Mega Man 11 – Demo Launch & Bounce Man Reveal Trailer | PS4

Get ready to jump, shoot, and jump again as Mega Man springs into Bounce Man’s rubbery stage in Mega Man 11. This newly revealed stage is bursting with colorful obstacles and enemies. Bounce Man awaits at the end of the stage – a jolly Robot Master boss who tends to play too rough. A demo for Block Man’s stage from Mega Man 11 is now available for download on the PlayStation Store. Download the demo to tackle this challenging stage and experience the series’ stunning new visual style and gameplay features. Use the innovative Double Gear system to slow time with the Speed Gear and overcharge the Mega Buster with the Power Gear. Do you have what it takes to defeat Block Man? Mega Man 11 launches on October 2, 2018.

Megaman never left. He’s always been in our hearts.
Metal Boss
Resident Evil VII, Monster Hunter World and Now Mega Man 11. You're doing great Capcom.
Nathen Ross
Double gear, don't you mean... GEAR SECONDO!!!
I'm not fat, I'm BOUNCY!
Is Blastman looking like Axel or is it just me?
Supersonicspyro 24
I'm still so happy ITS NOT 8 BIT!
Jonathan Quiroz 666
It's beatiful<3 I love Megaman<3
Capcom:were running out of words to put after man. Director:how about bounce man and block man Capcom:... Perfect.
The Gaming Pal Wolfang
the bounce man stage reminds me of springman from megaman 7
Ultra Instinct Megaman
Bounce Man is extra thicc
DBLoCK_ThE_KeyBlade Master
The demo was fantastic
Justin Jeffrey
Impact Man is the physical embodiment of all my fears of running into road construction.
Budi Dudi
Now do megaman x
An amazing Guy
Definitely a must buy and ill play it on my vita as well 😃
Necesito este juego en mi vida ❤️
Strange Dominus
Wow Impact Man! Never thought about a secret child of Optimus Prime and Devastator but there he is!
Every time bounce man does his punch, thunder claw pops into my head.
Gear 4 Luffy PogChamp
Zion Merks
Gear 4?
Manuel Francisco Cruz Garcia
I am going to feel bad killing bounceman.
Megaman is back to make the enemies cry like Mighty Number 9 supporters on prom night!
Patrick Wade
Do my ears deceive me, is that Todd Habercorn as Fuse Man?
I love Impact man's theme
Andres Rosales
We need X's
Sergio Howard
Am in the only one who likes the voice acting
I Cant Wait For MegaMan 11 To Be Realesed I Just Played The Switch Demo And Its Amazing 💥
Esse jogo promete
Gear 4 Luffy comes to mega man 😂
Block Man
0:58 what I came for
Rafael Leonardo Acero Castillo
ansioso del lanzamiento, lo único que no me gusta el caminado del Megaman...
Jordan Robiller
I thought I grew out of throwing my controller. Then I bought the legacy collections...
danboi E
Gear Fourth!!!!!!!!!!!
Played the demo. This game is so worth the price.
If megaman 11 is a success Megamanx9 will be born!!!!!!
Rudy Rudy
Bounce man gives me clown man flashbacks
Julio Dias
Already pre order, please make a Megaman X 9 in the dá-me style everbody will buy.
Mega Man: WAIT UNTIL I SHIFT INTO... *MAXIMUM DOUBLE GEAR* Wily: I knew I should've gone with the turbo...
Jason Harris
I wish they would have brought back the part when you can stun them with the Mega Buster on the final hit. That way Dr. Light can too reprogram them to help you. (Not to play as them but only to help you.)Then like maybe in the credits there like back to their normal job occupations after you've defeated Dr. Wily. Bounce Man sounds so fun you DON'T want to stop him. Or did Wily create these Double Gear Masters himself?
Zyxel Ztrife
The latest Clown Man model.🤡
Eugene Krabs!!???
Bounce man? Gear four xd
André- Kun
Blast Man is Kacchan from My Hero Academia
nilson silva
muito bom top
Is he the new dumbest robot master? Is bounce man the new Spring Man?
Michael Clay
Capcom killing the game man 🙏🏽✨😭✨🙏🏽
Man I can't wait till I get my hands on the actual game! Now we just need Rockman X9
Andre Souza
So I saw Luffy, Zoro and Ace in Megaman? Sold.
