Rone - Bye Bye Macadam (Official Video)

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Bye Bye Macadam by Rone: / />Music Video directed by Dimitri Stankowicz Listen to the album on YouTube: /> *** Follow Rone /> /> Follow InFiné /> /> /> ** The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE:

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I normally don't listen to this kind of music, but fuck me that song is so good. Any recommendations for other tracks like this?
Daniel C.
lyrics:whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat hey whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat hey whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat hey whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat hey
Enable Chaos
Can you *maybe* chill?
Graham Loines
1k dislikes??????? Who are these people?!
Adriana Zmuda
Do you feel that deep ,cosmic spirituality in this video too ?
According to Dimitri Stankowicz and Rone, this video is meant to depict a shaman cult worshipping the birth and eventual death of a star (hence the title Bye Bye Macadam) by performing ceremonies involving the forces of nature (such as lightning) displaying the stages of the star's life. More broadly it's the worshipping of the cosmos.
Nicholas Zuniga
They looked up to the stars and exclaimed, "We are your masters!" But they could not hear the stars whisper, "We are here for you, my child."
ari- stotle
all of this just looks like a really high intensity workout lmao. those guys gotta have some killer stamina to continually shoot up from position of a child
Manuel Gomez
Congratulations. You have found the most beautiful high video on the internet
The Kaptation
I found this in 2014 now it's 2018 help I can't get away
Micah Buzan
Incredible animation and song.
Let's start a religion out of this
There's something special about this video... I'm not sure what, maybe it's the movement of the hair or maybe the way she moves with the music. It's just hypnotic.
Felix Ngullie
2018 still listening And loving it also still getting ear raped in the end every time
Maddy Macdonald
This video makes black and white seem colourful
Something about this is so nostalgic, but I can't figure out what.
Sebas Gómez
Coolest coven ever!
Saw this video on ‘Off The Air - Death’ on adult swim a few years back.. I was immediately obsessed
This has to be the 10th time I have watched this now.
Roger W•
Pretty much every part of animation in this video would look great on a shirt.
Duncan Vester
Is this heaven or hell?
Bora bora bora bora bora bora bora bora yeah bora bora bora bora bora bora bora bora
i can see this in a phone trailer
Adam Colins
What kind of drugs did I take?
Mochi Does It
when you feel sort of sad o listen to this
Ale Gimenez
this is a illuminati ritual
Leif the Wandering Traveler
My favorite video, ever.
Is this what acid is like?
Starlight Angel
I think this is the coolest video on YouTube
Toxy Flakes
Прощай, щебень! Ох уж этот перевод.
this is really inspiring for some odd reason. it's just so pleasuring.
Mike Smith
such an amazing song and video! It would be perfect except for that awful branded noise at the very end after the peaceful fade out
clay bisq
creepy and cool at the same time
i was super stoned when i watched it and cried lol
anon hikka
I need more of something like this. A lot more. ASAP. Help/
happy new year -  2018
I'm Pretty Dank •-•
I'm confused is she like a horse space lady?
KatorZ Channel
Quem ta vendo agora, veja como ela fica acelerads à versão que eu fiz, ta no meu canal
Mythic. X
I feel like something woke up in side me
JeReMy EsTrAdA
One of the best bass lines...ever..
Adult Swim brought me here. Late night tunes. #OffTheAir
I often wonder how many people really understood this.
skyler vanderpool
The animation reminds me of Adventure time =]
Chutt Chuttz
This explain my whole life
Merci à Guzz Production pour m'avoir fait découvrir cette musique ! Thanks to Guzz Production for making me discover this music !
