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LOVED THIS MOVIE. I would watch this movie over and over
Srbija Srbima
Vlad was a hero, respect from Serbia to Romanian brothers!
Some people can't grasp the concept of the word "Untold". There is a reason it's in the title. 
Lets not forget this is a movie and not a history lesson!
Plot twist: the cave dweller would later become Vladimir Putin. :D
read some Romanian history before talking shit about Vlad Tepes. You can't consider him a hero, but for his nation, at that time, was the right person at the right time. He came to power in a country that was ill of coruption, thievery and under the influence of the Otoma Empire. The romanian nobles would often betray their leaders and so Vlad used violent means to make an example. He cut the hands of thieves, so that you could leave a golden cup near a fountain for drinking water and noone would dare steal it. Since the Otoman Empire would demand tribute in gold, resources and human beings it's no wonder that Vlad used those brutal methods to inflict fear into the Otoman Empire. Its thanks to leaders like Vlad tepes, Stefan the Great, Mihai the Brave, that the otomans stoped at the eastern Europe frontiers.
Ok europeans don't worry... in the second movie, vlad dracula will conquer Istanbul back :D  Puhahahahahaha :D Zuhahahahahhaha :D :D 
Courtney Johnson
I love this movie !!! 😄
Densil Grant
Finally.... no more twilight crap,this is what a Vampire movie should look like can't wait to see it
Mystery Streamer
If Dracula can't see his reflection in a mirror,how come his hair is always so neatly combed?
John Edward
Damn these gipsy turks are so angry :))) Vlat Tepes for the win !
Nouri Foo
who is only here for Luke evans
Ivan Marco
why if he exist,Dracula, doesnt return now against Isis?
Vlad Țepes: One of the few great rulers of Romania that brought fear into his enemies through some unique strategies of battle.  His most definite mark was that he impaled a huge amount of people with no remorse! Despite what most say, HE DID NOT DO THIS FOR PLEASURE! he was impaling only THIEVES, LIERS and invaders of Wallachia, mostly punishing those that opposed the ways of God. There was no jail time or captures. He executed them on sight, impaling them to set an example. Because he was so straight with his executions and filled his entire country with impaled bodies terrifying everyone, people started to think that he is evil. Until to the point the story of Dracula started to emerge. Another reason why he was considered evil was that he impaled even a lot of rich people that tried to betray him. Because of this, those that opposed him tried to make the people hate and fear him by spreading FALSE stories in the hope that his support would diminish and he could be taken down from his throne. Here are the 2 most infamous strategies that he used to defeat the ottoman empire even if he was greatly outnumbered. 1. He and his men chopped off an entire forest and dressed it as soldiers... When the ottoman soldiers arrived, they retreated frightened of the numbers Vlad armies were posing. 2. 'The night attack'. He and a few men dressed as ottomans went into their enemy camp, starting a riot under the reason "Get up and fight, Romanians have dressed as ottomans and are sabotaging our camp!". This way the ottoman forces slaughtered themselves. After battles, all of the fallen bodies were impaled to set an example. Make no mistake, the Ottoman forces could have crushed Romanian forces like bugs. The armies used for their campaign were not to conquer, but to recover the tribute Romanians were supposed to give. This means the numbers of soldiers sent to oppose Vlad was fairly low compared with the entire Ottoman armada! This is a short and very simplified version of the real Dracula history. The legend is nice, but too far from truth. I like that in this movie Vlad is presented as a DEFENDER, ready to sacrifice all that he has for the sake of his family and people. One way or another this is what he actually did, and i hope this movie will resurrect at least the intentions of Vlad.
haziq izzuddin
Thus movie should be title batman untold
Still a better love story than...
A.C.Godric Voisard
Vlad impaled hundreds of thousands of ottomans (actually made a "forest" of the impaled), first Romanian ruler who actually stood up against the ottomans, defeated them to humiliation. His wife THREW herself off the walls of the castle (she did not fall), ultimately, he was murdered by his own people. His brother, Radu, continued to rule, but he was an absolute embarrassment next to Vlad, who is still regarded by the Romanians as the greatest hero ever. During Vlad's reign, there was zero crime and zero corruption. And yes, he did drink human blood. He used to dip his bread into the blood of the impaled in front of the ottoman messengers, so that they go back to tell what they saw.
Reggie Kray
The story is accurate. Turks couldn´t turn Romania into Islam like they did with Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and huge parts of Bulgaria. Romania was basically the only christian nation that hold christian spirit to live. The black church in Brasov was burned down by the ottomans, yet they couldn´t destroy it. The monasteries in Moldova was always threatened by the turks but great names like Constantin Brancoveanu, Stephan the Great, Dimitrie Cantermir and obviously our greatest hero of them all. Vlad Tepes. protected Romania and it´s christian spirit to end of beginnings.
