6年ぶり待望のシングル・コレクション第二弾! 2010年7月21日リリース 「THE ELEVENTH DAY~SINGLE COLLECTION~」収録 GACKTオフィシャルHP:

JESUS ジーザス GACKT ガクト がくと 眠り狂四郎 crownrecord THE ELEVENTH DAY

Until recently there was a comment which explained the song, and with it the video, but it seems the account was deleted. Think it's essential to be here to not misunderstand the song. The song is not about suicide, it is related to the Requiem et Reminiscence II concept story Gackt created in 2008-2009, which is connected to the story I created in 2001. The story is set during the World War II in Third Reich, and depicts a love triangle between Rei, Ryuichi and Maria. It was interrupted by Ryuchi's jealousy; the similarity of Rei with disappeared cyborg Proto was enough to unwillingly be transformed into a cyborg. Like Proto, Rei now known as Zero, became Humanoid Assault Weapon Type 2, "Zwei", and the commander of regrouped 4th Independent Tactical Guerrilla Force, shortened name "Ghost" (which relates to the other song). Zero, now a cyborg, sings about "Tightly embracing only the empty broken shell ... Wake me up, From this dream, Real or dream? Please tell me, Maria! ... Answer me, Jesus!". The Maria in question isn't neccesarily Christian Maria ie. Mary, yet Maria Klose from the story, but neverthless to both Maria and Jesus people pray in seek for somekind of revelation. Through this song and story he tried to question who are humans, existence of a God, why at the same time destructive and loving, humanity decides to start wars, and the meaning of cyborg - where start and ends the existence of human being. Seemingly with erased memories, Zero began to remember his most precious memories when was human, those emotions and thoughts of love.
Takumi Koga
このPVのスタイルのGACKTが一番好き。 黒髪、黒尽くめに赤ネクタイってかっこよすぎる!!
Steven Matthews
One of my favorite Gackt songs. I also enjoy that guitar riff (Metallica's One). Pretty cool.
sara h
Gackt has such a powerful voice.
asuka tamura
傷ついた抜け殻をただ 抱きしめていた 降り注ぐ雨は静かな 君の涙 Wake me up この夢から Real or dream? 教えてくれ Maria... 「殺して...」と微笑みながら頬に触れた 見えない目に涙を溜めて消えて逝く Take me out この夢から Real or dream? 応えてくれ Jesus... God said when you die, Your life will pass before your eyes. If you want to feel it right now, Just do it...
Fabriny Souza
This song seems to be about a man seeking answers while going through sorrow and desperation. Like is it real or a dream? And he doesnt want to live it.. which is why he points a gun to himself. Gackt is playing as the thoughts going on in his head. This surely is a serious song, but a deep one. The title "Jesus" symbolizes hope during those rough times. (this comment was better written then the page decided to refresh itself -_ -)
sky mu
Laura B
Dude, you have so much to live for... LIKE GACKT WITHIN ARM'S REACH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I know it's the purpose of the song to show the man's struggle with life and death, but if I was there in that man's place, I'd be glomping..! Once he came close enough, big hug! ...I am totally ruining the seriousness of this song with my ranting, I apologize.
I like his tribute to Metallica's "One" starting @ 1:50 according to him, that song was what inspired him to write "Jesus". Go Gackt!
Little KanonW
Tal vez ese tipo se mató por la emoción de tener a Gackt a lado.
OtakuGirl Japan
Who needs american music when you have GACKT? :D
Lmfao. If he's going to Hell, then I shall book my VIP ticket for the hell train to Hell.
Very unappreciated acting from the guy with the gun, wanting it all to just be over, but still scared of death.
Otaku Idol
I'm in love <3333
Dera Sun
Ilias Papadopoulos
I wonder if Gackt was inspired by Billie Joe to be dressed like this! I love this song!!
みなさん、整形に随分偏見を持っているようですね 別に、整形だっていいじゃないですか・・・ 美の追求ですよ もし整形だとしても元が良くなければ、こんなに美形には、なれないわけだし あまり、根拠の無いこと言うべきでは無いと思いますよ 批判食らうだけだし・・・ そのくらい、学びましょう。
welp,according to the bible,that guys in hell now
Dino Alex
午後ローの前の海外ドラマの紹介cmっぽい 自己愛性パーソナリティ障害を昇華した曲にも見えるな This song looks commercial of American drama which is used.
Mutits Thonfpil
*-*   cool  i miss this song
Valyne Tyne
The human being God didn't mess up on. Drool...
Tetsuya Hinomura
That's Hitler. Basement.Walther P38.Uniform.Same face.He is Hitler.committed suicide!
