Drake - The Winner (Prod By Tha Bizness)

Lyrics: [Verse 1] I’m performin' tonight you know that shit gon be packed Pay me in advance and make sure that it’s exact My ex girl’ll probably show up for the simple fact That tomorrow she can tell all of her friends it was whack But fuck that though, this about me They say my whole fan base is missing id But the young trend setting musician I be Got critics giving up the recognition I de-serve Never bring yo mrs. By me I’m it I’m it call me Mr. I T If I get one wish I'mma wish to die free They say gon head, ball like mrs. ivory, And I do The realest in my age group, no shit SoHo, Cosmo, bah mar blow fish? Lets make a toast, tell yo friends come closer Drinks on me like a coaster [Chorus] We doin it big Look at what I done Look at where I’m is It’s only just begun Cause I was staying home When they was having fun So please don’t be surprised when they announce that I won And this is how my speech goes I deserve this shit, I deserve this shit, I deserve this shit That’s all I got to say, at the top is where I stay And tell my haters never go away The Winner [Verse 2] Long awaited, hated Fans see me out and they holla happy belated It’s about time that you made it I was bumping yo songs when nobody else played it When I was up in hot ?? in atlanta steady giving daps Fetching niggas drinks but I never got to rap? If anybody asked though I prolly woulda snapped But I can’t sign nothing til my lawyer get the fax and no one decides who the definition of talent is and mrs. murry look at what my talent did and what yo business is Its been a couple years Guess it’s not about who you know, it’s just how you balance it It’s always awkward to dummy a nigga artist And get on someone song when you know you comin the hardest Its how you start actin when nobody can reach ya My plan just hatched, happy easter [Chorus] I’m doing it big Look at what I done Look at where I’m is It’s only just begun Cause I was staying home When they was having fun So please don’t be surprised when they announce that I won And this is how my speech goes I deserve this shit, I deserve this shit, I deserve this shit That’s all I got to say At the top is where I stay And tell my haters never go away The Winner [Verse 3] Uhh, ok I do it for the love Bunk bed flow, always one level above If I’m in ya starting five you will never need a sub And I’m neva looking down so i always know wassup. A lot of people sayin fuck me Problem is they be telling everybody but me But I always got a Starbucks verse Being brewed too hot please please double cup me They never gave me support like chuck t’s And I never trust a nigga sayin trust me Nick cannon and will neva did it this ill So you tell … don’t you dare interrupt me Thanks to my mother for never giving up You deserve the world, now gon' live it up Thanks to uncle steve my hero who always saved us I could never give back everything you gave us [Bridge] And to my dad even though we was apart I couldn’t leave you out, you forever in my heart Yeah, and in the name of Evelyn Cher I’ll forever forgive anybody that never was there For me, no other woman could ever compare My angel I hope heaven’s prepared for whenever you there [Verse 4] Uhh, I got a revolutionary flow in every scenario coming through ya stereo Got a new chick, booty round like the merry go Bitches like where he at, they be like there he go And this verse deserve a burial Don’t cry for me this ain’t motha fucking mario Yeah, and polo isn’t at my session It’s the anticipation keeping everybody guessing like [Chorus] Look at what I done Look at where I’m is It’s only just begun Cause I was staying home When they was having fun So please don’t be surprised when they announce that I won And this is how my speech goes I deserve this shit, I deserve this shit, I deserve this shit That’s all I got to say At the top is where I stay And tell my haters never go away