Tywin Lannister
House Lannister approves and seeks an alliance with House Tepes.
Berk Özdemir
Our Leaders: Mete Han Attila Cengiz Han Hülagü Han Timur Fatih Sultan Mehmet Yavuz Sultan Selim Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Your Leaders: 3.Vlad ahahahahhaahahahahahahaha
rahman çobanoğlu
Böyle filmler tam bir acizlik gösterisidir ancak Türk askerlerinin kostümleri falan çok iyi hazırlanmış o konuda tam puan aldı benden bizim filmlerde de böyle zırhlar falan giysinler
Gabriel Berger
The 1511 dislikes only come from angry Turks.,long live Vlad.
For whinny Turks: Historical facts The Night Attack of Târgovişte June 17, 1462. Vlad the Impaler with 30,000 Romanians, defeated 90,000 Turks, Mehmed II was almost assassinated. Mehmed decided to besiege the capital, but instead found it deserted with its gates wide open. The Turkish army entered the capital and for half an hour, the army marched on the road that was bordered by some 20,000 impaled Turks, Mehmed never returned to Wallachia after that.  Vlad was captured only after a decade, in his Third Reign when he found Wallachia in civil-war, he lost also his touch in warfare after he spend a lot of time imprisoned in the Corvin Castle. The truth is, that Vlad the Impaler was a HERO as well as the Defenders of Constantinople.
Ebu Mansur
1453 1453 1453
Ulaş Aldağ
So basically europe needed a Vampire to stop the ottomans. That's what I call OP
Turks put Dracula's head on very very large stick, they impaled his head and put it at gates of Constantinople where it stood for about 2 months to say '' If you want to be like this man, wage war against us ''
AlexWweFan4 ever
its a good oportunity for me to ask u all who wanna see who the real DRACUL was by searching on youtube" vlad the impaler 1979 english subtitle" Draculea was our national hero.. he never made a pact with the devil .. he was betrayed by a prisoner who falsified his signature and wrote a letter where vlad supose to say that he is the turks friend and he wants to give them transilvania and hungary along with catholic people of king mathias corvin then draculea was arrested 12 years and then he recovered his place on the throne thanks to stephen the great leader of moldavia ..and finally then after 2 months vlad was killed by one of his mens
kc joyce
i really really enjoyed this movie!!! i wasn't expecting anything  but i was pleasantly surprised!!!
why are turks even looking at this movie anyway ?!?!
I'm a romanian and all I can say is that the movie is cool, but it is just a legend, a sf wrote by Bram Stocker, he was inspired by the bloody stories of how Vlad punished his enemies . Although the actor is hot I could have imagined Vlad differently and they could have been some romanian words too cause wtf the action is in Romania. Please read some history. La revedere si nu zic ca nu-mi place de legenda lui Dracula.
Thunder Goku
It's really stupid how people think this a propaganda movie. This a FICTIONALISED version of Vlad the Impaler being mixed in with Bram Stoker's Dracula.
Only turks could be so dishonourable taking other nations children and make them kill their fathers and brothers in battle how can any turk be proud of a history like this...
So....apparently the original is related to the Queen of England.
Lorde made this trailer 100 times better.
it feels like im watching a castlevania LOrds of shadow 2 trailer... 
Hamilcar Barca
LOL negative votes where from Istanbul...
Rustem Abdullayev
Abi yaaa 1453 yeter size :D
El Danko
Best movie ever. It truly highlighted turks as the unforgivable beasts they are. Eternal damnation into darkness and praying on the innocent is still a better and more moral alternative than slavery under turk dogs.
