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Lucas parents raised him right.
I never liked oatmeal, but I loved the oatmeal with dinosaur eggs. xD
Shawn Steed
No matter how old I get, I'll always be a child of the 90's for the rest of my life😁💯🕺🏽🤙🏽✌🏽
mike the moth
Why is Lucas way ahead of his generation
Gregory Thoman
Have them try 60s or 70s snacks. We called them apples.
Rach Alexandra
"Put me on masterchef now!" 😂
Kathy Burton
Me in the 90’s: OMG dunkaroos!!!!!! **eats 100000000*** Kids today: eh, it’s okay .... WHAT?!?!?
I’m a 2000s kid and I ate everything on this video
90's foods? These never disappeared, kids still eat them.
Lucas:Oh it’s the pizza one...I don’t really like this one heh *after he eats it* It’s really good :D
iis Narwhal 1059
I've tried all these snacks and I wasn't from the 90s
Andy Tommy Keddy
I feel old!
catlovers 4622
Wait! HUBBA BUBBA BUBBLE TAPE?!is from the 90's Wow i love that bubble gum it still sells nowadays
The Mad Hatter
When I was little I used to imagine pez were little bars of soap...
ItsYeh BoiZ
"this is good, get me" Sydney 2k18
Fornite Weirdos
Where the heck are the gushers?!
A NgryBirdsTeam
Holy crap! I'm not even a 90's kid and I remember all of these!
Am I the only one who microwaved their lunchables pizza?
good evening.
pez is still available right? i still see it almost every where lmfaoo
Liam Baylis
No soda-licious, gushers, fruit-by-the-foot, fruit roll ups, ring pops, pizza pockets, pogos, freezies, lucky charms, klondike bars, drumsticks, squeeze-pops, pixie sticks, airheads, push pops, jawbreakers, runts, warheads?
Hii yougotnojams
am i the only one who is shooked cuz they have instagram and a yt channel
This is a Channel
0:17 i can’t believe people in the 90’s ate power rangers
Fatima Amir
ive ate all of these and im 10
Jānis Liepa
I'm so sad I haven't even ate a poptart cause I live in the other side of the world. Lunchables, dunkaroos? Never had those I'm just sad. A like will really make my day
You can't tell me that kids don't take Lunchables to school anymore, Lunchables are still in every store I go to. Also that roll of gum, I still see it around.
Sergio Zepeda Gonzalez
Who else eats the 90s snacks nowadays and thinks it was made on one of our days😂😂😂
Tr H
Sour green apple bubble tape was my absolute favorite. Also I used to love the pizza lunchables but now I think they're kind of gross.
Raquel Peralta
I was a kid in the 90s .. never had dunkaroos.
L da Boy
Half of these aren’t even in the 90s
syd caldwell
ok but how did they get dunkaroos
Baked Potato
I’m not a 90s kid but I’ve eaten all of these
Mark Plott
Hubba-Bubba roll gum was OK....but the Big Kids all chewed Big League Chew Bubblegum.
Tallie died
im not a kid of the 90s i was born 2006 and i remember or have eaten more than half of these well like all
Lil Sam TV
5:50 when the pump does 9 damage.
Martina Mazzotta
come through dunk a rooooo (the vanilla birthday cake ones are better tho fight me)
Why do these children have social media handles? That's the *real* question
KittyGirl 110
4:26 idk why I laughed so hard at this part! She’s so sassy😂😂😂
Ryley Wagar
I've had all of these but I was born in 2007 lol
Almighty mari
Im 12 and I have been eating all of these my whole life
Emu Screeches
I literally just yelled at my brother (who’s a 90s kid) in front my entire family at Applebee’s because he forgot what dinosaur egg oatmeal was
R Age
I guess you didn't want to give them the cigarette looking gum, not very PC now days.
i love cats
Who even uses water to make oatmeal you use MILK
The Great one
I miss the 90’s so much.😓
TheKIDGamer // MohammadPlayz
We still have the hubba bubba bubblegum tape here in Australia
EY Live
How is PEZ a 90's snack?
