Alannah Myles Black Velvet Reaction

Dan Hunt
Yes, this song is about Elvis. It even mentions his song “Love me Tender”
Todd Hodges
Plus you remember those painting of Elvis in the 70's that were painted on Black Velvet, they called them Velvet Elvis's
Becky Botelho
all the words she sings so describes Elvis ..yes it was written about him
Psychopathic Psypher
This guy right here, is above and beyond all other music reaction channels. Everything from how he actually gets into the songs, to his head scratching to his facial expressions. Easy to see that he feels the music that he reacts to. Unlike some other channels who only does bandwagon songs and is constantly repetitive and not really into the music they react to. As I said earlier, this guy MRM is a breath of fresh air.
Todd Hodges
Mama's baby's in the heart of every school girl, "love me tender" leaves them crying in the isle, the way he moved it was a sin
Rjh Rhjj
Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart
Lethal Weapon DeGennaro
She has such a beautiful sultry voice. Good choice.
Ceara Abrahamsz
Man this song...grew up with this song. This song really brings me back to my childhood. One of my dad’s favorites. ❤️❤️
Kelly LaFlash
Read the full lyrics. It's not just kind of about Elvis, it is totally and completely about Elvis. :-)
Matthew Drake
If you like bluesy, try someone named Bonnie Raitt. Bonnie has a great voice and plays a mean slide guitar.
Christian Leatherman
Thank you thank you thank you! I've requested this alot! I knew you would love it! Her voice is phenomenal!
Michael Tabor
Yes definitely is about Elvis. In the first verse he is a baby in Mississippi. In the second verse he's at the height of his popularity in Memphis. The third verse he's gone implying that he died.
Gerd Mechnich
This song is about Elvis Presley. Some lyric analysis: "Jimmy Rogers on the Victrola up high" - Jimmy Rogers, an early blues singer, influencing Elvis (the baby) at an early age. The Victrola is the record player, played loudly. "Mama's dancin' with baby on her shoulder" - Gladys Presley dancing with the infant Elvis. "Black velvet and that little boy's smile" - You can buy a black velvet Elvis painting at any respectable yard sale. Early female fans were drawn to his "Little boy smile." "Black velvet with that slow southern style" - Elvis delivered some of his songs with slow, undulating hips. Check out "Steamroller Blues" live. "Up in Memphis the music's like a heatwave" - Sun Studios. The epicenter of early rock music and where Elvis recorded. "White lightning, bound to drive you wild" - rock music and booze. "Mama's baby's in the heart of every school girl" - A reference to the baby in the early part of the song, being loved by all the young girls. "Love Me Tender leaves 'em cryin' in the aisle" - Love Me Tender was a huge hit for Elvis in 1956. "The way he moved, it was a sin, so sweet and true" - Elvis' legendary hips swivel, the Pelvis. "Every word of every song that he sang was for you. In a flash he was gone, it happened so soon, what could you do?" - Elvis died suddenly in 1977. Here's what Alannah Myles herself says: "Black Velvet has little to do with the cheesy black velvet Elvis paintings from the 60's, short of being a metaphor comprised of several entendres. Nor ANYTHING to do with alcohol as, contrary to popular myth, I do not drink (nor take drugs or smoke). What it's referring to are the voice of African Americans whom Elvis championed, Elvis' black hair, his voice sounded like black velvet, with soulful, black stylings sung in the American south that were like velvet on the ear drums, etc... I would know, after all. The song was written for me to sing on my first record. Alannah Myles
Yes it was written about Elvis. Her debut album in 1990 is the #1 selling debut album in Canada, over 1 million sold. Alannah won a Grammy for this song. Unfortunately she was ripped off by her record label and did not receive a dime until 2008. Sad but true.
martha Ann High
of course this song is about our own Elvis Presley
shirley carr
Anything about elvis im here ty.I love that man.
Definitely about Elvis. One of my favorite tributes to the King
Tim Carder this tune....Alanah is still one of my favorite Canadian exports....she has a gorgeous voice
Nelson Mendez
Yes it’s a Tribute to Elvis. Elvis wore a black velvet shirt at the Tupelo welcome home Elvis concert in 1956
Becky Botelho
and yes her walking up the stairs is walking the stairs of heaven to where he is
Robin Riddle
Susan Jones
The song was written after Presley died. It was written by Ms Myles’ husband or boyfriend, I think. He was Canadian. I think it’s the best tribute song about Elvis among the many that were written.
The nerd podcast
Everything about your channel is enjoyed and appreciated. I see how physically affected you are by music. God bless you .
Angie Lowe
Yes, it is about Elvis.