The Real Untold Story of How the Muslims killed the Dracula   “He who controls the present controls the past.” [1] Many will be aware of the new Hollywood film which has been recently released entitled: ‘Dracula Untold’. It might not be well known that, supernatural powers aside, the tale of Dracula is actually based on a real person. Unfortunately however, this film is such a fictitious remake that it speaks volumes about the rise of Islamophobia as well as it does about the West’s attempts to seek to rewrite history by glamorising mass murders whilst peddling the fear of the ‘Muslim invaders’. What follows is a summarised account of the real, well-known history of Dracula. Vlad Dracula was a three-time Voivode of Wallachia (modern day Romania), ruling mainly from 1456 to 1462, the period of the emergent Uthmani Khilafah, the Ottoman Caliphate, and its conquest of the Balkans. His father, Vlad II Dracul, was a member of the Order of the Dragon, which was founded to protect Christianity in Eastern Europe and was fashioned after the military orders of the Crusades requiring initiates to defend the Cross and fight the so-called “enemies of Christianity”, in particular the Muslim Ottoman Caliphate. Childhood There was a time, when much of what is modern Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, the Balkans, the Crimea and almost all of southern Russia was ruled by Muslims. This was once part of the Muslim heartland of Islām, the Ottomon Empire and produced many great leaders and scholars. Today of course, the only majority Muslim community found in mainland Europe is in Bosnia, Kosovo and al-Baniya, Albania. The Christian communities in Hungary and Wallachia wanted to fight against the Ottomans, however they were very weak and there was much disunity amongst them. In 1436, Vlad II Dracul ascended to the throne in Wallacia only to be dethroned by those loyal to the King in Hungary, János Hunyadi. Vlad II sought the help of the Ottoman Muslims who in turn sought payment of the Jiz’yah, a tax which non-Muslims pay to a Muslim ruler in return for their protection from outside nations. As part of this deal, Sultan Murad II asked that Vlad II send two of his four sons to Istanbul to be educated. Vlad II agreed and so he sent his two sons and he in turn was ascended to the throne again in Wallachia by the Ottomans. The two sons who travelled back with the Muslims to Edirne were Vlad Dracula and his younger brother, Radu. Vlad is the one who we have now come to know as Dracula because the word Dracula means ‘son of Dracul’ which was the name of his father. The word ‘Dracula’ has of course since taken on a different meaning, being synonymous with a devilish evil, and we will see why this is. Whilst under the tutelage of the Ottoman Muslims, the boys were provided with education including that of Islamic texts. Radu became Muslim and was a close friend with the young boy of the Sultan Murad II, Muḥammad (Mehmet II). Vlad however was rebellious and is recorded to have developed a well-known hatred for Muslims even though he too studied the Qur’ān, spoke Arabic, Persian, Turkish and of course Wallachian (Romanian). In 1447 the King of Hungary attacked Wallachia and killed Vlad Dracula and Radu’s father and brothers. Given that Vlad’s father had paid the Jiz’yah, the Muslims defended them against the Hungarians and they installed Vlad Dracula in power. In the meantime, Radu at the age of 22 became a leading Mujāhid (one who strives in the path of Allāh) within the Ottoman court and commanded the Janissaries (the foreign contingent of the army). He was sent by his good friend Muḥammad, who by this stage had become the Sultan at the age of 19, to subdue various rebellions such as that in Anatolia. Perhaps more importantly, he participated alongside Sultan Muḥammad in the Ottomon siege which eventually led to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Constantinople was the capital city for the Roman Byzantine Empire. Napoleon was quoted as once saying, “If the Earth were a single state, Constantinople would be its capital” [2]. As for Sultan Muḥammad, he was from here on forever to be known as Muḥammad Fātiḥ (Muḥammad the Conqueror), and his new city was from here on forever to be referred to as Islambul, meaning the “City of Islām”. It should be noted that it was only during the secularisation process of Ataturk where it took on the name of ‘Istanbul’ which has no relevant meaning. Incidentally, there are coins in the British Museum from 1730 where the name of the city, Islambul is clearly imprinted [3]. By conquering Constantinople, Sultan Muḥammad Fātiḥ had also fulfilled the blessed words of the Messenger of Allāh (sallAllāhu ‘alayhi wasallam) who said concerning this event: “Verily, Constantinople shall be conquered. Its commander shall be the best commander ever, and his army shall be the best army ever.” [4] Crusades With the fall of Constantinople, Pope Pius II called for crusade in 1459 against the Ottoman Muslims, at the Congress of Mantua. In this crusade, the main role was to be played by Matthias Corvinus, son of János Hunyadi, the King of Hungary. To this effect, Matthias Corvinus received from the Pope 40,000 golden coins, an amount that was thought to be enough to gather an army of 12,000 men and purchase 10 warships. In this context, Vlad Dracula allied himself with Matthias Corvinus, whose family it should be remembered killed his family, with the hope of keeping the Ottomans out of the country. The Declaration of War Later that year, Sultan Muḥammad Fātiḥ sent emissaries to Vlad in Wallachia to urge him to pay a delayed jiz’yah which Vlad Dracula had put off paying. Unknown to the Ottomans, Vlad Dracula had already allied himself with the Hungarians and joined the Pope’s call for a Crusade against them. Vlad Dracula met with the emissaries and said to them, “If you want to step inside