James Mcavoy Talks About His 23 Different Characters In New Film ‘Split’ | TODAY

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In the new horror film “Split,” actor James McAvoy portrays a man with 23 personalities holding three teenage girls hostage. McAvoy tells TODAY that his biggest challenge was transitioning from one personality to another before the audience’s eyes. » Subscribe to TODAY: />» Watch the latest from TODAY: /> About: TODAY brings you the latest headlines and expert tips on money, health and parenting. We wake up every morning to give you and your family all you need to start your day. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We are in the people business. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive TODAY archival footage & our original web series. Connect with TODAY Online! Visit TODAY's Website: />Find TODAY on Facebook: />Follow TODAY on Twitter: />Follow TODAY on Google+: />Follow TODAY on Instagram: />Follow TODAY on Pinterest: /> James Mcavoy Talks About His 23 Different Characters In New Film ‘Split’ | TODAY

Can I kiss you? **kiss** Now you're pregnant
Tati Bry
I'm a simple child, I see McAvoy and I click.
Supashya Roy Chowdhury
He is so good looking this guy can carry any look from bald to hairy.
Jenna Denjern
I always forget he's Scottish. He always pulls off any accent he does very well, especially his British and American accents.
Joy Holmes
The way he switched between the personalities when necessary was amazing. He is completely amazing.
Nathan Wood
Two things from this video made me want to see this. "...I just ate a hotdog" and ".....etcetera!"
Was so disappointed that the final personality wasn't Charles Xavier.
Shoff 29
This guy is incredible
Just came back from watching the movie, oscar worthy performance by James
Ezra Al Barra
such a talented actor!
Kingston Gapate
Stop being so talent, etcetera.
Israel P
Most underrated actor of our generation, hes been deserving of an Oscar for a long time already, his Professor X is perfect.
honestly he needs an Oscar for his performance. he was incredible
Jamyl Dobson
He was INCREDIBLE in the film! I was blown away! He's such a gifted actor.
Justin McNeil
lets get real, he only really payed 4 or 5 characters in the movie-- a far cry from the 23 everyone keeps praising him for. don't get me wrong, he still did a fantastic job.
Ken Jen
Am i the only one who thinks James Mcavoy is really hot?
Adiba H
That accent tho 👌🏼
Idespise myjob
James is hands down my favorite actor in the world right now.
Jared Martin
Hedwig was so funny,etcetera!
Andrew SnG
I think his accent was stronger before. I really hope he doesn't end up losing it altogether. It is one of his most attractive features, after his talent (that goes without saying) and his sexi attitude.
Ahmed Wijanarko
this man is so fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Glad to know that this dude look less psychotic with hair
James is an amazing actor, Split wouldn't have been as good as I thought without him.
Tianna Perry
He's soo hot! I mean talented.... etcetera. 😍😍😍
Kirkland Bond
He was good in x-men, but this performance put him on the map.
I think I'm pregnant now
I love his accent
PROPOSAL: James McAvoy and Tatiana Maslany chatting about playing so many characters.
Victoria perbetsky
Lord have mercy he is so handsome and so damn talented
spaghetti mkay
James McAvoy can literally carry every movie he's in. He'd better get a reward.
Alana-Miyo Kang
just saw this movie he did an amazing job the way he just went back and forth between those personalities was crazy!
I watched Split. Give the man an Oscar! What an incredible talent!! Please do NOT send me links to the movie online.
No andno
I've loved him since Narnia 😊
Effy Urie
I would NOT mind be kidnapped by him
he needs an oscar... etc.
Slime Clouds
He's so attractive.
solita ugly
Hedwick was the funniest and best role he did good !!
is James getting hotter or what!!! Damn!!
Lain Oh
If he wanted to talk to someone with DID and who is very open about it, he should have spoken to Jess and her Alters from MultiplicityandMe. I think they would have had a very interesting conversation.
William Schaeffer
this dudes a beast
Narisa Amel
Oooh he's sexy
Ana Nimity
I have always loved James McAvoy but I love him more now. This man is so amazingly talented. I agree with those who said he should win an award. I love the movie and I especially loved him!!!!!!
Raymundo Obando
What a badass haha he's a great actor
He's so intense looking it's beautiful
wolf pre
"i just ate a hotdog"
This movie was so amazingly done and his acting was so great that if he doesn't receive an award I'll be highly disappointed
Charity Sparks
Very talented actor
Is it just me or does James Mcavoy remind me of Finn Balor
Radoslava Mihaylova
Great movie! Love it, he is great in this one, you should watch it.
