New York City in 1993 in HD - DTheater DVHS Demo Tape

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Captured from a D-Theater HD DVHS Demo Tape by />Posted here (on my supplementary channel) as it has a copyright claim on the soundtrack. If you want to subscribe - the main Techmoan channel is />The full Retro-Tech D-VHS video is here: /> In 2002 D-Theater launched in the US - the dealers needed a demo tape of HD footage. JVC reused some HD video that had been shot as a demo for the Japanese HD market back in 1993. This footage would have most likely been originally used for a HiVision MUSE demo (an HD Broadcast, Tape & Laserdisc format). You can determine that the year is 1993 by the adverts in Times Square - The Radio 501 CD that's advertised on a billboard came out in 1993 and Paper Moon is playing at the Marquis Theater. For those wondering what HD video camera tech existed in 1993 - there are a few options, but it's likely that this footage was shot with a HDVS camera- perhaps a Sony SONY HDC-500 attached to a HDV-10 portable recorder which recorded on UniHi 3/4" tape. Music - Living for the City - Muzak Version (Originally Stevie Wonder) / Autumn in New York - Kimiko Itoh

No one is holding a smart phone...
That's crazy, that level of quality from 25 years ago. And it looks like it was shot at 60 frames per second, unless this footage was interpolated? Could practically be from a modern DSLR
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when a camera from 1993 is better than yours :/
It looks like a Casey neistat vlog
0:57 the girl is smokin', no wonder john travolta had to look back
Objects in Motion
2:59 that squirrel is dead now.
It’s like someone sent a current day camera back in time.
Klaüs Smooth
Looks like an sitcom intro.
It's New York as I left her... pre-hipster, pre-gentrification, Pre 9/11. This is a gift. Thank you!
I wish this camera was available in the 50s or 60s. Those are the times I really want to see in HD.
0:00 Pfft, might just be some dumb old clip someone recorded and pretended its from 1993- 0:32 wait a minute
Robert Carlson
It's so easy to think that the 80s/90s looked like a 4th-generation VHS tape, or that the 1890s looked like a sepia-toned photograph, even when you know in your head that's not true. Exellent, eye-opening footage.
Silent Gamer
Tupac is somwhere out there recording poetic justice
I FOUND THEM ALL!! 0:33 - Jonathan Ross 0:59 - Jonh Travolta 1:02 - Tom Cruise (Bottom right going to the centre) 1:08 - Mel Gibson (Centre with sunglasses on) 1:13 - Quinton Tarantino (coming out of the shop, top left) 1:17 - The British Queen (bottom left) 1:48 - Jackie chan (sitting on the stool) 2:53 - Robert De Niro 4:04 - A kid trying to get into college but is not good at his job
Alessandro Calabrese
It's kinda surreal. It looks like it's being shot yesterday. When you see the world without the distorted VHS artifacts, it looks like the world today, with the same people having the same problems.
People were thinner back then.
Maryland Guy0326
RIP Twin Towers 🏢🏢
Nilas Grahn
Wow, they had electricity in 1993?
Ryoto Carey
The Internet has changed EVERYTHING...
I was 23. No internet, No smartphones, It really was a better more simple time, and my whole life was still ahead of me.
The glorious year that I was born 🖤 #25
If camera's like this exist during the 1930s and 1940s, those WW2 footage would be more eye catching
National Health Institute
Can't believe 1993 was 60 years ago
It seems I'm not alone in saying its weird to see the twin towers, and in HD no less. I still miss them to this day.
Making a video on old New York starter pack: >Thumbnail including twin towers >Comments on people not holding smartphones
Ceo founder
I was 16yrs old in 1993. New York city was awesome! The culture, the diversity, the affordability! 1 bedroom apts in prospect heights, crown heights were average $450 to $550 a month! Nyc ironhorse(subway) was only $1.00. The ny daily newspaper was only 25 cents! Times Square 42nd street was an adventure! Salute to New York city in 1990's!
