Ultimate Warrior/Shawn Michaels/Ahmed Johnson Promo (06-29-1996)

WWF Champion Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson and Ultimate Warrior cut a promo on their upcoming six-man tag team match with Camp Cornette (Vader, British Bulldog and Owen Hart) at In Your House: International Incident. (Superstars, June 29th 1996) Special thanks again goes out to Richard Land for this clip. Subscribe to his channel for lots of great rare footage at -

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Maître Renard
The level of coke in that room was outrageous.
D Cavalli
Without his facepaint, Warrior looks like a 60s musician ... on steroids.
The Emo Emu
Warrior looks like Ozzy Osbourne on steroids.
Quentin Kaasa
Shawn Michaels with Mushmouth and Gary Busey.
Dok Hendrix looks a lot like Michael Hayes... ;-D
Ken Shiro
Warrior saying HBK is the best wrestler bar none... yet people say he never puts people over! RIP Warrior
Ultimate Warrior makes Shawn Michaels seem like he is (still) a midcarder here, instead of the world champ.
Johnson sounded like he was talking under water
The Ferryman
imagine an Ahmed vs. Warrior feud...............I mean the promos alone........5 star classics ;-)
Blind Terry Tucci
Damn. The best promo Ahmed ever gave. Had to go back a couple times to understand it, but not bad.
Prince Ekeson
The fact that I enjoy these promos NOW as well is proof that wrestling was better then. 💯
It's only when you get older do you realize how cheesy the promos were.
Miguelangel Javier
well damn what a rare great promo
Elliott Spence
That snarl at the end!
Ethan Skys
I think HBK vs Warrior would have been really interesting to be honest
I was so disappointed they suspended Warrior before this big match took place!
Smooth Herb
Damn this gimmick modification by Warrior just didn’t cut it.Ultimate warrior is not ultimate without the face paint
lord of darkness darkness
warrior was out of carricter with out the face paint it was sweet though rarely see the warrior like that 😆
Warrior tryin to be snow...lol INFORMER!
The only WWF superstar I could understand in this video was Shawn Michaels.
Cool, never saw that promo!
Solid promo by Ahmed Johnson so much potential in the WWF.
Imagine Knowledge
Warrior walks like a lion
Paul McCarthy
What if the Warrior hadn't left the WWF at this point? The promotion was heading into a very exciting period - the early stages of the Attitude Era (the REAL AE, in my book). The roster of opponents for the Warrior was far more plentiful than at any period during his previous runs - HBK, Ahmed, Sid, Bret, Taker, Austin, Vader, Bulldog, Mankind, Owen, Kane, etc. How would Warrior's character have developed or evolved? You can see signs of change in this great promo (excusing the little botch at the end). If Undertaker could evolve so much and so brilliantly over the years, why couldn't the Warrior? I think this is one of the greatest "what ifs" in the history of pro wrestling. Thanks for posting this promo - it was a great time. Have to point out Ahmed Johnson here too - the man was an animal and a seriously bad motherfucker. He appeared to be a legitimate threat to anyone he could potentially get in the ring with at the time. No slouch on the mic either, going by what we see here.
Gannon DeShong
Ahmed Johnson vs Scott Steiner on the mic sells itself
alex santos
LOL Warrior looks like an RnB singer from the mid 90s with that gear he was wearing.
kourtney Davis
Chris Booker
Ultimate Warrior vs Shawn Michaels damn shame couldve happend. As a Golden era megastar, Warrior couldve helped the WWE big time and put over the new generation against WCW in the ratings. Too good to be true SMH. The WWE of 1996 and 1997 were my all time favorite years and Shawn Michaels was going to reach iconic status and cross over in Hollywood but ofcourse got hurt. HBK was the best ever and at age 8 in 1996 he was like a God to me. IMO I hated the attitude era of 1999-2001 because all of the new generation main eventers were gone(except undertaker and i hated ABA gimmick) I enjoyed the WWE again from 2002(HBKreturn) until 2005 because the ruthless era was an amazing blend of past returning wrestlers and promising rookies. But now I hate wrestling completely.
awkward trio!
Warrior looked like a jacked ozzy here lol
Anti HHH McMahon LeBron
I never got the story why Michael Hayes was called doc hendrix
Wow, I wish these guys were doing duel interviews against Sid, Lex and Sting
Hey Yo
Instead of continuing the botch warrior snarls haha his go to move. And who ever referenced warrior/Gary busey it might the hardest I've laughed in a decade
jack jack
What the hell did Ahmed say
Keith De Rosas
Replaced by SID
*the irony of Shawn talking about cowards run in packs...*
miamimagicians magician miami
Straight into the palms of hand! LOL
Off-camera, Shawn Michaels was probably irritated because The Warrior kept walking in front of him.
Yeah Warrior left WWF just before international incident and was replaced with the returning Psycho Sid.
Big W
Wtf did Ahmed Johnson say?
its a pity warrior left soon after and denied me my dream warrior - aldo montoya program
roonie jones
I like Ahmed Johnson but when he cut his promos you cant understand what he is saying for the most part. If The Ultimate Warrior wouldn't have got suspended in the WWE, I honestly think that he wouldn't have put the new generation over. There were shoots Ultimate Warrior not putting other wrestlers over. I cant imagine The Ultimate Warrior putting anybody over...he was another Hulk Hogan.
Alex Thorn
I've never seen this before! Whoa
Deadly Fantasy
Warrior kinda looks like the main character from Comix Zone
RaTed R BeBop arcade
Damn that’s The best Armed Johnson promo period don’t believe me wwf war zone lol
Mr. Marino
I would like to have Ahmed Johnson subtitles.
