Joe Rogan Experience #1021 - Russell Brand

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Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. His new book "Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions" is available now, and his podcast called "Under The Skin" is available on iTunes.

Roads Untraveled
How could anyone dislike this? This was an absolutely brilliant discussion with endless insight
Ikmel A.A.A.
It's easy to criticize money when you have it.
Good stuff.... except when Joe tells a recovering heroin adict, 'stop all that 12-step stuff, you're not going to fall back into addiction.' That's the sound of someone who knows nothing about addiction.
Joe "Just do a few drugs while on the 12 step program" Rogan
I sincerely dislike the comments section on YouTube. It’s like briefly visiting the deep dark realm of random human beings minds and the thoughts that whiz by but are never spoken out loud to another person. I try so hard not to scroll down, but I can't help it. Something draws me in to the unknown land of mindless thoughts, or is it thoughtless minds? This comment is a contribution to that.
DJ Woof
I find myself not listening and just reading the comments.
It's been fascinating watching R.B develop to the degree he has.
Joe Blows
Joe gets very defensive when talking about wealth...hmmm.
Emily S
I agree with Russell. If the motivation to become 'great' is cars and bling, we live in a sick, misguided society. Greatness should be an award onto itself. Comodifying art cheapens it.
Meech Darko
Get Jim Carey on the podcast. He just did the norm McDonald show
My Tiny Keto Kitchen
Russell Brand is brilliant he speaks so effortlessly he is fluent in so many subjects. He does not forget his roots he is in touch with his humanity.
James Gonzales
Russel is right on point but I think Joe, who is very smart is missing the point. Things are not going well and that's not a pessimistic point of view. It is a system that is only benefiting the few. The government, that used to hide it's secrets and making the decisions for us of what knowledge we should be allowed to have, it is now throwing it in our faces that we the people aren't in control of anything and that they are in control of us. So many people live on the edge barely survive in their hectic lives. Peace to all and please lets try to work together to change our consciousness for the better for all.
RweFree2see YouRme2
God Dammit Joe...... QUIT TELLING THE ADDICT ITS OK TO DOSE DMT!!!!! He kept telling you he can't and he explained why he can't!!!!! Dick.........
David Medina
I've been watching a podcast a day for the last month and my personal growth has already rippled into improving my families life as well. This podcast is extremely important for the community, keep reaching more.
Thamus Jones
Russel Brand is an advertisement for why we need to treat drug addicts with compassion i.e. not jail them or leave them to die. Imagine if we had lost this guy to drugs 20 years ago.
Villa Pinstriping
Tiny sleeves edition
Eli w
emotional intelligence in my humble opinion is lacking in our culture and if it is instilled in our education system from the start we would be a lot better off.
I think the reason joe and Russell were arguing toward the end about money was that joe was approaching the topic from a practical viewpoint where Russell was coming from a very idealistic place. I think Russell was trying to say that as a society we consider the highest form a human can achieve is one that has lots of money and possessions and random women. In this way we value that which is quite animalistic in it’s display of dominance. I believe that he was trying to say that wouldn’t it be better to value someone not for being successful in societies standards but for their actual ability as a fighter or musician, or for their intellectual and/or emotional depth. I have to say that I agree that it would be better for humanity to strive toward evolution by valuing what is intrinsically human rather than what is attached to animalistic displays of dominance.
Ramon S.-
I really respect Brand's restraint, especially when rogan starts challenging everything he says towards the end. you can hear him control his breathing and therefore trying to not react.. amazing
Jo Po
Russell Brand is awesome. Regardless of whether you like him or not, you have to respect a man that, at the very least, has touched Katy Perry's sweater puppies.
Zachary Williams
Well now I understand why he dumped Katy Perry
WOW! Russell Brand completely eclipses Rogan with his vision and awareness. Joe’s (btw i generally love his ideas) ego sure feels fragile and threatened in the last few minutes of this podcast. If anyone needs more dmt it is not Brand. Just hear/feel his words. You need more bud.
Around 1:47:00 Joe starts getting defensive and contradictory....
Sergey Mazine
Joe and Russell are on different wavelengths there towards the end. The feeling of greatness is indeed intoxicating but Russell is trying really hard to show how far that spectrum can go, especially if we don't let fear and negative emotions rule our lives as is the case with most people in todays society
Jasper Backfat
wtf just occurred during the last portion of this interaction. why was JR so fuckin aggressively dismissive of everything Russ was attempting to illuminate?