of my port, you have to take off your turban and bow.” The Muslims responded that they would not remove their turban and “we only bow to Allāh”. So Vlad once again demanded, “Take it off” and again they refused. Vlad Dracula then told someone to come with some very big nails and hammers and he said, “If they refuse to remove it for me then they will never remove it again.” And he commanded that their turbans be nailed into their heads. Of course, this resulted in them being killed – this act was a declaration of war against the Muslims which Vlad Dracula had been spoiling for. Sultan Muḥammad Fātiḥ sent the Bey of Nicopolis, Hamza Pasha to eliminate Vlad Dracula. Vlad Dracula however planned an ambush. Hamza Pasha, the Bey of Nicopolis, brought with him 10,000 cavalry and when passing through a narrow pass north of Giurgiu, Vlad Dracula launched a surprise attack. The Christians had the Muslims surrounded and defeated and almost all of them were caught and impaled, with Hamza Pasha impaled on the highest stake to show his rank. Impalement was Vlad Dracula’s preferred method of torture and execution and it was this which makes him stand out in being remembered as absolutely evil and barbaric. Impalement is the penetration of an organism by an object such as a stake, pole, spear or hook, by complete (or partial) perforation of the body, often the central body mass. What they would do is get a very long stick, make sharp one end and insert it through a person’s back passage, driving it through their body until it came out of their mouth. Often, the victims would be alive and this is how they would be killed. Then they would put this stick into the ground and impale others, putting them next to each other. Massacres In the winter of 1462, Vlad Dracula crossed the Danube and devastated the entire Bulgarian land in the area between Serbia and the Black Sea. Disguising himself as Turkish, utilising the fluent Turkish he had learned whilst under the care of the Muslims, he infiltrated and destroyed Ottoman camps. In a letter to Corvinus of Hungary, he wrote: “I have killed peasant men and women, old and young… We killed 23,884 Turks (Muslims) without counting those whom we burned in homes or the Turks whose heads were cut by our soldiers… Thus, your highness, you must know that I have completely broken any peace with him (Sultan Muḥammad Fātiḥ).” Vlad Dracula’s attack was celebrated by the then western Christendom; the Saxon cities of Transylvania, the Italian states and the Pope. A Venetian envoy, upon hearing about the news at the court of Corvinus, expressed great joy and said that the whole of Christianity should celebrate Vlad’s successful campaign. The Genoese from Caffa also thanked him. In response to this, Sultan Muḥammad Fātiḥ raised an army of around 60,000 troops and 30,000 irregulars, and in spring of 1462 headed towards Wallachia. This army was under the Sultan’s commandership and in its ranks was his friend and brave Mujāhid, Radu. Vlad Dracula was unable to stop the Ottomans from crossing the Danube on June 4, 1462 and on entering Wallachia, they found that on one of the very long roads leading to the capital of this area were 20,000 Muslims impaled along the sides of these roads. Imagine this, we suffer today no doubt but incidents of such brute are very rare indeed. You can imagine how Sultan Muḥammad Fātiḥ felt to see even one Muslim killed which was too much to bare, but to mutilate their bodies after this was something, which was beyond acceptable. Vlad Dracula constantly organised small attacks and ambushes on the Muslims and adopted what we would call today ‘Guerrilla warfare’. Pausing for a moment and thinking of the current state of the Muslim world, it is clear that it is now the Muslims who usually adopt guerrilla tactics in view of their weakness and inferior military might whereas Muslims were in the time of Muḥammad Fātiḥ, the superpower of the day. The End Game After some time, Radu, who remained faithful to Islām and the Sultan and spent his entire life on the frontlines of Jihād and battle in protection of the frontiers of the Ottoman Empire, was charged with the responsibility of pursuing his brother and thus showing the world that in Islām, brotherhood in faith is given priority over blood relations where they have an enmity towards the faith. Vlad Dracula was running out of funds and returned to Hungary to seek help from Corvinus, who instead of helping Vlad Dracula, imprisoned him as he was seen as a liability even for the Christians. In his absence, Radu defeated the remnants of Vlad Dracula’s army and became the ruler in Wallachia and he ruled from 1463-1473 when he died at the age of 40. Meanwhile, Vlad Dracula was released from prison and he returned to Wallachia once again and retook power in 1476 with Hungarian support. He immediately assembled an army and invaded Bosnia, slaughtering its Muslim population and impaling 8,000 on stakes in a forest of human bodies. Vlad Dracula had arisen from the darkness with the objective of eliminating Islām from the Balkans once and for all and installing Christianity. Sultan Muḥammad Fātiḥ invaded Wallachia and faced the forces of Vlad in Bucharest, Romania. Vlad’s army was overrun in a blitz and all were killed, including Vlad himself. His head was removed from his body and was taken back to Istanbul. They impaled his head and put it at the gates of Islambul where it stood for about 2 – 3 months to send a clear message to others. “If you want to be like this man, then dare wage war against us.” Points to note This was the demise of Dracula and again as Muslims, most of us will not even know about this. How many people even know that Dracula was a real man? It is very important that we do not allow distractions such as this new film’s fictitious rewriting of history to shape our understanding of what really happened. The film is truly