FIRST 2019 RAM 1500 on 37's!

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The 2019 Ram 1500 hasn't been on the scene long, and Peters Elite has already put one up in the air! This new crew cab is PLUSH! This is definitely one to consider placing in the driveway.... • 6" Pro Comp suspension lift • 37" Tuff M/T tires • 26x12 Specialty Forged wheels • Power steps • Rock lights underglow • Window tint As with all their vehicles, this Ram is fully covered by manufacturer's warranty, is eligible for financing as well as Free Nationwide Delivery! Full vehicle listing: /> Royalty Free audio: "The Big Thing" by Remember The Future, hosted on Premium Beat.

Isaak Hansen
A pavement princess if I've ever seen one
Ted K
$10,000 in wheels...but no bedliner lol
Zackery Zelmer
Always wondered what these trucks would look like done up. I would say pretty damn good
Joshua Norris
New ram reminds me of a tundra. The rims make me sad. I could buy a pretty kick ass jeep for the same price as those rims lol Nice florida truck :p
Damn this thing is BADASS!!!! I need to get rid of my 2014 4th gen NOW!
bdub z
Y tho?? Those wheels will fold if they look at dirt wrong.
Edward Thayer
Hopefully he gets some flares on that truck! It looks super gay with the wheels sicking out the sides!
That is awesome how you flew the Drone through the cab! And always Top Notch Videos!
sicc dogg
Real nice great job. !
Shelley Snead
What tires are those?
Гера Кантор
Чёткая тачка
Jeremy Dok
I can't wait to get my 2019 Ram lifted!!! This is the first one I've seen lifted at the moment. Nice work, man!
Pat MyGroin
The rims kill the good looks of the truck. No need to go any bigger than 20s. I like some tire on the rim. Not just rim.
Nathan galea
Привет из России, тачка 🔥.
макс бубнов
мой старенький Рам прям ведро, рядом с этим красавцем...
Mike Eckert
pretty pavement princess
Dad had the first blue one in the area with a level kit and 35’s on it in our area. He had the VIN bumped above everyone else to get it sooner haha there’s a lot of pluses of working for jeep
Erik Nguyen
Pretty sick Ram! Nicely done!
Eugene Krabs
Nice editing!
William Faulkner
Adam Wilken
I like it ✌
Ramon Vega
Asking price
Man I've been torn between this and a raptor to get to surprise my wife and kid but this looks badass! Hmmmmm
Frank Last