20 Toys From The 90s No Kid Would Want To Receive Today

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20 Old school toys no parent should buy for their kids. Subscribe to our channel: />----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: If you were born in the 90s, you probably remember toys and gadgets like Game Boy, Beanie Babies, Easy Bake Ovens, the Mouse Trap Board Game, Poo-Chi, Baby Born, Polly Pocket, and more. These toys provided us with hours of entertainment, but we have a feeling kids today would never want to receive them! Wait until you see some of your most beloved 90s toys you probably forgot about! Let’s start with Beanie Babies. Once worth a fortune, Beanie Babies were one of the best collectibles ever that turned its creator into a millionaire. But the soft toys definitely weren’t as popular after the 90s and you could easily purchase them in any dollar store. The novelty wore off and these collectibles soon became forgotten. Do you remember Baby Born? This human-like baby came with some of the most impressive functions ever that allowed a child to turn into a parent and have some responsibility. You were able to feed your Baby Born and take care of him like it’s an actual person. Of course, that also meant the doll would wet its diaper. With newer technology, Baby Born was also left behind. And who can forget about Game Boy, one of the best portable gaming devices every 90s kid fondly remembers? We also remember blowing on the tape to make it work and using a special light so we can play in the dark. Game Boys got replaced by technologically advanced toys, but it’s definitely a gadget every ‘90s kid would love to play with again. From Game Boys, Baby Borns and Beanie Babies, to Polly Pocket, Poo-Chi, Easy Bake Oven and more, these are some of the best 90s toys no kid would want to receive today! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: /> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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alejandra rodriguez
Who wouldn't want A doodle bear? I was born in The 90's
Simulating 27
I'm a kid now a days (im only 12) and I love the old polly pockets! I have a giant box full of there houses/places and At least 2 polly pockets for every place set! Like if you are like me! Another toys I have: fashion plates- A old set featured at 4:19 Beanie babies- like, 100 Trolls- Around, 10 Easy bake oven- I've had 3 through out my life. Hungry hippos- one of my fav games as a 6 year old.
lol_unicornslime roblox fun!! AWESOME
I was born in 2009 and I would love these toys
Destiny Jackson
I would actually play with all of those.
Sama and Friends
I would want some of these toys now 🙁 like the fashion one and the easy bake and others I didn't have a chance to play any of these games bec I was born in 2006 and didn't know about these games but the only game I have is the beanie babies !
Jif tastes good spam jif pls lol
Who remembers snooping in your sisters room and stepping on a Polly pocket xd
Cassie Muladore
I am a kid and I think Polly Pocket is actually pretty fun because I played with it before and it's really really fun
Cassie Muladore
My mom's great great great Grandpa has a whole bunch of Beanie Babies he used to collect them before he you know
Cindy Agidius
Fashion plates, easy bake ovens and hungry hungry hippos came out before the 90's, I'm a child of the 80's and my sister and I shared these things in the 80's. We also fight over these things in the 80's, she still owns our original hippos game and all of our children use to play with it as they grew up.
Krysten Williams
I was born in 2006 and i play with most of these Is that weird?
jamie crowl
I want a game boy
Letsplay Maxwell
So many kids in my school love and played mouse trap! So its not really dead.
Buckley Harty
Alex Tillitt
They are bringing back Polly Pockets today so shut your butt up okay okay
Angie Pettiquoi
I use to love Polly pockets when I was little and I wasn't born in the 90's I was born in 2007
Everything Blythe
Polly pocket? Are you kidding me I want them to bring them back
Magdalene Williams
I had a doodle bear and I was born in the 2000s, and I like a lot of these actually
girly tube gaming
Heyy i have hungry hippos
Teen here to give my two cents. So here we go. Mouse trap is still fun as hell and though I never owned it as a kid I still loved playing with friends. I sadly never had a doodle bear but those were really cool and I'd still love one. I vividly remember getting a polly pocket car set for my fifth birthday. Glitter wands provided so much entertainment for my constantly distracted mind. I still have a fashion plate in my basement. I never really caught on with beanie babies but one of my favourite possesions is a small dog beanie baby that I've had for forever. I still have an easy bake oven and I still love using it. I loved using a skip it. I have a record of over 150, I know I'm cool. Hungry hippos was so much fun and playing that at daycare passed so much time. That dear diary thing looks really cool honestly and that would still be fun as a teen lmao. I loved fisher price roller skates. Except I had some big ass feet and couldn't use them for as long as other kids lmao. That tape recorder is really cool and still looks really fun. I still have two Gameboys! While not original ones I still have an sp and an sp advance. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
Diana Snow
Some kids always want retro stuff. I had a few of these, and many of them are just as cool as todays toys. I love Hungry Hungry Hippos!
Magdalene Williams
Also had fashion plates, I still have beanie baby’s, I still have an easy bake oven, I had a skip it, I had a baby born.
MissGabster 46
I have a Doodle Bear I still draw on it and I am only 15 and it is cool I do not have the stuff for it but I can use washable marker
MissGabster 46
I still have some Beanie Babies
MissGabster 46
I still have polly pocket dolls and i still want more i only have 4 and when i was little i used to have a lot
Isla Jones
im in 2018 and i think these toys are still cool
Sandra Matos
Glitter magic wand I want one its so cool😍😍😍😀😀😀😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
cute pugicorns
I hade a doodle baer,magic wand,easy bake oven and hungry hungry hippio when i was younger but im not from the 90's i also have a zommer meozie vitrul pet
shadow pie
I have pu chi and mouse trap and the mond
MissGabster 46
I have something like a glitter magic wand and I still have it
7:21 You have a feeling kids today would prefer store bought cupxakes??? Excuse me! I know plenty of kid TODAY that would actually enjoy playing with one of those.
