काफी मज़ा आया..रिंकू की तो हंसी ही नहीं रुक रही थी 😂😂😂😄😃
Good One
jamir hussen
nice my favourite movie
Bhansingh Pal
mujhe apki teacher ki entry bahut achhi lagi
Suman Mia
hi kapil I miss you
Naresh Bhoi
Raj Nishad
This is very nice video
Shoaeb Malek
Great great great movie.end was heart breaking
Ashwin Patel
Hindi mee nai h ye movie agar hoo too plzz link send kro
Inder Rak
archi is so sweet
Eka Ebon
heartbroken forever i cant explain .......... noting to say .....
Prahalad Pallu
Awesome film
om sai
Thanx to kapil....he really give a life to the movie.
Md Saleem
os nice movie Love 😍😘😘😘😘
sivaprasad Bellikoth
Dear Dirctor Why you made this Climax?
king soni
Satwik Dash
The best fun fact is even within 5 mins of upload there are people who have dislike this vid. It means either they saw d show on TV and had waited like despos to dislike or else they show that stupidity runs in their family....
Riyas RN
even im a malayali enjoyed this movie
Salim Ansari
archi tujha adress kuthe bheth naar I love u archi
Gaurav Kush
Who is here in June 2018..
Akash Sonavne
Rahul Parmar
only gulati hi show ki jaan h kapil to time pass kr rha h iss baar asli comdy to sunil grover hi krta h 1m view credit goes to you gulati....
Shaikh Akbar
Very very nice👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 kapil Sharma show
Alka Singh
gr8 to see that they are the first regional actors to reach the kapil sharma show
Hagemaru Hageda
The series' 16th episode, featuring the Sairat team and airing on 12 June 2016, had good ratings and was the number-one show in the non-fiction category. Source:wikipedia
jitendra singh
very very nice
Firdos Fatima
The actress of the movie must learn some manners and way to speak
Huda Zehra
I love this show very much
Geeta Rawat
show is very good
Chintakindi Venkatesh
sairat movie awesome 2016 best of movie Sairat
sushant bhoir
i like bro i like bro
Akshat Singh Yadav