Another casting couch of Bollywood - Subhash Kapoor Director

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Bollywood actress Geetika Tyagi slapped Jolly LLB fame director Subhash Kapoor. In this video Sughash Kapoor`s wife Dimple Kharbanda. Video is going viral on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many more. It can understood that Geetika Tyagi secretly recorded this conversation with a hidden camera. Geetika accuse Subhash of forcing himself and dragging her during a party. In this video Subhash kapoor is admitting to abuse Geetika in front of his own wife. Subhash Kapoor, director of the acclaimed film 'Jolly L.L.B.', has been accused of molestation by small-time actress Geetika Tyagi. The entire confrontation between Geetika and Subhash has been caught on camera and at one point, a remorseful Subhash even gets slapped by the actress. Subhash's wife too is seen in the video who has nothing much to say in her husband's defence. Must watch! X white boy the the the jolly LLB director Bush before is Anthony and for all the wrong reasons the filmmaker has been accused by small-time actress he got the LG all let station and what small the entire confrontation has been caught on camera the video showed every most for the bus being shelled load the criticism and at one point even getting slapped by Keith got the more shocking is the fact that to watch couples but this present at the scene and have nothing much to think in her husband's defense love the job as a housekeeper to but uncommitted well you I'm here foremost okay even in Birmingham p.m. people you have boooo boomer that p I although I I I yeah name usual I all cleaned no leave my own my are you for me I here her debut heard premium home you what yeah few quiet my oh yeah did who won hi I you why what you why I for I funny on all hun all I yeah lot I one I no I I don't I I'm I G I going to be hell that I didn't lot who K okay one day I don't think anyone's yeah I I you the body would not use netbook this

who placed the camera ? is this planned ?
djette snyper
well done,, lady must be brave