How To Play Roundnet with Team Spikeball™

Who did you want win: Shirts or Skins? Let us know in the COMMENTS below! How to SPIKEBALL: •roundnet is played 2 on 2 •You and your teammate have up to 3 hits to spike the ball onto the net •The ball going off the net is a change of possession, similar to the ball going over the net in Volleyball •There are no sides and no boundaries so the ball can be hit in any direction as hard or soft as you want •The ball must cleanly bounce off the net for it to be considered good (cannot hit rim, ground, or the net more than once) •Feel free to use any part of your body to hit the ball (hands are highly recommended) •Games are typically played to 21 but feel free to play to any number SUBSCRIBE to see where #TeamSpikeball takes over next: Spikeball is about to be the next big thing in America, and #TeamSpikeball is accelerating the process everyday. Keep Calm and Spike On! Follow Team Spikeball on social media: √ TWITTER: (@Spikeball) √ INSTAGRAM: (@Spikeball) √ FACEBOOK:

shocked that you guys had names like Skylar and Bryce
so this is 4 square but with a small trampoline?
Lori Considine
How come everyone is so negative? Props to these guys for having an idea and making it into something real...and for the record, anyone who dogs another person for their name is not a very nice person. I love your names, I love your enthusiasm, the game is great (for people younger than me). Go forward and conquer!!! Peace.
Viggo Stokholm
Hope to see Spike Ball in the Olympics.
Matthew Hagy
I will look to buy this for me PE program. Thanks.
Cozmic Taco
Thanks for making this video possible. I wouldn't of been able to do this (play this) without this video. I hope in the future you make more videos like this!
Carolina Chen
Is anybody else here because of Casey Neistat?
Georgina Drake
Found out about this game through Casey Neistat's vlogs! Couldn't figure out how to play it though so here I am! 😂
Hiii Power
I mightiest well be da next Lebron in this sport 🤷🏾‍♂️ 😂
Interesting, I saw it on shark tank and am surely buying...
My friend got a free spike all kit when he was in Ottawa recently, we play at the play ground, we brought it to our school and they may put together a tournament, it's an amazing game, love it! Thanks for making it fellas! :)
Just saw this on shark, can't wait to play!
neil flagella
Ummmm ok tried to watch how to play it,basically some stoners got bored w frisbee golf so they made trampoline hacky sac badminton
Wonder Brothers
casey nesitat? anyone?
Whenever I see people playing this at the beach I feel sad for them 😢😂
Shawn Hardiman
me and my bro's play with roller skates on.
Pato Luna
Damn!! How I miss the waves from Huntington Beach :(
D_Dirty_ RL
Fastest growing sport is lacrosse
Xristos Skarlatos
Anyone here because of Casey?
Reel Outdoor Beauty
Starting this unit tomorrow, sad that i dont have enough equipment
Jonathan Reddoch
I thought pickle ball was the fastest growing sport.
Tej Seth
Can you pass it to your teammate using the net?
Valentine Whitty
I didn't comment on this video but if I did it would be a pretty cool comment
The Sports Inquirer
Interesting. Watching this on Shark Tank right now
FinnWins 4
nice ears
xnicol3 l-/
We play Spikeball in my gym class now lol had to research the rules for an assignment
Elliott Enriquez
Shaun, Skyler, Buddy, and Bryce... wow
Amateur Mercenary
This is an awesome sport! Thanks
Zack Martin
What about "pockets"??
No beaches in Nebraska
Great slow mo shots!
whats buddy social media
Olivia Marie
Ooooooooooooo they have a 6 pack of abbs
any good input on what a pocket shot is and how to determine if it is good or bad? if it hits mostly net and a little rim is it still good?
Jed Yap
360 ball copy cat ripoff
Mitch-A- Palooza
No, commenting on youtube is the fastest growing sport. I looked it up
ivy charlise
We watched this video in class today i was dead lol
Señor Grizzzly
Ant Infestation
These are the most irritating representatives in the history of representation.
