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best sicopathic movie

Harold Chow
gonna have nightmares tonight😞😭
Kayl Banglos
first time the protagonist did the right thing , one's the killer down dont stop hittin till your safe
sam flammingfreelancer
that movie helped me quit watching porn it been 2 months now i hope it helps the others.
1:35:09 HAHAHAHA!! this movie is a ride but I busted out at these lines. Priceless!!!
Paul Cormier
omg real movie not a dubbed pathetic recording tell the world this is real movie lol lol lol you can see whole screeen also !!
aku la mat
Thing like this can happen based on some bad childhood problem n want revenge. its Psyco
sad story
Jackniel Ramirez
And thats how she became catwoman
Babbi Sodhi
lee curtis
Mean girls taunted him and then laughed at him
trey simon
great! knock him unconcious and leave him down untied? seriously kylie?? purely ingenius
Keshav Damani
awesome movie.... watch at least once
Harold Chow
CrazyComic Guy
Wagdi Tj
Loverboy is Savage LOL
A.K.A Game Pro
this is a horo movie
Melissa Winn
That black girl is so Hot♡♡♡♡♡♡
pineapple sharma
not only in Indian movie police always comes late in any country ..... :)
Everett Chadwick Borders III
shouts to Cameren Bicondova as the first to be slaughtered♡♡
Jish Keh
the psycho ran like 20 meters from upstairs to the doorway and the black guy was almost facing him yet didn't see him coming till it was too late... was he near sighted or something?
Roger Waihaperoger.
Loverboy reminds me of Michael from the movie Halloween..good movie..sleep well people,lock your doors and windows,or the Boogie man will get you..he-he-he...
Savvas Polemitis
... i need to watch a cartoon i think... *ALL NIGHTER ALERT*
The Fabulous Master Bats
the german text really put me off
Anurodh Kansakar
damn awesome .... but ending should be extend
Nice movie
Windie Ange
Damn! Very good movie. Like to watch but after watching it I'll be a vegetarian for a week. 😩
Rene Garza
Great movie
Spring alfred
she was g at end error body die but her she had get ball heeeheeehee omg it was gangster
Never mock the guy nicknamed lover boy, never!
Never mock the guy nicknamed lover boy, never!
Wow that movie was weirdly and unexpectedly good
dante canete
hahahahah ganda ha
Houssam Kaaki
i love this movies
Baconofthe Ark
Does the main Protagonist not speak English? How did he DDOS their "Undisclosed IP Address?"
Jessica Sigmon
Stellar Movie!!! 15/10
Phillip Andrews
Yayang Amey
Anjrittt sadis
The killer is a cross between Leatherface and Micheal Myers.
Mosima Rosina
is it just me or all the secret admires are psychopaths n almost all deadly dangerous ,GOD help me i don"t wanna have a secret admire or anything like that. I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS SCARED
Caitlin Spicer
The last word lover boy said was ‘not nice.’ Awwww
Nerf gamer 13
Why did the guy want to kill them like it doesn't make sense
sahib singh
finally, she is alive. lol nice movie
Rashid Hassan
Ooooooooo sexy
Gurjeet Dhillon
Very nice story
Deluxe Berserk
9:19 hot momma
Vishwas Thite
Niharika Gupta
Just read the description.
C Dubb
damn real suspense thriller. You put yourself out there in public be careful,you never know who's watching.
Shahnwaz Alam
mind blowing
Kevin Pertos
its so amazing .
Jish Keh
"i'm never going to another porn site again", lol....
Jj The gamer
the way THAT office employee hanged up the phone made me repeat it dozen o'times lmao hahahahah
Syed Raheel
girls don't play with anybody motion's so if u do that is a good lesson for all of u
Pretty Violent in the second half...
malik brothers
Steven Emmanuel Roger
Omg good Girls I m done wacth??
Amber Emile
Well done movie! It keeps you watching
Roger Eisnaugle
Sure not what I expected.
Revenge is good.
A 'Tribute' to Bundy who killed all those Nurses years ago
Kepus Lepus
Is this an uncut version?
Stephen King
1:35:22 "I'm never going to another porn site again." LOVE IT🤣
logan_ painmaker
The Fam Key
good ass movie
Marly Lopes
Ivie Palania
oh my god😱😱😱 The hell with that lover boy am gonna have some nightmare tonight!
Satendra Prasad Gupta
Nice movie
Junaid Sayed
Tahir Ali
Nice movie
ragesh rocky
scary movie 😨😨😨
Wankupar Lyngdoh
aaaaaaoo kylie is sooo cute
Afia Akter Khanam
I wish he could cut tities off
Dost Bhai
Very sexy movie I like it
سنان الكتلوني
Monique Rich
👌 its sad when you are mean to others and when they are mean to you it doesn't feel good. die on bike.... did the internet make people become whites without money at a young age or just stupid...
Sajeer Romansia
Ripon Khan
good movie
Nabi Hassan
Hasnan Zai
Andrew Carl Elliott
this is almost identical to that movie 10 to midnight with Charles Bronson back in the eighties. this is why I don't like everything computerized and I don't wear freaking headphones. your hearing is there warn you when your eyes can't see the danger. so it's very stupid to be plugged away from reality. the best thing in life is reality.
Harnath Singh
Ralphael Mulenga
Redom Khan
I want those girls.....yammy. Look 👀 that German man kill everybody for Kylie.....
We should all be LIVING LIKE LARRY
Okay...I put that question before watching this. Loverboy.....I know who he is now....
lol its kinda comical at the end
Yoshiki G
I thought this movie was just another past time but it actually was a good movie thought there were gore moments here and there. This movie escalated pretty quickly. Great acting and great direction.
Shivam Kaushal
Thankyou all for your Precious comment's
The Big Flying Ninja
Jo boss
How did the swat team not find him sooner?
Edwin Landmast
Two girls laff at your wee wee and you have to revenge kill them? I'd have tried to make friends for life by fapping for them.
iranga dickmadugoda
good film
very underrated! ONE OF MY FAVORITE HORRORS!
Sweet Angel
paki fukraa
Make me member of this house 🏠
Life hacker All kind happy part.Xpose world
Oppps this movie is so hot