James McAvoy was amazing in Filth, so I'm sure he will put on a top notch performance in Split.
Dannyll Kannan
Oooh he's sexy 😍😍😍. Is the movie any good? I'm kinda iffy about it, cause I don't really like the directors other work .
So charming
Ally Cat
Where is his Oscar nomination?'
He's such an OUTSTANDING actor, loved this movie. He brought the characters to life.
Kira L
He so fine tho🤔
AaiCee Clare
80% of the actors from Britain and the UK are ten times better at acting than their American colleagues.
anneliese conway
Just saw this movie Saturday and let me tell you it was one of the best. It was so well played and just amazing in general!! It is very emotional as well. I would definitely give it a 5 star rating.
Appalachian Monitoring Station
Great actor!! everytime i heard et cetera i cracked up!! ..and the dance scene was awesome!!
what was he saying about m night shymalan and his agent?
Brandon Roy
Could split qualify for the next Oscars? I know it was shown at AFi, but I don't know if it had a qualifying run before deadlines for this upcoming oscars or not.
Josh Depagnier
mcavoy is such an amazing actor I thought he was great in narnia and x-men but when I saw his outstanding work in split I had a new respect for this absolutely talented actor I think split is one of m nights best not better than unbreakable but better than signs and I think a big reason for it (but not the only reason) was mcavoy if you haven't seen this movie you have to see if not for the movie itself then go see it to see an amazing performance from mcavoy and the ending
Kyle Mikesell
Can't wait to see Kevin in Unbreakable 2!
Atara Menashe
Give this man Oscar
oscar buzz????
He's very professional
great movie should receive an Oscar for sure shame on you Hollywood
Entertain Me Now
Is the quality a James McAvoy movie or Shymalan movie?
Jacob Parra
He did such a great job
Supashya Roy Chowdhury
'We r what we believe we r'
This movie looked so dumb first trailer, but after a while of hearing more of the story and learning about the beast i can tell this movie will be great
He nailed that part... excellent acting.
honestly amazing performance, oscar-nomination worthy 👏
Amazing performance, he better win something
Joshua Ortiz
Get him a Oscar
Mary Kkillourhy
The Oscar snub was criminal. What a farce!
He did a fantastic job and he carried this movie all the way. This was a great movie.
Marcella Andrade
Hedwig was my favorite character... it was hilariously brilliant. Interesting to know that was his most difficult role to play 👏
James McAvoy is an actor who's extremely gifted, charming, *Etcetera* !!!
Symone Ryder
he did such a good job! it was funny when he was Hedwig but the fact he played so many and in a second is pretty amazing.
Leeann Mussatt
Such a great job! I didn't even think his accent would be so prominent, cause all I've seen him in is split and the xmen. Amazing!
If he doesn't win any award for Split I'm gonna blow a hole in my head. Amazing actor who deserves to be in more movies than he already is.
Lauren Becker
McAvoy deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of Kevin Wendell Crumb's various personalities in Split! This movie is remarkable in it's concept and delivery. I don't see why people need to have it explained, because if you pay attention, it all comes together. I've never seen Unbreakable, nor M. Knight's other productions, but I'm certainly interested if he is making a trilogy. I'm now a huge fan of Mr. McAvoy! He pulls off the truest American accents incredibly. I never knew he was Scottish until I watched an interview!
I would marry this man in a heart beat
Leah Laushway
This man is golden.
Clair Thomas
He was incredible in this movie!
Oukil Amina
such atalented actor !
Watched the Movie a Few minutes ago was actually Pretty funny most of the time for me wasn't really Scary but more........Creepy
Crystal Seminole
This movie affected me on so many levels! When he became the original person and asked for her to kill him I was so upset. Maybe the nurse in me felt empathy for the abused person! Awesome movie by M. Knight Shyamalan!
Mandy Olsen
mak a voy or mc cav oy? how do I say it?
isaiah ashman
this movie was too good for him to not good an award
Y'ALL omg i just realized this is the faun from Narnia!
Is this Kevin, Barry or Denis?
Nari J.
He's hot
Fernanda Pereira
"i just ate a hot dog"
Prospect Official
Why do interviewers ask actors and actresses to play their characters in an interview. It’s so rude.
Ronald Farias
Apparently Matt has a different personality than he portrays too
Marcus Cristy
he's so good, in my top 5 for sure
He is SUCH a good actor I somtimes think that he is faking that Skottish accent and fooling the whole world. C’mon we all know that he is capable of that..
Andre 1997
Why is he bald in most of his roles 😂
Arc Blackheart
I don't care I think he's sexy 😂