Abigail Williams Empyrean Into The Cold Wastes (demo version)

From the album In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns (this is the demo version released in 2007, not the final version that apeared on the album) Oh in the night skies burns a darkness that will enlighten all of mankind as we know And it will glow with so bright a light showing us a clear path once invisible But in the stage of decay... Enshrine the forgotten secrets of the earth buried by angels in starlit chambers This is the sound; listen for the sound of the trumpets Through the eyes of creation I see the final stages of decay beneath the burning palaces of heaven and into the pits of sands I watched the kingdom come crumbling down Wrought their own destruction Subterranean origin Cataclysm casting the world into the dark The winds of wrath are howling into the cold wastes

2:56 perfection
thats samus paulicelli for you ;)
@TheGrowingTree Where did you get this info?? Because it is hard for me to imagine that Demi listens to this.
@NebirosAndWinter this is NOT black metal! for fucks sake! it is just stupid metalcore desecrating good name of real (hate to use this word) metal genres, poor death metal. And now stupid american wannabe dark and evil emo kids try to make something they call "2nd wave b.m.".... how sad.
stupid metalcore singers ruining every good band...
Michael Miller
@TheGrowingTree Haha i totally agree. brutal.
Sanskar Wagley
@kalloused It was on Fallon's show actually
Joel Watkins
@psyshock918 this is a demo recorded by the then-reformed lineup with Kristen Randall on keys, never realised it had been re-recorded for In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns though until now!
Yeah It's true I remember her saying that she loves black metal on Conan O'brien
Sanskar Wagley
@66Ganon well she ain't super metal, but yeah, she's cute for sure
You're a fucking idiot.
Sanskar Wagley
That's why she's my favorite DIsney star lol..not to mention she's really cute
It's hard to believe Demi Lovato listens to this.... God this is the shittt
Sean Peden
Legend EP = Symphonic Black Metal with some Metalcore influences (doesn't make it metalcore) In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns = Symphonic Black Metal
awesome song, awesome band, awesome album.. and lol about this genre war. imho naming this black metal is the best u can do with these category ppl today that would call this melodic black/deathcore bla bla whatever.
fucking epic ♥
Yeah besides, I wouldn't even classify this as black metal. Well, maybe new wave black metal. But that's not saying much.
they do just for the hell of it.
Andrés Vivas
Trym Torson (Emperor, Enslaved) played drums on all the tracks except "Floods", "Acolytes", and "Empyrean: Into the Cold Wastes".
they rule! and Trym of Emperor is blasting for them!
they are original because they are the only ones that bring the sound of 96-'98 year black metal and nuclear blast metal back and make it in their on way and trym is blasting on the new album for them and have good "non-pussy" vocal and good music.. they're good! Not quite original, but the idea of bringing that 1996-98 sound back and still they're more original than 1000 of nowadays bands which all know the same bands and think they know music..
MIDI? lol see the words "demo version" in the title? lol you're dumb kthxbai
wtf? this is not the right version of this song..this is like midi...Listen to the real one
Hansi Hinterseer
sick drummer!
Totally agree!!!
Zack Brody
Not my type of music but no problem with the drumming. And this is not negative to you fans
yea seriously dimmu borgir is awesome but cradle of filth fucking sucks dont compare 2 different styles and atlents of course. ABIGAIL WILLIAMS MAKES MY PENIS EXPLODE! WITH BRUTALNESS!!!
Seen these live, Pretty good, met the drummer. Good man that samus, Fucking excellent drummer.
Publius Clodius Pulcher
true, but its more black metal than previous releases...
damn, this shit is unbelievably sick!! i just had a chance at seein them last night with decrepit birth & the faceless, but their van had a leak in the gas tank so it would've blown up if they showed!!
Here's my explanation for this music labelling problem: There's no objective thing that makes a difference. When you're a metal fan, you know about the soul this music should have; it's heavy, it's overwhelming your mind. When you're a core fan, you just enjoys that underground stuff that is trashy as hell and gives you killer mood that makes you enjoy the thing a lot. If you recognize yourself there, you should be naturally able to tell the difference. Anyone agree?
sorry I suck at English. was that comment positive for me or it was offenssive?
Miles . K
1. good for you that you can look past the genre war thats going on. 2. i said that i hate the word "core" being thrown on every new metal band to hit the streets. 3. your right i am labelling them, Abigail Williams is fucking metal!\m/ not any death/grind/black w/e-u-want-to-put-in-front-of-it-core.
I'm an anime looking person, play death/black metal, and not labelling anything. I know my music xD You're the one labelling stuff. And I'm not emo xD
Miles . K
to be frank, i hate the "core" label people are putting on every band with 1 SONG you could possibly hardcore dance to. I think its all just anime looking kids that want seem like they know what metal is and are too afraid of bands like necrophagist or cannibal corpse
imstill notusingmyname
good band, its a damn shame they do not have any form of originality. none whatsoever.
abigail williams are awesome
this is not black metal, it is a form of melodic/symphonic death metal or deathcore
Rio Violensia
this is DEATH METAL ....
Sanskar Wagley
You mean the track off the actual album is different?
lol noobs this is so moparscape so fake nerds get a life
Miguel Eduardo
ouuu men..this is a good band of black metal...and not a big fan os this genre i prefer the death metal, but i must say that i'm very amazed...good sound...a good way of scream...
Sanskar Wagley
October 26 or 28...I forget
when is this coming out?
Wow this is pretty dang impressive. Singer kinda sounds like Black Dahlia.
no. your horrible. you just have to be open to this kinda music.
do they use a metronome it sounds a bit off
cant wait for that new album been waiting soo fucking LOOOOONG!!!!!!
Sanskar Wagley
they sure do
one of the best songs ive heard in a while, bands like these really ensure black metal lives on, and give it their own unique touch
David DangerDanger
Zach Gibson is fucking amazing on the drums. He did the Legend EP and demoed this song and "Floods" before leaving Abigail Williams. I like this version better than the album version every though the quality isn't that great. Someday I'll travel to the alternate universe where he recorded this entire album with Abigail Williams.