FIRST 2019 RAM 1500 on 37's!

The 2019 Ram 1500 hasn't been on the scene long, and Peters Elite has already put one up in the air! This new crew cab is PLUSH! This is definitely one to consider placing in the driveway.... • 6" Pro Comp suspension lift • 37" Tuff M/T tires • 26x12 Specialty Forged wheels • Power steps • Rock lights underglow • Window tint As with all their vehicles, this Ram is fully covered by manufacturer's warranty, is eligible for financing as well as Free Nationwide Delivery! Full vehicle listing: /> Royalty Free audio: "The Big Thing" by Remember The Future, hosted on Premium Beat.

Guys !!!!! this truck looks nice, stop the Hate he doesn't need a bedliner if he doesn't haul anything, it's okay if it's a pavement princess it's his money, I wouldn't take a nice looking truck like that in the woods anyway to tear it up.....
Zackery Zelmer
Always wondered what these trucks would look like done up. I would say pretty damn good
That is awesome how you flew the Drone through the cab! And always Top Notch Videos!
BlownViper 505
Lol @ all of the haters on here. Bet they couldn't even afford one single wheel. This truck is a beast!
Chevy 454ss
This truck is sick to me the 2019 ram looks way better thank the 2019 silverado and sierra
Jeremy Dok
I can't wait to get my 2019 Ram lifted!!! This is the first one I've seen lifted at the moment. Nice work, man!
It’s funny how all the guys that put big wheels on trucks used to talk so much crap about “ bow legged “ low riders. Lmfao. What do you think this is ? It looks great to me now and looked great then. And all these pavement princess comments lol Why comment negatively IF you don’t like don’t look Why are you watching a video in the first place. Watch off-road videos
Edward Hurlburt
Rubber band tires, chrome rims and under body lights? Come on dude.
WAS a perfectly capable truck.
Turbo Mustang
Wait for the 2500!
bdub z
Y tho?? Those wheels will fold if they look at dirt wrong.
Kevin Sargent
This is one bad ass truck.....Ram hit the mark with this new design, especially the interior. My Rubicon is for sale, I will have one by April. Great video!
Hector Gil
Esa si es troka no shingaderas...RAM número 1
best looking lift ram 1500 ever~
Toby Bridges
Not my cup of tea sort of speak but your ride, dreams and goals. Carry on Sir.
Charlie Brown678
seriously...all that money on the rims and tires but no bedliner
Juan J Solis
Damn thats a good looking truck. I think I would have gone with a BDS lift instead.
Joshua Norris
New ram reminds me of a tundra. The rims make me sad. I could buy a pretty kick ass jeep for the same price as those rims lol Nice florida truck :p
Lucky 22 photography
Not a dodge fan but iwould definetly drive that i love the white looks classy
David Aguiar
A lot of haters here. You're truck looks really nice!
Anthony Valdez
Nice!! Wonder what the ride difference is like without the air suspension though. Just dont like the knob shifter on these.
Erik Nguyen
Pretty sick Ram! Nicely done!
Pat MyGroin
The rims kill the good looks of the truck. No need to go any bigger than 20s. I like some tire on the rim. Not just rim.
Main Street Customs 33513
Great build bad ass truck
Thiren Teal
the new look is 🔥
Official YouTube Commentator
Your truck looks AWESOME!
Lance White
Sick ass truck, but not a fan of the chrome wheels. Would look WAY better with machined rims.
Freddy Garcia
Dam good looking truck congrats..💯💪
Misael Guerrero
I would've gone with a 9 inch lift and the same wheel, or 6 inch with 20x12 -44 offset and 35s black wheels
El Chelon
First with 37s what about the first on 40s
Jamal Morris
You in Houston? I think I seen you earlier
Justin Christensen
Whats the off set and backspacing of those wheels?
Efren Pando
Badass truck. Expect for the stupid tires and ugly rims 😂🔥🔥
Todd D
Very sharp truck and I'm usually not a fan of chrome wheels. What did this truck end up selling for just out of curiosity? Might have to build one next. I'd probably put my wheels and tires on it though. ;)
Man I've been torn between this and a raptor to get to surprise my wife and kid but this looks badass! Hmmmmm
Dave Lavalla
Really nice I have a 2018 cant wait to get the 2020
Eugene Krabs
Nice editing!
