Love & Honor Official Trailer #1 - Liam Hemsworth Movie

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Subscribe to TRAILERS: />Subscribe to COMING SOON: />Love & Honor Official Trailer #1 - Liam Hemsworth Movie When a young soldier in Vietnam gets dumped by his hometown girl, he and his best friend decide to go AWOL and return to the States to win her back.

Momo Abyss
I am only considering to watch it because of Liam Hemsworth
Kyra Moeller
Pretty good movie for when it's a lazy day or night and your scrolling through Netflix needing something to watch.
I dunno. It just looks bleh. Although the younger Hemsworth is very very nice to look at
Matthew Celsor
This story isn't that uncommon and it always ends with with her pregnant and him paying child support with a dishonorable DD214.
Lorne's Best Friend's Mom's Cancer
all they wanted to do was get laid....
David Overholt
So basically its a movie about being a deserter because you think a girl is cute...
Live Life
Felt like I️ just watched the whole movie right here.....
Mia Bardales
This movie is soooooo boring i made it an hour before i couldnt watch it anymore
I think I've finally fallen in love with Liam after watching this movie just a few minutes ago (a huge Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson's fan but I just didn't feel Liam in THG series). This movie proved that he can make emotion and makes fans love him. And I loved the whole movie overall. Great feeling while watching it.
Squirrel Attackspidy
Dudes dodge the draft to dip their dinkies in ditzy dames. News at 11.
Marc Wallack
Kind of a feel good movie. Uniforms not set up correctly but only us Vietnam Vets would notice. Referred to soldiers as "The Guys", Should have used squad as the reference. I enjoyed the movie, reminded me of my days at Kent State before I went to Vietnam. Candace was great, too bad she was an Australian rather than an American. Australia was a hot spot for soldiers during the war. How about a sequel?
Letchi A
Another movie that "very accurately" portrays the events surrounding the Vietnam war. Thank you untalented directors who sold their soul to Industry.
septick skull
Some sick movie. So awesome. I seen it. <3 <3 <3
GamerDares Wins
I dont get why they chose an Aussie to play ab american Vietnam soldier.
Gina Mohan
omg this is my fave movie liam looked soo hot in it
lado puti
GamerDares Wins
I dont get why they chose an Aussie to play ab american Vietnam soldier.
Rustly Shackleford
The moral of this story: deserting your post and risking prison time and a dishonorable discharge are totally worth it if it means winning the heart of some chick you barely know. Makes sense.
Mery Rahmaty
Please tell me if it has a good ending or not???
Jacob Stewart
This movie supports cowardice and desertion.
marlen payero
My opinion: the movie was amazing... If you're thinking of watching this movie please do❤️❤️ I cried 3 times and this is how good the movie was. Please watch this with someone you love❤️ the movie explains a lot 😭😫☺️❤️
Gara Sand
i watched movie n its nice but box office collection is showing 19000 doller what is this i dont understand can any body say me anything
Austin Stowell is from my town. I watched this movie and had no idea who he was untill now lol. Good movie, I enjoyed it.
Just finish watching.... lovely movie
another foreigner playing an American war hero
Billy Corners
someone feeling guilty they dodged the war?
Ashley Nunez
You guys could just watch it in Netflix
James RichArdson
Great movie 👍
Lauren Plant
cute movie😊❤
Nice movie...
Jissel Valdez
Movie was so corny
This movie SUCKED!
Natalie Ingram
Lost me with the Che t shirt....
Omar BK
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Nikunj Shah
God. I am so envious of my brother currently. He's actually been alone permanently. Yet, he's mind-fucked a swimwear model to inform him she has fallen deeply in love with him in under a thirty day period. Just how can that be even achievable? He smiled and told me he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone amazing fell for me... I've not witnessed him so fulfilled. Kind of makes me feel bad.
Jwned Gaming
i like it
PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS CRAP. This movie is so damn boring and of the worst movies iv'e watched.
A mexican soap opera settled in Vietnam War, cheesy film
Nope, nope, nope. The only thing these movies have in common is that the main roles are in the army..
