DITRA-HEAT Heated Flooring Systems Installation (Step-by-Step) -- by Home Repair Tutor

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How do you install DITRA-HEAT heated flooring systems? We explain in today's step-by-step tutorial. /> Here is the break down of the steps for the DITRA-HEAT installation: Step 1 = Planning DITRA-HEAT heated flooring systems Step 2 = Gathering materials Step 3 = Setting DITRA-HEAT membrane Step 4 = Heating cable tips before installation Step 5 = Conductor resistance test Step 6 = Conductor and ground braid continuity test Step 7 = Insulation resistance test Step 8 = Floor temperature sensor test Step 9 = Heating cable cold splice installation Step 10 - Heating cable installation in membrane Step 11 - Thermostat sensor installation Step 12 - DITRA-HEAT thermostat installation Step 13 - Fill studs with unmodified thin-set Watch our video for the full DITRA-HEAT installation /> Or visit our website for the written tutorial

DITRA HEAT heated flooring systems DITRA-HEAT heated flooring systems Home Repair Tutor

Sal DiBlasi
Ditra heat is a great product, makes installing a heated floor so much easier, good job on the video.
gary fletcher
So you are using modified mortar underneath and on top for the tile ? It’s a question see ?
Gabrielle Diaz
is he gary dell a bate's younger brother
You mixed the thin set then cut the Matt?
Dennis Heflin
Excellent video, very well done
D Lempke
Curious as I am installing this today. Looks like you install the cold splice and in your case, splices closer than 8" to the heat register. This is acceptable? Thanks and great video...by far the best I have seen.
Alexander Rivera
With this system I wouldn't have dura rock the wood floor prior? if I was using wedi for my shower how would it be? overlap wedi or ditra?
matt heer
I wonder how easy it will be to remove (scrape off) that orange underlay from the plywood in ten years when your tile is outdated?
Dmitri Golovati
I would like to help you a little with saving you some time:) • clean up subfloor floor using broom or Vacuum & wash subfloor using a sponge. ( just how you explain in the beginning) • layout Ditra-Heat membrane make all the cut outs. I like watching your videos just that that when you making a video you need to be more professional many people watching. The whole idea of this installation video is any one who wants to do install on there own needs to follow your steps that you trying to explain. Don’t get me wrong I like what you guys doing just a little advice from me to be more professional get everything ready before and it will save you time and video will be more professional.
Rc Propst
Excellent video. Between the installation manual and this video, installation is completely explained.
Truly enjoyed this, thank you!
Sean Mcgrath
great vid, but your line coming in, if your using 220v the white wire should be red. thanks for the tips. Should be installing mine over the weekend.
Alex Smith
A question please. I have a kitchen with a quarry tiled floor on dirt (good condition, no rising damp, do not want to dig up), want to use Ditra with under floor heating and with the eventual vinyl or click vinyl on top (can withstand underfloor heating). What do you recommend please? Thank you.
Dewayne M
great vid
Rich McVeigh
How are you going to waterproof the junction between the ditra and the wedi shower base? I would think subliner dry but Wedi doesn't like the idea of mixing their stuff with Schluter stuff. Might have missed this but can you comment on the electrical requirements for the ditra heat.
Johnny West
I'd really like a heated shower floor, can this be continued into the shower in a curbless walk in shower in place of a pan, or would it go over the pan?
Stephen Lam
Are this system workable or heat efficiency enough to counter act a chilling living room flooring right above a double garage during Winter months !
Thanks for upload, this is something I've been interested and asked to do
David Kilpatrick
Proknee kneepads the best
The instructions indicate to make sure the thermostat wire does not come into contact with the heating wire, even in the wall. Am I mistaken?
Joe Bass
Did he show his quad box/ conduit installation and I just missed it?
Tovah Assor
This is a great product thank you for your explanations question can i use ditra heat straight on concrete then tile this is for an old home and also for a new construction this will be placed on top of the concrete then tile same thing> or below concrete on a new construction when we do sewer and concrete I would love to hire your company where are you located thanks
Brian Samuelson
It looks like you wired the two heating cables in parallel. Will this cause one section to heat more than the other? You want the same current flowing through the cables to get there same Watts/foot of cable and that means the two sections should be in series. Thanks for the video.
S Delince
Great video! What type of knee pads are those you are using? Mine are always sliding so I am constantly readjusting them. Thanks.
William Appleby
how long are the wires to the thermostat, and do you need run it thru conduit?
Paul Housman
Love your video. I have a question concerning the splice going to the thermostat. You chiseled out a space so that the splice would be below or at level. I have a concrete floor and am using ditraheat-tb . Will there be enough room for the splice to sit without having to chisel out the concrete? I am laying tile on top of the ditraheat-tb. Should I be concerned ? Thanks
Why not install both sensors just in case one fails? Then you don't have to lift tiles to install the other sensor.
Dammond Barkel
Is Kerdi band installed at the seams and the outer edges?
Janice Cady
Would like to use this system in basement with cement floor. Sometimes during spring this floor sweats and we have to use a dehumidifier.  Is this sweating a problem with this system? Thanks!
Blueberry Cupcake
I criged seeing he didn't sweep the floor :(