How bad was the casting couch in Hollywood?

The Weinstein scandal continues to expose the scandalous culture; reaction on 'Hannity.'

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"How bad was the casting couch in Hollywood?" *WAS??* Just because *one* pervert has been taken down doesn't mean this problem is over and done with. Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg, which the Left and the media are trying to sweep under the rug.
mark fonti
it was always considered a career for prostitutes until around 50s- 60s. it still is. just trying to pretend otherwise
Tyson Boser
Hollywood is hell
michael alwood
Okay, we now have 24/7 Harvey Weinstein. I guess that means we won't be talking about the Las Vegas massacre anymore? Hmmm.
All the actresses coming out out of the wood work ( Jolie, Paltrow, Judd and Fonda )aren’t strong and independent women to look up to. They all spoke up after the fact because this story was gonna name names. And it’s better to be a victim than an enabler or be compliant to the misdeeds.Coming forward after they are rich and famous doesn’t give them much credibility. Just imagine how many young girls could have been protected if these older women spoke up when it happened the first time or at least the second time. Basically, they ate the steak ( got casted and made $) and now don’t want to pay. Even Shirley Temple had to deal with a predator and that’s just sad.
Hunter Volcan
Kaya Jones is lovely.
Almost as bad as the casting couch at Fox news.
Jonny Deth
*Bad enough that hundreds of whores kept their mouths shut in exchange for fame and millions of dollars while others were victims that left the business entirely.* *Notice no men are coming forward when it's well known just as many did the same and just like these women empowered these people to produce plenty of male victims as well.*
Even if we miraculously managed to remove the predatory males, the predatory females would just re-initiate the process. We have to consider and criticize both, if we're to make progress. Wicked, vile and evil women like Hillary, Gloria and Lisa have to be called out and excoriated, lest the entirety of western civilization become wretched. Feminism has become hijacked by the Marxists and postmodernists, so they won't be helpful. Morality can't be genetic per se, but its constitute components may well be, but male and female transgressions must be measured differently.
Vipps Millennial
''The Pussycat Dolls''- Now that's the name you give to a chastity group!
The casting couch is a crime. However, nobody was told to swallow. They did that on their own! Maybe a little responsibility is needed?
Pelican 123
These pedophiles have been doing this for many, many years.    Because very few came forward to speak out we told ourselves that it was not ramped.      So lets stop kidding ourselves they are mostly a bunch of pedophiles and demon dogs.
Michael de Castro
Do you need me to say it in 3rd grade language? You liberals have claimed the mantle of relativism for so long you have no credibility saying anything is wrong. How about that?
Bill O'Reilly & Roger Ailes approve of Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby........
Mr Gotrocks
Don't let anybody tell you this isn't big>Search< President Roosevelt tells all before he dies.40 min's Hollywood is a casting couch for the Global Elite that goes all the way to Washington DC
Günther Lehmann
This is so funny. Many people have talent to be an artist and only a few can live from it. and only some chosen become rich. This women can be replaced in a minute. Sounds hard, but that is reality.
Many young actors go throw the same ordeals, and women can also be predators!
Paula Reed
Rob Mangeri
Nail on the head Kaya. When women are paid to do physical or visual sexual favors for money I would call that prostitution as well. So glad both of these women have moved away from those influences! God bless you both! As for Sean, I know part of your job is pointing out problems with the left but please leave more time for your guests to speak when there are such important matters being discussed and a bit less time for the political spin. You made some good points but they felt pretty forced.
James Cooper
Probably similar to the Fox casting couch.
OA Delano
Men like trump
Buckminster Fuller
You aren't vulnerable, you're too ready to sell/compromise your integrity for that 'great' job. I can see if you're flat out starving, but come on. Plenty of jobs out there that one can get without that garbagio. The 'ladies' are just as much at fault as the 'gentlemen', folks. Unless people were flat out raped, and I take it those weren't the ones that 'gave action to get action. Matter of fact, the raped ones probably either 'did better at their next audition' or flat out weren't heard from again. Good luck with the sob story, though.