shocking in its attempt to rewrite history, in portraying a man who was truly barbaric and brute in nature, as a brave man and a hero. They seek to show that his war with the Muslims started because he was seeking to protect his children, which of course is far from the truth; this was a man who did not care about family. What is more insulting and offensive is that by portraying Vlad as a hero, they are portraying his enemies, the Muslims as being barbaric and thereby also insulting the great man whom the Messenger of Allāh (sallAllāhu ‘alayhi wasallam) had spoken about, Sultan Muḥammad Fātiḥ. Many Muslims had tried before Muḥammad Fātiḥ to be the best commander ever as prophesied in the Hadith by attempting to conquer Constantinople for over eight hundred years, making ten attempts. Among them were some of the greatest men whose names shine as bright stars including ‘Uthman b. ‘Affan (radiyAllāhu‘anhu), Mu’awiyah b. Abū Sufyān (radiyAllāhu‘anhu), Abū Ayyūb al-Ansari (radiyAllāhu‘anhu) who was martyred and buried there, Sulaymān b. ʿAbd al-Mālik, Harun al-Rashīd, and many Muslim commanders from the age of the Umayyad Caliphate, ‘Abbasid Caliphate and also the ‘Uthmāni Caliphate. This was a man whom when asked about his capabilities and how he managed the conquest, replied: “I have two traits: 1) a heart as hard as a rock that does not rest until I achieve what I want; (2) an eye that cries out of fear of Allāh jalla wa’ala. So how could I not achieve victory?” It was to defend his honour, raḥimahu Allāhu (may Allāh’s mercy be upon him), and that of the Muslims who were martyred at the hands of the Dracula, may Allāh grant them all Jannah (Paradise), that caused me to write this article. Unfortunately, we find certain desperate, lowly movements in the West through the many weapons in their armoury, including the make-believe propaganda tool that is Hollywood, demeaning this noble champion of Islām whilst upholding a bloodthirsty savage who committed many atrocities against humanity and in doing so, they legitimise his crimes and not a word of condemnation will you find being uttered from their lips. It would be inconceivable that a film be made to depict Hitler as a hero but yet the Muslim community is hated so blindly by some in today’s society that not many will even see this issue in that context. As a New Statesman article recently put it: “The vilification of Islām has reached such heights that when the Sultan Muḥammad Fātiḥ is cast opposite history’s bloodiest psycho-tyrant, it’s Dracula who emerges as the tragic hero [5].” What is apparent from the film is that it recreates evil as good and good as evil. It reaffirms the narrative which is prevalent in current times and the strategy deployed against Muslims. Aa famous statement from Malcolm X (raḥimahu Allāhu) comes to mind when he said: “If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” So there you have it. You will often hear the saying that garlic kills a ‘Dracula’ or a silver bullet or a wooden stake through the heart – of course none of these killed Dracula. Indeed it was the Muslims who killed the Dracula. Let this serve as a reminder to the many bloodthirsty Draculas we have in our midst today, that if anyone wants to follow his way, they too will face the same wrath from the Muslims until justice is restored for all of humanity. We are not afraid of one desperate film changing anything, for it is Allāh that determines what legacy is left for each person—it is no coincidence that this Dracula has and always will be remembered as a monstrous, blood-sucking vampire, by people all over the globe. And likewise, Muḥammad Fātiḥ will always be known as the victor.
Idham Alwi
Hey guys let me tell you to the point.. Mehmed The Conqueror was KILLED by Vlad Dracula impaler in this movie.., and that is the GREATEST biggest super mega ultra lie in the world of cinema since the fcuking hollywood dominate the film industry for 100 years..., after the 2012 movie of course :v
Dracula-President of E.U. ! It would be the best option!
melike küçüktireli
demişler ki Türkleri nasıl yenebiliriz ancak böyle fantastik karakterlerle başedebiliriz film boyunca korkularını yansıtmışlar hepsi bu..
Vlad Tepes destroyed the otoman empire.
roberto bandana
now we're gonna have, dawn of darkness: batman vs. dracula, monster versus man!!
Yper Keimenos
So this is what happened to Lord Tywin Lannister after he was killed by Tyrion. He became a Vampire and teleported to an alternate reality.
Juwita Ita
Dracula is indeed a true story but the film is a hoax
Null Factor
An other Zionist propaganda movie , 300 vs Persian , Now one Dracula  vs  Turks ottoman, In fact the both Persian and Ottoman were the most greatest empires in human history, Ruled 1000 years with Knowledge, Wisdom, Art ,Culture, Hollywood is trying to create misconception with cheap movies. These empires were not like European  Pirates, Robber and stealing the others resources 
gay dracula... lol
Whyt Manga
tywin lannister? hmm
A review of the movie would be appropriate aside from a seething mass of arguments over Vlad. I'll put it this way: This movie is unimaginably good if you're a vampire fan. If not, it's still good enough to peek your attention, you won't be wasting your money if you visit the cinema for this. It does have references to 300 and Game of Thrones (and I don't mean just the cast). Several clishees appear and some characters don't act like you would want it or at least as a vampire fan you would expect better. It's got good action and decent fight scenes... well, aside from the abuse of bat powers that confuse the crap out of the viewer. It's pretty straightforward, it doesn't confuse you, it doesn't create a sense of mystery or fear as you would expect, that does make it kinda boring, but at least its not like Prometheus, where every 5 seconds causes unnecessary questions and confusion.
