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You guys have requested it, so here it is: This is a Bristol accent tutorial. Bristolian people are brilliant - we love this accent, and use it a lot for acting. You might hear people describe this accent as: West Country accent, Farmer accent, Somerset accent, Gloucester accent etc. Hopefully this short lesson will help you perfect the main features of the Bristol accent. Subscribe: />Watch Next, “London Accent”: /> Follow our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Lia's Social Media: Twitter: Instagram: Joel's Social Media: Twitter: Instagram: Watch More Of Our Videos: All of Our Videos: />Questions Brits Have For...: />American vs British: />British Culture: /> BUY US A COFFEE: FILMING EQUIPMENT: FREE J&L WELCOME PACK: SUPPORT US ON PATREON: GET £25 AIRBNB CREDIT: OUR AMAZON SHOP: _________ Hello! We are Joel & Lia. We post videos every week, all about British culture, British accents and the English language! We live in London and love sharing our top travel tips in the UK and abroad. As well as being best friends we share a passion for language, different accents and all things British. With past and future trips to the USA, lots of our content is American vs British. Don't forget to subscribe to see our videos in your subscription box every week and click the notification bell if you want special alerts send straight to your phone!

Ashley Smith
As a born and bred Bristolian I think your accent is better than mine! Well done.
KaB0oM 123
your accents are more of a posh Bristolian like from up Clifton in some of ur words
Snow Leopard
Ah yes... that's a Bristol accent? I had no idea. I naturally believed they were Americans just easing into a British accent and culture, and they got the culture right before the accent. Heh, so thanks for the education :)
Rhianna Sessions
I live in Bristol and I really don't understand how we talk like that😂
fae gibb
Best accent in the world or am i just bias haha
Ryan Cier
Okay, so, probably revealing some American ignorance here, but, is anyone else getting the feeling that this accent sounds similar to an Irish accent because of the rhotic pronunciation?
Mario Aliprandini
probably my favourite English accent.
Joel & Lia
*One of the programmes we mentioned is actually called 'This Country', not 'Our Country' as Joel said in the video. Sorry!*
Up the Roverrrs!
Wallace Santos
Liverpool accent seems like another language, you should talk about it too! Luv u, guys!
Rachael Leah xx
In Somerset it’s a bit more toned down of an accent. My lover is also a common phrase and easy to say in the accent
I have to applaud you two, because that is a really, really good take on the Bristol accent. And i should know, i was born and have lived in the best city in the world all my loife (sic) Excellent video guys (and the girl is rather gorgeous)
Pete Kernow
A Bristolian friend wrote this: Bristolian If you want to speak Bristolian really well And all your critics swiftly quell, Its an easy rule, clear as a bell, ‘To words ending in a vowel, simply add an ‘l’’, It will seem strange at the beginning With comments rather stinging. But you will soon get the ideal, As you way you feel. When I was a teacher in school, I believe they thought me a fool, When I taught about things geographical In Americal or Africal. Their spelling became quite absurd. They did not know the correct word. Was it Zambial and Gambial And Ghanal and Nigerial. Their learning made me cry As the years rolled by. Their work became abysmal When studying Abyssinial. It really got much worse, As indeed is this verse, Because I then taught Australial With its capital, Canberral. When I taught in the States, My professorial mates Thought me near terminal With Arizonal and Californial. This is a sad tale to relate, Always needing someone to translate. But then the truth dawned on Powell, Avoid all words ending in a vowel. © 2011
Fantastic job! Very instructive. I love the detailed explanation of the vocal structure. Also, Bristol is incredibly important in the history and development of UK popular music. So many bands and musicians originate Afterall, Glastonbury isn't far away. Great work! Keep it coming! Love and cheers! 👍💗😘🇬🇧
Mark OldGeezer
Thanks to your explanation, I finally worked out how to pronounce 'r's. I have a slight speech impediment which makes my normal speech non-rhotic. It's usually not a problem, except that my name has an 'r' in it. (So Mark sounds like "Mahk".) But now I can pronounce the 'r' in my name if I think about it. I'm 59 and for the first time in my life I can say "Mark"!
Don't mock me lil city mind r kid!! Lool i do love the cities accent. Ohh RR!! #GurtLush Disclaimer not everyone from bristols accent is as strong. In the black communities, you will rarely hear anyone talk with a strong accent. Great video guys good laugh! Check out my channel if you wanna hear some Music from Bristol. Media will be uploaded from 2018!!
Can we have a Miranda Accent tutorial?? 🙋🏻‍♂️
It’s a bit Somerset 😂
Josh Flay
As a Bristolian I can tell you this is hardly correct really
Phill G
I’m from Swindon which is 40 miles east of Bristol but have a lot of friends down there from college days. And most don’t believe me when I tell them I can tell difference’s between some one from a South Bristol estate such as Knowle West&Hartcliffe (ie A city supporter), and someone from North Bristol like Patchway or Filton (Rovers fans). South Bristol sounds a lot faster, where as North sounds more rural farmer type and drawn out.
