Ip Man 3 Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) - Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson Action Movie HD

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Subscribe to TRAILERS: />Subscribe to COMING SOON: />Like us on FACEBOOK: />Follow us on TWITTER: />Ip Man 3 Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) - Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson Action Movie HD The highly anticipated third installment of the blockbuster martial arts series, IP MAN 3. Directed by Wilson Yip and starring martial arts icon Donnie Yen (upcoming Rogue One; A Star Wars Story and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2) and boxing legend Mike Tyson, the film will be released theatrically in the US nationwide on January 22, 2016. The Fandango MOVIECLIPS Trailers channel is your destination for the hottest new trailers the second they drop. Whether it's the latest studio release, an indie horror flick, an evocative documentary, or that new RomCom you've been waiting for, the Fandango MOVIECLIPS team is here day and night to make sure all the best new movie trailers are here for you the moment they're released. In addition to being the #1 Movie Trailers Channel on YouTube, we deliver amazing and engaging original videos each week. Watch our exclusive Ultimate Trailers, Showdowns, Instant Trailer Reviews, Monthly MashUps, Movie News, and so much more to keep you in the know. Here at Fandango MOVIECLIPS, we love movies as much as you!

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Yan Naing
Did I just see bruce lee 00:10 ???
Kevin R
2 legit fighters in real life, it all comes to an epic movie
NeHoMaR G.
Tyson: That ears look delicious!
Ip Man 4: Ip Man vs. Adolf Hiter
Did Bruce surpass his master?
I broke my back. Spinal.
Parrot Brand
i realised Ip Man movies have a certain cinematic style. Contrasting strength and brutality with gentle grace and chivalry. Also Ip Man 1 is about standing up to your oppressors Ip Man 2 is about mutual respect Ip Man 3 is about things that are more important than your own pride.
the guy at 0:10 (Danny Chan) looks JUST like Bruce Lee wtf?
Kelly Davis
Donnie Yen does not look like a man who is 52.
Sam Walter
Mike Tyson will rape Donnie Yen. Seriously.
High Octane
IP Man 1 Final Boss - Asian IP Man 2 Final Boss - White IP Man 3 Final Boss - Black IP Man 4 Final Boss - Goku
Tyler L.
Ip Man 7: Ip Man vs John Cena
Blogr B
Ip mans ears will taste like wonton.
Tevin Jackson
1:01 .. Now kith
Movie was amazing but was quite dissapointed when Bruce Lee was not in it but the trailer he was in it.
LOL MIKE TYSON would kill donnie in real life
Bosmer Sitorus
The Grandmaster - Donnie Yen 😎 😎
Jonah K
Mike Tyson FB sent me here :)
Rusty Hook
Yeth, I luth Mike Tython.
Yasuo the Unforgiven
Am i the only one who cried during the movie when IP mans wife was dying? :(
Rajmund Csombordi
I know the real IP man, he could hack into any computer that is connected to the internet.
Julson Malutki
Ip man will lose his ear in this movie. :D
Symon G
Looks like Bruce shows up.
jay-z is the greatest rapper of all time
MIKE TYSON WILL KILL donnie in real life - specially in his prime - he would eat his ear and knock his ass out
I hope Mike Tyson don't bite he's ear this time lol😂
Ip Man 4 : Ip Man vs. Donald Trump
its a bad idea to cast mike in this movie
billy willy
so they went from Ip man 1 pseudo realistic biography movie, to cheap action shit?
Steven K
mike tyson is gonna kill this guy
Фильтр АкваЩит
Ye Ye Ye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
孩子The Kid
Dafuq is Mike Tyson doing in China?
Ip man vs Mike Tyson -Ip man win
Donnie Yen is 52 and Mike Tyson is 49...
Finally a movie for asian people. It's a fact I'm not being racist.
Toph Beifong
Tyson lands just one punch its over. Can't wait for this!
Okay what I don't understand that in Ip man 3, they say that ip mans wife dies of cancer and in the movie they show the son is just a boy. But in real life at the time the 2nd son of ip man was already 34 when his mom died of cancer in 1960. Did they change the ages of the son? Because by 1960 both kids were grown up but in the movie the 2nd son was still a boy.
Nicholas DoRego
wait is Ip man dead? if he is I will be sad.. ;-;
Since this is the last movie, the same direction needs to make a Bruce Lee movie
When he rolls back his sleeve you know shit's about to get real, real quick xD
they cut the part were tyson raped yen
Hip Hop
Mike Tyson looks scary until he talks
this film is going to be legend for me
Shinobi Dynxsty
0:11 It's nice to know that they're going to make another Bruce Lee cameo.