Rocket Fuel Great post bro. I'm a die hard Warrior fan & I've never seen this. Rare stuff right here.
Jason Cook
didnt seem right with Warrior being there without Savage Hogan and Piper
Warrior looks like Elton john on roids
Mark Cannon
Cocaines a helluva promo cutter lol
Phillip Watts, Jr.
Hipster Of War
Ultimate Osbourne or Ozzymate Warrior?
Leon Black
Ahmed was raw
Wildberry Jam
man I wish UW had been a part of this main event ! he could have had more matches with Owen at SUMMERSLAM and then Vader on Raw. Can you imagine Warrior facing Sid and Shawn in 96 and 97 ? could have been a good run for UW
Anyone remember the " Fun with Ahmed" videos from back in the day? "Juice makes sugar!!" lol.
Freddie Batista Jr.
They had to replace Warrior...with Sid.
C Level Rashad
Good googly moogly bar none
David Matthew Brown
I missed O. W. N. ( One Warrior Nation ).
Javier Trana
wooo great work uploader
Shawn Michaels looked like he actually lifted back then
and the puppets you orchestrate are about to be clipped into the palms........ of hand......... of destiny........ Warrior was insane lol
This trio seemed sensible to me when I was 11. But in reality, it is weird as f*ck. Pretty doubtful that they had any sort of real life camaraderie backstage. Also, this promo sucked. Near the end, Warrior starts stuttering, then HBK cuts him off, then Ahmed hilarious parrots "chump change." *snarl*
ACK Preacher
Wow -- Ahmed Johnson should never have been allowed to hold a mic after this -- and Ultimate Warrior should have been forced to go to speaking classes and go from a pre written script -- he makes absolutely no sense -- and his idiocy degrades the brand -- Im not a big HBK fan -- but I feel for him having to suffer thru these 2 bone heads --
Nick Inca
Did the Ultimate Warrior just say Shawn Michaels is the greatest wrestler in the world bar none wow..hbk must of told the warrior to say that just like hbk must have told Hulk Hogan to say the same-thing..
Slosh Mike
miguel martinez
Funniest shit ever..ahmed was like baby boys stepdad ving rames in the wwe..i thought ultimate warrior was mickey rourke here at first lmfao..crazy looking back at this from when i was a kid.
Amp Woods
Cocaine is a hell of a drug!!!
Todd Schneck
Why is Warrior walking circles around the two other guys?
Sticky Situations
j hernandez
I work with the lady who's in her sixties sheet looks like this version of Ultimate Warrior minus the muscle totally has the hair and the face
ssnader a
so that means warrior wouldve gone heel at ss96 if he wasnt fired
Everyone knows that Dok Hendrix is Michael Hayes....!  LOL
The way Warrior is circulating the room distracts the shit out of me.
Marcus Charles
Damn Ahmed actually cut a decent promo and I understood 95% of what he said!!
Wrestling Stuff
RIP Camp Cornette trio and Warrior :'(
His name ain't Dok Hendrix....
Hank Lansky
Ahmed- I’ll go through a table, a door..... to get away from an English lesson...
john mac
I was and am an 80s kid and a warrior mark! BUT DAMN what the fck is he saying lol !!!! mumble bable stars align great power SNARLLL!!!!!! lol warriors the wwfs version of the cat lady from the simpsons
Poor Shawn. Those were two extremely unfortunate guys to have to work with. They really should have just let him do all the talking. 🤦‍♂️
The Zi Network
Decent promo but in the end Warrior didn’t show up n Sid took his place
Deon Farmer
Rip ultimate warrior
Obi Juan Kenobi
The Ultimate Warrior looks like he’s Mickey Rourke’s impersonation of the Ultimate Warrior
Επαμεινωνδας Κοσμας
I love how hard they tried to shove HBK down the throats of the fans. Two grown men that could draw more money than him as champ right next to him heralding him like small children herald their older brother. HBK for all his acrobatic talent and flare for highspots was a waste of a world champion. They would have been way better off leaving it on Bret, and using Vader as the unbetween heel to pass it off to Austin.
Derek McCormick
Telling Shawn Michaels he's the best wrestler by none..... Doesn't sound like Warrior puts anyone over to me, R.I.P big guy
Aneeq Waien
Warrior is more stronger than michaels
why no warrior facepaint??
_ Driver
WTF did Ahmed Johnson say?!?!
I read somewhere on the net that warrior was in talks with Paul heyman to debut in ecw back in the late 90's (I believe) and after watching this promo id like to think that this is what the warrior could have looked like in the (original) land of extreme.
Same Differences
not a bad promo...too bad Warrior was gone soon after
Pascal Sol
At one point back in the day, The Warrior was holding both of those belts simultaneously!
lol warrior didn't make it to the match...fired again
Travis McDonald
Ahmed Johnson sounds like a fork stuck in garbage disposal.
Tha Boss
Never seen that b4. Warrior giving praise 2 HBK?😱
C h o n
01:36 - 01:41 i bet shawn felt goosebumps being called the best wrestler in the world by the warrior, look at his face
The Bad Guy
People's posse? Where's The Rock?
Ahmed's tongue at 2:05 lol
Ignorance is Not a Blessing
I have a hard time hearing things in general and i still heard what Ahmed Johnson said.. so a lot of you guys are suspect..
That's not the ultimate warrior that's Mickey Rourke wearing a blonde wig pretending to be the ultimate warrior 😂😂😂😂