Ecem Aldoğan
Great video guys! You should make a video about Newcastle accent,that would be really different and interesting :)
Wan Yuseri
shes gorgeous
Doug Hicton
Another good TV show where you can find Bristol accents is Skins, which is set there. A lot of the actors are from the area. Don't people in Norfolk have a rhotic R as well? They're way over in the east, and yet I find their accent to be quite similar to the one in Devon. Hey, if you're ever thinking about doing a tutorial on the Mackem accent of Hartlepool, where a lot of my relatives live, let me know if you'd like my cousin Rob Whitton to maybe come down and film with you. I have him featured on one of the videos on my channel, where he explains why Hartlepudlians are called Monkey Hangers. I'd love to hear what you would make of the A E I O U vowels in Geordie, by the way.
Nigel Perren
Oim finkin arbout goin to Bristall tumurra, oil troy blendin in wiv me banter
Westcountry Yokel Simple Vlogger
I dooz propper inglish. Fab viz ya guyz. :-)
Watch Lia's mouth when Joel is talking. hahaha It's like she knows his lines and is trying to follow what he is saying ahhaha.
Jeffrey Rotschild
Could you please do a series of videos related to the RP English Phonetics? I profoundly think it would be beneficial for all of us who are trying to acquire this accent. Thank you in advance guys! You are amazing!
KaB0oM 123
ow bist me babbers
Just a note: I received emails from former students in China and they have managed to receive your channel over The Great Firewall. It wasn't blocked! You guys are great! Love and cheers! 👍💗😘🇬🇧
shy fox
new topic suggestion: cool foods around london like a food trends in London
Lia est très jolie!!! 😍 j'aime toutes vos vidéos. Good Job!
snowy secret
You guys are amazing and helpful thank you for your hard work
Thanks for the tips 😂❤️
Gary C
Get over it! :)
Y'all - People in Bristol, Tennessee do NOT talk like this.
Bruce Tsai
As a non-native speaker, I find it hard to learn different accents lol, but it's a great video.
Jack Smith
dude sounds actually like thornbury and more gloucester, lady sounds like a cartoon version ...sounds like a londer copying the accent lool...a good introduction to west country accent but not bristolian,in contrast to the near by gloucester accents, bristolian is quicker in general and more stunted (if north bristol and lazier with the trailing vowles) and the south of the city which has a softer roll to it and they do the o thing more, and is similar to somerset accent but still different, south bristolll really hammers the e sounds
Phoebe Elizabeth Richards-Kirby
I am from Bristol it is more gentle with the rrrrrr
Bristol TV
Love it. We'd love to show this on Bristol TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?
Oive just come up from zummerset.
Shannon Walker
Being American the differences are so subtle I wouldn’t have noticed if I was in a room will all different dialects. Now I feel more educated! You guys are great! I listen to you on my way to work and practice my British on my way to work for no good reason because let’s be honest.....I’m never going to be in England. 😔
Game of Life
Why am I watching I’m from Bristol XD edit: also I don’t sound like Hagrid.
Christopher McKinney
You should go to a NASCAR Race in Bristol, Tennessee in the US.
Mojo Monkey
Are you sure you’re from Bristol
You’re getting there I am Bristolian but your really good!
Have you made a video on how to dress to work when in Bristol? I really need some help there. Especially weather fitting shoes, clothes, etc
Mi Chan
which part are you two from?
Rebekah Cyphus
I love me Bristolian accent
Lesley Harcourt
Thanks guys this was helpful... can't do this bleeding accent yet but I may be on my way ...keep up the good work.. I think you're both lovely Lx
I flicked throught this at 8 intervals and didnt hear an accent...just waffle 👌🏻
Rob 1950
For a proper Bristol accent, listen to football manager Ian Holloway & "actress" Cathy Barry (if you can find her!)
Nigel Perren
A bristolian girl was talking about clubbing at Hassy-enderrr on the bus to Portsmouth one day, she and her mum were on ollyday, she sounded lovely
Oliver Jones
ark at he
Arya C
Bristolian sounds in between an American and RP accent lol
I’m from Bristol , big up south west
oanh oanh
i love both when i watch Skins series they spoke like your sound hi hi! thanks (:
Sah. B.
Døbby!The PhanElf
I feel like this accent was a little more Somerset than Bristol. A pretty popular comedian from Bristol is Russell Howard
kevin smart
There's no 'th' on the end of 'both' its a double F
Lara Stenson
I was born in Bristol but I have more of a London accent because my mum and siblings are all from London.
Rashidah Othman
I would like to hear you try a rural Lancashire accent. It is intersting because it is very rhotic and fluid.
tony smithuntstienlockski
nonce shit
tom kerfoot
havent quite nailed bristol, you've hit the accent that is common further south in somerset and devon. bristolian is a lot harsher
Leslie Harris
I love this accent a lot!
Katie Magnant
Lia, you always have the best lipsticks! What are you wearing in this video?
Xvic limeX
Why do i watch this when i live in Bristol already? XD
evie shamrooney
Like the Luton accent.