J Hardy
Every gypsies dream right there.
javier lahera
any gear reduction
i would do anything to have that truck
sicc dogg
Real nice great job. !
I like the truck but I wouldn’t put mud tires on it.
Imda Mann
Rust bucket buy ford or get ram rot !!
Frank Last
Juan Renteria
Sorry to burst your bubble. I had mine done as soon as the 6 inch procomp lift came out.🙊
Mr Lariata
The only thing I usually change on my truck is to go to a more beefy tire. I don't put lifts or fancy rims and go all out. This truck is nice and clean. If I had a truck like this I would always be at the carwash making sure it stays clean and on point. The struggle is real hahahaha. I would not want to put a scratch on it. I would cruise this bumping loud music even at my age of 46 and be like....hey baby how you doing can I get them digits lol...then them ladies would say arnt you too old to be talking like that. Then I would say...its the truck baby it makes me feel like a pimp. Lol. All kidding aside ...It's a nice truck.
Jayden Reynolds
Nice ricer wheels you've got there
Jason Larsen
Financed status.
Mannassa Mauler
$10,000 in wheels...but no bedliner lol
Thunder Truck
I got a great ya?
Clean! Looks like a mini diesel lol
dakota chambers
Dope 🤙🏼
Damn this thing is BADASS!!!! I need to get rid of my 2014 4th gen NOW!
Charles Wade
Truck of the year, baby!
Eric Jones
Love the truck
Sonny Justin
People will hate i think it's awesome tho
mark jackson
Black wheels would look much better
Dan R
Low profile tires smh. Why. Just why.
El Bodrogo
Is there any rub while turning?
Brandon Williams
Sexy AF!
tino romero
Beautiful truck..
Michael Futch
At least it isn’t 4x2. Lifted 4x2s are gay.
Isaak Hansen
A pavement princess if I've ever seen one
Can she handle them rims
Luis Diaz
Triton Carpetcare
Super sexy!!!!
Captain Caveman
Wigger truck
you and yourself
I'm a chevy guy I have a lifted midnight edition 2016 and I have to say this ram looks nice
Ramon Vega
Asking price
Josh Bailey
I give the truck 5 stars. Couldn’t help but think reading the comments that when I pass some fat dude driving some tiny no one cares pickup with a bed liner and a flower pot in it that he probably calls my truck a pavement princess. Yeah pretty much. When I go to work I drive my work truck. Give the guy a break. It’s an art form and he did well.
Mike Eckert
pretty pavement princess
Todd Mazerolle
Not a fan
Yoel Hernández
Se miran Plácosa las tima que no sirven toda esa marca 🤔
Cee Mane
Cesar Gastelum
Edward Thayer
Hopefully he gets some flares on that truck! It looks super gay with the wheels sicking out the sides!
JLa Faia
Nice truck
David Woods
Dodge all white sport is ugly to me the interior is dope tho
Привет из России, тачка 🔥.
Evis Hernandez
Not the first but ok lol
Michael Horner
Looks like a ghetto barbie doll tonka truck you would buy for a kid at walmart.
joe cruz
Jah Biggs
Bad ass
John Raney
Loraine Jenson
what is the offset on the wheels ?
Phil Meup
That truck looks like useless ghetto trash.
Nice 👍
Adam Wilken
I like it ✌
Dixie Frank
Looks nice
Гера Кантор
Чёткая тачка
Ricardo Perez
xavi garcia
This beautiful truck don't deserve this gay ugly wheels
Miguel Mendez
Shawn J Shaw
I don't like the wheels for the sole fact that they're chrome, I don't know why but chrome looks like crap on never vehicles but thats my opinion, I'd honestly never spend a lot of money on wheels considering I live on a dirt road that gets super muddy so they wouldn't survive long with me
soulless one
Parking lot princess haha junk
It'd be nicer on 18 inch deepdishes with fat tires imo
Will Andrews
Why is that truck so freaking beautiful? Because I usually hate a blinded up shiny penny builds on trucks. But, I can't say I dislike this one at all.
If i had this truck first thing i'd do is take it offroad
мой старенький Рам прям ведро, рядом с этим красавцем...
William Faulkner