Best Suite at the Best Luxury Hotel in Paris - Le Meurice

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Here's a tour of the ultra-luxurious Belle Etoile (beautiful star) penthouse suite at Le Meurice ( in Paris. The 3,300 square foot suite is truly incredible, the highlight of which is a 3,000 square foot private terrace with a 300-degree view of all the city's landmarks. The suite's bathroom is also considered the best (and the most marble-y!) in Paris. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to see more of my videos Check out my luxury travel blog, />@Luxury Fred on TWITTER - />@Luxury Fred on INSTAGRAM - />Luxury Fred Facebook page:

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IMO, the suite looks very disappointing, the whole structure of the suite just looks like a weird "add-on" to the building, the terrace looks very outdated, and the iron "fences" around are one of the worst part, I feel like the suite doesn't add up to the hotel and is just a weird add-on, as I mentioned before, that doesn't fit, interiors are very meh too, look very basic, and except for the bedroom and bathrooms, most of suite is very basic, not luxurious, and design wise, incomparable to the other suites in Le Meurice, and in paris. The closet was a awful room, same with the living room and "office" , especially compared to the other suites in the Maurice or in other palace hotels in Paris. Seems like a fraud for the price tag of from 14,500€ a night.
Luxry only
I love the Le meurice hotel, but the Ritz will always be my first choice of hotel in Paris.
Jasmine Dawson
Should of entered first then went to the terrace. You was on the terrace for half the video
Alessandro Clocchiatti
Absoluty magnificent!!! Not only luxury, but class, charme, elegance and a view to die for... The kind of location perfect for Agent 007 in the first and most glamorous movies! Thanks Fred! You are so kind.
Kelsey J22
That's where Beyonce did her photoshoot for her fourth album cover
Anne Nanou
Come back in July !!
why doors look like cardboard
His voice is annoying!!
Andreo Suro