Marguerite Smith
Gackt is such an amazing singer I always love listing to him sing. He has such a beautiful voice~ He is so passionate in all his songs. Yes I know the song is about suicide a rather touchy subject for most of us *sorry for those who get offended*.
Sarcastichuman Beingsarcastic
Probably the heaviest song ever recorded by Gackt
Jessica Hoeting
Anyone else notice the guy is wearing a german uniform?
WL Forever
I fell in love with this song! *.* So EPIC! Love ya Gackt~! ^^
Ki-tan kk
これすきーーーーーーっw この曲のお陰でGACKT様ブーム到来しましたw
Aline Cruz
Ahh~como amo la voz de este hombre <3 *-*
the end of this video with the lyrics do it are very irresponcible,jesus is alive and gives hope.
S.A Impavido
What the fuck so this song is basically about suicide
John Mumby-Cole
So Gackt has some really dark songs and then I cant help but laugh at Vanilla because the song has a lot of sex metaphors
Black Dynamite
I've been known to sing this at karaoke in roppongi lol
Habrid O'Young
So grim reaper finally made his own band huh.
Habrid O'Young
Gackt should really feature maiko from dazzle vision in one of his future songs
andres felipe gordillo moreno
que locura tan buena yo ni ser tan fan del hevimetal y darkmetal me encanto eso si GACKT mi padre a menudo ser fan de metalica y mi persona de iron maden y AC DC
You should look for the translation! Gackt says "Answer me, Maria" and "Answer me, Jesus". The man with the gun is asking for help (even for Jesus) to continue living.
why doesnt this have more views!? man this is EPIC!
<3o<3 ;P why does Gackt use european/american people in his music videoes?? LOL i love him :D
Gackt's already made himself a name in our future worldwide history.
i believe this man gets hotter with age :o
@ProfessorREi he is. some of the members changed. You and Chacha are still in. Though, I missed it when Juken and Toshi were in the band. Especially Juken, aside from You and Chacha he was my favorite member of his band.
@ProfessorREi sorry, i meant ryu. i get those two members mixed up >.<
this song rocks
@sb2killer gackt is a legend, green day is not. dont compare
@heathermcd89 you are so dumb! it is called tracing, trying to know the artist better, you need to study his past works. you are dumb! dont talk to me
@SoulEaterTeam he sure does, Gackt changed my life too!
@heathermcd89 you are the retarded one, i bet you did not know that GACKT has a song called Illuminati in his Malice Mizer days
@chibomato78 so is he anti-christ? they have a song illuminati right?
@chibomato78 it;s a turn off..
@AnimeSongCover wow your father is awesome dude XDDD
من اروع الكليبات اللي احبها لك ابداع واللحن حماسي كذا شي غريب وروعة :$ G R E A T
since sasuke has 2 sets of eyes now ?
Asian version of the lead singer of greenday =P
awesome song, cool album too
Gackt is ... aaah :D
Sorata Crosszeria
oooh jesus, BAKA YAROOO!!
Katelin Esarey
Katelin Esarey
wrong. We evolved as human beings, first from bacteria tell what we are now. Changes in the earth created us, there's no such thing as god but believe what you want.
Love to the world, to Japan, hello Gackt!
@kayalomy5 i hope that was sarcasm.
@Tetsuya3892 ??
I don't understand the lyrics but still love it!
This is METAL ROCK!!
Sol Astudillo
@LichBane483 it would make such an awesome anime intro. And whatever anime that has this intro would become my fave anime XDD
game ch死神
Miara S. H.
Coming down memory lane 💖 gackttt
Just DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! Very nice of you... XD
Heather McDermott
people need help. anyway, i like this song. he's not afraid to try different genre's, and they usually work out for him. i respect that.
Heather McDermott
@blackstank551 what's wrong with that?
Yee Wong
evening ninja
This song is so epic
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If you read the discussion from the beginning you would understand :) And if you have a specific question, PM me, I'm busy but if you are serious I would certainly gladly answer ^^
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hehe ^^
Well good thing "for you" it is a joke, as for me np, Im already aware of the reality, and it doesnt change the thing that you should give yourself a try and look at the link I gave you, it is interesting. Cheers :)
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Dont try, you're too dumb that's why...
@XPyromaniacXDestinyX lol this just makes me laugh everitime i read it XD
I live for this song....
Everyone shut the hell up and watch the damned video!!!! You go Gackt-sama!!!!!
Keisha Harris
@ItsAnnieeee not in real life no but in the music video he did cause noone can with stand a bullet straight through their brain like that.