The Solemn Nut
Vlad is Pshycopath, Hannibal kills hundreds, vlad kills thousands
Aldea Alexandru
About the sultan Mehmet II (the one too much praised) How glorious he was and in what circumstances He always enjoyed superiority in numbers (even overwhelming superiority) He won only once decisively (constantinople),after that with all his superiority he met some huge defeats.Compare with true glorious military leaders (Alexander,Hannibal,Caesar etc)and in what circumstances they got their victories
Ahh, I remember seeing this back in 2014. Good times...
Cesar Perez
Castelvania: Lords of Shadow the movie!
Ben Cancio
Looking at these comments.. Let's get one thing straight once and for all. IRL Vlad the impaler was NO HERO! This is a MOVIE and NOT historically correct, So please stop confusing fiction with reality, fking dumbasses.. James Bond didn't exist either, nor Captain America.. Just had to point it out, you guys buy everything it seems.
Tainted Guy
This movie show the real story...(Vampire's are real and they still live among us just like Dracula,as someone told me :Real acts turn to stories then they turn into myth's and myth's turn into legends)poople just cant create a story without real acts.
Watched this movie. I love it. Rating's only 6.3 but I'll rate it 8 ^^ Luke Evans is so hot. I like the storyline and the twists. Who knows what happened in the past. Not everything we read is true. I think not even everything written in history is true so yea who knows. The only way to know is to be around when it happened. People lie.. everytime.. governments and scientists alike.
Gök Mavi
Artık zamanında nasıl koyduysak içlerine oturmuş zavallıların :) İlk önce İstanbul'da Fatih Sultan Mehmet bunlara iyi koydu, sonra Çanakkalede Mustafa Kemal Atatürk :) Anca böyle saçma şeylerle kendilerini avuturlar. Yaşasın Osmanlı Yaşasın Türk milleti. Ne Mutlu Türküm Diyene ! :)) 
Aldea Alexandru
About the sultan Mehmet II (the one too much praised) 1)the conquest of Constantinople;the ottoman army-about 200.000 the byzantine and venetian soldiers-about 7000 2)wars with prince John Hunyadi of Transylvania -battle of Belgrade-the sultan was defeated ottoman army-about 100.000;-christian army-about 50000 Unfortunately prince John Hunyadi died of plague
Gogu Gugo
As a Romanian (born and raised in Transylvania) I was curious what craps they told about our great leader Vlad Țepeș again just to sell a movie and I tried to watch it...I could not stand more than half of it. Guys, if you wanna know the history try to read a book (and not Bram Stoker´s book), but real history books about Vlad. Yes, he was great and he won against a 3 times bigger army but he did it being smart, calculating every move he made, doing a psychological war like impaling 20.000 turks to scare the shit out of the others who came after...and so on.
Maurice McDonald
Wow. This looks so stupid. Vampires, apparently, are heroes, and we like vampires if they kill for us...
Bitza Bogdan
Aldea Alexandru
About the sultan Mehmet II (the one too much praised) 3)wars with Vlad III Dracula-prince of Wallachia;-in the night attack prince Vlad and his followers almost succedeed in killing the sultan;-the sultan always enjoyed the superiority in numbers but he lost many campaigns in Wallachia 4)wars with Stephen the Great-prince of Moldavia -in 1476 at Valea Alba the army of Moldavia (army of nobles)-20000 was crushed by ottoman army-200000/moldavians were defeated but the campaign turned in disaster for the turks; the peasants armed of Moldavia harassed the turks and finally the sultan lost the campaign
Cory Cudmore
luke evans as bond would be great
Dr Phil
Yalnız Kovboy
osmanlı'yı kötüleyen orospu film
James Cage
would you guys become dracula's to save your family
Crazy Diamond
I am turkish and loved this movie props to the actors who learned turkish sentences.
C. Cole
That's one hell of a trailer right there :) awesomeness
Does anyone want to play Skyrim Dawngaurd after you watch the movie?
Aldea Alexandru
history timeline 1)Battle of Constantinople 1453;2)Battle of Belgrade 1456 -defeat of Mehmed II 3)Night attack (Vlad III Dracula)-war with Mehmed II 4)battle of High Bridge (Podul Inalt)-1475 and Valea Alba (1476)-finally Mehmed lost So why is Mehmed II so much praised?For the conquest of Constantinople? But Byzantine Empire was a dying man long before.
