ELYSIUM: Iguazu Falls 4K "Now We Are Free" Gladiator Song (Extended) + Nature Relaxation Music Video

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| Music Rights © Lisa Gerard & Hans Zimmer | ABOUT: Inspired by the divine beauty of the songs "Now We Are Free" and "Elysium" from the Gladiator Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, "ELYSIUM" is an ultra high definition healing and awe-inspiring immersion into the majesty of Iguazu Falls, Argentina. One of the world's wonders, Iguazu consists of hundreds of waterfalls which come together to create one of Nature's most powerful yet mesmerizing displays found anywhere on earth. Special thanks to Johnny Copter for the aerial footage (links below) and to Lisa Gerrard and Hans Zimmer for creating a musical composition so beautiful that only a place like Iguazu Falls can deserve to be paired with it. (Love this video? Please leave your comments and help me obtain a license to include this video to all my children's hospital and cancer treatment center patients to help heal.) MORE INFO: Music: A seamless blend I made of “Now We Are Free” and “Elysium”, from the Gladiator Soundtrack produced by Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard. /> Filmed & Produced by David Huting on the Canon 1DC. Featuring Aerial footage by Johnny Copter NATURE RELAXATION APP STORE LINKS: iOS App: />ANDROID App: />ROKU App: />APPLETV: Search for Nature Relaxation on the Apple TV store ABOUT NATURE RELAXATION™ VIDEOS FOR OFFICES & HEALTHCARE CENTERS Designed for therapeutic relaxation in patient care settings, such as hospitals, high stress workplaces, nursing homes, and for individuals at home that love Nature and are seeking enhanced vitality through their digital devices. Learn more about Nature Relaxation at /> ABOUT NATURE RELAXATION ON-DEMAND + APPS: A new HD subscription service offered direct from filmmaker David Huting, you can enjoy watermark-free access to 800+ hours of Nature Relaxation™ video playlists, along with new releases added regularly. One subscription gets you access for your phone, tablet(s), computer(s) and TV(s)! Plus, I'll plant 1 tree for every month you subscribe! LEARN MORE / TRY FREE AT: /> PERFECT FOR: Doctors Offices, Hospitals, Retreats, Spas, Stress Management Programs, Nursing Homes, Schools, Retail and Digital Signage,Screensaver, Ambiance, Study Aid, Meditation aid, Meditation Background, Pairing with binaurial sounds and frequencies, Creating Virtual Windows, Calming Prisoners in Solitary Confinement, Helping Combat the Effects of PTSD, Tinnitus, and Dementia, Help Focus while Studying, Sleep Aid and in Churches, and as Backdrops for Presentations, Lounges, and More. To request a free license quote to use these videos in your business or organization, visit:

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Nice Man
beautiful music and video, keep going, we want videos like this 👍
Amazing Places on Our Planet
very good one!!!
It's fantastic!!!Thank you for the very beautiful video and excellent music!:)
Valerio Deli
Great, thanks for wha you doing for us xxoo
a very beautyful relaxing Vide0
Laavanya Pasupuleti
Visiting Iguazu Falls last January was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It can not be described in words. Thanks for the beautiful video!
Ivana Istvanic
So beautiful cimbination...........Thank you!!
Mariusz Pierog
Great video.
Amazing video!! too bad it was only 7 minutes...
Cat Red
M. Tomiczek
Beautyful Video,Thanks😊
Green Leaf Nature
Excellent place wow
"I will see you again. But not yet....not yet."
Lisa Lane
More than beautiful, a soul song, a soul landscape!
Marty Mc tirri
Gl Nassa
It's really soothing and relaxing. Many thanks for sharing this. Best Regards, Nassa
Johan Tronestam
Superb combination!
Isaac Mendonça
Great video in 4K, and full. Thanks for share! I was there's in the year december 2016. Wasn't so full, in times differents of the year, there's new images.
Ila Malhotra
Very beautiful 👌
Thank you very much for making this beatiful vídeo.
Luis Bonilla Ali
Un tema de primera y unas vistas increibles y soñadas por todos, un excelente momento de relajación con esta pieza musical de Hanns Zimmer.
Tara Keebler
😄AWESOME😃 😀video!😄
Have always loved this piece of music and South America is truly beautiful, thank you for the work that you do 🌞🙌🏻❤️
Las más lindas y espectaculares cataratas del mundo!!!❤❤❤
Evelin Mortmagus
É simplesmente maravilhoso a catarata do Iguaçu, um lindo espetaculo da natureza ♥♥♥♥
game walkthrough
should add some binary beats to the back ground. would put people into a coma lol
Very nice video creation, thank you.