Asma Mes
yeppp that's what i was thinking too Dear john !
I'm dizzy...that happens when you find yourself rolling your eyes every second!! dios mio the shit they churn out these days....
I love liam but liam hemsworth + teresa palmer is not as good as channing tatum + amanda seyfried
lorein lorenzo
Frodo abdulraheem
i just watched it and it was amazing i loved it !! and i think its way better than dear john
Chelsea Rampersad
Dear John ? -_-
SpongeBob Sqarepants
so gonna watch this! <3
SarsiSarsiSarsi Sarsi
is this the movie what liam talks about when they were aboard on the plane in "Expendable 3?"
Aubrey V
Pretty sure the girls would still watch it!
sinsin twaton
Looks like Dear John lol. Unfortunately, Teresa Palmer is now engaged and is expecting a baby
not as good as i thought i would be ..
Alyssa Bienski
This movie is AMAZING. Should've been I. Theaters everywhere!
Billy Cha
I bet this is not a war film
Marius Rasovas
O shit...i was hoping its a new movie about Vietnam war...shit, all i can see is ''Drama" people...? Whats wrong with you?
i thought the girl was kristen stewart at first
Juonithz Ramos
Who are you to say such a thing? I'm not typically patriotic but when you insult all of the men and women who join the military to defend our rights, our homes and our beliefs then I feel I must speak up and defend them. You are dishonorable in putting down the beliefs of others. And you are in the wrong.
JENNA Romero
Shut up Verum!
Great movie!
Serving in the armed forces of a corrupt and tyrannical government is not honorable. It is most dishonorable.
Widdy Francillon
this movie is really good!
Wait a minute this is a lightning entertainment production. They're a multi billion company. Oh wait there nothing haha.
Wait this is a
Its good to know that some people read comments and the reply to them!! So Sweettt
Chantal Schot
Why hello, Mr. Blue Eyes. :)
what kind of army is this?? without a decent hair cut!!
Angie Dionisio
Is Liam Hemsworth's voice here dubbed?
Diana Carmo
qual o nome da musica quando o filme acaba?
Going 4 july to the cinema for this movie3 #exciteddd
Catarina Castro
Amy Stroup - Hold Onto Hope Love (:
Idk why but the main actor looks like a total douch
Karly B
what is the name of that song ?
They're running out of Americans to play Americans :P
came here for a war movie and got some kind of stupid lifetime bullshit gayness fucktard extraviganna
Jasper D'haene
The trailer kinda showed most of the story... Why would I want to watch it now? Seriously lame trailer!
Their clothes don't seem to fit the era...
No blacks in this movie except the house maid... Not watching
Sara Lane
flick off LOL 0:33
Maxx Payne
thought it would be a cool war movie WRONG
jus my preference...does it have a happy ending?
mike strong
cry babay
mike strong
usop: luffy!!!!!
aneQ rooh
woooow John goood
seriously another vet teen movie????????
Miriam Starrett
Dear John + The Last Song
Bana Marji
I'm surprised this wasn't a book written by Nicholas Sparks
Twilight in Nam war
Just watched the movie, made my cry , what a beautifull story! I didn't expect much of the movie but it really was a lovely movie, you guys should check it out!
paloma manzanal
Esta pelicula esta en español??
Katrina Santos
Dear john :)
Xray Paul
So much shit is wrong with this movie. The era is the Vietnam timeline and their clothing is out of set. The main actor is wearing a shirt with Che Guerarva and I'm sure back in the 1960s no shirt existed. Society was not friendly to the US Troops during Vietnam Conflict and very unwelcoming. Needed more hippies. Dear John is way better.
Orhan Bencegay
Great determination dude...
Viktoria Nikolova
This is so much better :)
The song at the end is "Hold Onto Hope Love" by Amy Stroup
Pavel Csóka
the funeral band of horses
como se llama el tema del minuto 1:46 ??
Adriana Rodriguez
when is this coming out?
Rori M
Shfta ams kan raw3aaa
zoka mars
good movie...
sir loin
he's no thor... still waiting on the zombie apokolypse