Pae & Sarah - Let Her Go

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Erick C. Toro
i wonder if they know how iconic they are
Dan Bowen
I miss these guys :( i remember watching them 4/5 years ago!
Sarah Dülpers
Der Hammer. ..will auch so shuffeln können
Naime Ramos
I still Love with them since 2010.
i think im in love. Sarah is so cute
Bill Bryant
she was my first internet crush 😍
Aleksei Bychenko
Любимый клип и музыка!!!!!
Crap video. Really wanted to see some actual shuffling, not how many different camera angles can be crammed in per minute. Click bait.
Gasvi Turk
Pae und Sarah, die einzigen Shuffle, die eine fehlerfreie Choreographie hinlegen können. (:  - HappiiE
Rikkerd Harderz
*Piano* She's gone all the way to the other side, 'cause I know, she needs to go & clear her mind... Is it worth, to go and see the world, without the one, who's made her world his own.. I let her go.. I let her go.. I let her go.. I let her go.. *melody*  *Climax* She's gone all the way to the other side, 'cause I know, she needs to go & clear her mind... Is it worth, to go and see the world, without the one, who's made her world his own.. I let her go..o..o..o... *Second climax* I let her go..o..o..o...
Sascha Seidel
David Colque
Muy buenísimo los videos
burgun mike
trop fort
I`A M SNIPER Soldier
Александр Мокроусов
Сара крутая
2:28 For artistic purposes?
Mysterious Figure
Ines Pires
Nunca vai superar o primeiro
jon rangel
newbie..... is Scooter.....
jon rangel
jon rangel
Paul Same
Sarah is amazing! She's not slim, but somehow she moves damn smoothly, aesthetic and beautifully. There are lot of "shuffling girls" over YouTube, but she's the best. PS: The guy good too, but he's poseur and tries hard to impress instead of enjoy.
Michael Lohmann
compliment to both.i need sarah. i hope you are still dancing
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peter paul wisman
_Ana _
Wow o ya
Grim Terry Sechler EDM
I know who pac is not in video as he other one on original video, walkes by her with my stuff on my back in lower south. She didnt recongize me. Other people did thou. Anyway, she was pissed about something. Gotta go back to australia or europe soon then soviet or germany. Back to silent hill in "like i would tell them over seas"
Günther Olaf
The both of you rock! :) Hope you're still keeping this up. I'd love to shuffle like the two of you do. Well, that's why I was watching this video anyways :D Read "Pae & Sarah" and thought - YEAH!!! LESSONS! :D
Tampaajan unelma
The beauty of these two is the synchronisity. It is this which should be focused, at all; it's about the dance, not the crazy shit student camera work!   Make it happen!
peter paul wisman
pae don't effa ledd this girl danzche you back whole of 2 keep thizsch intulectuaal. G
+Miroku251 the whole video is from the scooter video "j'adore hardcore" :D
Lars Schror
Hey Sara cuando estas por mallorca avisa me y me enseñas como se hace esto
i don't know if Pae and Sarah are still shuffling.. i hope so! Love this video love this song.. it used to make me happy! I am going through a BAD break up... and man this hit me right in the chest... :(
Deezer Cyput
shuffle very nice...more video shuffle from sarah and pae...
Deezer Cyput
shuffle very nice...
The beginning of the video is in a scooter music video.
Tranced One
Amazing! 🙈
wonder what these 2 are up to today
im scouring videos of sarah just so i can see her tits bounce, i should be in bed
Ryan Dennis
damn, she's so cute. I am gonna shuffle and propose to her now, I love you sarah . :*
John Mullins
Sarah always was Hot since 2008 bet she still is
José Emmanuel Reza Guía
I Love This song Andrés I love sara
Alejandro Paz Marrero
Darude- Sandstorm
I'm right You're wrong
I would pop it right up her pooper.
Lars Schror
Sarah!!?? Ich finde dein style einfach rytmischer , mehr animierend !! Das finde ich so Genial!!!! Ich willll das auch können  jejejjejjejejje
Nagendra kumar
Love you guys........
Huren Macher
Hey wanna see some ...some U60311 Club....make some holiday in Frankfurt am main (Germany)
Just getting my fapping in time with the beat.....
German ShuffleHD
German ShuffleHD - Sven feat. Chris
Fri Fiiza
Love it!!!!!!!
YahProdicalSonHasReturned HellYeh
Seen these two Way back in 2010 That was the first time I went too Melbs Was cool asf meeting them😎👌
Mauro Beringela
unbelivable simply perferct....i AM a big fan of you....
Dan Baker
I have always loved watching the two of you shuffle and I have to say yet again I loved this video. I just wish you could be here in the north east states.
Anil Tanwar
most beautiful girl on earth - sarah
Percy rene Huamani
saludos desde Perú😀😁😂 sarah & pae
Andrew Bell
This tune is so amazing I know it's called let her go but all I get is the passenger version which is bullshit.
Black VegaZ
nice dance moves
pablo sampedro
esta bien montado este video ....esta chica ¡¡¡¡¡
Zoë Groenendaal
Original Video is from "Scooter - J'adore Hardcore"
Den Nis Feu
adam candreva
awesome vid love it pae and sarah awesome
Rachel Henson
love to shuffle like this awesome
39913 8105
nice video keep it up
Mario Zuval
Meen BAB...😘😘😘
This is impossible. Sarah is most beautfiul women on the world. Greetings from Poland from Europe
dfrom HCRA
remove the "adds" pls
amazing shuffle😍
cнRїz Erazo
esta de lujoooo!
Dead Reaper
sarah best
Quesada Jefferson
sarah lo haces bien siempre me gustan ver los vídeos ....y mas que hermosa eres una excelente bailarina ...que hasta deberías enseñarme  
Andre B
Very nice Video
kerem sayer
myu name is kerem What is the name of this song
kerem sayer
I wonder what this does anyone know her name or have
I love this girl! This is my new dance channel, please have a look over, and rejoice with me for future videos. Like and follow :) Girl Shuffle #at E Lounge!
Felix Leyva
Those boobs
Александр Сурков
Очень красиво танцуют, пересмотрел наверное тысячу раз
Pae's shuffling looks heaps better when he's not wearing a hat touching it every 5 secs
das ist schon ne ganze weile her - die beiden shufflen leider schon seit langem nicht mehr zusammen....
I liked the orginal, because you would actually get constant fullbody shots of people dancing. Cool to see what they actually look like though. :P
Das tolle ist das beide aus dem untergrund jetzt sogar für Scooter shufflen ^-^
Nanda Handaru
living legend
Marten Loerts
Toll die Frau *.*
Ley cardenas curi
sarah esta mas rika
Daniel J Meza
She's so damn fine !
DAH! Too many camera cuts, FOCUS! FOCUS ALREADY!
best thing here were her bouncing b00bs. and those were the only good thing.
Glenn Relapse
I'ma just say it. We all came here for the tits.
I like the jumpstyle in the vid ;) if u know what i mean.
Leo Braz
Zpysipho BG
Great video
waitt for liitlle go.
ich habe kopfschmerzen ! H A M M E R
she still shuffle?
Scheiss Kommerz-Shuffler!
This video clip is from Scooter song - J'Adore Hardcore or something like this -,- logic
SnA Productions
how do they keep in time with each other?