Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun | Reema | Episode 6

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Marathi Casting Couch! Yes, a undercover web series with Marathi celebs... Check out our sixth episode feat. Reema A Marathi web series Amey Wagh, Nipun Dharmadikari Writer/Director - Sarang Sathaye Producer: Ashish Mehta, Paula McGlynn, Anusha Nandakumar Camera: Aditya Divekar, Ankush Kulal, Kunal Tiwari Editor: Kunal Tiwari Sound Recordist: Mayank Asthana Music: Saket Kanetkar Assistant Director: Henny Gurnasighani Production Manager: Yashwant Spot: Jyoti Location: Sitara Studio Digital Partners: Vizual Junkies Follow us on : /> />

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Prasad Karnik
पोरांनो तुम्ही एक नंबर आहात, पण कृपया तुम्हाला झेपतील असेच कलाकार या show मधे बोलवा. नाहीतर हा प्रोग्राम एक जनरल talk show होऊन होईल.
Sukalp Mishra
marathi is such a cute language! love it
Sunil Patil
RIP Reema Lagoo madam...We will miss u
RIP ReemaJi..Today I am again watching this as tribute to her...
Pranjal Wagh
लई बोर करताय पहिल्या एपिसोड पासून दर्जा घसरत चाललंय अर्धवट सोडला मी हा एपिसोड :-/
pradyumna ingle
Liked it. Can you invite Madhuri Nene on the set?
Janhvi Deshle
Ironically, this video was uploaded on 14th July 2016 and I am watching it again on 14th July 2017. Two things have changed, the year and Reema tai, who is no longer with us today! May her soul rest in peace!
Vishal V. Navekar
आपल्याच कलावंतांना रिजनल् म्हणून हिणवणारे लोक मराठीतच असू शकतात! अरे तुम्ही सुद्धा मराठीतच काम करता, रिजनल् म्हणून स्वतःलाच हिणवत असाल तर तुमच्या हातून मोठं काम कसं घडणार?
gargee desai
too boring........i was expecting something cool stuff like previous episodes.....but i am totally disappointed :(
palash hase
अरे काय चाललंय..??? लोकं अपेक्षेने बघतात की काहीतरी चांगलं असेल. तुम्ही त्या अपेक्षा निर्माण केल्यात. उगीच माती करू नका रे.
Bunty Sonawane
That mention of Tuffy ............ Hilarious & Superb guys.
Sanket Medhekar
वा छान, casting couch team.. अाता अलका कुबल मॅडम ना सुध्दा बोलवा मजा येईल....
nikhil joshi
I still cannot believe she is not with us anymore💔💔💔😢😢😢😢
girish unde
मित्रांनो, शो मधे बडे बुजुर्ग लोक कशाला आणतां? त्यांच्या बरोबर मोकळेपणाने चेष्टा मस्करी करता येणार अहे का? असो, "थोडे fuckup zalay" pan dont worry. We are with u. Keep moving forward. Best wishes.
Jaynish Oza
Hi! I'm from Gujarat. I don't understand Marathi language. I go through subtitles but still i like ur videos so much. Great show guys . Keep it up
Ankur Deshpande
voldemort..... cha beeesshhhht hota.....!!!!
Suraj Nimbade
Who all have come here after hearing the ntimely demise of Reema Lagoo?? :'( I have grew up watching her movies and this episode of #castingcouch tells us how a gem of a human being she was in real life as well. My thoughts and prayers to her loved ones. #RIP
हा एपिसोड बघून असं वाटतंय की तुम्ही पूर्णपणे थीम च चेंज केलीय.पहिला एपिसोड सारखे एपिसोड बनवायला पाहिजे.खात्री आहे मूळ मार्गावर तुम्ही परत येणार. ऑल द बेस्ट
shubham hajare
Amitkumar Kharwal
निपुन आणि अमेय तुम्ही मस्त शो करत आहात..... लई भारी ....
Bharat Saudagar
Love you reema lagu
Geet Khedekar
Khup Mast hota..lok tar criticized kartat.. But seriously Mast hota😍 Reema ma'am la show var anla, frankly speaking adhi watl hot k show etk interesting nasel pan majja aali..jiyo Nipun Ani Amey.. Reema ma'am pan mast😍😍😍😍.. Go on guys ankhi veteran actresses show var yeu dya..
