10 Products From The 90's That Are *NEVER* Coming Back!

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Matt, Luna should hand you the products for a change
Gage Norris
There is a restaurant here in Gainesville Florida called satchels pizza and they show their dessert menu on a viewmaster
MR. Chameleon
hey, Matt that is not old, the Mr.scetch I had one at five and I am 11 the same commercial and packaging at Walmart
Vinny Andersen
i just noticed if you go back to 2:49 and pause and read the green gum-ball it says "I don't feel so good." i am now freaking out.
What's cool is half of these are back
Clash Royale is a dead game...
Matthew Koster
I recall Orbitz from my youth. I used to drink it all the time. They even had it at the theaters, however, they poured it into a plastic cup. I was actually disappointed when it disappeared off the shelves.
leslie harrison
They still make the the scented markers that commercial was from within the last like 6 years
I hate how much kids born in 90s love the 90s. It's like you didn't even experience them? I was born in 82 and I don't talk about how awesome the 80s were I was frkn 8/9 when they ended
Lawrence Layton
I was drinking root beer when you told me to smell it I smell it and then root beer went up my nose
#Matthias is there any tiny peoples in your beard? x)
My sister and I had a poo-chi when we were young, it mysteriously disappeared aswell 😂
Fox Gaming
with those shoes that make bonce high i think your right the rubber has just lost it density and now its like the definion of a fat waist of money and i cant see how he could be using it wrong cus theres no going side too side its just back front back front hmm. bums me if i got that id be pissed tho thats for sure.
potato kitten
I had a lip smacker nerd and I was worse than taner and I just ate it with out running it on my lips I just ate it
veda bragg
The lip smack pack is still around and you can buy them in stores and i bought some and my little 4 year old sister took a bite out of it and her reaction was priceless
Creative Carrah
The Coc-Cola Lip Smackers are still available at Kroger Marketplace...probably other stores too.
WerewolfBoy Gamer
Hunter Davidson
I have those washable markers scented
Ciara Bibbs
For the soda lip balms, I was all for the grape fantastic til he said Ciara... Cus my name is CIARA!!!
Bob Ross Obama ,yup
I used to have a neards lip gloss when I was like I was like 6 and it melted and I ate it
Nayeli Orantes
Tanner: Matt do you want to pla- Matt: No , you're not my friend. I can't with you guys
Lucybean123 Jskjd
B____h I was born in the 2000’s and I still had one of those viewmasters in 2011-2013
morgen the fox
The lip smackers are still here
Jessica Heayn
The beard needs to stay
Tete Baby
You always say ing whack
PowWow Animations
The 90s?! That was like...100 years ago!
Nerd Cat
I have a tiny working viewfinder ornament and it has 4 dics
Zero Fouse
I like your bread man...I mean beard
Lilly Kozy
#NotificationSquad Matthias what’s your beard’s name?
Nick Sullivan
Luna? Is She named after Princess Luna from My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic, or Luna Loud from Nickelodeon’s The Loud House?
Let’s Get Building!
I believe i can fly, i got shot by the pizza guy. All i want is some onion rings, from McDonalds or Burger King I believe i could soar, my mom slapped me in the Grocery Store Even though i’m 24, i still got my little dinosaur.
potato kitten
U don't have 2 eyes
Cool game magic party
This is God
Girls want to have fun lip gloss awesome comeback
Kitten Dragos
Those lip balm- Lip smackers, whatever- Still exist in Australia......... They're great
Mel Teague
I think Hi5 should seriously consider having Luna do The Matthias channel after her dad leaves.
Johnathan Winston
Tanner said hes 22? Um eww and nope
miiles derpworth
there is pringels pizza!!! that sucks they dont sell those here in the netherlands
Fading Willows
The scented markers weren't in 90s I saw the commercial once and I was born in the 2000s
James Shook
I sorry but I don't like clash royal clash of clans is better
Oscar Viklund
I'm gonna have to say these are *wack* there's no way they're coming *back*
Makenzi The bomb
Luna looks so much like Matt!!(:
WerewolfBoy Gamer
The ball attached to the thingy is used in my elementary school for recess. For my school it's a back
I was about 4 when I found an electric ViewMaster... and I tried to plug it in.... unfortunately, there was no plug just wires... let's just say it was a shocking experience...
At 8:25 you can hardly see after he edits "sorry boss" he puts in " Can I have a raise" for a split second XD
Jenny Deirdra Agnes Johnson
Luna's squeak tho ahaha!!!! I born in 98 so I'm a mild 90's kid.
Dr.Photogrphy Bourgeois
Look at that sexy beard. I just wanna eat it. That sexy beard
Mangle The toy foxy
I'm only 11 years old but I still listen to super girl by crystal. It's a really good song 😃😃😃
Leaira Ratcliffe
starfire 22389
A few of the soda chapsticks
Chrissy A.
The soda chapstick you can get at Dollar Tree.
poochi was one of my favorite toys as a kid :)
I actually saw a Mountain Dew Lip Smacker in a Dollar General
Dpnt we still have the lipstick flavors and the ball.on the strong for ur ankle, u can still buy it j have them both in my room and the dog its just a updated version of it. Even the makers I have a whole box or mr.sketch to draw u with.