As an Irish person you're giving Conor McGregor way too much credit, yes he's loved by many in the nation and it's great to see someone Irish perform at such a world class level, but a lot of people dislike Conor - his larger than life ego, narcissism and arrogance is a massive turn off and is not very down to earth or relatable at all, which is nottt very Irish
Dee Dubya
Even cracked out of his head - Russ is more intelligent than most of us will ever be
Dee Dubya
Poor Joe must feel so dumb talking to Russ. He's miles above most people and has lived enough to fulfill ten lifetimes. I could listen to him alll day.
M Brontë
Joe you can't ask an addict if they can just a try a drug ?! yes they will spiral back into it, because Russel enjoys the experience so much he knows it will be his end. In that moment when you said it's not like other drugs, that was the dark hand working through you to get Russel.
Sophie Monigold
I'm a girl who's suffered with addiction to heroin and cocaine for almost half a decade now. Other substances for a decade. I actually felt a sense of warmth when Joe kinda told Russell don't worry. U won't fall back into addiction. 12 step programs are life savers but they also can have a way of locking you into fear for the rest of ur life. Fear that u haven't made a difference in your heart or soul...fear that you will again have a needle hanging out of ur arm
Lol Joe just couldn't understand what Russell meant about fighting and the money behind it. Russell shouldn't have tried to make that point with a subject Joe is too confident about.
Joe Crocker
1:48:00 Joe completely takes Russell out of his element and has him reeling for a legitimate answer and continues to try and keep him wriggling and squirming to find a way out. & the podcast suffers for Joe's constant need to challenge Russell on every point throughout the rest of the podcast But Joe was wrong with his original point! Having that elitist level, the top 1-10% of the population who earn or control that amount of money ultimately will be corrupted by the fear of losing it, not just having it. The world's 1% wealthiest have controlled this planets population for A good while. Whether it was to control wealth, land or even the actual population.
Rayan Hosay
Joe "can't keep up with russel brand" rogan
Xavier Nogueira
This is the best of all his podcasts in my opinion, or maybe parts of the Dennis McKenna ones. It’s a shame everyone is attracted to the podcasts with glorified edge lords like Shapiro and Peterson when someone as surficially goofy like Russel Brand is much more in touch with reality and what actually is occurring.
Joe “ I wish I had hair like you , Russell “ Rogan
Joseph Stalin
Communism - the most effective form of weight loss ever conceived.
Hungry Hearts
Joe sounds really ignorant when he was telling Russell that he wasnt going to fall back into addiction if he did DMT. You can tell he is not an addict and by saying that he is just talking about something he has no knowledge about
Rich help the rich and the rest die helping them to get Ritcher
I would love to see russell and steve-o have a conversation...
Jack Kanov
1:07:40 russell suggests joe would be great at serving his community, joe straight says "i don't got time for that shit"
Colton D
Brand says some insightful things while simultaneously saying stupid things
Zachary Williams
Joe "smokes dmt" rogan
YES Russell, you said it! STOP PAYING TAXES. If Americans are as fed up as I am with our government, we should organize & stop funding the corruption.
Ryan Peters
I was extremely impressed with this podcast because there was agreement, conversation, intelligence. Not arguing, yelling or insults. I fucking love it.
Kristy Rutledge
I just recently watched this.... And Rogan said a comment that I just can't seem to let go... "We have much more knowledge now than we've ever had before"....YASSS...why yes we do, but if you think back 50 yrs... Someone I'm sure said or thought the same thing...Because at that time we in fact did have more knowledge than we have ever had at before that time.... Same with 100 yrs ago and so fourth.... So it made me realise we don't know a Fkn thing about our existence or the Universe or shit .... Nobody ever has it has all been SPEC-U-MAFKN-LATION....For centuries people who had no clue kept giving birth to humans and teaching them there clueless "Winging it" ways
MisterZhivago WheelieMaster
Joe ''A little bit of spiritual, a little bit of warrior'' Rogan
Jimmy Jux
This dude is really intelligent
Jennifer Chiarle
I am kinda poor.. but my thoughts stay always the same.. ,exhisting in a world of bullshit. Joe was awesome to actually listen .. Not many people listen to me but my idea is the exact same as Brand,., :). This is just a great thing for me to be watching right now, and thank you guys... This world is hard to live in.. For people that have an actual conscious and feelings....this was a great discussion with great people....
