Natalie Portman: Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis

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Hemant Vora
is that a German Sheppard? hahahhahhahahhaha
wow, she's a really good actor. genuinely felt uncomfortable for a second there
Natural Dada
Natalie Portman's face at the V question is priceless
Morgan Freeman
This is almost as awkward as his Hillary Clinton interview.
Being this beautiful should be illegal. It's just not fair
Jonny Zywiciel
Still waiting for Chewbacca's interview..
Kurtis Power
My childhood crush has always been natalie since i was 10, 26 now lol
Jonathan Felosi
Wow, she really is pretty isnt she
Deeson Jame
Natalie is hot.
god damn those legs
after watching the new hilary i'dsuckafartoutofnatalieportman'sass clinton one, i find myself binge watching between two ferns.
Jerry Montero
Lmao!!! V for vagina!!! 😂👌
David Murphy
It's so wonderfully awkward
Hefty Tortilla
When he said "What is he... a German Shepard?" I choked on my water XD
Patrick Marsh
that dog's face man...
Haziq Ismail
Zach interview Eminem please!
Usman Muhammad
Can't believe he asked her the "v for vagina' shave question bwaha
who else is here cause og hillary clinton's video?
Salomon Lubin
Eric Andre gotta get with Zack
Jack Star
She's so hot
Planet Jupiter
I would drag my nuts through a mile of glass shards to hear her fart through a walkie-talkie
Most awkward of any of the episodes. Still gold.
dat calculation tho
Divine limbs.
Youpla Boom
"did you also shave your V for Vagina": priceless.
2:08 when he asks her to undo her bra and shes just like uhh and than it pans to the dogs expression! LMAO
Do people not understand that the whole thing is scripted. So dumb. Lol. It's funny because of it.
Michal Uchal
...V for Vagina.... I died
Mhd Amayri
lost it at the last question
I've watched a few of these now and some of the guests, like her, seem shocked by his stupid/inappropriate questions. Do they not know what they're getting into? Have they never watched a single episode?
The Dudemeister1006
how does he come up with this.
Sajai D. Halo
Yeah, she wasn't ready. O_o .. my god she was not ready.
That image of Chewbacca in a miata will live with me forever.
natlie port-man, like how he said man like he knew some secret of hers
She reminds me of that gymnast from the Olympics.
Bo Dizzle
...did you also shave your V for... made me spill my cereal all over my laptop, thanks Zach.
Tristan Foy
I have watched this four times. I still cannot figure out what the last thing he says is.
Spencer G
hahahaha the ending
Andi Berisha
2:16 do you wear bikinis??? Hahahahahahahahahahaha
the dog made this great
Moacir Führ
Looks like me talking to girls, so unconfortable.
Even the dog wants to die
Rakan N
She looks exactly like queen Rania of Jordan
on the V question she should have said I shave it daily, wanna see how smooth it is?
No sense of humor for someone with 140 iq
Cousins Grimm
I like how they make or look like public access T.V
Inhumane Relationz
"what is he a German Shepherd?"
Space Ghost already did this in the 90s.
richie delcour
somebody mentioned getting deadpool interviewed...make it happen Zach...
Do you also shave your V for vagina?? Smashing pick up line ;)
Tiffany Holgreen
lol she has no sense of humor.. hahahaha!!!
Natalie Manport is gorgeous.
Jack Judd
Of all the attractive women, i'd much rather take Natalie for coffee
Jhery Coronado
what a beautiful F**** legs she has!! OMG!
Ethan Bannister
"What is your phone number?" "That's private" "Yeah. I know."
Steven Steel
Randy Castillo
This was the best one ever
Bron Solo
That would have been my first question too
what did he say at the end?
John Daul
Rofl! @ 1:29 she couldn't hold it anymore! And overplayed it quite professionally..
Gustavo Viso
what does he mean by imdb?
I love Natalie Portman.. drawing coolest woman in the world
ODCM Videos
Thank you Hillary Clinton. If not for you being so famous, I would've never known these existed. My throat hurts.
Wedge Wizard
Was her discomfort genuine? She's such a good actress, I couldn't tell.
These are hidden gems
Yung Cole
Chewbacca on Btf would be great
Via fora als adormits
"You shaved your head for V for Vendetta, did you also shave your V for Vagina?" Dead
mateo reggi
Is the songs intro from taxi driver?
Aaron Ach
The question always is were they in on the joke? Yes she probably was, or she is a really great actress which is possible. The Charlize Theron interview is the best.
Omg she looks a bit like ariana grande
Jonathan Deik
What disturbs me the most is that the guests don't look like they're faking those reactions. She genuinely has a WTF face
Is that the Taxi driver theme song in the intro?? 😂
Jamaica Dancehall TV
she is sexy tho
Jordan Butler
Wizz steals the show
Daniel Franco
What is he a German Shepard? Lmao!!
Paul Taylor
This guy is out of order.. most surprised he did not get a smack from her.
Katerina Stipkova
Did anyone her actually noticed she full of herself? What an EGO
Stephen Pryce
The German Shepherd remark made me lol
jem Ogn
I’m in love with Natalie portman
Alpha Grace
She was caught off after he said V for vagina lol
Eddie Xxx
OMG his so funny..Ofcourse both are acting but God Damnnnn
Eightosaurus Spelunk
Why doesn't she just answer the last goddamn question?
Are these fake??
Ahmed Raza
what is yr fone number :D :D
She is so pretty and amazing actress!
Daniel Morris
V for vagina... Awesome!
She almost broke at 1:29
Joy Patterson
1:03 the dog was like "run while you can!!"
This show is so damn awkward. XD
benjamin jillali
This was horrible.
V for Vagina was such a good movie
Howard Gilmour
She is immaculate. Just perfect.
Here from imgur
N. D.
How does Zach get A list celebrities and Presidents to play along with his mindless shenanigans?
Is it funny that she kept such a straight face the whole time
I've never seen Natalie so speechless before.
W Moli
Queen Amidala, I want to pump you full of half-me's.
"Did you also shave your V for Vagina?" hahahahaa
Lee Sonnenburg
Did you also shave your V for Vagina? LMAO. Probably the most I've laughed in a couple months. Holy shit I wasn't expecting that.
Josh Smith
It's almost like they are feigning awkwardness for comedy effect.