Official Angel
The cola lipsmackers is still being sold at like Walmart Claire’s and many other stores
I still have those coke lipsmackers. Plus the original original lip smackers
Parjanya Dalal
7:22 I still have a blue coloured one. I got it from a national park in 2005.
Heather Johnson
I was born in 91!
starfire 22389
I had a few of them
Rohith Rk
Why they are not in the frame
I had a poochi when I was a kid! I ended up trading him for some Pokemon cards... a Charizard, Venasaur, and Blastoise holigraphic.. let's just say my mom was furious :(.. little did she know I was one step closer to catching them all Edit: I had a viewmaster too lol, the 90's was the best time of my childhood Another Edit: Did anybody else have Nickolodeon Slime or a Tamagachi Connect? Haha
Devin Hazelton
I had a different version of the view master. I'm only 12!
BardiXgamer Official
2:49 Thanos snapped at the Green candy, Sorry I know this meme is dead but I couldn't contain myself
Nicolas Skylander
I had the sprite lip smacker when i was younger
Science with Katie
Those jumping jax were the worst things ever 😂
The Bomb squad
I’ve seen the 3D wheel things to in my childhood
Owen AvilaMartins
How do you grow a beard
Christian Mills
There’s a Mountain Dew lip balm now
Princecrazy The3
I’m 11and know what a view master is they are still a thing
The beard always scares me lol
T.R. Luxx13
Hit Clips were the original iPods 😂 I had a friend who collected these and would buy 3 or 4 of same thing so she would have a backup incase something happened. 😂 She didnt care for what genre or song was on the things, she just bought everything. Since she bought extras and never ended up using them, she now has a bunch of these still in their original packaging all stored away...She collected those while I collected pokemon cards and played video games
Lainey Bug
I had one of those veiwmaster things but when we moved I forgot it 😭😭😭
Derrick Thoele
I loved the 90s this video was my favorite one and thank God you didn't have Barney popping up it's bad enough that I share a birthday year with that mother f***** stupid purple dinosaur. But thank you guys for making this video it brings back all my childhood memories.
John Angelle
I would be older than Tanner
"Heheheh...Eww where did that old banana come from??...wait where did that come from???...ooooooh Lunaaaaa." Had me dying. So relatable because two toddlers in my house dude. Love them but if you don't look at them for one second gross mystery things occur lol. Low key frightening for real.
Scarves& HikingBoots
they still sell soda flavored lip smackers..... my dad buys lip smackers all the time so I keep finding these damn things everywhere. .... the 90's didn't really end at the turn of the century... they ended in like 2007. I remember all of this stuff and I was born in 2003. I remember playing with those skip ball things with my friends and we were really competitive.... we would try to see who could do it the longest with out hurting them selves or having the ball stop
Daddy Ace
Can I point this out But the Mr. Sketch Scented Markers actually are a Current Product. I remember watching the Advertisements (That was shown) In 2016, I see People at School and my best friends Using them All The Time, It's More of A Current Product Then One From the 90's. I'm not a 90's Kid, I'm a early 2000's kid, but if they Existed back In the 90's Then ya Kinda Bought the Wrong Kind and got the more recent ones 😅.
Bob the builder alert 12:14
Dylan Bennett
Are you ladies from California? If so that explains EVERYTHING lololololol 😂 💀 love your videos though. Keep on pimpin pimpin
Can someone teach Tanner how to groom his beard, please? He looks homeless.
Abbi's Abnormal Life
but the skip it has come back and its BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fun group have fun
I never saw any of this
Sh1fty 423
I keep picturing HillBilly Mathias with a skip it
Dominic Vieira
Oh mermreoreis
#Matthias Do a CHOOSE or LOSE series and compare the same products from different companies!!
I've been watching your videos for about 2 years! I miss your non bearded face. please give my a shoutout
Hunter McEachern
I remember the view finder because I used to play with one.
Can we get 2 million or more subscribers with few v
It's very funny when Tanner holds the banana in Matthias's nose. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😃😃😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
1 Proud American
ORBIT drinks were about $3.00 new. Most people just used them as decorative and conversation pieces. Rare item.
Heather Wojcik
The Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers was my all time fave, except for the cotton candy lip gloss they had lol. And is STILL have my Poo-chi (the blue one obvs). I screamed when I saw in this video! This whole video had me at like maximum nostalgia levels lol
sketch markers used to come with a toasted marshmallow one. It was so good. The worst one was pine lol
Root bear is my fav soda mmmm yummy
Little_ Kinzey
I've had all the toys and the Chapstick and I'm 13
DriesGaming 27
i wasnt born in the 90's but i had one of these 3D goggles until my brother left it outside.... oh i loved them
Mandy Green
I see those lip balms at walmart at x mas time every year great stocking stuffers for kids! I would always stuff my daughters with those and end up stealing one or two bc my lips stay chapped in the winter! Plus keeps hers from chapping in winter waiting for the bus in the cold morning!
flappy kats
Oof I had the robot dog when i was 3 12 years later i found it I turned it on in started burning I had to put it in a bucket then when the fire got put out it started barking i throw it in the road
Life With Juliana
the soda chapsticks, the Mr.sketch markers, and the skip ball set are still around today. we have the skip ball set at our school as equipment for the younger kids.
Noah Mallory
Oh i have that wiffle ball thing too and the viewmaster but im 14
Shannon Allen
I'm 04 yet i know almost all these things 😂😂