AC/DC - Back In Black (1980) | Album Review

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Arcane Senzen
I wonder if you’ll be doing a Throwback of Take This To Your Grave by Fall Out Boy before MAN I A drops on January. Looking forward to a possible RANKED of Fall Out Boy on it
Michael Bunn
I honestly can't stand this band but still R.I.P EDIT: I just coughed a mouth full of hot chocolate on to my laptop's keyboard
sho date
the youngs were born in scotland
Second Avenger
By complete coincidence, I felt like listening to this album again today, and right after I finished it, I got on Twitter and found out Malcolm died. Great review as always Jon and Rest In Peace to Malcolm Young.
Emily Pereznegron
my dad actually gave me his cassette tape of back in black. he had gotten it when he was a teenager. my dad passed it down to me as he noticed that i started to get into music. lol don’t worry yall i have a little radio that plays tapes 😂but that album got a place in my heart. also rip malcom young your talent will live on ❤️❤️❤️
Juliette Berry
Thank you so much for this review! As a huge AC/DC fan, i'm so sad that Malcolm Young passed away! I've been lucky to see him back in june 2010 when AC/DC played in Paris and i'll always remember this day! ♥
Fotios Karoutsos
so sad he died.
Satanz Barz
Wait when did he die?
RIP Malcolm... like his brother Angus, he always seemed so Young....
Alex Drums
Rip Malcom. I love Ac/Dc and back in Black is a personal favorite of mine. So long Malcom at least you died a legend
Jorge Martínez Lamigueiro
AC/DC was dead but now was buried too.
My favorite record of all time, thank you for this. Cranked this album up a little extra loud today. Rest In Power Malcolm.
David Sanchez
Bon is not the original singer but original prominent singer.
Back in Black was my introduction to ACDC. After BIB, I went on to For those about to Rock which currently is my favorite record next to BIB. RIP Malcolm Young.
Are we expecting to see a ranked episode of QOTSA now that Villians has been out for a while?
Green Day Inc.
R.I.P Malcolm Young. Thank you.
Migue Ugartechea
AC/DC was my introduction to rock music and it changed my life forever. Love this album, the Young brothers are still heros of mine. I'd love to hear more about AC/DC from you.
Juank Beni
Mark Wehner
Can you do a throwback review of A Night at the Opera by Queen?
I grew listening to them, my dad is an huge fan, this is sad news. RIP
Jonathan Gillis
Will you be doing a Beck or White Stripes ranked episode(s)?
Killerworm99 Gaming
2016-2017. Sad years for Classic Rock. David Bowie, Tom Petty, and Malcom Young. Those were the three biggest deaths by musicians
R.I.P. Malcolm Young. Satan's coming for you, he's ringing them now, the temperature's high, across the sky, they're taking you down, they're dragging you around, gonna split the night, there's no way to fight. You'll be dearly missed.
David Sanchez
Can you have a discussion on the annoying, “all their songs sound the same,” critique that’s so useless?
I hope they come back home to Adelaide to respect Malcom.
Yung Washing Machine
are you going to talk about lil peep
Why does it seem like every music youtuber forgot to tribute tom petty? He was amazing!
R.i.p Malcolm
deveus channel
Chris Then Chester now Malcolm ... 2017 the year my heros died
Olivia Jesolva
loving the throwback reviews!
Jesus Christ tha Lord bitch
This is a great review 👌
Joel Martel
From Scotland.
Joel Martel
Cliff Williams not Johnson
Joel Martel
Shoot to the thrill is the greatest song ever!!!
Joel Martel
Shake a legs solo is magical.
Nick Boy
u should review one of the bands album Avatar
Have a drink on me, What do you for money honey, Let me put my loved into you, are my most favorites. To be honest, Back in Black is over played, overrated and might be my least favorite. Still a great album though 9/10 for me of course.
edouard GAGNON
rip malcom-dc
Mr.Breakfast_3 The one and only
Let me put my love in to you & Givin' the dog a bone are definitely my favorites
Collin Bauer
Could you possibly do a review on Skillet's new deluxe version of Unleashed? Even though you have not liked their recent music.
Emily Merrell
Pls review ‘low in high school’ by Morrissey. It’s his first album in a while and is extremely politically charged.
This album is for me a 6/5 p.
Young Phoenix
Before 2k views
Young Phoenix
Rip Malcom young
Juan J. Dueñas
High Voltage is better than Back in Black
David Sanchez
Other ACDC albums?
you didn't review anything in memory of lil peep, a much better musician, and a legend of his scene who went out young
Peanut Butter Pikachu
Review come over when you're sober part 1.
The Negan Guy
RIP Malcolm Young as for this album 5/5
The ABacross
I think everyone in the World has heard at least one AC/DC Song. them and Queen are legends in Rock.
By the way Dave Evans was the orginial singer of AC/DC Bon Scott was the second and Brian Johnson was the third !!!
Reijo P.
I am not a fan of AC/DC but I have two of their albums. Highway to Hell is my favorite and it would deserve 4.5/5. Back in Black is my second favorite from them and I give it 4/5. It is one of the strangest best-selling albums. I can understand Thriller and Led Zeppelin IV but why is Back in Black selling so much? It is not radio-friendly music.
Garbage Gang
I was listening to this album when I heard the news :(