I swear that kid in the blue shirt is 30 years old
spɹɐʍʞɔɐq puɐ uʍop ǝpᴉsdn pɐǝɹ oof
4:26 she bratty AF
CJ Page
This would be better if all these things weren't still available today.
Mr Trendsetter
Most of these are still popular like if you agree
Eagle 179
Hubby bubba tape is still a thing in England
Plot twist: this is all left over food from the 90s
Doron A Phillips
*who thinks Lucas got older?*
I was born in 2004 but dinosaur egg oatmeal was EVERYTHING
How do these kids have Instagram
łårråÿ kérmīt
I’m sorry but I think Sophie was the cringest one there. (Sorry if I spelled something wrong)
The black kid is actually dressed in 90s style as well. 👍
Rita Jays
I’m 11 and I know ALL of these snacks not 90’s snacks
Brandi Rae
Dinosaur eggs omg waking up on a Saturday to dinosaur eggs and nick toons
Tara G
I feel really old now 😞
Rafael Luis Ragas
LOL i was actually eating Pez while watching.... 😂😂😂
wait who else wanted to eat the whole hubba bubba
U r supposed to put milk in the dinosaur oatmeal not water yellow be tripin
Am I the only kid that liked the actual oatmeal part?
Gucci Snorlax
I wasn’t around for the nineties but I’ve had all of these snacks
Anti-basic Kiwi
Ok if your British you will understand how much pain I experience when they say oatmeal
Nathan Hotchkiss
Girl with pink shirt and missing tooth stop being fussy geez 😡😡😫
Ginnie Rose
I am not a 90's kid, but I've had all these: PEZ Pizza Lunchables Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape Gum
Jordan Keizs
Ive had all of these and I was born in 05
kizza plays
I love all of these especially pez and hubba bubba gum 🤤🤤
DINO EGG OATMEAL! I hated oatmeal but loved the eggs so I used to open all the packages and eat all of the dinosaurs out of them and put the oatmeal back inside the package then my mom would make the oatmeal for my brother and he would get mad. lol. good times
Nico D’Agosta
i eat most nineties snacks but i was born in 04
Star Bucks
I'm only 14 and they're making me feel 44
Kaden Tam
Who the hell needs to tell me how to work peez
Ginnie Rose
jonson jamie
I'm not a ninety's kid, but I remember eating all of these snacks. we still have most of them in London
Anything in the 90's was probably still in the early 2000's
Lenohua Shia
I would never eat the dunkaroos with the chocolate frosting. Those kids would’ve like them if they were the vanilla frosting. What about Hi-C ecto cooler?
The five Bananas
Mmm, so pezy. 😂
David Clancy
Pretty much all of these r still popularly bought where I come from in Australia
Ashlynn Ann
I was born in the early 2000’s and I ate all of these 😂😊
Leonhard Eder
0:46 no offence but never, EVER say that again
Mutant X
Pizza ALWAYS taste better when cooked or heated up .
lokmane_ DZ
While I'm fasting😞😞😞
PotatoTomato T-T
You don’t put water in oatmeal. You put milk.
Jack Mackay
Is the uk just 20 years behind because we have all of these
APL- chan
Hubba Bubba and Pez were the best things omg Also, anyone else ever tried to microwave their Lunchables pizza to make it an actual mini pizza? I had the idea a few months ago XD
Zoey_luvs_ galaxy
I’ve had all of these before and I’m from the 2000’s
Abbie Urbanek
Some of these thins are still around
The dino oatmeal was my jam back 20 years ago.
they still sell hubba bubba rolls in my country lol
Sebastian Sweeney
Man I loved the roll up gum
Jeremy Philip
Am i the only one who remembers when Lunchables came with a Capri Sun with it ..?
I still eat hubba bubba gum
Anger Invader
Hubba bubba, damn i used to buy those all the time!
I dont Need to know these kids instagrams 😂😂
Stella Thivierge
4:45 I love eating mini dino swards
Jenna De
Why on Earth do 10 year olds have instagrams?