Robert J. Holtz
Impressive. Most impressive.
Sharist Hoola
New York had more character back in the day.
Artzie Music
this is so rad
So many cuties running around back then. Man America was awesome.
Hon Slo
What a pity that the chick from 1:00 is in her 50s these days, otherwise I would fall in love.
Stranded Cat
Skip to 3:00 if you want to see 60 fps squirrel
If it wasn't for some outdated hairstyles, the absence of smartphones, and the twin towers, I would honestly believe the video was recorded today. Can't believe it was already 23 years ago ; how time flies !
If it wasn't for the old boxy cars everywhere and the 2 missing towers, I would have easily assume this was taken today.
The camera that shot this footage must have cost a small fortune back then!! Still, it is really cool to see footage from 1993 in HD :)
93 man, it was the rise of the internet era, Business boomin and future looking good.
Background Voice: "And here we are once again in another beautiful day in New York.."
Food for thought
1:43 Hey look, a nazi
Johnny Mnemonic
2:53 Robert De Niro sleeping on the street?
A fat Paki bastard
I want to see the 80s in 1080 See what all the fuss is about
The Weakest Baldwin
One year before illmatic
En Yeni Müzik
Old but gold
Thang Nguyen
It was a good time, end of Cold War and before 9/11
This is the NYC I remember, when I was young and a bit more naive... a rougher, edgier, and more mysterious place than today. I had no idea the world I had just stumbled into. Somehow after all these years I'm still here. :D
Yamen Zein
I had goosebumps when I saw the WTC towers... goosebumps again mentioning them... What a shame, I still feel the pain for all the people who lost their loved ones and the heritage lost... But New York stands strong today! Love and peace to the people of New York, and hats down to their courage an perseverance <3 May you always have peace and prosper!
Play in 144p for best hd experience.
This camera must have been astronomically expensive in 1993.
NC Styles
1:00 someone in love. 😂
Jet Soda
you'd never think this place had almost 2000 murders that year.
3:46 how incredible are those buildings.. "less is more" comes to mind. Made the skyline look powerful
I Stole Your Sandwich
It's hard to think that all of the people in this video are either old or dead now...
Thom smith
That squirrel is definitely dead
james hm
I am looking for George ,Jerry , Kramer , Elaine and Newman 😁😁😍☹️😖
Ulrich Fodze
a masterpiece. thanks for sharing.
Hugh Jass
Not one damn person on a cell phone! 😯 I wish I could time travel to remember the experience!
The most, most, most expensive camera in 90 years. And the best.
0:58 that guy checking her out
Bakchod baba ji jo leta jaan chodke chodke
Still better than today's India
Caleb Matthew
which casey neistat vlog is this ?
television and cheese
It's mad to see something like this, where every single thing is older than me. All I've ever seen of this place is Die Hard on the Sega and in composite quality vhs / vcd videos. It's so weird to see how everything looks them same to them as it does to us! Also wow no ugly cars !
Am I the only one who thinks it is extremely fascinating to see 1993 in HD?
Roy BM
Wow this is pure gold what a nice jazz song also.
Mylo the Zoo-loving Scientist
I feel such strong nostalgia for an era I wasn't even alive to experience. I was born in 1998 and so have no recollection of the decade, but watching videos like this makes me long inexplicably for those days. The Twin Towers specifically have always evoked this feeling within me, partly because they were so quintessentially "New York," and I wish I would have been fortunate enough to see them with my own eyes. I mean, I was born in the city, but... I don't know, maybe it's because this is where my parents lived for so much of their lives, and so seeing videos from an era they lived in begins to feel a little like watching home videos to me? I can't explain it; it's just a strange, bittersweet feeling.
Edith MacLean
3:59 horror teeth
Look at that, people actually talking with other people!
Phoenix Kappashiro
You know what. I love this video just because back then nobody looking down on at cell phones. It was a different world.
1:43 is this a Nazi Hippie?
