Iguazu Falls, Argentina & Brazil in HD

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Iguazu/Iguaçu Falls are shared between Argentina and Brazil and are arguably the most beautiful falls on the planet. Recorded March 2013 in HD with Panasonic TM900. Music: Jonn Serrie - Starmoods -------------------------------------- About Amazing Places on Our Planet: Immerse yourself in scenic beautiful places on our planet without the distraction of words. New 4K video every Friday or every second Friday. Video footage can be licensed out by contacting me. Subscribe: />Facebook: />Twitter: />Google+: />Website: />Movies On Map: /> Watch More Amazing Places on Our Planet: All 4K Ultra HD Videos: />US National Parks in 4K: />Canada in 4K: />China in 4K: />Southern Africa in 4K: />Amazing Trails: />Indonesia in 4K: />Iceland in 4K: />Best selection by year:

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Thank you!
Vlad Rio
The side of Brazil has 80% of tourists and Argentina, with 80% of the area. Solved the question! Hahaha
Iguazu Falls. One of the best natural attractions in South America! 80 % Argentina - 20 % Brazil.
Lucas Monteiro
One of the best natural attractions in South America! Please upload more videos about Argentina! Thank You!
Martin Calo
90% of the 275 Falls are in the argentine side
Marcel Pinard
Brazil is awesome. i came back from a vacation. Rio and Salavador de Bahia were great. But the one true highlight was IGUAZU !!
Zinnia Milburn
Amazing! Only God's creation yet man does not believe. This is only one of the wonders that God created for us no doubt there is only one and only GOD created all living things above and beyond.
BRAZIL and Iguasu Falls are my travel aims for 2017!
Man im excited for my trip now. Thanks for the upload. Keep this channel going and I wish much success your way. 
iangpaper Ian Paper
Fantastic colour and Music, some excellent pans well done. I was there also in 2013, you can view mine if you wish.
Marvin Williford
WOW! This is very impressive! This is what Heaven on Earth would be for me. I like the elevated walkways where people can get closer to the falls. Great shots of the wildlife. The little furry creatures with snouts are cute. Cool music too. I think I had some John Serrie in my computer from way back.
Grażyna Majchrzak
Milosh to jest bajka, dziękuję za piękne filmy.
Grażyna Majchrzak
Pięknie pokazałeś Victoria Falls ale te wodospady dają adrenaliny dużo, pozdrawiam.
Grażyna Majchrzak
Pytanko dlaczego nie będzie ciebie.... Na kanale który jest wspaniały.
Absolutely breathtaking and amazing place on Earth. It shows the tremendous power and beauty of the nature!
lovely nature))
peter klumpf
its       very     a bigggggggg        dream  but so real  realy       what a great nice peacfull  Video  nature so much   stronger    than People    in the wold     nature can build  nature   amazing  very nice super Video Byrd s    eat      from Hand s  so many animal s i can injou and see  thunder big full power water run s down        butba very peacefull Relaxing place on earth no war gun s       no war crime        only nature       water give the  People peace   mind and Soul   heart  and dear  man  i can not se  enough These super Video These Video give to me heathy    newpowr  and a a good free mind  thinking    Feeling    that s the biggest world wonder  in These   world ever   ever and ever  Peter from Germany   say     so much word s about  thank you ever so very much  greating s from Peter from Germany  i injou it Peter
peter klumpf
that s the thunnder of free live living nature  n Peter
Jesús Grijalva
hermoso,,,pero,,,en un momento me hubiera gustado escuchar el poderoso sonido del agua precipitándose,,,gracias por compartir
buongiorno! bellisssimo canale! Aggiunto ai preferiti! grazie!
Marta Bal
piękne !!! pozdrawiam z Polski.
This blows Niagara Falls out of the ball field! It like a thousand Niagara falls! I am adding this to my bucket list of places in need to see before I die! .
Svetla Varbanova
Thank you, an exceptional experience
Analia Gavinsky
Lo Mejor de mi país y una de las 7 maravillas del mundo!!Visiten Cataratas del Iguazú!!
Fatma Radwan
Oh my GOD amazing i want to go there 
Ana Fernandez
Me gustaría ver estas cataratas, con sonido natural...
