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Siccin 4 is a Turkish Horror Movie. Production Company: Muhteşem Film Director: Alper Mestçi Cast: Mirza Metin, Yasemin Kurttekin, Sebahat Adalar, Yasemen Büyükağaoğlu, Mana Alkoy, Merve Ateş, Muhammed Salih Gönültaş, Kıvılcım Kaya, Aslı Sevi ve Adnan Koç

Siccin Film
Siccin | English Subtitle Siccin 2 | English Subtitle Siccin 3 | English Subtitle
Amjadbasha Basha
Any siccin fans from India
Prakash D Jr
I think Conjuring needs coaching classes by Siccin ,,,How about that?
Tehmina Sharif
Listening Allah's name from people of another country of another language makes me happy that we all muslims have same God same prophet and same book and we are brothers from Pakistan
Jerome Syed
Anyone identified the girl as the blind daughter in the first of this series? Plus Orhan!
arch archana
I have seen all 4 parts of the movie and is way better than Hollywood/Bollywood horror movies. The movie not only scares your ass off,but also teaches you that God exist and the most important thing is the close person around you can be your worst enemy (especially your family and friends) 💔 if I'm wrong than just dislike this comment
Sohini Ganguly
I think I am in addiction wid siccin And I really like orhan...such a handsome man
Love For Humanity
Out of the 4 parts I've seen, siccin 2 is the best of all according to the story line...(though the horror element present in all series of siccin) who agrees??
Smily Guleria
Siccin is an addiction , excitement n so much horrible movie love 💖 from India 😍
Awesome War Attacker
Turkish movie is all the way better than Hollywood movie.
Sathya K
Okay so orhan dint kill himself in siccin3 instead he opened up a shop in siccin 4😂😂😂
Halbast Xoshnaw
After i saw this movie i decide to break and throw away my conjuring 2 cd
hot cold
i knew japanese & korean horror movies are great when it comes horror movie but i when i saw siccin my gosh 🙈 more creepy...1st time i watched turkish movie 👏👏👏
Hasan Winchester
Finally saw Orhan as a Hero :) A good story and a great movie . Please keep bringing Orhan in movies as a heroic character :)
Honeywell R
I'm from Tamilnadu part of India.. I'm also addicted this movie
hiba Koshan
Anyone recognized Orhan from Siccin 3😆😍
Anup verma
This is, hand's down, the scariest compared to the other three and anything that I've watched till now, especially the first half. scared the shit out of me many times and this is coming from a guy who doesn't easily get scared. kudos to everyone involved in the production of the movie. Eagerly waiting for the 5th part.
sanzidakhondoker Jhumu
any বাংলাদেশী here ?????
Lucie B Lindner
Wow! Wow! Wow! I love that GOD wins in the end! I love it!!!! You guys are amazing!
Beauty & Bright By Sania
Orhan,such a brave man....♥although siccin 3 was very painful.... love for kader♥
Nirob K
love from bangladesh. wants more movies in future from siccin team.
Ashley Tkl
I never thought in this world there is a creative and good deliverance+performance of horror movie besides Hollywood, and Asean. I was wrong. I have watched numerous movies being a fan of 'good and evil fight' and come to the conclusion. Turkey.
Azune Ana
Same girl from SICCIN 1!
So creepy
Mheann Bautista
I really love this horror film i watch it part 1to 4 and we have a lot to know more about islam and i really appreaciated that you make a film like this.....we got also some lesson here how to respect the words of ALLAH....more videos please thank you so much👌👌👌👌
Syeda Rubab Jaffery
Very gOod... waiting for Siccin 5 now! 😉
Azrie Hakimie
fans siccin from malaysia ❤❤
Elsa Rai
That's it... i am not gonna watch any horror movie from series 1 to 4. Now i feel like i am the one who is haunted😯 Till 3 series it was fine.. but this one was more its night here and i am too afraid to look around my room. 😫😫
Fatima Khattak
The guy who saves them is so goodlooking 😂😂
Syed Aman Shah
I give SİCCİN series 9/10 rating. This series is one of the best horror genre series, these movies teach us lesson that we are human and we should cross our limits. Sorcery is strictly forbidden in Islam. If we do as such then we will have to face bad consequences. May Allah saves us from such things.
Ingrid Azucena
Thanks siccin... U make me awake and read my notes😳😳😳... Scared the shit of me... I keep on jumping on my bed😲😲😲
Tumbom Noshi
Can't believe that i had watched siccin 1,2,3 and 4 all alone...all of them are amazing
Kenneth Janczak
Damn.... They done it again....... Making a really good and scarry movie.....and i say it again, hollywood could learn something here... Thanks for sharing and upload 😊😊😊
Syeda Rubab Jaffery
OMG, cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!! 👄👄👄 A couple of other channels had English subs, but I haven't been able to watch the movie yet. Glad you added English subtitles... video quality is amazing! 👍😎 Must watch tonight!!!
aathma shamanur
janntiyafarin farzana
Orhan Is h a n d s o m e😍😍😍😍
Tabassum Akter
wow! such a great movie...I love Turkish from Bangladesh <3
Shit these foreign horror movies are great! Thanks man👍
Maya Boti
loved it from Bangladesh😍
Raman Deep Kaur
wooooooo....the wait is over🤤
Fizza Shabbir
Turkish horror movies are the best 👍
Monika R swamy
this was scarier than other 3 parts of siccin.....very nice..... ohran....he looks stunnimg....!
Bermadine Fraser
Omg!! The English subtitle is here. Watching right now 🍿 🍿 🍿
Wow, he's hot! He can be wolverine.
Helen Rusiana
to: SICCIN Film, thank you for this wonderful show.....
