Pae & Sarah - Let Her Go

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LET HER GO lmfao sucks party rock anthem shuffle everyday im shufflin mshuffle sidestep pae and sarah vendetta remix melbourne kevin dance jump video clip techno style play music you live Go (Moby song) Jump (for My Love) Go -- The Very Best of Moby

I want to bang sarah
Dan Bowen
I miss these guys :( i remember watching them 4/5 years ago!
Nayme Lopes
I still Love with them since 2010.
Erick C. Toro
i wonder if they know how iconic they are
Rikkerd Harderz
*Piano* She's gone all the way to the other side, 'cause I know, she needs to go & clear her mind... Is it worth, to go and see the world, without the one, who's made her world his own.. I let her go.. I let her go.. I let her go.. I let her go.. *melody*  *Climax* She's gone all the way to the other side, 'cause I know, she needs to go & clear her mind... Is it worth, to go and see the world, without the one, who's made her world his own.. I let her go..o..o..o... *Second climax* I let her go..o..o..o...
Gasvi Turk
Sarah Dülpers
Der Hammer. ..will auch so shuffeln können
Bill Bryant
she was my first internet crush 😍
Paul Same
Sarah is amazing! She's not slim, but somehow she moves damn smoothly, aesthetic and beautifully. There are lot of "shuffling girls" over YouTube, but she's the best. PS: The guy good too, but he's poseur and tries hard to impress instead of enjoy.
I`A M SNIPER Soldier
Aleksei Bychenko
Любимый клип и музыка!!!!!
i think im in love. Sarah is so cute
2:28 For artistic purposes?
Mysterious Figure
burgun mike
trop fort
Sascha Seidel
kerem sayer
I wonder what this does anyone know her name or have
02:28 :D ♡♡
David Colque
Muy buenísimo los videos
jon rangel
jon rangel
jon rangel
newbie..... is Scooter.....
Crap video. Really wanted to see some actual shuffling, not how many different camera angles can be crammed in per minute. Click bait.
je kiffe !!trop ce son!!
Cette musique j adore !!!!
official shinigami
U.K ..
wonder what these 2 are up to today
Lol germany is ur biggest fanbase :D
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16 Vollidioten !!!
@MegaTrucker87 original edit of the video I made. :)
Amazing how this video has more views than "Pae & Sarah - SHFL" I always thought it was better than this one. You guys must like the edits on this one a lot more! :)
Sarah is around 24, I think, and Pae is 26.
@WarBandiT2020 Cant really remake this video anymore. Pae and Sarah arent shuffling together anymore either, so yeah.
That is true. This video (the original cut) is from 2009. Pae and Sarah don't shuffle together anymore at all since 2011 or start of 2012 I think.
Alex Folland
This video is over-edited. I want to actually watch them dance for longer than 2-3 seconds. The essence of shuffling is lost here. :( I mean, it would be great if every shuffling scene wasn't cut almost immediately.
Oliver Dresden
@ABLKMike da musst du mal angetrunken oder besoffen shufflen :DD das sieht mega hammer geil Utopisch aus :DD
Oliver Dresden
@ABLKMike Weil das einfach so ist :DD
Robinho Rox
i like she, i search sheeeeeee for a long time :)
J adore hardcore !
lOl BerlinAmok, if you dont know what shuffle is, dont comment this video plz !!! "BUT VERY BAD JUMPSTYLE/ SHUFFLE or what ever :3 xD" OMG -_- dude
well they are pretty good and kind of veteran in what they do, they are well known in the PHD scene in melbourne i think
Percy rene Huamani
saludos desde Perú😀😁😂 sarah & pae
Original Video is from "Scooter - J'adore Hardcore"
Natefous Anand
Let it go - Toneshifterz. Look At The Description :)
i love them they should make tutorials!! PLS tell me there are some of them!
jumping tits!! \(*-*)/
they have the best of the best :)
hey guys, most of this is filmed in st kilda yeah? ;) nice vid
The beauty of these two is the synchronisity. It is this which should be focused, at all; it's about the dance, not the crazy shit student camera work!   Make it happen!
