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/> Iguazu Falls is located at the junction of three nations: Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. These “Great Waters,” as named by the indigenous Guarani people, are made up of 275 waterfalls that span nearly 2 miles. Sorry, Niagara! Any Iguazu Falls tour will provide you with a sense of nature’s power and wonder. You can follow a boardwalk trail and take in the majestic, roaring falls from a safe vantage point…or, if you feel daring, a platform above the falls. Look down, but hang on to the railing—that’s a lot of water pouring beneath you. Don’t mind getting wet? Take a speedboat safari beneath the falls and enjoy the spray. Prefer to stay dry? A helicopter ride over the falls might be for you. From up high, the falls form a tremendous chasm in the surface of the earth, further solidifying the fact that this area is one of nature’s great wonders. Surrounding the Falls are the two Iguazu National Parks, one located in Brazil, the other in Argentina. The parks are home to beautiful rainforest full of exotic creatures, like wild cats, reptiles, and 400 species of birds and butterflies. There’s far too much here to see in a day, so plan an extended visit to Iguazu. You can even stay the night in the national park and see more of it in the morning. How did you feel when you saw Iguazu Falls? Visit our Iguazu Falls travel guide page for more information or to plan your next vacation! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on social media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: />Pinterest: />Google+: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on our travel blog, Viewfinder:

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From our cameraman, Jon: "Here's a tip for budding photographers: The park opens at 8 am, too late to catch the sunrise, but it stays open until 6 pm, so you can catch some great sunset/twilight shots. And make sure you keep an eye out for the humming birds! They're amazing here. Funny story about this shoot: I arrived on time but my suitcase was a day behind me, so we shot half of the video with no tripod!"
The most beautiful Falls in the world.
the most beautiful waterfalls on earth, hands down! I went there 3 times. Always having the same feeling: amazed!
Cesar Seabra
Been there, Amazing, Threre is much more than the falls, Great hotels, cousine, culture and adventure....
luuchoo G
Paraguay no tiene nada que ver con las cataratas del Iguazú. Las cataratas son 80% argentinas, 20% brasileñas, y Paraguay las mira por TV.
Itchy Feet Diary
Wonderful place! I've just added it on my bucket list. Thanks for inspiration ;)
One of God's creation at it's best:)
exe contreras
Argentina: 80%. Brazil: 20%.
A Hariet
truly God exits.Thanks for the video
Esteban Pereyra Cortez
Iguazu Falls are 80% in Argentina and 20% in Brazil.
I mean
All the Expedia videos so amazing and relaxing, I watch them every night before sleep and hopefully I could be at any of those wonderful places in my dream.
Which view is better from Brazil or Argentina
João Lucas
BRASIL!! Amo meu país!! :D
Iguazu Falls: 80 % Argentina, 20 % Brazil. The Argentina side is better.
Paraguay? Iguazu Falls are 80% in Argentina and 20% On Brazil! Why did you say that coutry?
claudio Maxl
Sonia Nuits blanches
ces images sont sublimes <3 viva argentina y viva la Terra <3
gabriel martinez
the falls iguazu are Argentinas
Damian Benz
Que bueno que pudieron. subtítulos .Muy buen video, yo fui ahí de el lado de Brasil y Argentina. saludos desde Argentina
Victor Gattis
Jehovah's creation is wonderful. This is beautiful. Expedia, this is in my list to visit. I have a cousin who lives there
Van Linh Dinh
amazing fall
A Hariet
truly God exits.Thanks for the video
Patricia Vidal
so heroic
beautiful ich want to live there😍😍💜
Magnifique !
Rosanna Buonocore
Crediamo che la natura ci appartenga e possiamo piegarla! crediamo di essere onnipotenti invece semplicemente facciamo parte del mondo e restiamo incantati di fronte a tali spettacoli......saudade
Facundo Aguilar
Please, make a video from Perito Moreno Glaciar!
Christiane Haennig
tout simplement grandiose et magnifique
Gustavo Timer
Iguazu Falls are 80% in BRAZIL and 20% in aRGENTINA
Gold Digger Wright
One of the most beautiful places I've ever been!!
sim brazil precise jogar uma bomba nessa merda da argentina
Kalyapat Panchuphol
Excelente video. Una corrección.  Debajo del video (pié del video) en la introducción del texto nombra a Paraguay, cuando éste país no tiene nada que ver con las Cataratas. Gracias!
Awesome video of a stunning place! Thumbs up! :) Please check out our Iguazu video and our Nature of Paraná video - toucans and monkeys guaranteed ;) Have a great day!!
80% Argentina 20% Brazil
La GARGANTA DEL DIABLO,la parte mas espectacdular,bella,impresionante e increible de todas las cataratas está del lado ARGENTINO.El sector mas bello de Cataratas está del lado ARGENTINO,Brasil solo le saca provecho economico.Increible!
Cazz De Brah
I am going to Brazil in 2 years and this vid is making me so excited!
