Alannah Myles - Still Got This Thing For You

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Ed Lisinski
Love the beat! Tons of energy
David Smith
When I was in my teens (before the Internet) I had this penfriend on the USA Canada border (on the Ontario side) who used to send me tapes of American and Canadian rock FM stations, remember The Pursuit of Happiness and Alannah Myles early stuff very well....then low and behold Black Velvet became a hit here in Britain!
Mike Moore
i like alannah myles still got this thing for u is mine and my girlfriends song we blair it in the house or in car when its on the radio fm station
Mike Moore
i all ways liked Alannah myles. . this. song got this thing for you . thst is mine and my girlfriends song we have it cranked in her car when its on the radio crusing
Mervin Poirier
On my original Song sheet for “Still Got this Thing for You”, the letters SOL are scrawled across the page, means one of two things Statue of Liberty or Sh!t Out of Luck. Looking at how Canada has left you, it is sh!t out of luck. The song is going be withdrawn on all media worlds in the future that use the Statue of Liberty as an immigration entrance point into Super Culturism. Hope you like doing church psalming on Black Velvet, lots of love hope to catch up to you at a later date for more song inspiration lines from you.