drake graham rap degrassi best ever had the winner prod by tha bizness

It's 2034 and this is still bumpin...
Jackie M
back when he was rapping from his soul
Stanley Clark
I remember when this was the freshest Drake song out
Alot of times instead of listening to these in my own playlists I purposely come back to these videos to read all the comments about people reminiscing about the good Drake like me.
My schools valedictorian alluded to this song in her speech
Tramel Jones
She say she miss the old Drake, girl don't tempt meeeeee
Eman the Heartbreak
This song made me a Drake fan.
Jay hooper17
This song is going to be bumping for a long time
Christopher Green
I miss the old drake
definitely miss THIS Drake
Marisha White
still listening to this song in 2016.
Isreal Diaz
and to my dad, even though we was apart. I couldn't leave you out, you're forever in my heart. yeah... and in the name of Evelyn Sher. I forever forgive anybody that was never there, for me R.I.P. Reuben and Evelyn Sher (Drakes Grandparents)
Jeff Donova
I remember being 15 years old high as fuck listening to this and it was the best feeling lol
Angelo Antonio
everybody so "old drake/new drake" instead of just appreciating the progression.  there's still no sound like him rn
This is the music he put out where you knew he was going to be big
You Dead
Back when Drake most likely was writing his own shit
Deonta B
Drake obviously is around a different crowd and all but he has vastly improved lyrical ability. Listening to his old songs reminds me of how he made some hot lines but he came out a lot like lil wayne. He had decent punchlines but he has become more of a genius: knowing what flow to use on a song or trying not to snap on every track and making yourself sound non believable. Its crazy to see how much he went through in that short time.
Why is this the only Drake song that is not on Spotify? It's one of his better songs and I have to go to youtube to listen to it, thus it gets forgotten...
Gran McKerlie
State of Nate
This Song so Underrated. I'm not even that big of a Drake Fan.
Kainan Sousa
used to listen this when i was like 14 im 18 now o.o
Slick K
first time i heard about Drake i thought he was just some R&B singer due to that coat on his album cover
Yuck Fooh
Go to a different barber, this one slipped.
J Cole should've featured in this...damn he would've killed that beat
Jonathan Harris
Classic Drake
Chihualalaa doja
2018 ... still bumping , ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️😅😅😅
Kevin Antolin
Damn this song got me through middle school lmao
Zakaria Hysoka
Drake was on fire !
still good!
whooo datt
who here in 2018??
Marquis Hodges
Classic drake
Devontae Pratt
Classic drizzy 💎💎💎💎💎💎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chuck A Bong
groovy beat
Khalil Young
k smith
אברהם המלך כן תהילה טבגה הכסף לב יהודי
Mr. Hamilton
"Dey never gave me support like Chuck T's"...
chilldaonly 1
his flow before qm
BlockBoi Poc
Back when he was him & not futures sidekick
sam davies
Groovy beat
Blake Go Wavy
S A H i B
its 2015 and this song is still relevant to Drake...Meek took the L and Drizzy came out as The Winner
Colin McKinley
the song that made me fall in love with hip hop in middle school
Deonte Jackson
Shit seems relevant tonight.
rajjah dajjah
2018 ?
matthew stephen
This brings me back to my first year of college 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😭
Ricky Townsend
I was bumpin your songs when nobody else played'em
isaac Mendoza
2018 and this shit still resonates
2018 and still came back to make sure we remember Drake had lyrics
Dayton Hunt
Still here
All Things Pretty
2018 wit it
Eddie Gibson
This Drake I miss, he sold out
Dre GullyGang Ryan Jr
2018 Who Bumpin ?
Ryan Parker
My motivation!
I miss the old Drake
Khaya Maloney
Got critics giving up the (recognition) (I D)esreve
Mario _h
Ryan Vaughn
Khaya Maloney
Bunk bed flow, always 1 level above.
John '94
Remember first hearing this and saying " Damn he better than Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris, Piles, T-Pain " ect ect. Because he had some lyrics lol.
Dalton Graham
Feels like yesterday this song came out I am starting to believe the saying time flys
Jesse Malloy
drinks on me like a coasterrrr. raw lol
Keamogetswe Letoaba
"No one decides what the definition of talent is"
Neil Gandoza
2017 still bumpin
Led Kha
the old drake we miss
Yo Lo
drake, make more songs like this
Julio Alvarez
throw back heavy
Celtic Man
what album or mixtape is this from?! It's not comeback season cause I looked it up.
Anthony Yeadon
Woow…11th-12th grade right here! #classics 
still bumpin in 2015!
Marcus M.
nah 9am
D Rabb Beats
Rick Ross - The Dinner
That song wasnt meant to be taken literally. Everyone has their bottom. Drake was @ a point where he spent almost ALL of the $ he made from Degrassi and borrowed from his family in hopes of blowing up i.e paying TreySongz to be on Replacement Girl. He got close to no where because no major label wanted to risk signing a 'jewish, half white Canadian actor' even though he had talent. Wayne didnt GAF, gave him a shot and now theyre both making millions. not my fav song of his but hey its for radio.
dan lee
if im in your starting five ill never need a sub
johnny smith
drake is the best stop hating
adrian lujano
Best flow drake ever spit
Nigga wtf are u talking about? He started from the bottom of the rap game and worked his way up what does his uncle being rich have to do with that?
Eat Yo Girl Like Yoshi
Listen to all his mixtape and then listen to his features and more thats being played today yu can he has changed he raps.about him being in the struggle now today when he never has been in the struggle his uncle was rich and he been on degrassi since he was 12 talkin about started from the bottom? wayne is getting into his mind to make this garbage he calls rap thats why wayne is the worst mentor, producer, and signer ever but wayne is a good artist
I just heard nothing was the same and yea he still is
I remember once upon time when drake was the best rapper in the game smh
omg Nice mooo fUkkeer
Alek Montgomery
haha same
Rad Vids
Before take care dropped and while he was doing all those features everybody was all like "Drake changed he needs to get back to his old stuff" until the album dropped everybody shut up and started tweetin all his songs the same is gonna happen when NWTS drops. It's no doubt in my mind it will be great. Do me a favor next time you say drake has changed are you comparing his album songs or his features.
Rad Vids
right and the motion
I like that pause at 3:22. It sounds so natural like he paused in the middle of recording his verse and look at the quality music he was making back then...
He too dope!
Harsh Ronvelia
Everyone cool w/ "Hold On, We're Going Home," though? I hated pretty much all of his music since Take Care until that jam came thru a couple of days ago. Shows me the old Drake is still in there somewhere.
The industry really does change people...
Loved this
malik montgomery
if i saw drake i would play him this song and say what happened
Kivante Thompson
Stay at home while everybody was at the bet awards hopefully NWTS is a classic!!
?? Are you kidding. "5am in Toronto", " No new friends". You just wait for Nothing Was The Same.
Ashley Brooke
He just needs to get back to rap in general; we lost him completely .
That Starbucks line is raaaaaaww !
this was the old drake!
aidan rezvani
state of nate
Like if you listen to this song on Youtube because Spotify doesn't have it available.
J cole and kendrick are lyrical better indeed. But be honest Drake good too. And lyrics he is good too. dont listen to his no lie and the motto shit. listen to fear , look what youve done, club paradis ;)
Young trendsetting musician I be