This whole situation is disgusting but did any of these women like say no! Or take a stand? I mean we all have free will, despite what liberals think
Sky Daniels
You decided the easy road....i don't understand the victimisation if you knew more difficult ways why didn't you it?
b_woww13 XO
Dude kept cutting off kaya. Let her talk if your happy that she is speaking out. Dirtbag
I'm a Republican that will not vote Republican until they nominate a decent person. Now, although I hate to agree with Hannity on anything but he's right on this one. I heard that Hiliary Clinton, a woman I voted for, made a comment on this and I had to laugh. This is not a left or right issue. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. It is proof that even today in 2017, men hold all the power AND the only thing most of them care about is using that power to get laid. It's pathetic and sad that so many of us have had this happen. It's not an entertainment issue, it happens in D.C. too (think Ted Kennedy or his brother John). It happens in offices every day. It happens in fast food too. Nine times out of ten, any woman that looks half way decent has had to put up with this. I've personally been subjected to this. I've watched a few women go with it to get ahead. Twice it's been at companies you'd know by name. Here on the internet, we are subjected to it. Just take a look at the comments, made by men denigrating women. Using disgusting terms to describe us. YouTube allows it. Yes they allow it, they could install scripts that would delete any comment with certain phrases. This has gotten completely out of hand (no pun intended). Will it end with Weinstein? Will the self proclaimed sexual assaulter the POTUS Trump get re elected? Is this what men really want to present themselves as? So many ask decent Muslims to stand up against the bad ones and yet where is the call for men to do the same? I know there are decent men out there. Where are your voices? This dirty little secret, isn't a secret at all. Only the names are secret. Ever wondered why only female nudity is shown in American movies? Do we as a society help the perverts find prey? What movies do you go to see? What sort of language do you use online? How do you treat people?
Draining the swamp in Hollywood
Victimhood..... The hypocritical Hollywood elites playing both ends to the middle...there are men out there, she says willing to take advantage of young women......and there are plenty women who are willing to do what it takes to get what they want...perfect......
Family Phone
most women stars would not be where they are if they didnt spread there legs. most of them probably went looking for these perverts just to move up. dont come crying to us now. they got old and washed up. now they want to cry and say poor me. just a bunch of sluts.
Carrie Peach
Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, Eric Bolling. Thoughts and prayers.
She is admitting she was flattered by the advances. I don’t agree w/ what that perv Weinstein did but there has to be accountability on both sides.
Alex Chappy
Jewish Privileged,,,
What happened to Trump? Fox news shame on you.
oh my goodness, she had to find her moral compass. Dang what a beautifully smart woman. I love women. Gods created such wonderful mate. But never in all my days would ever do the things that I've heard the last 2 weeks. Just how can a person get off on whoever he felt like. What makes me sick is when we are hearing reports of all his lewd conducts. At the same time they're showing clips Old uncle Harvey shaking hands and hugging and kissy cuddly... all the while I'm thinking "just what his hands were doing" and he wants to touch all these people with the same hands he whacked off with. Filthy ass dirt bag . But I have to admit I look at woman a little different now.
Benjamin Phillip
This is going to have huge blowback on Fox news. Also Sean never out right believe the victims of bill O'Reilly and Rodger Ailes.
Hu Go
How comes that one of them looks like a human being, whereas the other looks like the first prototype generation of these new sex robots?
Jennifer Jaworski
Hey Fox, there’s a Shirley Temple interview where she talks about the couch. She tells the story of when one of them came into her dressing room, dropped his pants, and all she could do was laugh hysterically to the point he leaves without touching her.
John Koster
Guess Hannity forgot about O'reilly and Ailes! Amazing HYPOCRISY!
Elvin Ostrup
Don't worry, if you're into sexual harassment but despise Hollywood, you can always get a job at Fox News (provided you're an 8 or more)
stacey del bucchia
God bless your truth...💛these people in my opinion are not human👽...sick dirty predators...their day will come...God is the ultimate judge...💙💛🌎🙏✌
angelo lopes
Shows how sick the Liberal entertainment industry is and has been.Liberals have been at the centre of the Obama years who was backed by sick paedophiles and perverts.Harvey was a close family friend.
Anthony William Rich Jr
This is not just a Hollywood issue, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ...useless government entity.
Hollywood and the left burning to ground. Truly the best show on Earth. Do pizzagate next!
