Robin of Sherwood - Robin (The Hooded Man)

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Robin of Sherwood fanvid. Set to the haunting music by Clannad. The main theme song to the show. This was the first Robin video I made when I was just getting to grips with video editing. I wanted it to introduce the main characters and the general feel of the show. More vids to follow. Hope RoS fans enjoy it. Remember..Nothings Forgotten.

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Days when things were much simpler. Miss those days.
Mariusz Kaczorowski
best robin hood series
I watched this series on PBS back in the 80's and I loved it! There has never(in my opinion) been a Robin Hood to equal it. Michael Pread, Judi Trott, Nikolas Grace, Robert Addie, Phil Rose, Ray Winstone, Jason Connery and all the rest of an awesome cast.
Tekopua Kanapanapa
I remember watching this as a kid and always found the intro spookey, in a good way
Maneb Expert
Robin Hood is the king of childhood -)
Mike Swencke
Dam watched this as a youngn good old days
zamurai fernando
nice music
Michael Praed and Jason Connery were my absoloute favourite Robin Hoods of all time!!
AnchorHMO Customer Care
been searching for my child i've found it.this is the best of all.
Nothing is ever forgotten. <3
yash seizer
Nothing is forgotten, nothing will ever be forgotten.
Justin rodriguez
Childhood memories, so sad at the ending tho😢
Gemma Woods
reminds me of my childhood loved this.... I still like the theme tune
Rob chelsea
Ah yes, back in the days when Saturday early evening TV was worth watching. Thanks for posting..Nothings Forgotten !
Un Sinn Kim
I was 7 then- ..........
Michael Praed is by far the best Robin in my opinion !
The Vynal Groove
Imagine people of these qualities existing today.   thats a tough thought....
Grzegorz Olszewski
Series and music, something beautiful. Greetings to all
sanju dushan
wary wary god robin is my hiro....
shawn wilson
it was an awesome series of movies.
Dharnisha Jayasundera
dude same!I remember every Friday night at 7 pm I WOULD run to the tv!7th grade too!damnnn!I also remember in 1992 I watched the whole thing!miss this!good old days!simpler days
Karen Osment
They didn't replace him. Michael Praed took the opportunity to play D'Artagnon on Broadway - which unfortunately due to bad reviews, flopped. Rather than replace him as Robin of Loxley, they gave him a tremendously powerful exit story, and Herne chose another 'son'; enter Jason Connery as Robert of Huntingdon. But yes, I wholeheartedly agree Michael was, and in my humble opinion, still is the best Robin Hood ever - and he was, very, good looking. =o)
queen saf
omg i member use to have a mojor crush on robin when i was younger
Neil Cartwright
enya did this 😎
Shayne Hunter
great series dipicting a time of duel faith pagan ,christian,great series magic
Nandana Wijayarathna
It was along time ago, I came across the theme song, and it took away my self back into the past ,where i had enjoyed this series as a kid. nothing is forgotten as it says i can still remember the times that I was counting days and hours to watch this marvelous drama. so It is better to watch them again after 25 years or even 40 years, the feeling will be unchanged.
janaka jeewantha
excellent theme song & robin hood story - thanks
NOSTALGIA!!! My childhood! Thank you so much for posting!
Thusitha Thanthirige
Great...What a voice? is that Enya? or Sandra?
The series ending when Praed's Robin was cut down then 'resurrected' as Sean Connery's lad was broadcast at Easter. Predictably, Mrs Mary Whitehouse ( an extreme right-wing 'public morality' campaigner) went ballistic...
The new one is 'Carry On Sherwood Forest'. I hated it at first but I enjoy it now for the romp it is intended to be, and its good that kids today have 'their' Robin. This of course, was the definitive. Brilliant video
Janu Kumari
ya maga sihina lookaya robin hud
Joseph Kricena
Lovely tune ,reminds me my childhood.
Alan Dominguez
Pinchee serie chingona me marco a los 16 años y no la puedo olvidar.
that true!!!!! the best series.....good old times....
normalnie oczy mi wilgotnieją.....
this music is mistery and fantastic....CLANNAD and ENYA
maw pawk
Brings memories back yea... the good values we admired ...simplicity was key
M65 F
Chicken drum stick with bread crumbs never tasted so good on Sunday lunch when Robin was on Tv box and with rosół of course :-))
omg i loved that show! too bad i don't remember most of it. and i really wanted to finish watching all of it.
Me too, I will always love Him!!!
Holy crap! I was SOOOO into this show! Michael Praed's last ep had me a blithering mess. Good l$rd it all comes back!
Oh wow, this brings back memories. I am reminded of Friday nights spent watching this show while I was in the 7th grade. Thanks for the memories!
fantastic story, fantastic music
but Janosik was even better than robin hood, but no movie about him
sorry, i meant a TV series, not movie. my mistake
NOTHINGS FORGOTTEN = You Tube and the Internet lol.
Exposing Child abusers
Robin of Sherwood was the finest version of the Robin Hood Legend ever made! I still watch them on DVD. Nothing is forgotten!