Prakash C
salman chi aai pan salman madarchod shevtala ala nahi
milind shaligram
Too boring guys...please work on better format ... quality is going down
Nitin Kanade
episode is not bad , but as Maharashtrian, I would like to give you a suggestion is that ,. " tumhi ek short film tayar kara jasa ki TVF play . aani aasa vishya ghya ki te 16 te 26 year cha student life var film kara, like engineering student life ,. ".
Rahul Pednekar
Hey Nupur and Amey.. good and light hearted roast with all the celebrities you got in the episodes.. it was fun and entertaining to watch.. especially Reema Lagoo’s bite..
U both r cute...pun ha episode khupach goad dhoad zhala....there was no spice
Anuj Shinde
aajcha avadla ep. pn reemaa lagu alya ani tu tu mein mein cha topic ny kadhla thoda missing vatla
Sachin Chaudhari
Ameya, Nipun this kind of presentation of show is very entertaining and interesting, Nipun appear and sounds very funny and innocent, and it make me laugh so much while watching him, Its really great to see Reema lagu on your show And it  really added great value to the show by having such wonderful actress. But again as somebody said here, doing same or similar things in every episode could be boring, so you guys must try to bring variation, but again, I can understand that its not that easy to do it and bring changes, still can try. Whatever you have done till now is absolutely entertaining, hilarious and good quality work. All the very best to come out with such more and more nice things and entertain us. Thank you Regards Sachin
Amit nalawade
Soft punches.Nay Rao! Maja nay ali. Mhanje Essel World la jaycha ani "Roller coaster band ahe" cha board baghun yaycha, asa zala. Expectations are increased guys, you have already taken this to higher level. Please guys, maglya episodes lai bhaari ani he kay. Kuthech scope navta zatak punches cha..
ninad kharkar
Not done, was expecting more guys! Keep it up.
Vishal V. Navekar
किती हिंदी लोकं स्वतःच्या कार्यक्रमात मराठी वापरतात?
nice re poranno...grip aahey...u will rock boys!!!
Shrishail Birajdar
mati khallit......nake re asa karu
Jitendra Gandhi
that was good one ani bhau ekda nana patekar nahi te nako pan alka kubal taai kivha sayaji shinde sir na bolva
Voldemort chya aai ha kaam kelay hyani? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Super duper hit👌🏻👌🏻
Jatin Haibat
Ital Veloce ne naaral dila ka re balanno. :P :(
Humourously Yours
Tula dusra tanmay bhat banaychay ka 😂😂😂😂
Ameya Bapat
ओढून ताणून केलेला एपिसोड वाटतो .. पूर्वी सारखे सहज आणि उत्स्फूर्त जोक्स नाहीयेत यात.. PLz call young celebrities.. you are clearly not comfortable at teasing elderly people.
jayesh yadav
निपुन आणि अमेय तुम्ही मस्त शो करत आहात..... लई भारी ........
Prasad Dixit
Bhai log.. good going... ekda Nana patekar la bolwa plz...
Amol Gadgil
Every episode quality is degrading - lack of creativity. not cool!
Just for the love of music
It's extremely funny!! nipun reminds me of Prashant Damle and a polite version of Ricky Gravis... would like to see Shreyas Talpade instead of Amey.
Narendra Bhole
यार हे लोक अगदी brilliant आहेत
Bhagyesh Desai
First Time in Marathi industry i see such a beautiful plot. wooooowww , amazing , humorous
Meghana Rao
Nice episode ... the funny part was she says I don't belong to the 16th century 😂
mahesh Jangam
he dogh hi bhikarchot ahet
Aakash Bhadoria
What a terrible loss!
Throw Away
Man this was so soon. Can't believe she has passed away.
Siddhant Kadam
Such a nice soul she was.
prajak khake
mala awadla
shubham joshi
missing reema ma'am so u ma'am where ever u r
Prajkta Bhure
please prartana behre ,sonali,and swapnil joshi la bolva ekda tariiii .......
Mayuri Kadam
I like this episode.Reema mam u r beutiful lady. khup khup maja ali.
sumedh sawant
struggler saala bagha tyapeksha
yamini asar
It's nice to see Reema ji, lovely episode, dogha boys all the best for your film, Maja Ali....
Prafull Bhusare
नवाजुद्दीन सिद्दीकी ला बोलावलं पाहिजे इथ ठाकरे फिल्म करतोय तो
dnyaneshwar dighe
रिमाताई गेल्यानंतर तरी काढुन टाका रे. बाकी तुमचे सगळं छान आहे. अर्थात युट्युब वर तुम्ही टाकले नसेल तर ज्यांनी टाकले त्यांना ते काढण्यासाठी विनंती करा.