Mandalay Brunzbichler
Je suis Harvey weinstein
now i understand why miley cyrus, kesha, and selina gomez have careers....i just dont understand the fanbase.
mser patrioticwarrior
hearsay is not evidence, speculation is not guilt, media spin is not presumption of innocence. Allegedly meaning not charged or convicted, but destroyed in the media without court proceedings is clearly a dangerous feminist agenda to destroy powerful male persons in key positions. if hes guilty charge him and go through the court proceedings with evidence and sworn affidavits then tear down their position or executive position. not before, that's mob rule of perception and social justice without evidence or proper procedure. that's a crime against the accused period. this lame excuse of past alleged assaults for which no evidence or police report was ever filed is not evidence, its opportunity for deceptive and dangerous precedent and is against the constitutionally protected rights of all men and women. lets see court proceedings before destroying powerful men being destroyed without evidence without their day in court and without the constitutional protections that all citizens have. this leftist mob social disparaging destruction of ranking male leaders is very suspiciously looking like a feminist coup of countless industries without evidence and only by perceived moral social outrage without legal proceedings to determine if the allegations are even valid or hold up to scrutiny which so many of these cases like bill Cosby and others never hold up to closer inspection, however their careers and lives are destroyed with the false allegations not costing the fake accusers anything. that's fascism and criminal manipulation by these opportunist females furthering these criminal terrorist like agendas.
Winona Daphne
I have to say that I honestly believe a lot of these woman where willing to do anything. And when a women is willing to do anything their will be someone who is willing to offer something for that anything. Not saying that Hollywood is not full of sleazy men who look to dangle the golden carrot for sex. Or use their pull in the field to get away with lude abnoxiuos disgraceful behavior. Just saying some of these actresses are just as bad. This is why some of these women worked with Harvey over and over. Because they where getting rich.
Robert Gass
It's funny to see a Fox News anchor talking like he knows nothing about sexual quid pro quo in the entertainment industry. Already Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly are being forgotten.
Lilly Day
Not a lot different from being held captive.
chris mclaughlin
I would imagine that all casting couches are a bit lumpy.
Roger Rampage
Love how FOX is all over exposing Hollywood. I can’t stand FOX NEWS! Shawn Hannity needs his ass kicked and then raped.
JohnnyC Major
I like what your doing Hannity , but what is your take on 911?
FuckUu UuNiggaz
Angela Cobb
Hos, women use to fight so they didnt have to sell themselves or be sold but look nothing achieved
Intef Khertet-n Rebel
He used them so he could shit on Hillary. They don't care about these women's misfortunes, it was a political stunt.
AB Parker IV
Mariyln Monroe wanted more than to be just a body she had dreams
Marc Okubuo
Pradad Rao
I heard it from Tollywood last week then I seen this
Leonard Wong
Justice system needs a revamp. to be totally oblivious to this? Bet he's not the only one. It's an entire group of pervs running the show. Find them and ARREST them.
FuckUu UuNiggaz
Wake up
John Carpenter
Let the women talk. Stop talking over them.
light warrior
100's more will become brave and speak the truth, money and fame equals to demons and devils, evil's of men
Messages from heaven For All Creeds and All Nations
October 16, 2017 Public  Printer Friendly Page  Once again, I see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: "I am the Lord of Hosts - Creator of all. I come once again to redirect the will of man. I have seen these times coming for all eternity. Many of the leaders that I saw fit to put in place were sacrificed on the altar of abortion. Therefore, events and actions have taken turns that I had hoped would be avoided. Priorities in hearts have been twisted to accommodate evil agendas. This is because My Commandments are disregarded."  "I desire mankind's respect, and even more, I desire his filial love. If I was loved, My Commandments would be loved. Obedience to My Statutes would be esteemed. As it is, mankind finds every form of disrespect towards My Commandments acceptable and pleasing."  "Do not wonder at devastating storms and fires occurring in this nation.* I am not smiling on a nation that flaunts disrespect for righteousness. Become, once again, one nation under God. Be united in sound morals. Make of this country a 'safe haven' for Christians fleeing the tyranny of false religions - religions that seek political power. Make this nation a sign of peace for all nations to follow."  "Be My obedient children."  * U.S.A.  Read Exodus 15:26+  ...saying, "If you will diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord your God, and do that which is right in his eyes, and give heed to his commandments and keep all his statutes, I will put none of the diseases upon you which I put upon the Egyptians; for I am the Lord, your healer."  + Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press - Holy Bible - Revised Standard Version - Second Catholic Edition.)
