Final Approach (1991)

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Hector Helizondo, James B. Sikking, Kevin McCarthy The DVD is available but out of print. Its the first movie with digital sound.

no satisfaction
can't believe never seen this, thanks for the movie.
Rhyannon Lallatin
Totally worth it, if for nothing else than to see the Blackbird FLY again!! Saw one lift off from the runway at Skunkworks coming toward me, then pass straight over my head at low elevation. Shook the whole ground! One of the most astonishing, beautiful things I have ever seen in my whole life. Still blows me away!! :)) Thanks for posting the movie. Loved it.
2000 views flat. Fluke! Thank you to the US viewers! 90% of views. All 16 likes. 30 minutes avg viewed witch is amazing! What can I say? Its stats... Not an opinion.
I stumbled across this movie and thought to myself "looks like a pile of crap." and that was before I knew the entire thing basically took place in one room and was just 2 people talking. I don't know why I even clicked on it. Turned out to be one of the better movies I've seen in my entire life, and the best I've seen in years. Thank you very much for providing this secret gem.