Louis west
Right my barber your to posh to do the brizle accent Init my love x
Виталий Слонов
Great video and so reminiscent of the fabulous time I spent in Bristol when I was a student there. Thank you, Joel and Lia; you're dope. Granted, it's good to be aware of as many accents/dialects as possible, and it's all grist to the mill when it comes to learning a language, which goes without saying, and I'm singing from the same hymn sheet as everybody else in this regard. The logic behind it being: well, you might as well pick up a thing or two along the way while you're at it, and that's par for the course. However, without wishing to rain on anyone's parade or being disrespectful, I'd allow myself to slightly go off on a tangent, if I may, and pose a question, controversial though it may be: why would anyone want to learn English, (it applies to any language, really) copying, imitating, or mimicking some regional variety of it, without becoming proficient in the norm first, which happens to be Received Pronunciation?! Well, I fully realize that I'm setting the cat among the pigeons there, but isn't that a case of putting the cart before the horse?! Do you know what I mean? I don't see the point of that, I'm afraid, unless, for instance, you're engaged in the thespian trade and cast as someone whose role requires/expects you to have a regional accent/dialect, then it's fair enough. Another reason you can think of would be someone planning to move into an area where people speak a local dialect/accent, the desired goal being to sort of blend in so that they can assimilate faster and communicate more effectively. That makes perfect sense to me. Next, someone may probably have taken a fancy to Scouse, Mancunian, West Country, Brummie, Yorkshire, or whatever the case may be, well, just because it's cool, for example, and that's fine too. But at the end of the day, all you've got to primarily aim at is acquire the RP accent - it being the holy grail and, therefore top of your pecking order - and getting it right, and then, perhaps, venture out and explore a bit more, as far as accent/dialect variation is concerned. Concur? I could be missing something, though, and should that be the case, I stand corrected. Have a cracking day, everybody! *Disclaimer: you shouldn't even try to speak like Jacob Rees-Mogg at the risk of sounding pompous, contrived, and ridiculous. That's a bit of a throwback (he sounds a bit like a P.G.Wodehouse character). I could be wrong, though.
paul Thatcher
Really good. As a born Brizzle boy. You have pretty much nailed how I sound.
Shifra Meister
americans say "r" that way too
Mary Vaporidi
maybe practice while applying a facial mask haha
richard robinson
I just started watching Toast from London or something on Netflix. It is funny. Saw him on the IT Crowd which I've watched about 20 times. I could name 100+ comedies that I've seen. I think I saw this woman on Toast that played a teacher on House of Anubis. Enjoy your Monday.
Home Business
Bristol city and county had until the 1980s more grammar and private schools than any other cities in England and from the 1920s to the late 60s elocution and deportment lessons were the big thing.
Anastacia Konstantynova
Thank you guys! As it turned out, speaking as if you had a cold isn't that easy😂 but practice makes perfect indeed. There should be some words and expressions which are typical for that area)
Je suis gai
Greetings from Sweden. Thanks for yet another great video. Have been a somewhat crazed fan since I first stumbled upon the videos, so much so that I have used one or two in my listening comprehension exercises in English class. They always go down a treat especially as most of the girls and some of the chaps have a crush on Joel ;)
Shannon Walker
So where was Henry Higgins from? Oh and what’s RP?
Rachel Schrey
Love watching you guys! You guys are so fun and hilarious! Thanks for all the videos!! :)
Going to start watching witless & our country now!! lol. Looks Funny AF!
Well, as a Bristolian who's done quite a few videos of my own on the Bristol accent I must confess to being pretty sceptical about outsiders' attempts to do the accent. Too many sound like a cross between East Anglia and Somerset on a bad day but you guys are really good. Well done!
Raymond F
All I'm going to say your videos are so so cool show the difference accent of England
Chloe Jenkaosvwski
BRISTOL CITY!!!! 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️
Yasmine xasan
I can't differentiate all of the UK accents at all maybe if i go there I might
Jesus Ibarra
When I lived near Bristol almost heard everyone say love a lot in their sentences. Sounds so nice especially from an American. Really loved the Bristolian accent and Welsh accent.
Adélie Chevalier
This accent is awesome! Haha I'd love to go there
Sharki 13
This very offensive to me, I feel like I'm saying g my own 'language' wrong! 😊
wayyy! I was born in Bristol
You guys are amazing! Keep doing good jobs!
Kirstyn Boyd
Your channel is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. Writing a novel with characters from all over...and I really want to do each of them/their accents justice. Also, I just adore both of you. Or rather, bOth of you. 😋
Yuya Moore
2 videos in a week! Awesome! 😍
Alex Ripley
hahaha! Great video guys!
MAC Daddy of 3
Noora Sweis
Karen Murray
I loved this. I was put on the reserve list for drama school in Bristol once. I could have learned the accent first-hand, but alas.
shahafas k.a
Jamie Barnes
I’ve never heard such nonsense I am from Bristol and u have made us to sound like retards I think u need to actually learn our accents and omg both we say the same u seriously need to stop teaching accents because u suck