Hutchie 77
Did anyone else see donald trump in the background at the back he looked so young back then. 1.13
Ben Dover
I’d like to see Tokyo 1989.
Not a cellphone in sight, just people living in the moment
God this is surreal. It's like someone went back in time and filmed in HD
Lincoln Riddle
I’m here for the music
Daniel Pletikosić
and 8 years later 3000 people dieded jet fuel melt steel twins
Михаил Сергеевич
when girls was hot and without garbage in the heads
massi massinissa
Playing this on a 4K OLED screen is just hard to believe that this was filmed back in 93, I can't believe my eyes!
Chiro Videos TV
Amazing, somewhat ethereal footage. Seems slightly weird to watch HD from an era that I didn't know had that technology. This has a slightly spooky time traveller feel to it, if that makes sense. Adding to the otherworldly feel is the idea of watching people in HD pretty much before the arrival of mass use of mobile phones and when email/internet was still pretty basic. And I wonder what some of the characters here are up to now.
Chris D
The lack of cellphones is astonishing.
My NAME is Jeff
This camera is so good
Круто очень. Хочу в Нью Йорк
This looks like a movie made to look like the 90s
Jay Ayers
0:56 Poor fella. Probably been dreaming of that woman eveyday for the past 25 years :(
There is something so unique in that era compared to now, the atmosphere was different and it's something that could be felt in this video.
mr krabs
1/5 of the people in this video are now dead
marco brenni
Wonderful footage! N.Y. at the best with the Twins'
I hope the woman @ 0:59 finds this video and sees herself getting checked out 24 years later
Not one person on a phone
Fly Beep
One thing I noticed, when you take away the camera aspect (the way footage from the past looked) is how similar 1993 NY looks compared to today 25 years later. The people kinda look the same, the buildings, the fashion it's not like night and day difference compared to 2018. Sure people might joke about not being smartphones around, but seriously, even today, when people walk from a to b they don't do that with a smartphone in front of their faces and outside that you have the occasional person calling on the phone but nothing more than that. But then if you look at New York 15 years before that in 1977 here: It looks like a totally different world. The streets, the buildings, the people, the fashion everything is different.
Aztekk Gold
Weird seeing HD footage in the city and year I was born in
all they have is walkman
Robert Knupfer
Holy crap! That’s me! Ponytail guy! Lol!
Great video You Tube Pendant Channel, on New York City in 1993 in HD Much enjoyed ! Like it was Filmed yesterday 2018 in 1080 or 4K ! But its 1993 : ) I also enjoyed your choice of music. American Song Book Fine Classic - "Autumn in New York" Great Female Singer as well : ) Much enjoyed ! as being a Singer myself : ) Big Thumbs Up # 36,618 Enjoy your Week, Kind Regards,Marc Jones in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Australian Vocalist-Pop/Jazz/Ballad & Originals From Sydney, Australia. : ) (PS) Feel free to check my Singing/Music/Recordings Channel out) : )
Looks the same, just one or two missing details
I wonder if that hot woman has facebook now.
Neill Karijodrono
This reminds of the wolf of wallstreet
Ray correa
Younger generations will never know whats to walk on the streets standing straight looking everything except some smartphone. That beautiful sense of not being available to every single one 24/7, to just chat about what's being going on with the lives of your friends as opposed to know every single detail of their lives before even meet them. In early 2000's I was having a chat someone said that a new phone was about to come it had WiFi (cant remember what model), now that a certain park has free wifi you could take the phone there, I said well thats stupid why would you want to check internet if you are enjoying a walk in the park... all those years later I still think the same.
Martin Shields
no water bottles or jugs of coffee
1:44 looks like a man wearing an SS shirt showing Nazi salute xD
When the world was wonderful
I would like to visit NY at these times for sure more than nowadays. That cars, twin towers. As young kid while watching „home alone in NY” I was imagining this town as not be able for anyone, so far away, looks so timeless like future life. Now, times have changed, and Finnaly I have managed organize trip to NW and im going there just in 2019.