New Night
Seems like they are still avoiding stuff. It is like they are looking for attention because things did not work out for them. I do believe a lot of sleaze is being pressed on performers of both sexes and all ages. It unfortunately happens in jobs I have. Yet, what always depressed me is most women respond to being grabbed, lewd comments, and men with a track record of abusing women in the past. I discouragingly can't make believe there is a type anymore. I used to drive a school bus for Laidlaw, First Student. Despite the three bases we used had mostly women working there by far, guys were at the top. One safety supervisor kind of got on my nerves, yet I wanted to think he was cool. He made fun of me for not chasing, yet I kept saying he should chill. He often said some extreme stuff. He was supposedly eventually let go for sexual harassment. Yet, the operations manager was way worse. He would grab women by their wrist to pull the to him to squeeze their asses or hug them. About every black woman that was remotely, attractive approved of being treated this way. I had to bith lose interests in many women I thought was cool because they approve of this. Worse, it ironically makes it hard to approach women. It is like they are asking way too much, then they complain about those creeps later.
Being aware of "casting couch" stories have existed for years only shows to me that many individuals in society do not care. From what I remember reading what happened to Shirley Temple, Marilyn Monroe, and actors like Rock Hudson to the current generation of actors and actresses is additional proof that the problem with perverts and abuse of power is visible, but the public would rather focus on cinema and pulchritude over the wellbeing of people. People will see what they only want to see, and mostly that is not the truth.
Hamish Gaffaney
The only difference between conservatives and liberals is liberals will turn on sex offenders when they get caught, haven't herd anything on fox about bill O'Rily paying out 32 million for rape
There wasn't much here, but Hannity tried really hard to find something.
Isn't it funny how all these women kept their mouths shut while they were reaping the benefits of wealth and fame? Let's face it, they were enablers. They helped perpetuate this sick system by willingly taking part in it to further their own careers.
Deplorable Sylvester
The den mother of PDolls was Robin Antin. I remember Robin on her brother Jonathan Antin's reality show called Blow Out. They both seemed like a piece of work and in need of intensive therapy. Show aired in 2004-06, Robin was forming PD and they had an episode in Vegas with Robin.
Kmak Milly
I believe them but I also believe once the girls realize they have to actually TWERK their actress roles up, they DO.
Hannity worked for predator Roger Ailes for 20 years, but doesn't mention him in relation to this story.
Ralph Rivers
Always true: Millions of beautiful women decided not to screw their way to the top of any business. Many have decided to give it up for money,fame and popularity .
This would've been so much stronger if Hannity stayed away from the get Hillary plug in the end. No need to make this partisan. It speaks for itself.
DK viking KD
Something is very wrong with Hollywood if so many people there have these experiences! Let's get rid of these moral degenerates!
"I am woman hear me roar" unless it means getting a break in the business than silence can be golden
Hannity needs to learn how to interview.Let his guests finish their sentence and not interrupt them halfway in. I consider it as very impolite.
m mar
why does Tracy seem so weak and hesitant in speaking out!! that's why the host had to cut her short coz she was just wasting airtime in having a hard time getting to the point!!!
Pelican 123
Please,   we have know for years that this was going on.   These pedophiles
Lmao all these artists did what they did for a price, now its woes me... lol
konroth rec.
Pussycat … well. I wonder why i never listened.
Sharon Nygaard
I believe Kya Jones. That she pimp is the liar.
Liissi MenA
Let them talk dude😐😐😐😐😐
Family Phone
hu go understands toot
Who dat?
dude, this is scary
miss j
was? is.
Bryochemical Intuition
If President Trump doesn't stay on our agenda then he'll be gone. Bannon is his best "advisor." Please listen President Trump
Axel Axis
Did you associate with Harvey and Bill? Ever think you are a no talent failure? Now a case of buyers remorse.
Adonai Zedek
There is another side with women. They purposely sleep there way to the top because many girls would to get their shot. The little boys are groomed. The men are given ultimatums or are fondled. They rarely want the women anymore. Most of these execs are pedophiles and or gay predators
Roger Rampage
I wish the girls the best though. I’m sorry this happened to them.
From the Depths of Gehenna
Fish Sandwich
Hannity is interviewing theese women cause he want to figure out how to trick young vonerable women in to touching his naughty stick. BAD MAN(AND VERY SICK)...SAD.
Elba Saltos
Let's shut down Hollywood. I blame Hollywood what happened in vegas, this corporation make horrible sadistic movies when destroy youth mainds
Big A
Had to use google to figure out who this unknown is as I never seen her with Pussycat Dolls and it’s because she left after a year before even their debut album and did like one public appearance with them during that time. So she was a member of Pussycat Dolls 1 year out of like 15 but she is calling it a prostitution ring, OK. Just another paid propagandist for Fox trying to gain some exposure.
Supa SilverSurf
Lmao sex for money is the difference
joe peters
Porn 👀 😜😋😛😝😜😏