Logan Johnson
This was a damn fascinating podcast! Enlightening as all hell
At 49:12, it is interesting because whenever people say some thing's about life i remember verses from the Quran which say the same thing. When joe said when ever someone do something, then this thing will affect other people and that we are connected. I remembered "whome ever saves a single human being , its like he saved the whole of humanity, and whoever kills a human being it is like he killed the whole of humanity"
Heather Cameron
Hey! I'm a 70 year old woman and I love watching and listening to all the mind expansion stuff. Everyone needs to stretch themselves out somewhat and get into spaces they've never been before. Thanks for the mind stretch!
Martha Oconnor
See, we need to go back to the states holding more power than the federal Govt in the United States. Keep it closer to the people and it will keep those in charge more accountable. The US has PROGRESSED past the power of the people by shifting our power away to the very distant land called Washington DC.
I am a huge fan of both of these guys and have listened to both rogan podcasts with brand as well as brands interviews with sam harris and jordan peterson. I find myself disappointed time and again with joe rogans politics. I like his views on humanity, philosophy and the likes however is politics is an unbearable listen for me. Capitalism is just as bad as communism. They are both polar opposite extremes. The United States is not a true capitalist society. True capitalism is a nation without government and totally run by the free market. US has a government, so by default we are not a true and pure capitalist society. We are a socialist society. Everything payed for my tax money is socialist. That is why they are called social programs. Medicaid, social security, infrastructure are all paid for by society. We are however the more capitalist than europe, asia, south america, but we are a quasi socialist country because we have both a government and a free market working together. The debate is what products should be left up to the free market, and what should the government provide. Things like military/defense, unemployment money for the disabled, and roads and bridges are all payed for by the government through tax payer money. This is a good thing. Everything the government spends money on is entirely up to the people since in the US the people run their own government. We elect our senators and representatives who vote on what should be paid for with our tax money. If you disagree with your senator, then you vote against them the next election cycle. People say socialism can’t work in the US because their are too many people, more than the netherlands and sweden and venezuela. This is not true. Economics show that the more people the better a socialist country would function. And since we already are socialist, our economy works pretty well on average despite most people’s beliefs. This is a robust and efficient economy and it bounces up and down in equilibrium. The debate nowadays is should more things be paid for by the government such as healthcare, phones, and yes, a universal basic income. Does every human being in the US have a human right to these things. I argue yes
evelyn baron
What I love about this conversation is the fact that Russell Brand is a driven autodidact. He lives to learn. My sister is in a 12 step program (I can say it because she is very open about her process): I love people whose minds work as fast as a humming bird. Robin Williams was one such. I live in a bit different universe because I am francophone and everybody talks at the same time. I have been saturated with music since I was sentient: it does not make me a musician but what one can learn, by listening intently, is that you hear the threads, the individual sounds and the Gestalt at the same time. The conversation about kinetic intelligence mirrors those ideas; and I can find the connections. A fascinating conversation. To me, the most important relationships are friends, and that includes really intimate relationships. If you cannot be your loved one his or her true friend, there is something wrong. Well, let them get on with it!
Artur Curyllo
Joe "Jujitstu is like [plug any word here]" Rogan
jeff beamer
Ironically President Trump and Brexit are signs of the power structure being torn down which is what Mr. Brand wants. Correct?
Caastles Beats
Please get Tommy Wiseau on the Podcast so I can die happily
Eric Christensen
Joe - money isn't real anymore and the only value derives from the collective agreement that it represents value. Money used to be based on the Gold Standard and shit like Fort Knox used to actually have gold in it to back up the money. Money no longer is backed by anything of substance. If the world collapsed would anyone give a shit about a little slip of green paper? No. If the world collapsed would anyone care about how many 1's and 0's the bank was storing for you in their computer? No. Hand someone a piece of gold and it has intrinsic value. It is worth something. Money is worth the paper it's printed on, it only continues to function as money because we all agree that it represents money.
Paul Miller
Joe "pull that mic closer" Rogan
Jason Waterfalls
This is ~two hours of complete pseudo intellectual nonsense...
Luke Kelly
i think someone was lying the last time, and now they've definitely stopped drugs
Griffin Lindsey
Love seeing how smart people think they are lol
Raphael Lüthi
13:38 ...... If you want to live in that culture of small community units empowered by direct democracy --- look no further than Switzerland.
drake stroud
get jim carey on the podcast!