I can't take Tyson seriously as an actor. At the very least i hope he's mute in this movie.
the trailer is better than the movie.
James GMS
the other wing chun master reminds me of johnny depp
it was really good
Michael Vallejos
yo this movie litt👍👍👍
Can't wait! Now my anticipated Hong Kong flick! CGI Bruce Lee doesn't look bad as I thought it would. :D
Spoiler Alert: Ip Man suddenly becomes evil and goes around wrecking shops. Mike Tyson, being the boss and leader of all of the shops, comes out to face Ip Man. Ip Man defeats Mike Tyson in the first round, but loses and runs away in the second round. The End. Upcoming movies: Mike Tyson : The return of Ip Man (2016) Mike Tyson : The rise of Ip Man (2017) Mike Tyson: The revenge of Ip Man (2018)
Jermar Williams
they should have got JetLi
Peedhu Pulinguzhy
If there's going to be Ip Man 4 as well then it should be Donnie Yen Vs. Scott Adkins \m/
hijaz hija
ip man 4:ip man vs Donald triumph
IP Man 1 Final Boss - Asian IP Man 2 Final Boss - White IP Man 3 Final Boss - Black Looks like he's out to promote racial harmony :D
Muhib Khan
ip man 1 was the best
Jonathan Sartori
best trailer ever made
tyson gave him a punch in the face without glove, it should at least leave a mark yet we see nothing on donnie's face
Erick De Icaza
Now Donnie Yen should do a movie with Tony Jaa, Scott Adkins, Iko Uwais, ohh, Michael Jay White and all those beasts, it would be so epic
No kong kong
IP man 4 IP Man vs Predator ~
Vic J
Liked the movie, but I don't think Tyson's character was part of the story. Seemed like an add-on just so he could be in it.
brick gana
awesome movie,just saw it .10/10
el bezzari el bezzari
Mike Tyson can't be playing himself. it's set in the 1940's or thereabouts.
Blaze mordly
with any due respect, Tyson looks so out of place here.
pony lover
this movie is intended for meat heads
This movie is gonna be really damn good. I watched IP Man 1 and 2 like 30 some times
mike Ortiz
This movie is finally on netflix
Exiled Summoner
kim ian tumblod
Mike would kill this guy in a real fight.
MF Boom
Mike Tyson would demolish this motherfucker. No question
When did Ip-man meet Mike Tyson 2017version?
Watched this movie and it was SOOO good! 10/10 recommend.
Zolboo Gantumur
This peoples talking about Donnie yen cant beat Tyson... yes its true , because he isn't True IP MAN. We cant comparsion it never. If u saw bruce lee hitting matches on air and playing tennis using nun chuck, so IP man not so badder than his apprentince
Ash Fernandes
blak n yello, blak n yello, black n yello
Danny Chen
In real fight Tyson knock him out tko for sure
Wis Dom
Chinese Propaganda at it's best. Ip Man 1: He beats the mean Japanese guy. Ip Man 2: He beats the mean White guy. Ip Man 3: He beats the mean Black guy. Ip Man 4: He beats up anyone who talks about Tiananmen Square
*RIP IP Man's ears VS Tyson. Lmao! **01:00*
Ali Alherz
Tyson now would destroy Ip man in his prime. Typical comment but 100% true.
RIP Ip Man's Wife :((
Merco Sage
Bruce Lee is coming!
The Man The Myth The Legend Donnie Yen.
22-1-16? I thought it would be out at 24-12-15!!!!
MMA fighters can barely take on one fighter at a time.  Ip Man can take on thousands of people using weapons.
Aryan Zagros
I'm watched this trailer just because of legend; Mike Tyson.
Jeaness Abrahel
Meh... but the first movie was so EPIC ❤
Tank HeavyBlast
Wait, since when does Mike Tyson know Asian mrtial-arts?
Johnny Wen
IP Man vs. Kung Fu Panda please.
Carl Lubrin
Just watched it today and it is a really really good movie
Vince Oh Myyy
This movie already beat Star Wars and Dilwale in Malaysia lol
Janette Fujiwara
If only Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali did this.
I just watched the movie and it is phucking amazing .  .  . Be careful though, you may even roll a tear . .  . Don't worry you will get it
Jon Snow
This looks terrible
Gabriel Incognito
Do not watch! It's a trap! It's a feels trip... :'(
R. Craig
getting a staredown from Mike would knock me out. No punches needed
This whole comment section is cancer. yikes !!
edd Dav
@ 0:10 is it Bruce Lee? No one picks a nose that way but the man himself
kadal buluk
Mai Tee Soon 😅
fry futurama
I can't wait to thee thith movie
Captain_ _Leftovers
Donnie Yen vs Conor Mcgregor