Ha ha! lot of ottomans pissed here.. :))))) cmon turks, give your negative votes.
bogdan stratulat
Vlad Tepes impaled turks (proof see how many butthurts turks are around writeing and reading comments and rageing) this burrhurt stil hurts even untill today , truth hurts so badly it feels all the way into your anuses ye bloody turkish lobotemized failures !
hat tit
I see a lot of hungarian bozgors commenting that Vlad was somehow related to them... you mongols have no clue what history is... Vlad is 100% Romanian from Wallachian father and Moldavian mother... how can he be related to your dirty nation?! Stop trying to take credit! Also Transylvania is Romania, just because it was yours for a period of time does not chancel the fact that it was part of nedieval Dacia (Romanians today) stop talking out of your asses, also the continuity of the Dacians was thought in hungarian schools until the XVIII century, until Romanians demanded their rights. You are a bunch of liars! Every source can confirm what I just said, except hungarian propaganda!
Dim F
brace yourselves, proud gypsy comments are coming!
If you looking through the comments wondering weather to watch it? well then let me tell you it's a awesome film one bad probably I was left with wanting more I couldn't get enough of this film it was so good *Spoiler Alert* They definitely need to do a second one!
castlevania the movie
I came for Tywin Lannister😉
The Real Deal Horses
Watched Dracula Untold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where to start with that movie?!!!!!!!!!!!! Ten reasons to go see it. 1: Luke Evans is hot 2: I had forgotten all about Twilight, Dracula would make the twilight vampires become his servants. hehe 3: It is seductive to watch and to see what happens throughout the movie 4: Great story line in the movie 5: The work of the Lord always has a purpose and this movie makes a very good point of it. 6: Awesome and amazing digital effects in the movie 7: It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. 8: It is a movie worth watching over and over again. 9: Luke Evans has delivered his best performance in this movie. (bonus- Luke Evans is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!) 10: And the quote for the movie is amazing - ('Sometimes the world does not need another hero, sometimes what it needs is a monster.') We always hear the hero story but very rarely the monster's side. I saw this movie with some of my friends and it was a blast to hang out with them and enjoy a movie. I recommend it to anyone that is of age. Go see it while you can. DRACULA UNTOLD RULES OVER ALL VAMPIRE MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Legend of Dracula begins!
Hope there is a sequel
Shawn King
So um... When does Blade come in?
Garibim Romenler Hayallerle Batıl ınaclarla uyduruk Hikayelerle 3 Kıtaya Hükmetmiş Cag Acip Kapatmiş Bir Türk devletini vampir dracula uydurmasınla Yenme gayretine girmiş.)) Ancak böyle Filimlerle hayal Kurarak Yenersiniz .)) Bre Bu Filmi izleyen Dünya MiLLetleri Bu yazdıklarımı ceviri yaparak Okuyun ve bunu bilin Dünya üzerinde Encok devlet Yıkıp Devlet Kuran 16 Imparatorluk kuran 3 Cihan Imparatorlugu Kurup 3 Kıtaya Hükmetmiş bir MiLLet Türk MiLLetini Hafife Almayın Türk' MiLLeti Esareti kabul Etmeyen Tek MiLLettir Savaş Konusunda üstünlüğünü Tüm Dünya MıLLetlerı Kabul etmiştir Tarihde Bu Yüce MiLLeti ıyıce tanıyın Beyninize ıyı Kazıyın Yakında Bu MiLLet Tekrar Dirilecek Ozaman Sizi kazıklı voyvada Draculanızda Kurtaramaz .)))
Irkçılığa ne gerek vardı? Tarihi bilemeyecek kadar mı cahil bu insanlar yoksa kuyruk acısı yaşayıp bok atma derdinler mi ?
