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High Live
DAAAMM Michael touching peoples food with his dirty hands....been wearing that dirty shirt for about a week has pizza stains on it pickt up the trash wearing that shirt ...lickt the pizza sauce of his dirty shirt 🤢🤢...and still wanted to wear that outfit to his dads music video ...SMH ALL BAD!!!
Michael should be ashamed of himself for getting his nephew to come do his trash cause he's to lazy
Caleb F
So wasteful. Just dumping drinks and wasting food
There is absolutely no reason for you to go through 14 trashbags between two people in 2 weeks.. I understand the two of you are under stress, but it's absolutely disgusting what you're doing to yourselves. You've said MANY times that you'll diet (and it's up to you, Not me) but honestly you're becoming horrible influences on your fanbase; Not to mention that Michael gets just about anyone he can to do the physical labor for him..
Justin D
I’d be pissed if someone put their grubby hands on my food. Show some respect and dignity man.
paronormal freak
Who eles went straight to the comments
Michael upset about not being allowed to have a slice, when you know darn well they bought like four pizzas
Micheal its sad that you payed someone to help you. Cant you do anything by yourself?
That pizza was obviously the left overs they had from the other 10 boxes they ordered, look at it this way. Why would they buy an expensive pizza from papa johns when they could go to little caesars.
Tavis MacFarlane
Bridgette is a little girl, not a woman 😂
Kαყʅҽҽ ɦօօɖ
Eats kids food* tells kids to take out the trash cause their lazy*
Cheryl Newsome
Yea they are lazy. They can't do anything for them self. They are do nasty people can't clean there own house.they can't do there music video at there house because there house is so dirty.and lazy to even clean the house atall.
Patrick Li
another form of child abuse.....bribing the kids to do the dirty job.....
Kevin Hall
Why did you not buy rubber gloves to do that come on guys
Serenity SoSimple
it smells like a dead animal because thats Meat Packages sitting in the sun rotting. those styrofoam trays meat comes in, at the bottom theirs that white thin square thing that soaks any blood leak up. thats what smells.
King Vegeta
I only watch this channel out of respect for AGP. He was the one true star ⭐️....man I miss him.
This vlog is an indication that Michael will never lose weight
Daniel Cuffe
Michael, I do love the show but man you guys are really lazy.
Brittany's Paranormal Adventures
Bridget please wash that greasy hair and face of yours.
Michael, do u know how bad u sound when u say the trash hasn’t been picked up in 3 weeks!!!! U mean to tell me u nor Bridgett can’t pick up the phone and call the city about it!!!!
Gipsy Style
I could leave my trash for two months and it wouldn't amount to the two weeks trash of pickleboy and Bridgette's 😂
The diet won’t last 2 days trust me
deanm v3
Omg you guys are disgusting
Jessica bonsall
He’s not a man cos he is scared of Bridget’s dad
Plushy Adventures
your 1 day of food is a normal peoples year of food
Sebastian Contreras
Why is Micheal saying it smells like trash it’s smells like him
Brandi Munguia
I keep telling you that you can call the city and get extra trash cans and larger ones as well. The trash people are probably not picking up your trash because it is outside the bin and overflowing in the bin. There are rules to how much you can fill your bin, what you can and cannot put in them and leaving bags outside the bin.
Robert Long
Why waste beer for that beer cost money
Kc 2Jumpcity
Michael complains when his butt has to work. Boy your ass is lazy bro. Lol still love ya
Ryan Parker
Why are you the only people that they don’t pick up for? Your neighbors trash gets picked up and I’m pretty sure the same company picks the neighbors up to
Elle Lee
I’m a woman and I would of helped with picking up the trash. Sometimes you’ve gotta put your big girl shoes on Brigette.
Billy Bezoni
Dear Dad, I h ave a poop stain on my forehead! Thanks dad I love you! Pickleboy
3 weeks lul ive seen you throw out the same amount of trash in a weeks time, its disgusting how 2 people can produce so much trash
Yeah I'm pretty sure the reason why the deers were there was because of your garbage... It definitely was not a sign from AGP
That's a lot of trash for 2 weeks. My family of 4 uses one bag and that lasts us 2 weeks.
Hey Gravy Vampire, stop trying to steal your nephew’s sub
Adam Carlos Alfredo Segarra Adair
Why dose she drive on the lawn?
Cash out Cash out
What about the abuse
This channel is dead
May AGP Rest In Peace
Rent a dumpster
Brandys Bunch
redds wicked apple is awesome drink it 8% it really screws me up
Why did they buy a pizza for the video 😂
The Lad
Mike you're grey hair and brown beard really contrasts 😂😂😂
Maybe cut down on how mch you consume which will reduce the amount of garbage you have? Amount of food you two have is like feeding a family of 6 or something and it is probably down to the laws to why yours does not get collected, im surprised you dont get fined for it, you would do if you was in the UK as yours wouldnt be collected either.