Sumé acmgleao
Muito bonitas imagens. Belíssimas. Desde o Brasil.
A quality video of a quality place - perfection...
mereu netulburat
Happy birds and happy animals, living into a magnificent scenery! Breathtaking images, not to mention Deuter's inspiring music ! I'm very glad to have the opportunity to take some journeys ( even though, they are virtual travels), via your videos. :) Thank you!
Super!!! big + for Yoy!!!
Donna Madewell-Smith
wow beauty waterfall that I love... I am curious what brown water  that is natural ??
Person From Louisiana
Jesus made this place for you guys!
Person From Louisiana
Jesus made this place for you guys! Jesus would love for you to follow Him, He just wants a relationship with you! He's not in the churches!
sergio peres
Your channel is amazing ,too ! I still  intend to know this place !
Amazing Places on Our Planet
Thank you Blanka, Best regards !
Amazing Places on Our Planet
Thank you Philip! Really appreciate this !
Amazing Places on Our Planet
Thank you as well :) Best Regards!
Amazing Places on Our Planet
Drew, my visit was at the end of the rainy season (mid March). This is considered relatively high flow, and should be usual for the season. Best regards :)
Amazing Places on Our Planet
You are welcom e ! Thank you too !
Amazing Places on Our Planet
Thanks Philip :)
Amazing Places on Our Planet
Thank you, my friend !
Amazing Places on Our Planet
Thanks much Violina :)
Amazing Places on Our Planet
You are welcome, glad you liked it :)
MAGNIFIQUE !!!! Un vrai régal...
Philip Scott Johnson
My window to the world in High Def.... thanks. Some of the best videos I've ever seen.
Philip Scott Johnson
So cool
Tarih 34
You have these videos and published them. The job you're doing is very good. I congratulate you. You have the opportunity and you have done something beautiful. I thank you for this reason. I'm watching your videos with fondness. I want to ask you a question. Do you believe in God? God created nature how beautiful. Everything is very organized and excellent. But people have evils. They are harming nature. Because they are very bad and selfish people. Bad people hurt the world. Bad people bring war to the world. Good people bring peace to the world. Good people tell of the blessings of God, and they thank God. Always thank God for that. One day God will kill us. Then he will take care of us. God will ask Muslims; What did you do in your youth? Why did not you pray? Why not learn science! Why did not you do your prayers exactly? God will ask the Christians; Why did not you become Muslim? Then what will be your answer. Please search. Read the Qur'an. Love God.
Great videos. Prefer to hear ambient sounds instead of music where it's practical.
pejciceva pejcic
👍 😂🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴
Cynthia Bush
Wonderful! Cynthia
Alfred Ahearn
Wow.... Thank you!
Itay Engel
Amazing video. Thank you.
John KCal
Steve, I believe I met you at LA Fitness, FV this evening. Excellent presentation. THANKS! All the best, John
Nirmia Margot
excelente! verlo y vivirlo! es una experiencia maravillosa! 
Drew Irving
Just caught up with this one Milosh, magnificent as always. Did your visit coincide with a particularly high flow, or is that their "usual" volume do you know? I note the brown streaks in some of the falls and it reminded me of how some desert rivers in Utah look after rain..
Janni English
This is sooo awesome!! Thank you for letting me watch!
jb fraguas
foz do iguaçu fica no brasil nao na argentina.
jb fraguas
fica no estado do parana brasil.
Simply magnificent dear Milos!!!! A big hug Perla.
Blanka Jestrabova
GREAT ! WONDERFUL ! Thank you so much, dear friend, for your awesome video.
Random Stuff Guy
Daily dose of internet
Best video I'm seen of these magnificent, spectacular falls! Absolutely amazing! Deuter's music is an added plus!
Sofía Castro
Thanks for sharing! Could you say the title of the song?
Alberto Garcia
Bellisimo lugar . Desearia volver a verlas... las conoci hace mas de 22 años .- Imponentes mis Cataratas del Iguazu
Hi, I am going there in September. is there a way to get to the Argentinian side via the Brazil side? I only have one day for the trip
love the wildlife shots