Zachary Williams
Love his accent and he's very genuine
Is Russel Brand a genius or am I just mesmerized by his British accent
Russell "i'm trying to understand how systems work" Brand
Steven Sanders
Joe needs to get Duncan and Russell on at the same time
Joe "i read an article" Rogan
Gala Darling
This episode gets better every time I watch it. I could truly listen to Russell all day.
joe "all people are people" rogan great pod
Katlego Malete
I'm on minute 44:33 and I am enjoying this conversation. I can relate to Joe wanting Russell to use DMT because he doesn't seem like he has an addictive personality but I can also relate to Russell knowing that he could spiral back into addiction if he takes the DMT. The i appreciate both these perspectives and Joe is a great interviewer. He genuinely gets into a conversation for learning purposes and he is so open to learning but also sharing his knowledge or lack of it and perspective and I'm just discovering this podcast and loving it at the same time.... CAN YOU INVITE Jim Carrey
I love this show. Even if you don't agree with everything said there's value and excellent information within.
Russell Brand might be the one and only guest to speak more than Joe Rogan whilst on the Joe Rogan Show
This is like my two selves talking to each other
Nicolette Koehler
Just watched this and it has made me rethink my life...very powerful interview...thank you
rem most
I actually hated this interview..... these 2 yammered on for 2 hrs talking about nothing...... ASK HIM HOW IT WAS BANGING K.PERRY ON A DAILY!?!?!?!?!?
jeff beamer
Some interesting thoughts interspersed with the most juvenile cliched rubbish ever spoken.
You need to get Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson together sometime.
49:33 I love this analysis
Fingaz Mc
I'm a recovering addict and just woke up to a vivid 'using' dream and stuck YT on to try and pass back out and this is the first video on my homepage! Coincidence I THINK NOT, my mind is connected to the advertisement on YouTube now, I am the t'internet! Well actually it was on my watch later list, so not really :)
Eric Wright
Russell Brand is way smarter than I gave him credit for
Alex Estivariz
The more I listen to Joe the more I like him. Not only is he, smart, well informed, and articulate he is open minded and centered...this coming from someone who us right of center. The same goes for Russell. I'm impressed by his ability to talk on a specific point for 5-10 minutes non stop and express an avalanche of ideas and concepts, without taking a breath, and still manage to get his point across 100% crystal clear. Great exchange of ideas.
Russel isn’t mentally ill he is awake 🙏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
ivan nicolle
Your podcasts are definitely evolving and you're getting a few individuals on here who are really cool and talk about things that matter.
Eth Nick
Appreciated these fascinating, in depth discussions.
Brand is addicted to talking and pushing his anti-money point. He's very good in seeing only the worst in things. "That's what I'm saying" ultimately comes down to the same thing everytime, and he can only see the world through that one narrow viewpoint that discards so many other factors. He almost sounds like a teenage girl that had too much acid dismissing everything that's not airyfairy peace and love as evil. If he ever wants to be enlightened and actually help society be greater, more peacefull and more natural, he better start seeing the beauty in money and hiphop. If god is oneness, he needs to embrace and accept everything, not only spiritual gratification. To be alive means you're a spiritual being *in the world*. If you don't accept the world, you don't accept being. As long as he can't have peace with how reality is, he will never experience oneness, because he hates half of the oneness. It's good he started Jiu Jitsu, maybe rediscovering his inner male animal will make him appreciate the things he labels as bad.
get serj tankian from system of a down on!...
Lake 42
Realize Russell won’t read this but though we differ on certain things he has inspired me. Great person who has been true to himself. Keep up the good work and great interview as always Joe! Thanks guys
"Lovely, cuddly little guys." 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
william sharpe
What a collaboration. Two awesome interesting to listen to
LeftoverCrass FPV
how to advocate for socialism without saying socialism > enter Russ Brand
"If the Ewoks had another thousand years perhaps they'd have invented little Ewok trains."
Capt'n Tread
30:00 dreamed about joe rogan lol
Lake 42
Also respectful political perspective to both sides while getting the point across.
Alex Phillips
Joe im really enjoying these podcasts you won me over when you started reeling off the 5 rings! this is great!
Bryan D
Russel Brand is wrong about some things and has some good points.
How was this guy married to Katy Perry? Did they just not talk
jeff beamer
Marx is a great economist? Mr Brand believes in power devolved to the smallest group? The smallest group would be the individual. Yes? That system is called Capitalism. Freedom, individual rights, liberty and Capitalism. Or to put it another way: The original conception of the United States informed by the enlightenment.