The Animals Save the Planet - Elephant Shower

"Perhaps it might be nicer to think of others before you use up all the water." Help the animals save their planet and ours, use only the water you need! /> NEW - Become a fan of Animal Planet on Facebook!

omg his butt is big XD
Nicole Newton
that hippo is crazy
put english automatic captions it’s no need saying anything more
Bonjour les 3G c'est thibault !!!! :)
0:31 look at the left ....poor rhino and look at the right...poor elephant...
ostrassss mis amigos !!!!
spencer pugh
The movie MADAGASCAR was wrong,u can find stuff like this on ANIMAL PLANET.
ROBERTA pardolova
hahahahha very very funny heh Stasi hahah
True true,i propose that every country who consume thousands gallons water per day like America UK France stop their waste and watch everyday this clip on every television available and leave the other coutries with this kind of clips in peace.For example on Youtube this should be a video watchable pnly by SOME countries
Le Temps Presse
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Runch Randa
poor elephant :(
I love that stupid look after the water stops...
Moniques Voice
This is SO funny but what a great message. Check out Kaz and Mo and their "Being Green" video. You'll love it!!
Elizabeth P
omg story of my life my older sis already took a shower in the moring, and used up all the water taking another one in the afternoon because she couldent let me take one before her! what a bitch!
Paul Szkibik
This is only a problem in certain regions of the world, not in every region. Demanding, that you should conserve Water in Germany, because Spain, Portugal etc. don't have enough is like asking people in Spain to close their house's windows during noon, because people in Finland don't get enough Sun. No sense at all.
very cuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeee
Kassidy Sinsel
Ok the second time he shoved the brush up his nose while he was singing it made my eyes water and nose hurt a little
first clean the ass than the mouth XD
Andrew Keppel
i do NOT like when he scrubs his nose gross i will not watch this again one more thing it is a little funny
Nice. To find green products go to, "for a green living (dot) com".
Who is the narrator?! I love her voice! She narrated perfectly!
latelyn black
ok.....ummm that was slightly disturbing...well then...?
Sam Sparks
Oh when he rammed that brush up his nose it made my eyes water.
dat hippo
Tushar Patil
hey kids watch this site just put attanolearn
Tushar Patil
hey kids watch this site just put attanolearn and ctr+enter
Global warming is a new religion that Al Gore and David Suzuki are trying to impose upon the world. Al: "Look! Here is a problem and only Me and Dave can help save you! Fork over your earnings to us (in the form of carbon taxes and subsidies for green businesses) and your salvation and that of the rest of the world will be ensured!" Don't beleive their lies. Resist.
@estefan14 That's what rain's for.
@PKrockin Oh right lol. I was estimating the amount of water on Earth xD
@Fr33St00fProductions Wow, I use up 1253846153846153846 times more water when I shower than I thought. It's so hard to estimate these things.
@PKrockin Actually 326,000,000,000,000,000,000 (326 million trillion) gallons, even more cause for concern.
Uh oh, I better not maintain proper hygiene or I'll use up the 2.3 gallons of water left on the earth!
Eva. Koutoulaki
yeah but the shower is the elephant.....=)
Eva. Koutoulaki
my favorite..=]
first of all that so called ELEPHANT IS A HIPPO 2nd of all, VERY FUNNY!
Cyan Wolf
Global Warming is a lie they even admited it
msbella roma
@aaronm222 lollll
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This was funny and cute... (and also informative...)
ricky bhalla
lol tats nice
expensiver. that's a cute word.
Thats what happens to my house in Cyprus because of shortage of water on the island..
Glynnis Forsberg
What's really sad about this commercial is (besides the water we use a lot of) that Hippos aren't that nice really. So that's BAD COMMERCIALIZING (yeah I know I spelled that wrong)...but it's still cute! And very cool way to advertise
Actually, purifying water takes up a lot of energy. And some experts predict that water may become expensiver than oil in about 30 years.
shermaine lee
Koala Bear
Plus, it takes a hell of a lot more things to have us survive than the all the animals.
beautiful and very smart video!!!!
only the zeitgeist movement can save the planet. not animals. only humans. only humans that are involved in the zeitgeist movement.
аха, прикольно! =)
Willy Chaves
kkk muito massa esse video
Lordy Nor
love it. save the planet! )
O video está muito engraçado.
I am disgusted and entertained
this video is incredible check my youtube chanel
entaum toca aq! peitinhooo!
you are tard...
Nathan Day
Didn't I see this on the UNITEDEFFECTS website?
Nathan Day
this is so sick
AnimalPlanet the best
Много хубаво видео!!! И с актуална тема!!!! Така е - да бъдем винаги осъзнати за нас и нашата планета! Thank you
not the shower
Kallia Flourentzou
this is the best advertisement
Liam Galgey
Yeah, and then puts it up his nose.
ooohhhh!!! q lindo!!! solo hasta la parte que se acaba el agua...
Raul Polnaru
Dude, this is sooo fucking lame. How the fuck can someone use the WHOOOOLE water? There is the same amount of water on earth since the beginning, it doesn't just dissappear in the cosmos... oh my fucking good!!!1111
Jason Blond
One think I can't give up is my long hot shower ... ;( =[ I'm a bad person!
Abdulmalik Nasser
haha. this is cute
Maiden Avalonne
cesar cruz
esta bueno XD
sherisse thompson
egli m
Yeah but the shower being used is an elephant XD
the only animal that can save the planet is the human. the only group of humans that can save the planet are the humans from the zeitgeist movement. ps. you can't use up all the water! water is the most abundant resource on the planet.
Great one! :) 5 stars! ^-^
Isso que dá ficar cantando no chuveiro!!!. Bem Bolado!!!
LOL saw this one on TV.
hippo has a sexy ass btw.and its absolutely lovely vid. with a great meaning behind it
these small movies are great!!! simply the best. i wish all the people could see and make the right conclsions after watching!
i love it ! ;D
Alternate theme: fatties need to take more showers.
Darvasi Lotti
whats the better? Hippo or cow?? thats are Funny
Dawn Akemi
Nice! Will make me think twice before I indulge in a long, hot shower!!! ;-)
Lots of rocks.
nobari bari
i look for this video for years is so funny and i watch this video when i was a chils
Angel Carreño
I used to see this commercial at Animal Planet everytime and i still love it
Infernox just for fun
c'est vraiment nul !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amaya Terrazas
PG-13!!!!!!! lol jkjkjk
Love all the characters
cc les amis
Ryan Ho
HD, please.
Farhan Naufal