BAMMA 6 Tom Watson vs Murilo Rua

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Tom "Kong" Watson vs Murilo "Ninja" Rua Main Event bout for the BAMMA World Middleweight Title from BAMMA 6. Held at the Wembley Arena, London 21st May 2011.

Alan K
seen more openings than a gynecologist...
Joe Lucas
That was a great fight but I felt sorry for Murilo Rua taking such a beating kind of sad.
Sean Thompson
Tom Watson good man he has respect for his opponent and super proffessional RESPECT Tom Watson! great fight man those legs kicks did it mate well done!
John Halchishick
Chopped him down then knocked him out
Ken W. Simpson
Tom Watson is a brilliant cage fighter and he's relentless. He has every move in the book. He boxes beautifully and kicks with precision and. power.
Painfully slow entrance. Fight starts @ 10:00
brian heidel
He should have left the mask on.
That was pretty fucking good! What a clinic.
That kick at 17:28 looks painful!
Lali Lingfa
Coach should have thrown white towel after the 2 minutes of 2nd fight.
5:37 ....min Faaaacckk !!!!!!!!!! the chef Gordon Ramsay walking right to the Octagon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, was Watson running a Clinic or what. Dismantled, piece by piece..
Sango Nguyen Huynh Thanh
william melo
O ninja é muito...fraco
Rogerio Oliveira
Isso não foi uma luta, foi uma surra....
edilson benedito vaz
esse nasceu pra apanhar até o seco do meu primo bate nele ! muda de vida
Adirson Teixeira
Bosta rua, uma cagada, 😨😵
Dallas DautermanDallas
I get a kick out of the British commentator's enthusiasm&puns..."more kicks than a chorus line", "more jabs than a diabetic", "more moves than Michael Jackson",etc,etc.
SEXY white
I know he was all roughed up, but that was the crappiest 60 second failed takedown I've ever seen
canadian boy
First time I've seen Mr.Watson fight very skilled and competitive individual. That was a display of technique, and game plan chop him down and knock him out. Terrific
Jacob Baez
Ninja! fighters chose those fancy names then they can live up to them hahaha so much for a ((Ninja))
Bravo Murilo Rua, cansado pra caramba, mas tentou bravamente. Que massacre.
Dallas DautermanDallas
"He's seen more openings than a gynecologist"?....that's commentator gold baby! Hahaha
Wait he finished him in two rounds? Felt more like five that was brutalZ
Nate Hill
Wow that guy is a real attention hog - I hope he gets beaten down
Alex T
Watson is on LSD I know it !
Robert Bell
Should bee stopped like 40 seconds in to last round
min 10.21 took me a while to figure out the positioning of the legs!!!! must watch the fight now..
Jack Heppell
Wow she sure looks happy
I love MMA, and i understand these guys agreed to be here... but that was fucking terrifying.
So satisfying Ninja getting beat up. He has no mercy when he fights he jumps onto opponents faces and causes permanent damage and leaves them fighting for life.
Rijal Hari
Anybody's knee may break with this kinds of kick but rua need more training. He didn't land even one good punch in all 3 rounds.
It wasn't a fair match.
Camilo Castelo
No fight... Sad.
jeff sorbo
What heart!
brian heidel
Hey, I know! -  Let's take up 30 minutes for an entry !!!!
σχιζοφρενικο καρυδι
Nasty kicks
Ernst Le Roux
Paddy Brady
great fight by kong
Dylan Weed
Is that shogun's brother? Cuz i think it is haha, cool
fucking class act, props to Ninja for staying in there as long as he did i was on my feet when i saw this fight as it first aired...and very nearly did the same thing again here right now
First time seeing Tom kong, very impressed. And what about Rua's heart? @LeeMmaOnly