10 Products From The 90's That Are *NEVER* Coming Back!

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Matt, Luna should hand you the products for a change
Kylie Healy
*"I got married, had three kids and sent them off to college before they got this thing open."*
Brandi Munguia
The original skip it had a counter on it that would tell you how many “skips” or revolutions you got.
Matthew Koster
I recall Orbitz from my youth. I used to drink it all the time. They even had it at the theaters, however, they poured it into a plastic cup. I was actually disappointed when it disappeared off the shelves.
Matthias: What are these? It's like a tangled mess Me: That's how they are at primary school bro
#Matthias is there any tiny peoples in your beard? x)
Lawrence Layton
I was drinking root beer when you told me to smell it I smell it and then root beer went up my nose
What's cool is half of these are back
My sister and I had a poo-chi when we were young, it mysteriously disappeared aswell 😂
I hate how much kids born in 90s love the 90s. It's like you didn't even experience them? I was born in 82 and I don't talk about how awesome the 80s were I was frkn 8/9 when they ended
Clash Royale is a dead game...
Kitten Lover
3:25 Luna shakes head intensely 'Inside Luna's head' If daddy never knows I will get that toy hehehe I'm gonna be a living nightmare for mama and daddy will never find out hehehehehehe 'evil grin'
Gage Norris
There is a restaurant here in Gainesville Florida called satchels pizza and they show their dessert menu on a viewmaster
Fay Night
Omg me and my siblings love your vids keep up the good work P.S. Matthias rocks the beard better :3
unicorn kitty
Knock knock who's there your mom your mom who your moms ex husband. ha. OR Knock knock who's there your mom your mom who YOUR MOM!
Let’s Get Building!
I believe i can fly, i got shot by the pizza guy. All i want is some onion rings, from McDonalds or Burger King I believe i could soar, my mom slapped me in the Grocery Store Even though i’m 24, i still got my little dinosaur.
potato kitten
I had a lip smacker nerd and I was worse than taner and I just ate it with out running it on my lips I just ate it
leslie harrison
They still make the the scented markers that commercial was from within the last like 6 years
Johnathan Winston
Tanner said hes 22? Um eww and nope
Brandi Munguia
Mathias, you are eating the pringles wrong. You are supposed to turn them the other way so the round part is up and it fits perfectly on your tongue and rounds up into the roof of your mouth.
Mel Teague
I think Hi5 should seriously consider having Luna do The Matthias channel after her dad leaves.
Vinny Andersen
i just noticed if you go back to 2:49 and pause and read the green gum-ball it says "I don't feel so good." i am now freaking out.
Nerd Cat
I have a tiny working viewfinder ornament and it has 4 dics
Hunter Davidson
I have those washable markers scented
Lilly Kozy
#NotificationSquad Matthias what’s your beard’s name?
Creative Carrah
The Coc-Cola Lip Smackers are still available at Kroger Marketplace...probably other stores too.
Jessica Heayn
The beard needs to stay
MR. Chameleon
hey, Matt that is not old, the Mr.scetch I had one at five and I am 11 the same commercial and packaging at Walmart
Brandi Munguia
Those jump kicks are harder because they are supposed to be a workout.
Fox Gaming
with those shoes that make bonce high i think your right the rubber has just lost it density and now its like the definion of a fat waist of money and i cant see how he could be using it wrong cus theres no going side too side its just back front back front hmm. bums me if i got that id be pissed tho thats for sure.
Nayeli Orantes
Tanner: Matt do you want to pla- Matt: No , you're not my friend. I can't with you guys
Teigan Harris
My favorite thing was totally the Mr.Sketch markers. I LOVED them
Kitten Dragos
Those lip balm- Lip smackers, whatever- Still exist in Australia......... They're great
ArTiC Ranger01
Anyone gonna comment about his new name
miiles derpworth
there is pringels pizza!!! that sucks they dont sell those here in the netherlands
PowWow Animations
The 90s?! That was like...100 years ago!
This is God
Girls want to have fun lip gloss awesome comeback
Brandi Munguia
But why do I actually want to buy some hit clips now?
Zero Fouse
I like your bread man...I mean beard
Cool game magic party
I still have those coke lipsmackers. Plus the original original lip smackers
Frost Bright
You always sound a bit drunk to me in your videos. Idk maybe it's just me. Not gunna lie but it's funny as heck
WerewolfBoy Gamer
potato kitten
U don't have 2 eyes
I remember absolutely all of these. I was born in '98.
Jenny Deirdra Agnes Johnson
Luna's squeak tho ahaha!!!! I born in 98 so I'm a mild 90's kid.