Once again another lazy video from KBAC with absolutely no interesting content whatsoever.
walter m
Serious food problems
Caleb F
I thought Michael didn't like alcohol, in taste and in concept.
Cali yes
Damn that zoom hes HUGE!!!!
I mean, I love the videos and all but you'd think if someone were to be extremely scared of driving because of a wreck they were involved in whilst they were little they'd wear a seatbelt.
Cory Landolt
SweatyIncestDougBehindAPileOfTrash LOL!!!!
spider attack98
Don't you mean wasted.
Lawrence Braxton
Just buy another trash can
jc sHOULD HAVE A j. o. b.!
The Lad
So your towns waste is just rotting there. Are you still paying for the service?
Cash out Cash out
Roasted studios what about the abuse
If ur on a diet don’t drink
Feminist say they want to be the same as men but then they say I can’t do this because I’m a woman I think that is just being a hypocrite.
Ben Dover
GOT Damn... Piglet is getting HUUUGE. I haven’t seen your vlogs since Grandpa Died. She looks like QUASIMODO
Swagger19451160 Da swag
Did you pay for your trash truck
Pepsi Guy Gaming
wow ppl enjoy this man age 32 can't operate a vehicle. pours out top of line ipa which cost roughly 12 $ at pit stop... could have gone with bud lite... clowns.
Carol Swift
Oh wtf?! I was hoping Michael was finally going to get drunk! 😂😂
dark king 14
rip to ag 🙏🙏🙏
Chop god lol KILLER Lspdfr
Mike listen to your girlfriend
#1400 im a big fan not lieing ilove yo vids
Tj Games
You can do it michael c'mon get thrue this!
Maricela Guevara
Jc is really lucky to be getting $50 for just picking up the trash, I'd clean their whole house for $100 😂
None of your Business
Suing Summerville county!!?? Lmao. Good luck with that bro.
Damian Reyes Avila
The Best store in History from past to future life.😐
Nasty Kermit
Guys when summer comes make Michael be Shannon and wear a bikini lol 😂😂
Harlet Fond
Mike just know imma learn the words like I did with see you soon lol 😂 Edit: AND IM RRRREEEEEAAAAALLLLLUUYYYY EXCITED FOR THIS DEAR DAD VIDEO COME ONNNNN MIKE😁😁😝😝😝😝😝😝👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽🔥🔥
Mikey Wu Wu
I hope u get a barber shop haircut 4 the vid bro.
Couple of months ago : 'We're broke' *pours six packs away*
Legendary Gamerzzz65
I thought yous didn’t drink🤔
Donna Johnson
I'm a recovering alcoholic I don't need these titles
Tanner Guthmiller
I'm pretty sure you could pick up the trash without your nephews help
rochelle hurley
The poor drinks going down the drain 😫😫
Layla D
Are Frøystein
Can't you guys clean up your self???? Might help you burn off some calorires
Catzgomeow 4eva
I can't wait for Dear Dad. 💖💖💖💖💖 You have NO IDEA how excited I am.
Father’s Day is gonna be soooo hard for you. Keep strong 💪
Susan Giovannangelo
Awesome video as usual, love you guys, my favorite you tuber
Gabor the Blind Guy
How the hell do the two of you accumulate so much trash!? I have a family of five and we put out one small bag of trash and one bin of recycling a week! No hate, just honestly wondering… LOL
chapo avila
Thats a waste of beer just goin dwn the drain well he getting free utube money so yeah
Ryan Miles
You 2 need to go get some counseling, *big time*.
You diet and why is j c or whatever his name is balding all ready
KIDBEHIDEACAMERA please look at the video I made for angry grandpa
The Dude
This channel should be named GirlBehindACamera since bridgette is always behind the camera😂😂
Jessica bonsall
Listen to when he says digging into it
Valdemar romo
Are you going to have a reaction Channel
50 dollars to pick that little bit
Justin Rivera
Just wasted beer you wasted your money just for food wow you should stop eating because pretty soon you're going to be like your dad I'm just telling you the real truth
kelly allen
Who tried to steal agp ashes from Jen? Tina?
All Things Paper
I wouldn’t even do it if u payed me 500
Gary Aase
Why don't you order another trash can.. you have more then 1!! So your trash doesn't over flow
Frank Guilbeau, Jr.
Should have bought Natural Light or Milwaukee's Best (The Blue Beast) if you were going to waste beer like that!
Juarez Boxing
He makes that walk back to his house sound like he's 200 miles away while walking in the hot sun
Liam Dempsey
Have 2 bins not just 1 like if you agree please 👍🏻
cj vlogs and more
$50 for trash dang I wish u were my parents jk
*Can't wait to see the Dear Dad Video*