Torch - Soft Cell ft Cindy Ecstasy (BBC)

Soft Cell's Mark Almond & Dave Ball appear on Top Of The Pops with fellow exotica Cindy Ecstasy, performing that melancholic and euphoric mixture known as Torch. Dreamy re mix here

their best song? absolutely brilliant stuff
I loved this era of music when you could have New Romantics, Soul boys, Punks, Heavy Metal Bands, Girl Bands, electronic Bands, all on the same show! the music was so diverse and creative. But now all the bands look the same and their songs are written by about 10 different in an office....
jason ward
Funnily enough, the Eighties were all about having the champagne lifestyle (Think Duran Duran) but thankfully we also had Soft Cell to give us the dark sleazy underbelly of real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And guess what, at 47 you can probably guess where I was.............
Catra Pegg
Marc Almond! my hero, has been for 31  years and always will be xxx
Kevin McKinney
I can not believe this video has been posted for 16 months and only 45,000 hits. The problem is, is that anyone younger then say 35 all they know of Soft Cell is "Tainted Love".  This is the radio/media worlds fault.
Anton Haq
Inviting your drug dealer to sing on your record!!!!
it is me
just call up Cindy Ecstasy if you're looking for a memory....
Derek Currie
Soft Cell's best song ever, IMHO. Find the extended version...
Gwen Ever
The on screen Cindy Ecstasy is not actually the in studio drug dealing Cindy Ecstasy, I have met both and one is a very good friend of mine, it was used as a generic name to avoid legal complications for both ladies
james santangelo
Ths song and the sound quality is bloody marvelous
The legend that is Dave Ball!
Paul Boulter
Always loved that trumpet !
Tony Groenewoud-Powell
The 12" version is a classic piece of early 80's art!
Gains Bond
I should have been in my early 20's and very much involved in this scene back when it was at its height... #BornTooLate Anyone else think Cindy looks a bit like Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl)?
Cute, so cute. I wish there was a way I could go back there
lee-ann hellner
I was in London when all that "New Romantic stuff was taking off. Never a big fan of much of it but this guys stuff stands up against anything.
Rob Jones
This takes me back to the dance nights at the Camden Palace circa 1983. Great song. The influence of Scott Walker is very evident. Japan, Bowie, the Banshees, Was (Not Was), Simple Minds, Human League, Soft Cell, the Bunnymen etc Those were my Golden Years.
Dermot Cunnie
What a performance - even if they are miming.
Chris Edwards
Great original British music,end of!
Ken Mills
Absolutely brilliant, there was a great balanced spirit in that time which Marc Almond encapsulated perfectly. Don't know why but for me everything was downhill after summer 1982, a real dark spirit emerged in the world.
vexxy hexicola
Cindy Ecstasy singing much more in the 12" inch Maxi Version @ Robert. For me it is the absolutly best Song from Soft Cell !!
james mclean
love soft cell. being gay in the 80s made it easier. much love marc xxxx
Well done TOPT for playing a song for more than 3 minutes.
Nikki Moulesong
This is my favorite Soft Cell Song! This singer has such a great voice!
Johnny Coolin
Her name was Cincy Ecstasy, due to the name of the drug she legally imported. at the time.
"Too right Baby!"
Yvonne Whiting
This is absolute genuis, the lyrics, the vocal and Marc's style
Villy Vassell
Mark was so Camp I do not think he will be equaled , what A bandit ,,
B Kosk
i want a line
Torch by Soft Cell I'm lost again and I'm on the run Looking for love in a sad song With your avenger eyes and your catlike ways I can hold you You are a fool for me to be cruel I'm leaning on this bar listening to you sing And your sad song rings in my ears and I start to cry He's searching She is showing See him held in a deep, deep spell He knows she's glowing I can find within my mind a way to go I can look deep into your light and shout Hold me Hold me Hold me Hold me Hold me.. I hear the saxophone and it tears my soul And we're feeling old, feeling so cold She is the torch and she is the theme She could be a dream but - oh boy - is she real Try to avoid her eyes, to avoid her words They will hit you with all that you feel He's searching She is showing See him held in a deep, deep spell He knows she's glowing I can find within my mind a way to go I can look deep into your light and shout Hold me Hold me Hold me Hold me Hold me.. See her eyes they are bright tonight See the stars coming out tonight See the moon looking down tonight See how they light your way tonight [Cindy] See my eyes they are bright tonight See my hands reaching out tonight Hear my words they are dynamite See how they light your way tonight [Marc & Cindy] See her eyes they are bright tonight See the stars coming out tonight See the moon looking down tonight See how they light your way tonight See her eyes they are bright tonight See how they light your way tonight..
Ah, John Peel.
Love this song.  Though the trumpet bit always makes me think of intro music to some early 80s sitcom.
dickens dickensA
Lovely song and video.  Marc at his best as always, cindy is great too.
Vicky Wilson
don't know which excited me more, soft cell or the TOTP's theme tune lol
Ian Thomas
So original, so brilliant. Marc has to be the most underrated artist of the 80's. The addition of Cindy elevates this terrific song into a different dimension - when I watch her dancing, her cuteness and her adorability give me feelings of almost indescribable affection.