David Ramos
I had a viewmaster it was cool
Reagan Odenwald
I remember a lot of these and I wasn't even alive in the 90's XD Lots of them apparently stayed around in the early 2000's
Kitten Lover
Matt: I think this package is a little old Me: I think ur a little old
handy man dan
Na or ya
"Heheheh...Eww where did that old banana come from??...wait where did that come from???...ooooooh Lunaaaaa." Had me dying. So relatable because two toddlers in my house dude. Love them but if you don't look at them for one second gross mystery things occur lol. Low key frightening for real.
Mahi Playz Roblox & More
Wow a fart💨
Fading Willows
The scented markers weren't in 90s I saw the commercial once and I was born in the 2000s
Makenzi The bomb
Luna looks so much like Matt!!(:
James Shook
I sorry but I don't like clash royal clash of clans is better
Chrissy A.
The soda chapstick you can get at Dollar Tree.
kupa kowalski
You're sooooooo HOT
WerewolfBoy Gamer
The ball attached to the thingy is used in my elementary school for recess. For my school it's a back
Jazzed Watermelone
Who else was triggered when he didn’t remember me sketch
BatmanRydin 2131
I had some of the crayola scented markers as a kid. They were the camping edition. The green was pine tree and the black was burnt marshmallow etc. It probably wasn't healthy how much I sniffed those lol
I had a poochi when I was a kid! I ended up trading him for some Pokemon cards... a Charizard, Venasaur, and Blastoise holigraphic.. let's just say my mom was furious :(.. little did she know I was one step closer to catching them all Edit: I had a viewmaster too lol, the 90's was the best time of my childhood Another Edit: Did anybody else have Nickolodeon Slime or a Tamagachi Connect? Haha
Alex AphWales
The coca cola lipbalm they still have those and I've used them for years xD
Lia Zabala
Omgs I remeber hit clips I use to have a keychain full of them in elementary school!
Aric Mcpherson
I am trying to bring Orbitz back. Everyone email [email protected] and tell them we need Orbitz back in our lives!
Heather Wojcik
The Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers was my all time fave, except for the cotton candy lip gloss they had lol. And is STILL have my Poo-chi (the blue one obvs). I screamed when I saw in this video! This whole video had me at like maximum nostalgia levels lol
Philip Rizek
you can't pop just one Pringle
Henrik Lahn Andersen
... "Once you pop, you can't stop" ... I'm from freaking Denmark and even I know that Pringles jingle! LOL
Lizzy Dasher
They sell orbitz at my local candy store
With the view master, I have a circle one from when my aunt was a kid and I grew up with a bunch of 90's kids things not knowing they were from the 90s lmao
Oscar Viklund
I'm gonna have to say these are *wack* there's no way they're coming *back*
Jessica Gross
I remember back in the day I used to have a hit clip, and I had a FM radio cartridge that I could put in the clip and listen to the radio. I would take it to school, and listen to the radio while class was going on. Truthfully, I don’t remember ever getting caught 😝
Drew Petersen
Orbitz! I miss that stuff!! Loved it.
Leigh Hinkle
Hit Clips were my favorite thing ever and I’m not sorry
Byron Jennings
You should have bought a skip-it instead of the generic one. The skip-it had a counter that recorded the turns it made
MY CHILDHOOD ALL IN ONE VIDEO!!! That robo baby was FNAF before FNAF knew what FNAF was!! Congrats on the wedding, kids and college, Arin.
Natalie Widdowson
the spining thing is back
Savannah Moore
I had the mr. sketch markers 👍
mamabear Lobster
I'm here from matthias
Kathy Anderson
give up let Luna take over
The beard always scares me lol
I remember seeing the jumpy shoes, they had like live demonstrations at the mall and I thought it looked super fun.
Drew Lund
I was addicted to Orbitz in middle school. The word melon was upside down to represent zero gravity.
Dan C.
the skipping jumpers are already back :)
Chris Moon
Ditto Matthias I love building forts to
Science with Katie
Those jumping jax were the worst things ever 😂
I hade that dog it’s ear fell off and battery acidic over came it .... it never made it :(
Taylor C
that mr sketch commercial is like slightly new
Brandi Munguia
I had my first kiss when I was in elementary school with a guy named Ricky Woods in his apartment complex’s laundry room. 25 years later, I am living in the same complex.
Unicorn Emerald
I ate a coca-cola flavored lip gloss xd
Can someone teach Tanner how to groom his beard, please? He looks homeless.
I remember the camera thing with the wheel pictures I had one
isabelle fourie
OMG we have that lip smacker soda lip balm in Namibia now and everyone is just going craaazy for it and it’s like a hundred Namibian dollars just for three of them! Love you guys your videos are super addictive here’s a shout out from Namibia!!!
You should do a dope or hope on your employes !!!
Taco Guy
the ball string thing is already back
Elegance Gaming
some of this stuff i have and its in my local super market like lip smacker and the ball jump thing i have at school
Amber Alli
I was reading the title and yelled NEVER and made my dog shook
Addison Freeman
The mr.sketch markers are still available
the wolf studio
20:00 oh hey, I think I remember those!
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