Matt D
I would knock heads with someone.
Liam Plays Guitar
Hitch brought me here
Brayden Harper
can you play by time also
Monsta Gaming
Kai Davis
Except lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America
Dessy M
my cousins' found this game. we love it tho aren't that good, no fancy head bumps for us. this video is really helpful since we were getting confused about rim or low balls and would end up redoing plays multiple times before a point was scored. great game. have played 3v3, 2v2 is better but 3v3 let's all us cousins play at once without leaving people out. we were playing at a family party (2v2) and teams were calling the ball, someone from 'team a' called "mine!", when it was 'team b's possession. threw team b for a loop and they both backed off, thus team a got a point. it was hilarious
Playing for the Douche Bag Cup. Looks like they all won it.
Chase Cunningham
Thanks guys very much I really enjoy spikeball
$120 lol no
Mile high
Actually lacrosse is Americas fastest growing sport
Matthew Fall
Those ears tho...
The Super Nerd
Looks like fun
John spella
Another 'get rich quick scheme'... I'll pass.
Emilia Han
really helpful thanks
neymar René
eso es acá en Viña del mar
Jeffery Pedersen
Great vidA
Stuffstuffington Stuff
Looks like a lame frat bro game with marketing that is way better than the actual product.
how come there are no videos of all the badass women who play spikeball??
im sure its fun to actually play but it looks stupid
Eric Wietzke
why over 100 dislikes?
Scott Morgan
I would rather use one of those round personal trampolines and a full size volleyball but otherwise it is a pretty cool idea. Me and a buddy used to play our own subversion of volleyball in a small warehouse in a mashup of handball and hockey, without sticks of course.
jahael 789
Shity quailty
I hate you guys
Bryceyboy 58
My name is bryce loool
Kookies Jams
This is isnt spike ball I thought you had to use a net
Bassmaster Florida
The hardest part of Spikeball is telling your parents you're gay
I come here for school
Matthew Dillon
Lol USA's fastest growing sport yeah right
i think this would do good at toys r us.if it had the hulk on the cover.and had green balls.or thor on the net. i see this as kids just wanting it cuz there favorite superhero is on the cover
USA gay guys
Jay Khan
that looks stupid.
Dharma Schofield
We just started doing spikeball at my high school and it's super cool!
FestiveScout 629
This is literally the stupidest game I've ever seen...
Michael Shea
Looks like a precursor to a circle jerk.
these dudes spike their balls in each others mouths
steven teixeira
how do they bounce it that high
Shaun, Skyler, Buddy, and Bryce.. If those aren't the names of 4 guys who would play spikeball...
Bryce, Skyler? What white bread, dudebro names.
This was a dead sport revived by a guy who makes over 100k off it selling the equipment and running tournaments. Can you believe the original inventor GETS NO ROYALTY or INTEREST(STAKE) in the dead sport because he had no patent, copyright, or trademark on it? I think this actually could be big given the right traction and growth. People laugh but watch when it starts becoming a major sponsor sport with star players. Let's not forget there are professional vaping tournaments globally!
Jan Carlo Lorenzo
this is trash
Miguel Santos
That "REDO!" was ghaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
Merveil Meok
This is a silly game. Only kids should play. Heard about it on Shark Tank.
Chase Niwa
fastest growing sport in america? pretty sure that goes to mma
Games are becoming gayer and gayer! I weep for the future...[smh]
Christian sexton
Spike Ball is not the fastest growing "sport", currently Lacrosse is😜
Truuf Huurtz
This game will never get bigger than what it is. Its boring and Im a sports guy. I mean Mark Cuban, the sports guy, didnt invest. What does that tell you? It doesnt have the same attention grabber as real sports. I think you should have just left it in the toy store. Im sorry but just my opinion. BORING
Mark Decoto
Fastest growing sport? Hahaha.
No. Lacrosse is americas fastest growing sport.
Bonham House
One goofy ass sport. Hey, grab my foot guys!