Allan Gallagher
i remember this lol. I am TOTALLY old lol. I remember my dear old dad asking "Whos that poof" HA!, my dads dead...but Marc is still here. lmao.
i got a blowy off this chick round the back of mickey d's back in the day, good times.
Andy JS
I'm sceptical that Cindy was actually singing on this record because she's American and the vocalist sounds English to me, and I'm English so I have a good idea about it. What's she doing these days?
I'm mesmerized by Cindy Ecstasys dancing. Great song too.
This is high quality pop music.
Villy Vassell
Marc Almond  Super Queer Hawk , but he had Style,,,
Alex C
The Equalizer is in trouble...AGAIN ?!
God Money
lmao Marilyn Manson copied soft shyt
eugene jordan
Another great song..non stop dancing
Andrew Jones
simplyeighties .com
The best Soft Cell track!
Ceri Nolan
I was wondering who that lady singing was never knew her name though.
I would like to hang out with Cindy... she seems a good trouble
Steve Mullington
Great to see a version with Cindy included.
julie horne
Omg soft cell!! Touch!! Visage steve strange died today RIP!! Xx
Absolutely amazing performance. Like watching a very old Hollywood movie. Oh the drama!
Dermot Cunnie
What a performance - even if they are miming.
Andy Pandy
Bit of a cheek this calling something on Manchester 'Smiley Culture' as the smiley face as a symbol of acid house like most other things about Acid House originated in London.
Christian Maprik
thank you very much for the upload :-)
I still just can't get enough of this. Marc Almond.... cool as. Always. x
Buen tema OCHENTERO... Soft Cell.
Cindy Ecstasy? was that her only involvement? in todays videos she would have spent more time providing vocals of a different kind and received more hits for the facial. Still back in the day I guess he probably had more facials than her.
can't you hear me knocking
I miss the 80" people
Jessé Maia
Que o diga o Rose Bom Bom nos Jardins em São Paulo!! Que época!! Saudades!!! Memória a todos que que viveram aqueles anos inesquecíveis e aos que partiram nos deixando lembranças!
Lee Warne
One talented 4 x 2
Eduardo Carvalho
John Peel as a presenter on Top Of The Pops?!!!! never tought....
Robinson Ramos
muy buena el sonido de los ochentas era el mejor 
Yvonne Whiting
Just pure class, so good
Johanesjuanes 110874
que gran artista ! what a great artist marc almond ! Soft cell such a classy band , 
Epic !
Horse Outside
the bird waving her arms around reminds me of human league check it!
jan van duinkerken
very goede herrinringen.
Gustav Holtz
Absolutely tune, they were awesome & Mark still is.
Classic ! Beautiful duet.
ronaldo ribeiro
D. Leo Nars
Classico de ouro!!
Villy Vassell
Cindy cannot sing for Toffee ,tainted Marc  sings for both of them ,,
one of the best band!s in the 80s..................................................
So much neon pink.
Such a shame they only had ‘Tainted Love’ in America, they had such other good songs, I really can’t figure out my own country’s taste in pop music sometimes
Mike Fellows
These guys were amazing ! What a sound ... eternally early 80's
Doctor Frankeinsound
Forever famous!!!!!...........................................................
I just read a report about their last ever gig last week in a British newspaper where they say that this clip is one of their highest moments of debauchery because this Cindy Ecstasy girl singing Torch in the TOTP was actually Almond's drug dealer ! He was in a duet with his drug dealer in the TOTP !!! Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha...They R just one of my three favourite acts ever.
No goodbye from Cindy yesterday at the 02 London 30.09.2018 is that really the end of Soft Cell 20,000 said no The 02 was full and they were brill.
near nilo
me lembra anos 80 muito bom.
Rayhan Ahmed
Cindy from old Compton street soho
Shahar Yabo
That is one inconspicuous trumpet 🤣 One of my absolute favourite 80' songs
Not the nine o clock news Rowan Atkinson doing Mark so look funny
Molly Jones
Think Marc Almond was the first guy I ever had a real crush on.
roberto ficelle
quel voix Marc
Good voice. Was there much processing on it? Did he write the lyrics (not bad). Great stage-presence & acting too.
near nilo
"So call up Cindy Ecstasy if you're looking for a memory"
Graham Ball
I believe she may have been known as "Delicious" and her mate - not so photo friendly - was known as Rats! This is from back in the X Club days in Leeds!
This talented and admired man publicly humilliated my friend.....we were so happy to be seeing him live had paid £174 for 4 of us and my friend made the fatal mistake of exchanging some words with a fellow unkown fan who approached her and got told to fuck off several really was an awful evening that should have been a magical evening.
Glen Arnold
Jesus, this just took me right back 36 years. Best times EVER. Period.
fred smith
Caerphillykid 66
This is so brilliant!!!
caleb rush
hey kids, weren't we so lucky!
Love Cindy !
What a beautiful song
Paolo Taormina
Franklin Moore
Gotta love Cindy Ecstasy...she is the Torch and she is the theme...
Andy Horse ahead of it's time that it needs to come again....
jörg Wagner
das ist der hammer...i love it...hold back the eighties...and keep it real in your mind.