Sprinter Conquest: Full Campaign in 1 hour (Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Livestream)

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Diablo 3 RoS: season 5 conquest achievement - Sprinter / Speed Racer. Complete campaign in under 1 hour. Livestream. To progress through Season Journey and unlock another stash tab, you must complete 2 conquests. Written guide: /> ▬ Subscribe for more videos ► /> ▬ Follow me on Twitch to join me when I play: ► /> ▬ Patreon rewards: /> ▬ Follow me on Twitter for updates: ► /> ▬ Join the in-game community group: Rhykker's Raiders More Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls guides, builds for all classes - Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Crusader, Barbarian, Monk, and Wizard: /> Executive producer: Saruhan

Murray Kitson
half the game is in the first 2 acts... then blizz got lazy :P
My left eye twitched everytime you skipped a goblin.
The man to scared to get a tattoo
6 min skeleton king.. I think my first ever play through took like 3 hours xD
Coming from a casual D3 player, that speed run is just awesome to watch. Amazing!
Gideon Boyle
I like how he shows the 20 on the die as if by doing so shows he rolled a 20. 1:01:00
wow now i know i will never complete this, no one i play with knows the game well enough to do this. ive tried solo and its impossible.
Dies to exploding Grotesque on normal, kappa
Vasiliy Smirnov
whole vid spent 50% of a time looking on map, finding right route, like it will help x))
Riley LaForge
They should do more things like this :). I love timed runs. Zul'Aman in wow is one of my best memories. Races in POE are pretty cool, wish D3 had some more.
Whyitisverydumb 123
I LOVE ur channel keep up the good work
Bilbo Baggins the Wise
Ugh, this looks like the exact opposite of fun...I'm not even going to try this since I only know one other person who still plays. Anyone have some strats for the two grift conquests? I'm playing a barb.
Brad Hapgood
and he did in under 1 glass of water.
I swear I don't remember what I did XD
haha it's funny watching this like a year and a half after the fact. I just did this a few weeks ago using an infinite dash monk and it was a joke. I didn't use a timer or anything but didn't come anywhere near to taking an hour. the sprinter achievement is a joke now. the chicken WDs can make a joke of it too. Not as fast as the monk but still waaaaay under an hour.
Ken Havens
now do it on Torment 10 :)
Man doing that kind of stuff is so much fun, had 2 fam and a friend to do that with but they all stopped playing lol
God this feels so good to watch, can't even imagine how it would feel doing it hahaha gotta gather some friends and do it! XD
Bruno Bursic
Rhykker are you a vegan?
OfficialToytz yt
Awesome done! :) I'm kinda new to wizards but what is that thing that makes you being able to teleport this much? And wow what a arcane regen
Shahram Shey
is it possible to do this solo?
Allan Wright
congratulations. I know one thing...I'm not gonna do it.
Jacques Baben
I tip my hat gentleman. Well done!!
How are you supposed to do this solo? Jeez.
Jacob Harris
They did what I did in 4 hours in 10 min
Scott Reidel
solid state drives really help the load times.
It took me 4 times as much to finish Act I
Mr.K Walk It Out
i never sucess this, very hard
Dead Pool
lol man there's more hackers on console then there is on pc i'm a console diablo 3 gamer and when i saw that they had modded gear i was like man this is ridicules why buy the game if your gonna hack it smh.
Princess Grouchy
Does anyone know his build?
Clorox Bleach
but can you do it in t13?
what is conquest? haven't played in forever
Brogers Gaming
I personally only play Diablo with friends on pc, obviously I know nothing about high ranking diablo 3 play, although I do not understand what purpose hacking in diablo serves, its easy enough lmao
Simo Kauppinen
does any body have a guide on the build he's using?
Cotton Candy
uploaded 6 days ago, what happend to ur paragon O.o, active players should be 1200+.
This must be done in torment X not normal
Ethan Claffy
Good job! That was intense to watch. Homing pads probably would've made some parts easier
I had to give up on this. Couldn't find 2 other players who were interested in training for it. Got what I came for in achievements. That extra inventory space.
Guilherme Schmidt
58:44 i don't know the build you were using but, wouldn't homind pads help?
Justicar Alaric
Can you imagine the faces on all of the mobs where they see angel like beings warping in for less than a second and then warping out killing all their friends and bosses
Lambo Guy
Why is the cooldown of teleport so fast AF
I'm glad my guide was finally helpful, even though it was 1 year after it was written :D (quik here, btw)
rana ali
seems like you guys did it on normal but in the conquest menu it says on highest level, how does that work?
