Robin of Sherwood - The Swords of Wayland

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From series 2, episode 5.

i mean, this is like the best intro ever to anything.
miecze waylanda ,moje ulubione 2 odcinki, nawet nie wiecie co to zrobiło z mózgiem wtedy 12 latka,do dziś uwielbiam,pozdrawiam fanów Robina
Fred Blair
glad this scene is being appreciated it left its mark on me. Stunning visuals with the redcloaks glowing and fluttering in a murky dawn light, the skeletal masks, and the slo mo galloping, along with what is quite a disturbing soundtrack all combine to make this stunning piece of film making!
oriasssssssssssssssss we love Sir Horovitz and Sir Carpenter videos! big love!
JBL Asutavario
greatest cinematography in the universe.
Allan Mexico
nothings forgotten :)
Trü deau
Wild Hunt
when this was broadcasted on UK television I was eight years old and I can say it totally fascinated me and spooked me in equal measure.
the gameing wolf g
It was a TV series that played like a feature film.
Maciej Matej Pomorski
Robin również WEMNIE....(9:23).
This sequence freak me out. 
Saturnian Pytonwielki
ta wersja była genialna. Mroczna, magiczna i realistyczna zarazem. Dziś w serialach średniowieczni wieśniacy wyglądają lepiej niż ja kurwa!
Pyrococcal TV
Get the BluRay, it looks fantastic!
tak i już wiem skąd peter jackson wizął pomysł na przedstawienie nazguli
Dale Mcilwain
If you can go to You can watch the whole series there.
William Godfrey
Robert Young - greatest television director ever!
@MrsNorris55 And Blue Ray as of now.
It would be great to see both parts of "Seven swords of Wayland"
hmmm this was an awesome tv show but someone had just re-read lord of the rings hadn't they,
I remember how scared I was of the horses when I was a little kid :) and after all these years they still give me chills!
Aneta Sumara
Świetne!!!! klimat miażdży!!!!!!
daamn! what an opening! and to think RoS was conceived as a series targeting mainly children and to be shown on afternoons/evenings on television....
nie wiem czy kiedykolwiek powstanie cos z lepszym klimatem
The best episode of the whole series
@kat19771 zaden inny "Robin Hood" nie mial takiej muzyki!
Popieram calkowicie! Wszystkie inne wersje Robin Hooda sie chowaja! Nie maja ani takiej muzyki ani "klimatu"...
Grzegorz Maszerowski
@MrsNorris55 The music is the original music.m This series is available on DVD because I have it! You can probs buy it on a site like amozen dot com, or maybe even in an actual store.
Adam Szafran
Najlepszy serial jaki widzialem.Muzyka jeszcze lepsza.
This opening scene, with those horses riding in from the horizon... must be one of the most beautiful scenes from a tv series that i know of! Epic!
Viv Horne
No one will ever improve on ROS, the casting/music/locations/sets it was simply MAGIC, nothing has come close since!
@sonofherne absolutely spot on ! totally agree
@blurfist Additionally, I am certain it was a bit of the reverse also. That the book, The Lord of the Rings, influenced how the Hounds of Lucifer evolved in design.
@blurfist Which actors then please? RoS influenced probably more than just period drama. It raised the bar in terms of production values, cinematography & screenwriting, the likes of which modern productions have never been able to suitably replicate. They just don't spend the time or money now on detail, mood or character depth. These first few minutes of intro is exquisite and draws you in to the story. I haven't seen another show that does that in quite the same way.
@Ukka68 ¡You said it: it was spooky! This is one of the most scary and excited episodes of the series. I must say that it made me feel fear by night as you. ;D
Aggh, my childhood nightmares return! Otherworldly and so spooky in slow mo! ORIASSSSSSSS!
Pretty sure LOTR's director was influenced by this series. Also Braveheart was influenced by this series. Some of the same actors are in braveheart.
Always creepy, but I still love the outfit...
yeah when i was litle i saw this episode and i had nightmares later on
The paralell to Tolkin is more that in the Edda Odin give Wayland the order to forge a couple (I forget the number) of swords for the tribes. Albien ancient word for england. That remains tto the rings
Właśnie kupiłem DVD, zgadzam się w 100% z Wami. Kultowy serial. Muzyka też za mną chodzi..;)
Nie był też naiwny historycznie. Fascynował mnie. Świetnie dobrana muzyka... Przyczynił się do tego, że zostałem historykiem
Eastern Gospel
Outstanding genius.
Marcin Zet
Ciekawe czy któraś z telewizji w końcu powtórzy ten serial?
The magical elements in RoS were generally done so they could be believable. it was a historical fantasy, not a complete fantasy so I don't think having actual demonic monsters ala Buffy, would have worked in this show. To a 12 century peasant, the deception would have been quite believable and scarey. They were a superstitious lot. I think this worked beautifully.The hounds still are dead eerie, reminiscent of Tolkien's Nazgul.
Iwo Poray-Zbrożek
fakt faktem, lepszej nie było i nie będzie. Nawet pomimo tego że teraz są lepsze możliwości techniczne to dzisiaj nikt nie potrafił by zbudować takiego klimatu. Niesamowite.
Zgadzam się!!! Robin z Sherwood bije wszystkie!!!Nie ma lepszej wersji!!!
Boguslaw Kulicki
Absolutnie najlepsza wersja Robin Hooda jaką widzialem!!!
Yes, if only! Actually I don't hate the Dark Is Rising movie, but it was so dumbed down. Cooper must have just taken a load of cash. I'm afraid I'd been carte blanche on how they did it. It could have been so much darker.
THE BEST series ever madeZ. Preety cute movie! GreetingZ 4 ALL FanZ! POLAND love Robin of Sherwood
Utopia Praxis
I remember the 1st minute of this sequence was always so cool and dark.
These guys remind me of the Ringwraiths in Lord of the Rings.
Hi. Can you tell me anything about working on the show? Are you one of the Devil's Horsemen. I own one of the Hounds helmets from this episode. Please get in touch.
znakomity klimat!!!
Absolutnie znakomity serial.
Budzio Miler
Kurcze, jak ja sie tego bałem będąc mały... Jedna z najlepszych rzeczy jakie piuszczała TVP :D
Quite fascinating! How did you manage to get them, and are there any photographs of those available? They looked amazing in the show.
Hi. Can you get in touch re. RoS. Love to talk to you about your time on the show. Cheers.
Fantastic opener, Rob Young at his directorial best. The episode more than the rest has a filmatic quality and a genuine sense of eeriness, unsurpassed for a 120min tv episode. The music, the atmosphere is outstanding. I own one of the "hounds" helmets as well as one of the Swords of Wayland. Nothing's forgotten...
Agreed! I watched this as a 13 yr old, it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck! 23 yrs later, it STILL makes the hairs stand up on the beck of my neck! Awesome scene from an superb show-Ros is the BEST interpretation of Robin Hood ever. The BBC version is pathetic-Robin looks positively gay, and Marian has more balls than any of the men-politically correct bollocks!