Remember when we thought Mighty No.9 was gonna be the Mega Man successor? How innocent we were.
Zayne Sanders
That bonus soundtrack sounding heavenly 😌 👌🏽
Enzo Oliveira
I've played it now,i tried to reach the boss...died a lot,finally megaman is back!!
Apacaveli Tha Don
Looks dope
Daniel Martins
Ameeeeeeeeiiii a demo!!! E não vai ser fácil. Vai dar uma dor de cabeça esse jogo 😂😂😂😂 Chega logo dia 02/10!!!
Why am I getting flashbacks to clownman's stage?
loyd abyss
Megaman vs robot-luffy xD
I would love to see the megaman zero series in 3D
Lofox 369
genial :^ viejos tiempos :3
Now bring back Megaman Zero and all the battle networks to the switch. Please and thank you.
ibr gue
Hear me!!! Capcom!!! Bring megaman legends 3 to the switch fulfilll the prophecy!
Double gear ....BounceMan ...Thats definitly luffy's Gear secondo & Fourth
I am sick of playing mega man online This is art This whole video Thanks you capcom For not making Megaman Poops
Skyro666 The Skyrider
I can make a Tier 7 MaGMML 2 Joke A Bouncy Castle and ACEspark Joke And a mega man sprite game Joke This is one of the best robo masters in Mega Man
Saiyan's Squad
*MegaMan* looking sharper than ever!
Rafael Azevedo
One of the best game of all times! Respect Eternal Megaman! Megaman X tomorrow!
Noside Foxhound
The game looks gorgeous! beautiful animations and gameplay!
Angel Contreras
This reminds me Clownman from Megaman 8!!! <3
It's been too long :')
Felipe Santos
Do it with Megaman series please❤️
André Luiz Magalhães
Sooo... Blastman, Torchman and Fuseman are revamped Bombman, Fireman and Elecman. I dig the designs, tough.
Mister Mink
Why what a pleasant surprise
they all look so friendly. can i be your friend? 🤗
Zero Mafia boss
"I bet you can't bounce like this" here enters Luffy Gear fourth
This is amazing. Now start on the new mega man x and mega man legends games.
Guia _ Marcus Moreira _ Cultura&Natureza
Sou fã, porém acho que não deveria se chamar Megaman 11, porque temos noção de continuidade e só a capcom saberá qdo será lançado o 12 ou não!
9/30 Studios
If Spring man and Clown man's stage collided, bounce man's stage will be born
Please make another Megaman Starforce or Battle Network game please! >.<
Lord Nero
Oh boy!
Jolo Sarmiento
I hope this becomes successful then maybe they can finally make Megaman Legends 3 🙏🏻
Sonicice 24
I love Bounce Man.
Wing X Custom
A Mega Man game with Mega Man X like control and movement? I'm in.
Anderson Nascimento
play station por favor trás para nós euro truck simulator 😍😍
Realidad Scans
Mighty n9 part 2 seem amazing
Loki Odinson
Bah yo this comin to Nintendo's Switch right?
Ronie French
Bounce Man sounded like a kid and Impact Man sounded like a wise knight
0:51 he said Squidward?
Nick Blake
please do a multiplayer mode and not vs you did that already and it would be the same i mean CO-OP
The Stanimal
Poor Tay k he won’t get to play his favourite game
Amir Griffin
Is Ben diskin voiceing megaman?
aden 3j
Will there be a mega man 12
Megaman x7 flashbacks
Icy Cold Hands
Luffy, Sabo, Capone and Kizaru as bosses. Nice.
alex guzman
I can't wait to play this game this game brings me back to My childhood MegaMan 2 was my favorite
TheHyperSpaceMaster 678
In the switch version, it's Block man
Josue Ferrer
esta lindo el juego ,pero por favor podrían poner una versión de mundo abierto como ,megaman odissey
Salem Andrada
And here i thought i could not be enticed to buy another megaman game after legends 3. Gg capcom
Daniel Jeger
I still wait megaman legend 3
no I'm d i r t y dan
*see's Impact Man* dat u Optimus?
Gordo Terremotanque De Ravioles
all i want from this game is the story to link with zero and with megaman x