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Kalimantan Himan
This guy is the most the baddest assassin guy in moving i have ever watch.i believe this guy most been and assassin for real.
Chariot Hotel Buea
lovely movie that guy is super fast assassin,but my problem is the sound system
mark willis
First time i,ve seen a rem 700 semi auto, bolt action! Some people who watch these movies do have some knowledge of firearms! some producers need some in their tech. dept. to know details , it would be less aggravating !
Georgina Andino Pinto
Acoustics were lousy and unfortunate for a great movie.
adam ibra
so amazing this movies thanks a lot for movies
Andrew Wamalwa
big movie big up men
Eric Graham
Where did the sword come from??🗡
Jacqueline Spalding
Great movie and I love the ending 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
Renier Enriquez
poor sound ....but a good movie
kia tennie
If people have mental issues why join the police and army force 😞😞😞😞
Dr Shirley B Matthews
Great movie the sound to low couldn't hear the bro.had made skills I hope to see him in the future best to you Mr John Jet
jackson lumumba
16:00 Very Emotional
Maureen Owino
I love this movie
queenii parker
Great movie...the sounds were pretty low though!
It was fun to watch
Ganja Smokes
Thats How woman boo boo man.He fxcked in real life.Great film
Jamila Ali
poor cop
Bert Bridges
How is this punk ass cop crying after he pulled out for reason in the 1st place
Marlyn Veloz
Yes movie good but sound need to improve, make it digital sound plssss
Terry Keith Abrams
Movie is ok, bcuz I watched the whole movie 2.5 movie rating out of 5
Bob Doodle
That get up is not good, if you want to go incognito.
Aphumelele Cikivani
nice one,,interesting movements
Leopoldo Aborque
emotional but its a good movie tnx uploader for sharing this
Mutazz Bey
The sound of the movie needs improvement but the movie is pretty good far as the fighting seens they make Moor movies like this with bro and sis Martial Arts kicking ass movies with good writing materials and good Martial Cordinating as well.
Marsha Byfield
Meh .🤷
hmmmm...all mobile phones in this movie have same ring tone...
Jami B
I loved it, and usually don't get into these types of movies. Kept me in from beginning to end. Thanks for the great upload. I used my small wifi JBL to control the sound. It helped.
Edwin smile
Nice movie, watching now
Moloka Iosefa
I love the movies
It"s verry unprofessional to go after a girl in the middel of the mission
Steve Hammond
Always a woman.......
Steven Florist
Great movies awesome
Vitorino Fastudo
Maravilhoso filme. amei
Zakari Mustapha Mcjeremy
Great movie
Variety TV
use earplugs hear better
Omary Yusuph
romaamor e.
Nice i enjoyed this movie.
Lashawn Rosier
Mpindi Abdul
Nyakabwa Arthur
The narration sound is okay but most of the rest is too low
Kel Webster
Nice movie......who's watching in 2018
Paulino Ybanez
Gloria Ali
Malaika Abdul-Rafi
Seems like a good movie but the sound is to low
yelma shibru
Pls more
Timo Kevin TooGood
I am an upcoming writer. Can you drop your email so we communicate 🙏🏽❤️
Kesha Saint Louis
This man how I can give you a night lol 😂 great 👍 job
n'goran paul yao
`Good movie although actions seem slow and also the sound too low!
Lola Green
Great action. Wish I could have understood half of what was said in the movie.
christine inonda
not flowing
Tomboy Doll
That twist though 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Abdi keinan
No woman no crying
Conex Manac
Fight like Michael J White..
ebrima fatty
nice movie
Geraldo Sóuza
Very good action movie!
Katrice Staggers
Comments say it's good I watch with no questions 🤷🏾‍♂️
Grace Dooma
Movie is great But the sound poor. But id finished watching anyways
Inikoro Brodrick
Nice and interesting movie💕✌
Ditaba Lesimola
Good movie but sounds is not good is very low
Sabrina Nelson
Needs better sound. But OK movie
Damaris Obonyo
What's the real name of the actor
Sandy Mateo
It was alright, no blockbuster, but it was tight.
Joao Carlos
Assassin filme bom demais valeu
Dominic Musarurwa
good context
Mhenga Mhenguzi
Great bro
styled tz
Verry move
Demir Oz
troy Graham
Very good
Really good movie.
Audrey Douglas
Good movie but sound was poor
Marlyn Veloz
Really very bad sound I hate it.... Movie was good.
Linn Wambui
nice movie