Fatiha in 1456, had been appointed to Wlad principalities of Wallachia. Wlad, was found with his brother as a hostage in the Ottoman palace Radul. Ruled that to have with the help of the Fatiha of the country and although there have swore to remain friends against the sultan Wlad by reneged on the Ottomans against the Hungarians with the agreement yapacaktır.fâtih's, in the Black Sea and Trabzon currently in the queue, Wallachia, some events were being. Turks are here, "Vlad the Impaler", the Hungarians "Dracula" (Satan), Vlachs of "Çepelpuç" (Cellad) a man named Wlad crazy persecution they say, is the most horrible taste of the public administration. This crazy man, I have enjoyed a number of brutal and inhumane. It occured in Turkey who was shot and give life to the pile in the middle of the largest publicly tortured, he enjoyed the meal with his house. Passes into the hands of Turkish prisoners to swim in the deep leg and the resultant red meat to be added to the salt, then was ordered to lick them to goats. Thus, the skin of torture of prisoners at the swim up alive, it would be larger. He was nailed to the beginning of the turban of the Ottoman ambassadors sent to him. Fatih Sultan Mehmed, invites him to Istanbul. Wlad However, at a time when the country is not in the abundance of the enemy and fear that given to the Hungarian crown and throne, would ask to be sent a force to maintain Wallachia against enemies. Thereupon the sultan, Silistra Hamza Bey Bey Bey Çakırcıbaş with dolphins is appointed to wait for Wallachia. Dolphins çakırcıbaş Hamza Bey Bey, when they came to the edge of the Danube, they saw that the frozen river. However, they make preparations to pass the Danube and they hoped something other than friendship, even as they see they undergo a chest in Wlad's a major attack. This raid martyred Yunus Bey, had been captured in Hamza Bey. Wlad, then sends the head of the Hungarian king killing of Hamza Bey. Bloodthirsty Wlad, after hitting all of the prisoners taken to the stake, some city and çekinmez.büt also from destroying the town of the Ottoman Empire, this is the news Fatih Sultan Mehmed duramayarak over the fury of sadness 150 thousand military and 25 large and 150 small piece of sea power (river fleet) by preparing out of Wallachia time to eliminate this cruel me that persecution of God's servants (H. 866/1462 AD) Fatiha, even though it went up to Wallachia medium, Wlad's forces did not appear in the middle. Wlad, Fatih, spies staged a night raid by without intermediary receives notice wants to kill the sultan. But as this one can not be successful, may have escaped to rescue the miserable life. Ottoman raiders all Wallachian crawl to find it. Sultans walks to the capital of the principality of his army. Have stakes near the city of 15 thousand people from the board a spooky forest saw hatred "State force has used such, tebea and so much of the killings took was one man against God is never worthy of the reputation" escape as der.yaral who took refuge in the Hungarian Wlad, or help them. But the Hungarian King, is nothing at all do not want to fall into a dispute with the Ottomans had done this help, even by capturing Wlad had arrest. On the other hand, the Ottomans, Wlad's brother Radule connecting twelve thousand ducats per year tax brought the principality of Wallachia. Thus, Wallachia, turned into a distinguished state, was tied tightly to the Ottomans. Wlad, though he escaped from prison on Radule want to take over the administration of the death of the severed head of the country killed circulated country.  
PutatoGaming Studio
saw the movie and its the best movie ever 1000% like if true if not type putin
ala bala
+cassietanii +TheBlackHeart1903 Vlad is a hero in Romania! He slaughtered turks by the tens of thousands, in the first wave. When your sultan came with the second wave and saw the forrest of impaled soldiers, he turned back. Vlad was not even defeated in battle, for you to make such a statement. In its own sci-fi way, this movie is kinda' historically accurate! You turks stop getting butthurt, your ancestors got their asses destroyed, LITTERALLY!
The stories about the bloodthirsty maniac were invented by the neighboring Saxons of Transylvania who were oppressing Romanians and Vlad used to raid often. They hated him so made up stories. He was an awesome commander - he defeated the 300,000-strong army of the most powerful man in the world at that time, Mohamed the Conqueror (of Constantinople) with a tiny army of 30,000 (some of which were women) - a 10 to 1 ratio. His famous "night attack" is still being taught in military academies around the world. He was indeed merciless to wrong-doers and traitors who allied with the muslims and other enemies, but was good with the honest people. His economy flourished and crime was almost nonexistent - legends say he placed a gold cup on a public fountain and it remained there as long as he ruled. He was betrayed 3 times and finally killed by the Mathias Corvinus, the romanian king of Hungary. P.S. If you ever want to visit his Castle, it is called "Poienari". P.P.S. The scene with the arrogant envoys really happened, just that they did not leave home as arrogant as they came - Vlad nailed their turbans to their heads because they refused to uncover.
No forest of the impaled in this film? :|
Saif Mahmoud
كذب محمد الفاتح انتصر في الحقيقة
is this worth watching ?
Elizabeth Bennet
..sometimes, what it needs is a monster I love it that much 😍
Sharaz Ayub
awsome .finally we get a tasty dracula movie
Romeo Velasco
Most underrated Dracula movie ever. I wished they continued this movie, but thanks to haters it didn’t got the chance for a sequel. Such a waste
Just Mir
The Europeans and their Superiority Complex shown at its best in this fact twisting pathetic excuse of a movie. Of course they can't live with their shameful history, so they lie about it.
This trailer is too reaviling. I can especially see that now, after I watched the film, which was good btw. Not brilliant, but definitely good fun. I suggest making a movie based only on historical facts, about Vlad Tepes, not fictional Dracula.
Sajid Abdurrahman
Sultan Mehmet > Vlad The Impaler  You can't do much impaling and torture when your head is on a stick.
Miranda Martinez
The trailer a monster calls or whatever looks like groot from guardians of the Galaxy
Lenny P
LOL. Of course the serial killer Vlad who impaled hundreds of people alive is depicted as a hero and Mehmed the conqueror as the villain. This is a movie where there's room for twisting things to entertain but I doubt the West would make a movie about Mehmed the conqueror which depicts him as the main hero it just demonstrates the wild bias of American producers.