Radek Ratel
*goes away from this with respect for the four of you, hatred for blizzard making such a brutal solo challenge, and in awe of some of the most eloquently flowing cursing, I think I've ever heard!* xD
Jay Webber
I would be sincerely grateful if ur friends would stop staying Damn it 10x!
Sonny Ankau
"I would play couch-coop with friends, not online with all the hackers." PC has way more hackers than console.
Skv TV
he use TurboHud lol.
At least put in title it's not solo.... and save me the trouble of openig a video i dont intent to watch. thx.
Martin Petrov
They turned this amazing RPG in race game so sad.
Vape Nation
the game is cancer now :(
I should be sleeping but I’m binge watching YouTube videos.
What wiz build was he using? he had non-stop TP without ingeom.
space17439 1GooglYears
You know how to do multiplayer but I want to
Gabe Herick
What difficulty are they on?
This is seriously such a stupid conquest. It's not fun, and absolutely pointless solo.
Alex c
So we started me amd my crew...one by one got the black screen with quest complete freeze mode...so lame and ladt guy kept dying on malthyle so lame
Nation wide
so let me get this straight you can be the best players in the game and barely beat this conquest with 1 min left as speed builds .... gg blizz
Titanium Rhyno
I'm new to the game (I know, late to the party) and have been trying to get caught up on stuff. This is incredible! Well done!
thuan le
Michael angel and sky like game
Didn't realise my birthday was mentioned in the chat...xD Great run Rhykker and team! :) Well deserved
Seriously, hackers have ruined pubs on console but there are still a few of us who play legit and earn our progress the hard way. This speed run is insane. So many things to remember. Crazy!
Nicholas Bunn
That was intense. Love the videos and channel 👍
necro mantis
LOL guys ask him why he is so hype. They said they already tried before and failed so that means they've dedicated hours on completing that when you finally do it you feel like you want to shut your pants and take a nap
Mister Fields
Man the two girls singing in the ad were awesome great talent, and a great stream
Andrew Dennis
Rykker: “We never have to do this again.” Season 13:🤔
thuan le
tran bi giap nhu chien binh hy lap mau` bac don gian~ linh hoat ma ngau` Michael angel and sky
Marcos Reichert
How do you teleport so much?
evan water
How do you eve start a conquest?looks fun btw.
Do you have to do this in one sitting? Or can you take breaks?
It's impossible it keeps bugging for me
Liam o'Mahoney
The music is epic! who is the artist?
Do you have like 99% CD-R like Jesus you tele fast
your UK friend sounds like an actor and it was driving me nuts trying to think of who. I think he sounds like the dude who played rorschach in watchmen
Erick López
How is that ultra fast clicking even possible
Ken Tucky
I wanna restart and build my way back up to t13
Damn, ggwp! Wish I could've been there, even if it wasn't live I still felt the hype \o/ Also, for the music you played during the run, do you by any chance have a playlist of that? It was awesome music and I would love to use it while running things myself :D
Caleb Jacobs
Rhyker is a good youtuber. It’s just his voice 😳 I swear he has weights hanging on his ball sack to make his voice deeper. Fml
How many have completed this challenge
anyone gonna mention the fact that the build guide link doesnt work
V Scorpion
Lol do that in 2 players with 4 its eassy boi
gz . its hard,very hard ! i dont even try, u dont need crazy paragon to do it, but crazy skills and a good wizard-team
Knight Imperious
It takes you under an hour when it takes me over 3 days
Brandon Zimmermann
Didnt realize how much they changed up act 5
Your Local Meme Dealer
When the doctor says you only have 1 hour left to live but you are a hardcore Diablo fan.
From rubber banding and just getting stuck on things you must have taken an extra minute :3
The ArgONaught
So, next week Rhykker runs viewers through Sprinter achieve? *wink wink nudge nudge*
VoSs Dog
What took him 8 minutes. Took me 3 houra
wow is this Xbox gameplay?
Meerkat M
what is that transmog for his weapon? :O
well, gg...talk about commitment...
Deanna Trepanier
I was thinking about trying this conquest until watching this video. Holy shit. Stressful.
God2 pk
does it really count as a speed race if they are already level 70 in act 1...?
jeremy paxton
how does this game differ from pc to ps4?
Rhykker and JHow shd do esports commentary together.
William Garant
WOW, amazing so to clarify, I need a rubber band wizard to even hope of reaching this season challange?
Mic Mac
2Fast 2Furious ! GG guyz !
@rc'n gel productions
gg but totally unfair for people with terrible connexion and bad config machines
how many attemts did you make?
Gabriel Ramcharitar
Congrats amazing teamwork
alberto mezzanotte
Wizz build?
What build is he using???