Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 8

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Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 8 I'll be posting unlisted links to the next episode because I'm getting copyright warnings;; Links to other episodes: Episode 1 : />Episode 2 : />Episode 3 : />Episode 4 : />Episode 5 : />Episode 6 : />Episode 7 : />Episode 9 : />Episode 10 : />Episode 11 : />Episode 12 : />Episode 13 : />Episode 14: />Episode 15: />Episode 16: />Episode 17: />Episode 18: />Episode 19: />Episode 20: />Episode 21: />Episode 23: />Episode 24:

Ariel Lee
>> << Episode 9 I've been getting copyright warnings so I'll start uploading unlisted videos and linking them in the comments! If there are any animes you'd want to watch, please comment down below~
💖 I love these type of animes 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
MadCashew Nutjob
There's always something satisfying about finding a good anime...
XxxSherry LinxxX
wait................. she said " a witch loses her powers if she sheds a tear" and she shed one when she saw Kaito! this doesnt count
Elizabeth Midford
This anime is good
why does aoko have a mullet
LoliMaster 69
Vanshika Joshi
They are more Kawaii than shinran to be honest
Anatalie N
Once you get past the noses, the animes good! :3
Rini Kagami
Kaito, don't leave poor Aoko alone, you protect your girl!~
Ayato Umehara
so good thkx for posting this
DA _dave
wait!! Pls. write #Aoko or #Akako (Am I right? Was it Akako?)
Polly Pencil
Akako: How cheesy Me: BUT YOUR BLUSHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
adult video
preety kitten m3
Kaito laughs like a monkey
The one who disliked this probably is Nakamori kebun and those man in glasses (the one they encountered in eps 9), Akako, and Hakuba and probably some inspector😂😂
Bobbie Steele
I need that cape
ruthy feinstein
Kaito looks just like rokuro from that twin star exorcist show
Suzana Mitrovic
They look exactly like Collin and his Girlfriend. (forgot her name)
Calago Aby
akako is crazy
Maricel Bandiola
Manood nlang kayo tangina nyo
kirigaya kazuto aka KIRITO
Cute girl😂😂😂
Daniel Jon
How come magic spells exists in this universe?
Nathaniel Alce
If Kaitou Kid/Kaito won't fall for her then how about his father the real Kaitou Kid??
Golden Silver
Wouldn't it have been easier to eliminate the girl instead of Kaito? It's obvious that the black haired girl likes him, (yes I'm calling her the black haired girl because I can not for the life of me type her correct name, trust me this is the fourth time I've etited this) likes Kaito so why eliminate him, when there's a much easier target? Make it look as if it was an acedent, then comfort Kaito. You can get close to him and you might eventually win his heart the right way. Did other people think of this, or am I just an evil master mind?
I really hate Aoko, I wish he would just leave her, always bossing him around, thinking she’s so cool😡
ivan cheung
How about kudo shinichi?he'll fall in love with her too?
fandom trash
Raymond Willinsky
anyone know the soundtrack from 18:57 ?
Wait a sec, isn't this episode supposed to be before the episode of the clock tower heist? Since Akako mention about the Lucifer in that episode.
Anime Lover عاشقة الأنمي
LOL kaito's laugh 😂😂😂😂
mlp pancake
Haru Yoshida
thnx for the post
Intanfazlini Fauzan
Haru Yoshida