Pippa Moran
This is still my favourite version of Robin Hood. And your video really does it proud. Great use of clips, perfectly put together to fit the music. It really captures the sense of adventure in the show.
Great Video & thanks for the nostalgia trip! Robin of Sherwood is still the best treatment of the Robin Hood legend. All the elements-cast, writing, photography, direction, music etc-came together perfectly.  
Nicely put together - enjoyed this
Google- Robin Hood - The hooded man, lyrics
loved this show, my best ever TV show..Bravo !!!! ***** (5 stars)
Ak 47
My God, Best Robin Hood show ever. Top show
Tharupathi Bandaragoda
nyc song
Jim Brown
I just got flashbacks of 1984....great show ...great tune
USCHoodman i fully agree an amazing classic british show, will always be remembered . loved guy of gisborne to ( robert addie )
oh yes i agree!
Ka .Ha
you are wrong. there are about 3 very old movies about Janosik :-)
Ka .Ha
Oh how I've loved Robin Hood series. I was about 10 years old and I always wanted to be like Robin. I am a girl, but it doesn't matter. I have my bow till today. It doesn't wark anymore, but it has its place in my room. No Robin Hood was and will be like this one...
De Ed
I loved and never miss any of this wonderful series, with the song that haunts me for ever! Michaels Praed, my spunk!!! All in these sequence could never be replaced as they all suited and made this amazing. i have never seen a show that can beat this episode. MWAH
How I loved this TV sequel when I was about eleven! :o*
Krzysztof Radziun
To był serial a nie te gówna co lecą teraz w tv...
Thank You for bringing back my childhood memories :)
carlos Sixto
Insuperable. Nada superará esta serie nunca. "Nada se olvida. Nada de eso se olvida nunca"
best robin hood ever.5 stars used to watch this when i was about 10 years old
Karen Osment
What a cracking vid. Some nice pictures of the man, himself, as well as covering the other characters too. Brilliant. Thanks. Watched the first ever episode again , a couple of weeks back; being re-run on UK cable channel ITV3, Sunday pm, it's lost none of it's magic. As you say: Nothing's ever forgotten.
Dulshan Alwis
love this theme....never forget anything..
Alex .Fun Time Films
Little John is in game of thrones now lol He gets his fingers bitten off by Rob's wolf
Peregrine Alexander
Hello, I watched your videos and I think that the editing job you did was surpurb. Very nice job.
The only superior adaptation of the Robin Hood mythos is the 1938 film with Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland.  But this series comes pretty damn close, and the music is AMAZING
Loki Galeas
once again thank you very much for your all your sterling work.
Evgenia Goncharova
Как в детство окунулась. Герой всех советских девочек лета1987года:)
Estos actores nacieron para interpretar a los personajes! el mejor Robin del cine y la TV
best Robin Hood ever !! cant beat a classic !
Niestety tak, a dokładnie Robert Adie, który grał tę postać. Co ciekawe, Gisborne to nie było imię, lecz miasto z którego pochodził. Postać miała pełną nazwę Sir Guy of Gisborne
Absolute classic, more sweet memories.
Andy Wray
I loved this, the best Robin Hood series ever.
dokladnie, rocznik 81- mialem moze 9 lat, a jak kladlem sie spac zawsze marzylem zeby przysnil mi sie las Sherwood...:P takie cuda jak RoS powoduja, ze chce sie powracac myslami do czasow dziecinstwa...
hubert wasserman
nice music beautiful film ! i never forget ""robin hood"
Ros Narun L 'O Connell
I love the show, itv3 often re-runs the 3series. The best Robin Hood series ever. They don't make shows like it any more fantastic. I was too young to see it first time around. The Clannad music for the show perfect.
Wanda Jean
I loved watching this on cable a long time ago, I think it is the best of all the tv series to include the new one. More of the mystery of the Green Man and Sacred Stag in this series too. Thank you for making this! Have it in my favorites!!!!!
Nandana Wijayarathna
yes buddy I also agree with you
Nandana Wijayarathna
I also agree with you buddy, but there may be some personal reasons, But Jason also done his part well doesn't he?
alexa shakesby
who played robbin in this thanks
the best Robin Hood ever! could anyone download it..? I would be sooooo happy to see it again! It is my childhood hero.
Alejandro Penton
Roooooooobin... The Hoodedman!
Oge Onwurah
This is the BEST Robin Hood series
I hated the opening to this song, but the more times I listened to it, I loved it. It's like one of my favourite TV openings. EVER. :D Of course, Michael running around the in the trees makes him look as if he truly belonged there and that he REALLY was Robin Hood. :D
Ale pan był ciacho :o)))
iza bagneschi
i loved robin hood,i wanted to marry this guy!
Larry Burke
the greatest show ever nade
charmingguy 78
Finally i found Robin of my childhood !
this is so best miusic in the world
v .lakitha sooriyarachi
like it
Nandana Wijayarathna
Is that all you have to say?
Artur Abramski
Arrow robin horn splendor Nothing Else Matters