IP Man 3: Fight Scene

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Clark Renacia
5:03 "mama" LMAO
paul josan
the boy said "papa" the voice actor said "mama" wtf. are their language inverted? lol
mohd ilyas mohd amin
Man....that must be the lamest voice over i heard in my entire life
Luigi Galvani
worst translation ever, fuck this guy and its totally incorrect
... What were those morons thinking. He destroyed 10 black belts when he was starving in the first movie. Did they think they had a chance?
Dead Pool
fucking language
that voice over language is the UGLIEST language I've ever heard...worst ever
Timothy Barth
man i am having the worst seasickness from this video
Heart Attack Channel
Every man no matter a kid or adult, they're all in the same tone. Every mood they're all in the same tone, too. Genius!!
Zekeriah Jones
He should have rolled up his sleeves
Mark Bryan Bautista
Great a bandiacam this will be great xD
These guys must have missed the first ip man movie
efren mosqueda
georgian Language i think BuT So Lame #MAMA
Oscar Pearson
Did this happen to Ip man?
Enrico Awesomesurname
filmed on a bloody toaster
Jawad Ahmed
I know ip man's style is wing chun what is cheung tin chi(guy who came back to help) style
Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin
Ip man el maestro de bruce lee y del kung fu
Translation and this cam shaking are terrible
Matthew K.
The translation on this is utter garbage. Whoever translated it can't tell dad from mom in Cantonese, and that's extremely pathetic.
MamaCoco Fitness
I laughed so hard when he translated papa to mama
I played Diablo 2, you cannot kick so much asses without AoE
Ordillotv Productions
Looks like a hack and slash video game
Donna May Halago
Wing chun silim tao section 1 yung style ni master ip man
Roy77!! To remove the text that says (www.bandicam.com) download keymaker it will remove it 😉
Julian Lim
you could've leave it as cantonese
Julian Lim
do you really have to re-sound this
Why the hell is this shaking
the language is sopesed to be cantonese but the language on this one it sounds dumb
Ariff Karim
Once Ip man got the two bamboo sticks.. Ure fucked!!
John Aldrin Anog
Demetrus Dugar
The video, my god. It was like watching a vhs again with picture going up and down. Smh
Akira Ghirazdha
if ip man is a military special force member, its make him more powerful
Tushar Devdhare
I like wing Chun 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 nice fight
Translator makes me vomit idk Why
hema rikhadi
I love ip man and his style of kung fu
ArmyX 99
Don't ask
Bandicam intensifies
Emil Memmedov
Jessica Dion
Wanna see Franky, Twister, Master Ip, Zhang, and Janpanese general fight with the dock workers.
Some Black Dude
This fight was very unrealistic. Seeing as how skilled the black belts of this universe can be and master ip took out ten at once without taking a single hit even when less experienced and starving Then some hoodlums make ip man struggle
The goddamn dubbing is even more annoying than the screen moving, which is actually bearable.
Jean Michel Smeets
you're the one, Neo
ROCK jam
Yip Man was beyond extraordinary
Berkay Çelikkaya
good dubbed ahaha
Felipe Miguel
filme muito top
Bhaskar Maity
I hate that translator.
Clash Royale
Lewis Ang
The background dubs are not necessary though
paulo jose
bate nesses pé de frango é fácil quero v pega o pai mei
When dubs attack...
Teh Furamir
Vaa qartulad :)))
of i knew wing chun and was surrounded i would be break all sorts of bones. i know it is only supposed to be used in self defense but it would take them out fast and maybe like its healing it would teach them something. but then again if i was a swords master surrounded by like 50 people id do the same thing like in kill bill just start chopping out legs and arms because that would easy to stop them from fighting
peenoise people
shit language
Saa atanas Millimono
Donnie yen is the best really for peoples who don't know
So he takes 10 BLACKBELTS with no one touching him WHILE STARVING but takes hits by 11 NONE BLACKBELTS. Yeah makes sense.
What's with the screen moving ??!
•Professor Pump•
I love the shaky screen.......
young gangster
Alex Fred
Tf they sound like monkeys
worst dub ever
หวานน้อย อร่อยนาน
A professional shut-in
When you let your Global Elite friend play your first Silver competitive match.
Sefer Man
kanala abone olabilirsiniz
tremedeira da porra!!!😓
Florin Marley
the voice over was too damn loud and distracting from the scene, the shaking of the screen was incredibly sickening
pura ficcion
Mal grabado...vergüenza ajena
VNL 670
The only style u need when so many bad guys attack, is not Wing Chung but KALASHNIKOV style!
Sean Wilson
yeah, that's right, run ya Asian Elvis Presley. and next time, don't buy them cheap knockoff sunglasses. 😬
Reivax Erubiza
The voice over really put me off the action scenes and just makes me wanna smash my face into my table every time he says "Mama" instead of "Papa"
Aryan Shah
What martial art r these thugs using
Junior Salvatierra Acharte
ese pata esi causa pe
abdulla al tarifi
2:08 man !!!!!!
franky gaming
XDD qartulad aa bozshyo. da erti kaci reto axmovanebs yvelas XD
MGTOW lyfe
I like how no one mentioned yet that this was dubbed by the same person lol wtf? I wonder who dubs over the women?
venom the legend
why hes not attacking ,always defencing
Would be nice if fights were like that in real life with everything being disciplined and everyone waiting their turn.
Alif Hasni
I dont know johnny depp was in this movie. LMAO
Ip man: "sonnn....just think of ' El Pollo Loco ' !!!! " Son: "....yes dad!! [bites man's arm] "
wow zers
Pc vs Console players. Lool!
Pyrus Torrel
Why was Robert Garcia from KOF in this movie? That guy sure did kinda look like him -- that guy helping IP Man.
it's like madara destroying shinobi
Pixel Spy
the horrible dubbing kind of threw me off honestly, just use subtitles if youre going to half ass it.
Paul Trotman
its Donnie yen
If anyone is wondering why he didn't beat up the workers but bested up 10 black belts it's because he could only defend not attack
bong arteta
That voice was so annoying
عبود النعيمي السوري
لك وين الفلم هاذ كامل 😁😁
sham zuri
Russian dubbed and a spastic screen. Great.
Meh Meth
What's with the dubs wtf..
Tavo Quintero
Drawer Nub
why the fk is the screen shaking at,1:50 when they fight
Xin Li
Abdelilah Sabri
جميل جزاك الله خيرا
Darley Calderaro
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