Shadima Lpz
*Hermosa mi ARGENTINA...!!!* 😌😌😌
Pascal Beraud
Amara Afzal
Rodney Moore
It's easier to reach from Brazil rather than Argentina. The main pier is also at the Brazilian side.
Jak Ken
CAPE TOWN***SOUTH AFRICA,FAR PRETTIER THAN IGUAZU AND PARIS-DON'T BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH - ["Cape Town Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)"] , ON YOUTUBE ! AND THEN I SAW HER FACE ,man I'm a believer . South Africa has a yearly budget of $120 billion dollars and Texas has a yearly budget of $77 billion dollars according to Wikipedia.Also South Africa has exported $3 TRILLION dollars worth,of just gold since 1886.
红利 H
El Pendorchu
the Argentinian side and the walkways is amazing , they take you right over the falls .
Alondra Fuenmor
Must've been a very special place for the indigenous people before westerners arrived and evicted them from their ancestral homes like most of the Natives of North and South America. Now, thousands of people are going and who know if they're not polluting that beautiful place, just like the Niagara Falls which is gradually shrinking.
Point Rose
1,000 better than Niagara Falls
Mahinoor Mumu
please make a video about an isolated place with natural beauty away from most pple
Sachin Varde Borkar
OOH LA LA! No words to express the beauty of nature. SIMPLY SUPERB!
hamoodi _albalush
MashAllah beautiful 😍
Flight Of Spice Blog
this is AMAZING! love your video!
HS Lee
"巴西佔20%""阿跟廷佔80%"兩國交界的伊瓜蘇瀑布,太美了! 此瀑布是世界最大的瀑布,全長將近20公里。片長4分鐘 26秒!!,如果要親眼目睹此瀑布從台灣出發,旅遊20天要付出相當多的新台幣,20萬以上!
Masud Rana
Startling place to visit,
Janaina de Almeida singer Winchester
eu amo meu Brasil
Jacob Reid
love the content
Christopher Harrington
Great Video!
تغدية وصحة
Christian's #1 Fan
When’s the best time of year to visit the falls?? Not too crowded with ppl yet still decent amount of water flowing? Planning to go next year.
Paulo Seewald
what a horrible voice
Fernando Mata
Amo este lugar, todos os anos visito, pelo lado Brasileiro pode-se ver melhor as cataratas e tirar lindas fotos. Mas pra quem vem de longe, aproveite e conheça pelos dois lados. Estudante não paga meia entrada, infelizmente :(
Jude Abijah
Amazing how I've never heard of this before, now I have to check it out!
si las cataratas pertenecen en un 80% a argentina hubiera estado bueno que le den más importancia al sector argentino
VSN Clips
plz make one video on Mumbai, India
宜芳 林oi9
Its…too beauty ,S0(人定勝天)thiS word may be…
This is what we call uniting two countries with a...... no, waterfalls
Dis negro
Is that why Argentina goes like WHOOP in the north?
On nous montre un spectacle extraordinaire et il faut quand même que des connards viennent s'engueuler !!! :) :)
Derendra Dani
It's amazing
viendo la vida pazar pachakita
Excelente video . pero la mayorias de la cataratas pertenecen a argentina
Kyle Swift
10x's better than Niagra Falls
an 7flip
emejing bray kek di game final fantasy :matabelo
Эмилия Чаплинская
Я там была!
80% Iguazú Falls are Argentina!!!!!
Lucy Espila
Kees Manuel
Amazing I love Iguaçu Falls. I would love to visit it again. The bird park at the entrance on the Brazilian side is so beautiful .
Luke Sohnly
this is hands down my favorite youtube channel. the footage is beautiful and the narrators always have amazing accents. LOVE IT!!
Thays Moraes
kkk os argentinos se achando só pq tem 80% do Iguaçu, kkk e os BR bestas ainda ficar com invejinha affs, só uma dica o Brasil ñ é só Iguaçu não, nosso belo país tem lugares melhores e mais lindas que o Iguaçu, pena o brasileiro não conhecer 100% o país . muitos brasileiros ficar tudo com vontade de conhecer a Europa e etc, e acabar se esquecendo do próprio país , por isso eu prefiro mil vezes, viajar dentro e conhecer melhor meu país e aí quem saber um dia conhecer o resto do mundo. pena o governo não investir mais no Turismo, era para sermos uns dos países mais atrai turistas do mundo. é uma pena mesmo, temos tanta bela sem ao mesmo pôde mostra-la.
Nature Sri Lanka
Iguazu falls is most famous water falls among tourist. Falls height is 82 meters
Alena Downs
hi boy i have swan in those falls and my sister got killed i would not recommend it :(
Travis Zane
Awesome video! Genuinely digging your stuff :) check out my vids if you have the time, I think we both share similar passions
Sunil Kololgi
We were there last year. Tourists like us get to come within a few feet of the falls yet not get wet. Best Falls and I have seen many!
Fahim Faisal Shantu