April Martian
The Siccin movies are probably the scariest movies I've ever seen! They never disappoint! Thank you! 8/10 👍👏
Abhishek Singh
It seems turks are master of horror movies. Love from india.
Saif Ali
Yaaayyy after long time u upload english subtitle thnx
puja pooja
Plz upload siccin 5....with English subtitles
Among Chea
I have been through all night while watching Siccin 1 until 4...incredible...!!. thanks for this Movie.... first Turkey's movie that I've seen..thanks for this beautiful story and also talented acting.. #Fans from Malaysia.. #waiting for Siccin 5😘😘😘
Ayeshazulfiqar Ayeshazulfiqar
Omer sister is so pretty 😍😘
Ayesha Khan
Finally....after longggg wait Thank you 😊
nasrinnn golestani
In my opinion siccin 2 was the best👍👍
Nenk Oyenk
I'm from Indonesia 😋 I really like siccin film thanks 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
Dilawar Abbas
Ohh great to see orhan again....siccin👌👌👌👌love from india
Drill Sargent
I looked for the origin of Siccin's stories. Guess what? They are all real and the incidents based on actual events. Love love love LOVE the movies. Watched all four of them.
harbidende gerilim korku işini en iyi alper mestçi yapıyo diğerlerinin nerdeyse hepsi gazoz
Mart Lester & Bob
Creepy. I love turkish horror
Indah Kusuma
I like the little girl so pretty, growing so fast. She so cute in siccin 1
shameer khan
Omg..... Wat a bgm.. Scariest ever. Create a kind of mood which is more than a horror.
Mayesha Rahman
বাংলাদেশ থেকে কে কে দেখছেন??
juli girl
Me again I can’t sleep at night but I love watching it dam
unexplored path
Kader.. Was dead.. N results... Her husband.... Be a Savior
Ayesha sheikh
Love from India 😊😊 thank u for english subtitles
Simran Mehra
Wow amazing movie, love Turkish movies
Raman Deep Kaur
pls tell me when we can see the siccin 5...means when its going to be released or it has released allready?
Bhavnendra Rajput
The other guy is very hot
neha gurung
Sry.... But... Please anyone can.. explain... How.... Orhan... Came to know about... Omer...... Seriously I confused... Who could they communicate.... This ... Orhan... Is the same guy Na... Who... Keeps his wife Alive...after her death.. in that 3rd part.....???
пранто хан
Big Fans of Siccin from Russia
unexplored path
Thx for upload... Time to piss one more time in pants
Manpreet Singh Arsh
Amazing movie 😮😮
nurzahirah mat juri
Tq for the English subs.
Rebelle Athena
I managed to watch the first Siccin in Malaysia 4 months ago and continued the second and third in flight on my way home to Philly😆.I still remember the Qatar flight attendant spilled juice on my shirt by accident😩and i got earful of nagging by husband too for scaring everyone with the movie😂especially him.Its kinda bothering him cuz it was a midnite flight and the seats are pretty empty on our way to Doha. Waiting for the english sub patiently and i almost forgot about it.
Juhi Kumari
I won't sleep tonight 😨😨😨
Dadariush Hossain
Thai horror and turkey horror movies are my fave! 😍
Khushi Chandela
Best muv everrrrr !! Rly turkish movies n the actors r very very gud.. it seemed so real..!! tysm
A& Ezzz.
Orhan nice man... Good movie.. W8g for siccin 5... 😊
Mika Peter
Thanks so much for the English subtitles 💘 kisses from Tanzania Africa ❤
I am indian and i love this movie... awesome horror movie hai jitni bar dekhu kam hai...super story super horror
Nimpsy Christensen
Love the movie (Love all Siccin movies) but an ad every 3minutes!? Come on! Almost made it impossible to watch.
Habibi baby
Just few days my friend in facebook share this horror movie from turkey siccin now i was addicted to watch every movie thanks now i have new hobby keep it from phillippines but stay in kuwait make more scarier movie i loved it much.....
Bidisha Lohkar
So happy for the English subtitle ☺️
Dewiamor736 Dewi
Ada dri indonesia gk nonton film ini
Ahmed Belayet
What a movie!! I am feeling just awesome😘😘
Clark Kent
That pretty girl writting on a diary at the beginning was also the blind kid in siccin 1?
Malsha Nanayakkara
Orhan i want see you soon ❤
Sahin A
Izlesinler de korku filmi görsünler. Uzaylı istilasından başka film bilmiyorlar :)
Mc Barış
Türkler nerde
Chandana Chandu
Ohhh been waiting for so long,,😁
Ekram Rony
We have found our new superhero....ORHAN; he is the greatest of all the superheroes....
Wahida Rahman
I was searching no.1 horror movie but didn't satisfy any Hollywood movies but siccin is really horrifying from India
Barbara Gonzales
Love all your movies ..Best horror on you tube,Thanks for uploading 🇬🇧
Test Device
Please share 5 part, I can't wait more. Orhan Allah bless you, Ameen. Love from Pakistan.
Afiqa Chayra
Best movie ever!!!! Love from Indonesia 😍
Jacky Hawkins
Absolutely brilliant film. Many thanks for sharing and the translation much appreciated
Namgay Dorji
Outstanding film! The smiles on the faces of Omar and Orhan said it all at the end. Good ultimately prevails over evil. Great soundtrack in the end, just before the credit-roll.
sandy baby
Siccin series are my favourite thanks for uploading with translation
Kamilya Ibrahim
I can't wait 5 siccin come out
Nirmal Deb nath
Exciting to watch this movie Iam from India. Never seen such a scray movie till date... Good story, Good concept based on real story... Thankyou. Where can I find siccin Movie is actually based on black magic which passes from One generation to another... Really horrible to watch this best movie I must say...
Zahra Pari
I love siccin movie Thanks for the subtitels