Dana H. Ledford
I love this song it's one I turned up and have the windows down, drive fast on one of the country roads and blast it
Kate_etaK Smith
This was my dads favourite song. We played this and American trilogy at his funeral. 💙
Please react to KT Tunstall. There's 3 really good songs: black horse and the cherry tree, suddenly I see, and (my fave) universe and u.
ball boy jones
so awesome you revised this song. I sent a request 4 score and 7 years ago for this song! Lol GREAT JOB MRM KEEP UP THE HARD WORK!
Sam Counsell
Wow this is a song from the late 80s I believe she's Canadian and she's singing about Elvis Awesome song don't know what happened to her
Brad Berry
One of the best songs about Elvis.
Mike Sharon
Classic song & great reaction vids as usual keep em coming:)
Donna Oubre
Yes this song was about Elvis
Terry Beaton
Black Velvet refers to the black velvet Elvis paintings that are so popular.
Jessi Brunson
Great song, but..the guy with no shirt on...yuck
Claude C
Great voice, Great lead guitar, great base. Great song.
Major Weakness
Has he done any Journey or Steve Perry?
Brian Coker
Ty , if you want to hear a good version of unchained melody, check out Leann Rimes version.
Suzanne Marie
Please react to Merle Haggard's Mama Tried.
Jack Carson
Yes the song is about Elvis has nothing to with the Whiskey. Black Velvet is a metaphor for Elvis being smooth has black velvet his voice style his smile and swagger Black Velvet if you please.
This here folks is a great CANADIAN artist 🇨🇦🇨🇦👍🏻
I broke my ankle learning this line dance lol I was 8 yrs old, this song was written about Elvis
Brandy Schofill
Can't Be Loved by Elle King
Jeremy Buchanan
😂😂😂 your eyebrows kill me. Wish I could do that.
jamie s
dude you're good beatboxer! keep up the good reactions I like your analysis.
Julie Berlier
This was a huge karaoke song in the 90s
"Wicked Games" by Chris Izaak, & "Blue on Black" by Kenny Wayne Shepard
Trucker Julz
It was actually written by two dudes: David Tyson Christopher Ward. It opens with Elvis as a baby -- He was born in Tupulo, Mississippi. Jimmie Rogers was one of his inspirations. At the time Elvis was born, music was played on Victrolas. So there was where it all started. It abruptly shifts to Elvis knowing how to sing and move -- particularly his sinful hip movements. And "Love Me Tender" leaving them crying in the aisles is a huge clue. There's a bit of debate about whether "black velvet" refers to the kitchy velvet Elvis paintings, his voice being smooth like black velvet, or some combination of the above. But yes, very much about Elvis.
Amber Heilman
She wrote this song about Elvis Presley. Black Velvet refers to his hair.
Alannah Myles. Canadian lady. Won the heart of the great Robert Plant for a time. Beautiful lady. Beautiful voice. No idea where or why she went away.
Trucker Julz
I got a couple you should check out: Dio, Holy Diver, Dream Theater, Pull Me Under and Firehouse, Here for you and I Live My Life For You. Those are the BEST SONGS EVER!
Jenny Maher
"...and that little boy smile" "...and that slow Southern style" "Every word of every song he ever sang is for you. In a flash he was gone, it happened so soon" That's Elvis.
Great reaction Ty! Please do more Sass Jordan! "High Road Easy" or "Make You A Beleiver"!!!!!!
Uncle Dee
Yes this young lady is from B.C. and had one hell of a hard life. It is a tribute to Elvis, she still plays around Canada. Great song !
Ryan Hornick
God bless you brother. #teamJesus
Carolyn Castle
Modern Renaissance Man Just couldn't help it, I had to subscribe. I cast a very wide net where music is concerned and you, young man, are doing a great job of tapping into some amazing material. May I suggest "Wendy" or "Joey" by Concrete Blonde and if you want a sample of a young artist today who doesn't get the credit he's due, you could try "Sign Of The Times" by Harry Styles, the best version is on The Graham Norton Show. He's very young but he's got great talent. Thanks for the amazing reactions! Treat People With Kindness Carolyn, the puppers and Patches in Florida
anthony burton
Love the diverse range of music you pick to listen to, I'm a new viewer and I like what I see keep it up friend from a UK viewer
Penny Haynes
Love this song about ELVIS PRESLEY!
Jeff Dees
I think youll like these 2 bands both are Christian Rock bands Flyleaf (amazing voice) and Skillet Flyleaf: All Around Me or Cassie Skillet: Rebirthing or Whispers in the Dark
Ty your the best! Demi lovato-father live pls!❤
I love this song and her voice. The rasp and bluesy feel. I had no idea it was about Elvis. Makes me love it even more
d rouse
Roseann Cash [ john cash ] daughter sounds good singing Tennessee Flat Top Box . I always thought that was about Elvis too .
Yeah. It's about Elvis
Lady Jane
Feel I should watch Jailhouse Rock (Elvis) after this...
