Amazing Kid Band Crushes Panama Van Halen Cover

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Amazing kid guitarist play panama Van halen

Festus Haggin
It's funny to see all the negative comments on here, because when they were 12 or 13 they spent all their time in the bathroom, and not doing anything constructive! Why so mad?? lol
Somebody call Dave, they need a singer
Drummer smashed it.
Pete Howarth
Good job! Having played guitar since I was 12 now 50 and grown up when Van Halen was putting out these albums. It's awesome to see kids playing guitar, bass, and drums instead of sitting around playing video games. Stairing at their phones all the time. Rock on!
Randy Winner
To hell with the nay-says's, these kids dedicated themselves to something more than gangs and drugs, geese what a goal huh!? wake up
tom richardson
The vocalist is brilliant. Really nails David Lee Roth style
Carl Brutananadilewski
Spent my lunch money to buy that album in 84. 🤘🏻
Jan U
Give your kids music and they will never have money for drugs... ;-) The boys are great!
trillrif axegrindor
get this boy a super strat with a humbucker in the bridge,the fact he did this with a single coil strat without locking nut and floyd rose bridge makes it even more amazing
Drinner D
You guys are bunch o little ROCK-BEASTS!!! WOW! You totally SLAYED that!!! Too bad the crowd was so lame
Alan Murray
Drummer is kicking some ass he has a very bright future ahead of him !!!
Jason Rekker
Given how many kids are hooked on video games these days I am so happy and amazed when I see kids like this who have obviously devoted many many hours to their craft. Rock on!!!
Chris Melbihess
The drummer kicks ass way to go. They are pretty good for being so very young cant wait to see them mature as musicians
Ahhhh, to have fun in something you love to do. Not forced to rap, act politically correct, pretend to have white guilt. These kids smashed it!
Estudiando Aprendo
Congratulations guys, the three of you totally rocked that song!!! Please keep practicing, playing and having fun, and never give up!!! We need young folks that you guys now more than ever.
Awesome job. Even has creepy roadie (lol) in background.
Wild Fire
Great cover guys!
ok I know I'm 3 years late but damn kids....nicely done.....hope you guys stuck with each other and getting gigs by now.....good luck
Daniel Kelsey
These kids rock hard!!!!!! Good job boys!!!!!!
Holy friggin hell this brought tears to my eyes! Amazing, and the little flags.. Rock on you little patriotic badasses!!
Robert Kelly
Their best decision was not having vocals.
Ralph Filigenzi
Awesome job guys, you killed it!
Randy Skyrim
wow, great job
They all did great but I was diggin the drummer lol he was rockin out!
Ed G
With all the comments here... no one has asked WHO ARE THESE KIDS? What are their names? What is the name of their band? Anyone know?
Black Death 1347
Take THAT, =VH=! Drummer KNOWS it's happening @ 2:56 :D
Brian Kranium
Excellent job by these kids. Great to see them doing something fun and positive and not out causing trouble like others their age or older are doing. And for those who gave a thumbs down, jealousy sucks doesn't it?! I think Van Halen would be impressed with how well these kids covered their song.
Those harmonics are hard, keep up the good work, took me a while at first. The key is to hover your fingers barely on the strings and find the sweet spot for the frets. GOOD JOB! KEEP ROCKING \m/
strings 4u
Tight band. Great job!
Taller Hermenéutico
demn that drummer hit's the snare like a beast! awesome
Impervious to psychoanalysis
All three did great. Its good to see young people playing an actual musical instrument.
My Gmail Account
You guys did an amazing job. I love it. Thank you.
Enrico Di Gennaro
You are incredible guys!!! Very very well done. My best compliments
Brilliant 👍
that's a hell of a drummer!
Looks like we're runnin' a little bit hot tonight!!!! LOVE IT!!!!
John Sticher
you guys rock hard!!!! your nailing those evh licks.
Great job guys!!
Joe Linney
Best thing is they're playing VAN HALEN!
Nash Avi
Outstanding guys, keep up the good work!!
Johnny Zoom 7 and the Noise Keepers
Well done ! Sounds awesome !
Doug Gordon
those knockers are just jealous
Ryder Grimes
This is so hot I can barley see the road from the heat coming from the video awesome job!
I'm very impressed
Alex Tocqueville
For middle school, this performance would be considered absolutely shit hot. Obviously it's not up to adult Van Halen cover band standards, but even the fat kid on drums is now considerably more likely to get laid before he turns 18, so good for them.
Dan O'Brien
Crushes? I think not...
Joesph Nickell
Real talent and creativity. But today on Ellen you're sure to see a 7 yr old rapper who has 5 billion YouTube views and has no idea what a guitar is.....
360 Fishing
bacon on those drums was rocking it
Rick James
Keep rockin kids!! Sounds great!
As a drummer that is 63 years old... I say.....  WOW! You guys killed it!
Chuck Diesel
Rock on little dudes
Chuck Diesel
Rock on little dudes
Richard Price
Drummer is awesome!
That drummer is just like Alex.
John Doe
Jeff Small
Great job guys way to go. And that's coming from a real die hard VH fan .
Maria L. Rapaglia
theyre great but no singing here
The thumbs downs must be from the ex-boyfriends of the girls they stole from them. Awesome job!!
Chuck Diesel
Ronnie Ellis
Fucking awesome!
Johnny Chimpo
bill swann
Good job guys keep on rocking.
Mark Smith
Gordon Marshall
Brilliant. I I wish i had been that good at that age.
who me
Mad chops!
Great job!! And to all the haters 😛
This is fake news.hihi
Troll Mctrollerson
All these kids are going to get laid way earlier than I ever did.
Mongo Lloyd
Somebody get that kid some active pickups, He ain't playin Hendrix.
Raymond Samosir
That kid drummer hits better than Lars Ulrich
Sued LOL
Not bad boys, a few more sessions and your at the top !
Ismael penalver
At that age I was playing air guitar , still do and I'm a grown man.
Cerulean Noel
Guitar has the most talent followed up by the bass. Drums is just there. LOL Still good to see these kids rocking out.
freedom runner
Sorry not very good.
Sihar Tobing
Marvellous, Kid Rock Band, ...GBU, ... Bravo.
Devin Hull
You did good on the drums too! Keep up the good work!
Dean Guando
These kids are great.
Antti K
Awesome ;)
tommy basham
Un real, great job guys, you nailed it!
Justin H
Victor Morgan
There is hope for humanity yet!! Glad to see these kids playing real music, good job guys!!
Guitar Hack
What's with the dislikes!!! Some people have sad lives if they think this is bad.......FFS
Now that was enlightening 👍😝🍻well done boys from cointector Australia 🇦🇺
All this band needed was a David Lee Roth Jr
ah, my head is shaking!
Glad to see kids still no what rock music is. Keep it up guys!
ghostt girl ghostt spook
now that's rock and roll!!!!
bob larrance
would benefit from a singer in gigantic fur-topped boots
Andrew Lambert
All they needed was a nerd chick hottie with glasses who could put what’s his name to shame!!
Steve Reed
This never gets old......
IBBM Radio
SWEEET!! You guys did a great cover!! 😜 you'll go really far in music if that's what you are pursuing 😎💕
David Beach
Waiting for David Lee Roth to start singing!
Brian Nunes
these kids rock..and they know it
Brian Nunes
these kids rock..and they know it
Mickey Bitsko
Why wasn't I doing THAT instead of frog-gigging? Dammit.