Becky Ochoa
The animation remembers me "Adventure time"... XD
Giselle TDC
Wow ❤ ❤ ❤
gato gritus
Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah YEAH
SithArk l
I feel like this is the story to the video, a beautiful yet sad story of beings that love to create. There was a group of very power full being, they came from nothing to be something. This nothing was the big bang. They wanted to create and build galaxies to frolic. After they became bored of creating worlds and space. Exhausting every idea, they realized they haven't made anything as powerful as them self. So they began experimenting and creating, some where disasters. Worlds were lost and sacrificed for more power. Until they did it. Pushing all of their own energy into this creation and sacrificing themselves. They made it, the ultimate power, one that is so immensely powerful nothing could ever hurt it. That is except its self, this power broke it, continued to consume it until. Until there was no more. The beings where gone, destroyed by there own creation. Though they never will be able to build again, the creations they left behind will never end keeping their spirit alive and continue to create.
Regina Talacková
Lovely ❤
Lautaro Mazza
Cosmogenesis, fire devas, and creation.... Cosmic Fire... OMG!
Julian Davis
Kind of getting " The OA " vibe from this. I love it.
reproduzcanlo a velocidad 2 o:
Dualism. light vs dark. Going through the motions of life, trying to find the balance in the internal void.
Autumn Woodfall
This is my aesthetic
Carmen Montes
Nahoj Coda
i am making a playlist of the best music videos i could find, any suggestions?
Catalina Requena
What kind of music genre is that?
Between this, Lone Digger, Jenny, Shelter, and The Gorillaz's stuff, I think that all music videos should be animated. Sure, it takes a lot of work, but... Look at this. Animation + music is freaking gorgeous & I don't think there's enough of it.
Есть кто на русском?
benjbara aymane
looking for a similar song? try LORN - ANVIL
Art/Animation on this was fucking beautiful. They should be applauded, awarded, and orally satisfied.
Berke Güven
i think this clip have a subliminal message
Brandon McBadass
Adult Swim: Off The Air 11/30
J'aime bien Rone mais je trouve ce morceau insupportable. C'est vraiment pas celui qui mérite le plus de vues à mon avis.
Chris Laezur
This makes me think of quantum physics and the Universe
Ester Vašková
i have a strange urge to join a cult after this
well, okay. Well, Okay... WEll, OKay... WEADSSADE OKAY!
Dr. Booster
anyone 2017?
Mart - lMGc
si t français mais un pousse bleu! LOL il en a pas... ah si 1
"Can you hear me?"
This was so much fun to watch. And relaxing
Tolga G.
WTCn Ferit'den gelenler.
gray ninja
E y e g a s m
Rita Mércia
Música e vídeo meio que hipnóticos e desgraçados de bons!!
Who else dreams this crazy?
One of the most amazing things I've seen. I love this kind of music, I love space, I love animation, and I love physics. What a deft blend of all those elements. <3
Ciren Rose
My teachers Surname is Macadam so I just typed Mr Macadam and clicked dis lol
sicc beat
Это тема ништяк!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Возможно так роэдаются миры и вселенные!!
Daddy MCfist
this that good shit
Tim Bener
Want more like that? For all of you, I higly recommend: The xx - Intro Moderat - Bad Kingdom lorn - Acid rain Nuages - Dreams To me these songs and visualizations are as graet as this video.
Cloudy_The Lion
Finally after searching the internet for something that is not garbage I have found the safe part of the internet.
Mo Tv
Thanks for the recommendation YouTube !
Guhan E
The ending tho....
Pocahontas Xx
5 years I didn't know about this .. How could I ??
this is one of the most beautiful audiovisual things i've ever seen.
Brandon McBadass
so, is the fact that one is different represent the controller/leader and the others are blind followers? are they forced because of her "electricity" (power) is forcing them to all act the same and go the same. Same circles, same loops, same people. (???)
Trish Pere
I accidentally clicked on this video, I've now had it on repeat for the past hour.
Gustavo RSE
Gosto muito desse estilo de música. Parabéns pelo seu trabalho Rone!
cowez vincent
best music of mi intaer live
Gene Pozniak
Sounds like "111111110111111, 111111110111111...." Anyone know what that is in binary to decimal? Other meaning?
phil pits
This is incredible.. For some reason the animation really reminds me of the game Year Walk
this video is so important, it means a lot to me
Victor Bastos
This song and the video are pure art
Moje Konie
how is beautiful!! realy!! pozdrowienia z Polski😂😎😘
this song is how i feel