Carlos Eugenio
nice creative :D
@Truon167 I heard that they closed down their channel
Zpysipho BG
Great video
Kami Yow
Voll krass eh *o*
This is the REAL shuffle... not the one sold to the masses from LMFAO! Thumbs up if you agree
Thomas Andersen
@GlobalMusicStage fuck...
PLEASE, let me see her 24h DANCING!
Pae has that raw technique, what with all the visible stomping, whilst Sarah has the refined and tuned technique. They're both equally awesome as shufflers. It's a shame they don't shuffle together anymore, but that just paves the way for new shufflers to come.
shes got the moves like jagger :))
gustavo bonifacio
oh the video was great I am a big fan of you not even knowing how to speak English, but with the help of google translator I can tell you a little of how much I support you guys XD ^ ^
They arent THAT good, there are way better shufflers. But yea they are still pretty good. And sarah is Hawt *-*
omg you are great!!!!!
You took way too much time to pretend a non-disabled person is disabled. Whatever makes you feel better, man. Just letting you know I was bored to fuck not being able to see anything. Thanks anyways.
Hey, wanna see someone shuffling? Nah, filters and a billion angles. Also love how half of the video is no dancing.
Grzegorz Bartnik
Sarah love<3you. Her shuffling is like an angels. Love her dance moves.
Saam Hikaru
name song?
Sarahs body is hardstyling, while her boobs are jumpstyling. I'm in love.
Angel Barrera
no mamen sarah esta con madre o.O yo si le doy =D
What is the name of this song ? :O
@GlobalMusicStage Full idiot this is of Toneshifterz - Let it go
Das tolle ist das beide aus dem untergrund jetzt sogar für Scooter shufflen ^-^
Real Song is from Toneshifterz - Let it go
Ok i checked it ... These two in this vid are pea and sarah and the shuffle looks so strange because they were originally shuffling to a house track.... Scooter just ripped it off again -.-Y Here is the very original shuffling vid from pea and sarah: /watch?v=R0TDryEiKFQ
Are you sure that these two are pea and sarah? In the older vid they are shuffling much better!!! It seems like scooter paid some similar looking ppl to get money by spreading shuffling... like LMFAO did...
Sarah <3
Cheyenne Bassett
I<3 sarah
Xepher Bernkastel
Of course this is just an "Original edit" because this is the video of Scooter - J'adore hardcore.
Flávio Gomes
What's the name song?
Dead Reaper
sarah best
Krazii E
@numsesaft159 she is hot? ur blind bro.
How is full name Sarah ?
How full name have Sara ?
Nigel M
Will never forget Pae and Sarah :) This is me after 4 years of shuffle, i was inspired by P & S hehe /watch?v=_2WclJHrplk True Legends of Shuffle!
Vojtěch Vázler
lol some scenes are in scooter´s videoclip
Name of song please
Ivan Rubinson
That's from a scooter video, or is this where the scooter video from?
Song: Toneshifterz - Let It Go Please, thumbs up to everyone see the name of the song =]]
Toneshifterz - Let It Go
"Toneshifterz - let It Go" don't know where the vocals are from though
james ibbott
Nice video and it compliments the tune from toneshiftetz perfectly
james ibbott
tacoboy262 no not jadore hardcore scooter used this
james ibbott
As cory Feldman and Debbie Gibson said on Katy perrys vid for last fiday night ? Sara and pae invented the shuffle
james ibbott
Tune is toneshifterz - let her go - as for Sara n pae they still doing the rounds on tour supporting the like of scooter , toneshifterz ect ect as it shows they are only dancers
This video clip is from Scooter song - J'Adore Hardcore or something like this -,- logic
cнRїz Erazo
esta de lujoooo!
Wouter de vries
I noticed to, so you're wrong :P why can't one enjoy boobs and music at the same time?
39913 8105
nice video keep it up
Darcond Cc
thats the original video, before this remix