Love & Honor Official Trailer #1 - Liam Hemsworth Movie

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Subscribe to TRAILERS: />Subscribe to COMING SOON: />Love & Honor Official Trailer #1 - Liam Hemsworth Movie When a young soldier in Vietnam gets dumped by his hometown girl, he and his best friend decide to go AWOL and return to the States to win her back.

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Kyra Moeller
Pretty good movie for when it's a lazy day or night and your scrolling through Netflix needing something to watch.
Momo Abyss
I am only considering to watch it because of Liam Hemsworth
David Overholt
So basically its a movie about being a deserter because you think a girl is cute...
Lorne's Best Friend's Mom's Cancer
all they wanted to do was get laid....
Matthew Celsor
This story isn't that uncommon and it always ends with with her pregnant and him paying child support with a dishonorable DD214.
Mia Bardales
This movie is soooooo boring i made it an hour before i couldnt watch it anymore
Letchi A
Another movie that "very accurately" portrays the events surrounding the Vietnam war. Thank you untalented directors who sold their soul to Industry.
I think I've finally fallen in love with Liam after watching this movie just a few minutes ago (a huge Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson's fan but I just didn't feel Liam in THG series). This movie proved that he can make emotion and makes fans love him. And I loved the whole movie overall. Great feeling while watching it.
septick skull
Some sick movie. So awesome. I seen it. <3 <3 <3
Live Life
Felt like I️ just watched the whole movie right here.....
I'm dizzy...that happens when you find yourself rolling your eyes every second!! dios mio the shit they churn out these days....
Gina Mohan
omg this is my fave movie liam looked soo hot in it
asma mes
yeppp that's what i was thinking too Dear john !
I love how every guy in every movie only falls for girls who are out of their league.
Natalie Ingram
Lost me with the Che t shirt....
Marc Wallack
Kind of a feel good movie. Uniforms not set up correctly but only us Vietnam Vets would notice. Referred to soldiers as "The Guys", Should have used squad as the reference. I enjoyed the movie, reminded me of my days at Kent State before I went to Vietnam. Candace was great, too bad she was an Australian rather than an American. Australia was a hot spot for soldiers during the war. How about a sequel?
Squirrel Attackspidy
Dudes dodge the draft to dip their dinkies in ditzy dames. News at 11.
lado puti
This movie SUCKED!
I dunno. It just looks bleh. Although the younger Hemsworth is very very nice to look at
GamerDares Wins
I dont get why they chose an Aussie to play ab american Vietnam soldier.
GamerDares Wins
I dont get why they chose an Aussie to play ab american Vietnam soldier.
Going 4 july to the cinema for this movie3 #exciteddd
Such a sweet trailer 3 :') Really wanna watch the movie!
is that THOR !!!
@vitggca Yeah it turned out to be pretty easy to find. I just streamed it there: Wow it was such a good film, way better than I thought it was going to be! Must see!
Just finish watching.... lovely movie
Jerzy le Kamil
Billy the kid
This looks really good!!!!
if you've seen the movie. does anyone know what the song in this scene (59.00) is called? Want that song sooo bad
I didn't even bother to look at the title,I just found a guy with M16 on the cover= =then I click it
is it bad that i want to see this?
Shit, I came here because I thought is a war movie, then I ended up watching another fucking Twilight trailer
No Labels
Two australians Yes Please. Looks sweet
It's funny that they are both Australian and both have to use a fake American accent. And how was this filmed in freaking Michigan without me knowing?
Why was Afghan unstable since the 70's?........thatd be the CIA funding radical islamic fundamentalists...Its called blowback, if there never was any intervention in the first place there would be no war nor any civil war in the 90's
Juonithz Ramos
Who are you to say such a thing? I'm not typically patriotic but when you insult all of the men and women who join the military to defend our rights, our homes and our beliefs then I feel I must speak up and defend them. You are dishonorable in putting down the beliefs of others. And you are in the wrong.
Act of Valor meets Twilight :)
Cunty McShitterman
Fucking barf. I left for Afghanistan did 2 tours almost back to back and not a day goes by I want to be back there. And when I was there all I could think about was being at home. But I followed through with what I set out to do. Women come and go, honor only leaves if you let it.
SM Daly
Vicky Kon
No, he is his brother :p
what kind of army is this?? without a decent hair cut!!
seriously another vet teen movie????????
Angie Dionisio
Is Liam Hemsworth's voice here dubbed?