Dan Jennings
Love Allanah Myles. Saw her on her first tour. Surprised her other albums didn't do as all. Great Canadian artist. I believe she hooked up with Robert Plant in the late 80s
Butch Brewer
Please react to Janis Joplin Summertime live
Michael M
The song is about Elvis, I saw in an interview she said when they were recording it they couldnt get the right feel for the song. She had them turn off the air conditioning in the studio and became very hot and humid. She said that enabled her to get the southern feel she was looking for and she felt it came through in the recording.
The Apartment Woodturner
Beer Bottle Boogie- Koko Taylor An amazing voice and a lot of energy to it!
paul gibson
Love the powerful female rock singers Alanah is great try kick start my heart got some growling guitars in it. :-) or try rocking horse another rocking track
Denise S
Brings back my first tv show Elvis concert. He loved his mom a. That little boy smile...Elvis dimples
melodie patton
Love this song, so glad you reacted to it! I love Elvis's music, he will live on in the hearts of many.
Lockes like a female Mark BOLAN T-Rex Canadian
Great song!
Anthony Shoultz
You want a baseline that is all over the place? Try Boston’s “Don’t look back” or even any early Boston songs where Fran Sheehan is playing. The best bassist I’ve ever heard. Tony
Steve Francsak
Yeeha! One of my wife's favs!
Josh Helms
I like you not. what you react to . do BRAD PAISLEY'S " ALCOHOL" please please please!!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Susan Lawrence
You might also like Sass Jordan another Canadian female rocker - look up 'Tell Somebody'
Wendy Pritchard
I had this was song is about my man
Julie Pitts-Hart
Mississippi ❤ Born & raised. I love this song.
Sharon Dyer
Thank you Ty!!!! I was waiting so long for this. One of my fave songs ever 😎😋
Charles Woolley
She sang the song as a tribute to Elvis. She even references a song by Elvis (Love Me Tender).
If you like this, you'll love this one too! Deborah Allen - Rock Me (In The Cradle Of Love) (Official Video)
clarissa julian
Brandi Carlile - 'The Story' :)
Richard Pierce
Ok Elvis was born poor his twin brother died at birth he lived in a two room shack on the black side(or should I say African American) no offence intended the his dad took a job in Memphis where Elvis started his music career he gave his dad 100thousand dollars in the late 50's and told to buy a place outside of town (Elvis loved his privacy) he bought an old church called Graceland Elvis like the name so he kept it Elvis drove a delivery truck for a electrical parts store (he later bought the truck and could be seen driving it around Memphis) he graduated high school in Memphis his career was started when he went into Sun studios to record a record for his mother Sam Phillips was stunned by the young man's voice and signed him to a record deal the rest as they say is history hope this helps you. . oh also Elvis was drafted in the 50's and served with a tank battalion in Germany where he bought a trailer off base and brought his mother and father to live with him while he was in the army. He met Pricella in Germany she was 15 yrs old . When he got discharged and went home to Graceland he call her father and asked permission for Pricella to come live with him in Memphis he explained his mother and father lived there with him her father (an army officer on the base agreed ) again the rest is history . Elvis as you married Pricilla and they had a child together Lisa Marie (Elvis name his private jet after her. ) I could go on but then you might get bored lol .
Fil M
Ooooh Keep It Canadian 🍁🍁🍁 Happy Friday Night!!
Eden MoMarFams
This track was about Elvis Presley.
Tera b4
"Love me tender leaves'em cryin in the aisle" yes its about Elvis...
Doyle Sinclair
GOD'S OWN DRUNK by Jimmy Buffet. . .
Sandra Miller
you think that ones good play. Merle Haggard. from Graceland to the promised land it's about Elvis Presley. a also. the king is Gone by Ronnie McDonald.
Gail V Meadus
Fellow Canadian girl! One of my favorite from her is Lover of mine. Luba is another great Canadian artist...check out no more words tonight or every time i see your picture i cry...enjoy your reactions thanks for taking time to do them
IDK why, but this always makes me want to listen to KT Tunstall's "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" as a follow-up song.
Sorry to add yet another suggestion to what must be an avalanche - HARDEN MY HEART by Quarterflash.
margaret galderisi
Yes it is about Elvis
Lisa Williams
Always been one of my favorite songs. My sister Karen loved it to. It brings back good memories. I love you sis. I miss you
Such a classic, you already know who it is about lol love that bluesy tempo, definitely reminiscent of bad to the bone, good catch.
Wyndel Lumphead
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by Joan Jett a whole new twist on an old AC/DC favorite will sure to please
Laura Elizabeth
Listen to Nina Simone...she's the real deal!
Digging' the eyebrow bop!!
Clark Bucher
*Joss Stone - Son of a Preacher Man* It's a live version...shes wearing a blue dress
Peter Bone
one off my favourites