MissGabster 46
I got rid of my Easy Bake Oven a few years ago
MissGabster 46
I used to have some little troll dolls and now I have a big one now
Laura Martinez
Those are all the types of Beanie Boo animals animals
MissGabster 46
I think I still have some game boys
I played with half of these toys because my parents are hoarders
Laura Martinez
I'm addicted to Beanie Boos
Sandra Matos
I want the doll gem and doing the color game
MissGabster 46
I used to have skip it
Laura Martinez
I have 23 Beanie Boos
Jaztin Susaine Abrina
Then: doodle bears Polly pocket Tamagotchi And more Now: mobile legends AOV Heroes arena League of legends 😂😂😂 Like if true/correct
Laura Martinez
I like Beanie Boos better better
Angelina's Toy universe
Can you do the top 10 most selling baby alives or American girl
The Gaming Rascal
Lol I watch this wanting to try some and just hear kids these days will not like this.
Laura Martinez
I even have a Beanie Boo Channel
Cam Good
Wow, seeing all these commercials is bringing back a flood of memories for me.. I was born in 88, So I saw all of these commercials on a daily basis for over ten years lol.. I only actually owned a few of them though, like hungry hungry hippo's, mouse trap, gigapet, and game boy (I got a lot of hand-me-down trolls from my sisters, though). I preferred lots and lots of action figures lol..
xLùmble Lumblè.
I still have Polly Pocket I still own.. 3 houses.. a car.. and.. 7 dolls.
Sandra Matos
Even easy bake oven
Laura Martinez
Beanie Boos are cute
Laura Martinez
And Dragons
Moon Draws Stuff
Bet you won't heart my comment, TheThings. Edit: I posted this two months ago and it has 90 likes I'm crying 😂
I like mousetrap and I'm only 9
Laura Martinez
I love Beanie Boos
Beatrix Trini
i have one polly pocket
Maria Alexiou
Εγώ το tamakogii το έχω ακόμη
Bernadette Harms
I'm from 2006 and I have at least one of all of them 💜👍
Sharky marky 1000
Like mouse trap
girly tube gaming
I have i think 6 beenie babys
Candida Benitez
At 6:17 i have both of those beanie babies. My fav was rocket the blue jay
Laura Martinez
I only want to Beanie Baby
I was born 12 years ago so I never played with most of these but I would want every one of these I love older toys
Kayla Is The Queen
I want som3 of those
Kayla Is The Queen
I love the 90s vibes
I like Hungry Hippo
Philippa Osei
I love all of these toys !! With me?
Super emoji Girl
Ops I did wana say enything
I remember hunger hippos I loved it
Super emoji Girl
I have hungry hippos
Millie _lovespugs
I had a doodle bear
Creamy’s Whip
The tittle must be an accident :/
Ella Fowler
I have a Hungry Hippos set
Marium Mushtaq
I am only 8 and I had the troll toll and my brothers
Super emoji Girl
I have skip it my aunt gave me it this year
Katie O'Brien
I am 9 and I have an tamodochi
Holly Griffiths
Omg ive played with so many of those toys... haha i still own several beanie babies and for polly pocket i used to own 20 or 30 of the small dolls... 90s toys were the best! I just wish more kids these days would appreciate the joys of older toys. I hilariously still own mouse trap
Queen Donut
I Am 2000 Kid
Chris Gomez
I want Polly pocket
winby mire
am 8 year old girl
Ange Ciccone
I'm dead
Cang Li
I actually want half these toys
bonnet 99
My friend has a tomigohie
Omi Vids
I actually have a troll doll
Auburn Murphy
Those troll dolls were creepy in the picture above
Abu Yasin
I want a beanie baby they are absolutely soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorbs please like and comment if you agree with me
the person who swears aka stormy wolf productions
I'm 8 and I have 5 polly pockets and I have 1 magic wand and like 50 beanie babies and 1 easy bake oven they are so awesome I loved playing hungry hippos and I found some Fisher price roller skates in the closet
Adri Wink
I’m a kid born in the 2000’s so I wouldn’t know but I’ve actually had and still have a game boy and I used to have a doodle bear and a sparkle wand!!! All these brought back memories I forgot about! Thanks so much The Richest!!!!!
Lps Sunset
Ella Fowler
I have a Gameboy
Laura Martinez
I don't like Beanie babies
yasmin sinclair-smith
I'm only ten and I love and have mouse trap, doodle bears, Polly pocket tamadatchi, Beene babys, skip it, baby born, hungry hippos and game boy.
squirrellife lol
Omg I love Polly pocket
exotic plush productions
I want dear dariy
Crazy Girl 2017
I've had all of them
Hermione Dickinson
1m of beanie boos why like people
Megan McKnight
Don’t diss the beanie babies I loved those! I still have mine! My house also still has hungry hippos! I also had poo chi and probably a dear diary but I can’t remember about the dear diary for sure I had Polly pockets too
Salma Pharaon
U can still get beanie boo's
TimeMaster and DamarisTheGalaxy
My little cousin has a mouse trap toy
Nkb Studios
No no I want em! I also want more VHS tapes and some records. And everything millenial is awful, I don't need a phone, I could make a whole 30s style cartoon that seems like it was ripped right from the 30s unlike todays cuphead crap that was only a video game and would make a pretty bad cartoon. Also kids these days are so damn lazy. Hey, we should cause a world-wide internet crash! That way we can do things like I say, REAL 20s STYLE.
Super emoji Girl
I have beans babies and I was born in 2009 I have a lot
Kennedy Starr
I loved these toys but I wasn’t born in the 90’s!!!! ❤️😂😝
SpottedTeil Mist
When I was 6 and younger me and my Grandma use to play with it but it broke Ahhhhh but good times 😊😊😊