Ashwin Satyawan
She has two sisters अटी ani शर्ती
Aditya Rane
वाटतो तो कनाडा चा .. पण तो मराठीच आहे☺️👍
Tejaswini Sahasrabudhe
Miss u reema tai 😢
Bhargav Deshpande
Reemaji you were great soul... Missing you 🙁
Asad khan Pakistani boy
AP Hindi tu bolo yr
एक सवाल Paula Madam @PollywoodVlog के लिए.. क्या #bhadipa का #logo "पृथ्वी मुद्रा" से #inspired हैं? अगर हैं तो क्यो?
vilaas salvi
Arrey mitranno.. Scene asay ki.. Bhale episode juna aahe.. Pan !!! Tumhi scripted jast watayala lagalay.. Jara japa cause i love BHADIP
Shwetaa mostally freak
Are tumhi reema taaina pan nahi sodlat😂
Neeraj Shah
Reema jee...Respect !! you were the best mother an actor could have ever have be it Hindi or Marathi cinema.
RIP Reema Lagoo! I dont understand. Why doesnt this video have more views?
Mayur Mohite
Superrrrr likes to Reemaji.....ohhh god we miss u so muchhhhh...amey n nipun u guys r gr8 bhavanoooo.....luv luv.....
shri 61180
sriram lagoo relation mention was cheap
vicky sahdeo
Lay Bhari.....Season 3.. please..!!
Pranav Deshpande
Voldermot's punch was the best 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
rip reema lagoo ji ...miss u
Ajay Jadhav
Hahahahahaha reema mam la pan palun lavlat
Rahul Kshatriya
totally scripted scenes.
missing u rima mam... missing u forever
ajinkya swami
coooool bhai......ek dam fadu..........bhari.........zakas.........vantas.......lai awadala
chetan kothekar
😂😂😂😂😂cheelegiii...q nhi chilegiiiii
Chetu Health Care & Lifestyle
Rip Reema Tai kitti sundar hotat tumhi
Tushar Barke
Please do something more creative. Show lacks energy!!
Arya Khadke
Tumhala aai whawasa kdhi watl mhne 😹😹😹😹I laughed Soo hard.
suvrat paanse
सर्वात आवडलेला एपिसोड !!!
mixed emotion
never feels like she is not with us. great actor. good to see her. she is always there. rimaji... the mother /saas of hindi and marathi cinema. basically she changed the persona of old mom to young dashing modern mom. 💝☕
Shamal Dhurve
Khup maja Aali
Mahesh Kamble
Keep nailing.. Watched 2 videos brfore.. Dont want to keep phone away..
Shekhar Gowda
Osssam dada no
Swati Joshi
Totally Hilarious .. .especially last scene of KHNH mimmic by Amey .. ROFL :) Keep up the entertainment .. One request plzzz Mukta Barve la pan invite kara ;)
Prasad Belsare
Miss u rima ur such evergreen actress
blossom blossom
kupch Sunder Rimaji,aali kami nehami ch janvel
padmasinh chavan
hilarious!!! mastach!! 😁😂😂
Ashay Mohile
Good of the better episodes...चालू असुदे...
Pranita Jagtap
amazing episode specially Vaastav... u guys r amazing..
vaidehee p
n this is d only 1......"ji thodi faar real vaatli...".. appreciation to reemaji
rip Reema laago ma'am
Elegance Production
are mast nipun , amya , sarang , ani team , tumhi solid creative ahat ,, 😂😂😂😂 , sagle episode pahto mi mala kahi chukich nahi vatat , keep going bro . Bakichya afvankde laksh naka deu re, arthat tumhi det nahit te distch Kamatun 😂😂😂 ,, 👏👏👏 bc .. majja yete re
jay kanade
RIP reema ji... Khup athvan aali aaj tumchi
Sayali Mahadik
Thod jast expect kelel mi yaveli! Pan thikay.. Next time ajun chan kara..😘😘😘👍👍👍
Nitesh Sakpal
Good episode. You guys are amazing. Specially Amey's acting of Vaastav was fab..superb. I dont show scrpited aahe ki nahi but it doesnt look like a scripted show. Keep going. All the best.
siddhi sinkar
Amazing yaar kas jay sucht as lihayla...😂 khup mast..❤ asech video kart raha..👍