The Legend of the Kimura

Interval Fight Training

Daren Geddes
History and Quality, thanks Josh
Mat Sensei
0:56 check the neck muscles on the demon!
Franko H.
any knowledge or interest in the fighting style capoeira if so would love a vid/your take
Charles Martin
yeah I agree you earned a damit boy for the video and story 😆😀
joe pizack
1st to comment. Thanks for the amazing story, Josh! I enjoyed this video and I always love awesome stories from the old school.
Fun fact , Kimura never invited Helio Gracie to teach at the Kodokan . That's Gracie propaganda .
Mat Sensei
Interesting variation of Osoto Gari at 3:52. notice how Tori takes the head of Uke with the arm lasso around the neck of Uke. like a clothesline. like Irimi Nage in Aikido.
Vincent Reynolds