Bob Thenob
But minus the Act Of Valor
Jordan Kelly
liam hemsworth is an action movie... and its a romance movie
Basanta Raj Onta
The film supposed to be based on 70's. But seems the direction missed a couple of points on that esp. in wardrobe department and sets.
Aubrey V
Pretty sure the girls would still watch it!
yi zhang
I guess zombie boyfriend is no good after all.
TO ALL MY CHICAS OUT THERE: MAAN, i KNOW u guys have also noticed how those Hemsworth brothers are two FO-IIIINE ass pieces of "yum-yum-LORD-i wanna-get-me-some" or "time-2-take-a-ice-cold-ass-shower" lol. (FO-IIIINE=FINE)
Nope, nope, nope. The only thing these movies have in common is that the main roles are in the army..
HIS BROTHER!!! Your talking about chris hemsworth, he played Thor. The two are mighty fine though.
Eric Chang
where to watch this movie? is it released yet?
it's an Australian accent.
Well, if you're talking about Liam Hemsworth.
Yeah, I thought so too, but it's really bad... Good storyline, sure, but I was dissapointed :(
sinsin twaton
Looks like Dear John lol. Unfortunately, Teresa Palmer is now engaged and is expecting a baby
Idk why but the main actor looks like a total douch
finaly somthing not gay :)
-_- the name is in the title.....
Meutia Aisy
Great!! At 02:17 :) Miley, u not jealous?! :O
I think I'll have to pass this one up....
Austin Stowell is from my town. I watched this movie and had no idea who he was untill now lol. Good movie, I enjoyed it.
Holy crap. This drivel is little more than porn for naive women with unrealistic expectations. *barf*
Maria Catalina Yanuario
Teresa Palmer is the newbie to watch ...:D saw her also in " Warm Bodies" and she is pretty awesome....!!!!!!!!!!!
Where's the honor?
marlen payero
My opinion: the movie was amazing... If you're thinking of watching this movie please do❤️❤️ I cried 3 times and this is how good the movie was. Please watch this with someone you love❤️ the movie explains a lot 😭😫☺️❤️
I like the trailer and it seems a cute movie!
so hommo!
Chantal Schot
Why hello, Mr. Blue Eyes. :)
James RichArdson
Great movie 👍
Alyssa Bienski
This movie is AMAZING. Should've been I. Theaters everywhere!
PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS CRAP. This movie is so damn boring and of the worst movies iv'e watched.
Mawiyah Khan
Looks ok
ehh... my father is Vietnam Vet. and i kinda grew up not liking the hippies. so... fuck no.
yet again. Whats with all the previews now a-days? oop, I may have just understood. They USED to be TRAILERS. BRING BACK THE TRAILERS, GET RID OF PREVIEWS!
Zion Leason
You kinda sorta did say first.
twnty 5
Frodo abdulraheem
i just watched it and it was amazing i loved it !! and i think its way better than dear john
ohno shedidnt
Dude miley would be so jealous dat u are making out with someone else
Kevin Hsiung
Jessie Sim
When does it come out
Jesse Metz
The song at the end is "Hold Onto Hope Love" by Amy Stroup
Rori M
Shfta ams kan raw3aaa
Widdy Francillon
this movie is really good!
Roger Mao
looks like something worth a try
i thought the girl was kristen stewart at first
Josh Render
so at which point did the film maker decide to completely disregard any historical accuracy in terms of the setting and costume. Or are they time travellers...
Just watched the movie, made my cry , what a beautifull story! I didn't expect much of the movie but it really was a lovely movie, you guys should check it out!
Michelle van wyk
listen up shitheads!! this IS a Romantic movie!! it has a war doesnt mean if the guy's from the army...the damn movie should be about war!!!! I appreciate movies like will not find love like this..therefore let us enjoy this and comfort our hearts that yearns for something like this!! AND afterall, this is just a movie..there are thousands of people that crave for movies like this...forgive us if we dont wanna see history repeat itself with all the killings
Sara Lane
flick off LOL 0:33
The russian trailer seemed very different....
Kevin R.
this is like the "twilight" version of War Movies... sad...
lol you're at the wrong movie, mate..
Victoria Robertson
This is like something out of a Nicholas Sparks book
Ian Thomas
meh i will pass
marlon sanchez
Fucking gay movie,i came here for a nam movie not this bullshit movie that uses a real life situation to try make a different spin on an all ready saturated and cliche fucking story line. This is just down rite disrespectful to veterans and to all those people that went through the war. They should make a real nam war,showing what really happened,showing real valor soldiers have. And showing the real horrors of war so that we can more appreciate what these vets did and sacrificed for us.