MS Paint drawing - How to draw Coconut tree/ Palm tree beach - Request video

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Actual time was 25 minutes. This is an easy method of painting coconut tree/palm tree in MS Paint. Hope you like it. Please subscribe, comment and like if you like the tutorial. Thank you!!

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Hello, thank you SO much for this tutorial, you have the ability to create VERY beautiful pictures using the simplest techniques, which is amazing! I have one request - please could you provide a tutorial on how to use the Edit Colors feature on MSPaint because even though I can make my own colors with this facility, I'm always worried I'm going to overwrite or erase the existing standard colors, or other colors I have created! Please can you help, I would really appreciate that. Thank you very much.
Dinesh Mishra
Hello, thank you SO much for this tutorial, you have the ability to create VERY beautiful pictures using the simplest techniques, which is amazing!
amazing! and those Idiots say only untalented 6 year olds use MSPaint
Dazah Mitchell
I would love to say that the way you did the leaves was like RIDICOLOUS!!! Like it just blended together so perfectly even tho they were scribbles ^.^... Awesome job btw!!
Uta Grove
Excellent video :)
Em Rowland
This was so amazing to watch. Thankyou for sharing it with us. You're super talented. 
I just watched and I am so happy I just want you to know that you have VERY MUCH helped this struggling student with your simple and beautiful techniques. May THE BEST come your way  x
Ravindra patil Patil
awesome video Maam thanks
Darrell Pidgeon
Such brilliant work. I like to do paintings on this app, then upload to my Psykopaint app for some special touches. You are amazing!!
Its P!nk
I want to try this <3
XxSophieMartinxX ;D
Am actually gonna try irl on paper! Looks SO awesome!
You deserve WAY more subs! <3
Hasanul Islam R.R Int.
thank you very much. I did not knew so details as you explained easily !
MD Productions
the bob ross of ms paint!
Siddhartha Maji
Really really nice drawing. I amazed how you draw coconut leaf. I like your technique. :D
nikita s
wow!! its one of the best videos of yours!!!!!!!!!
imtiyaz srk
a mind blowing art.. thank u
crazy crafty 101
wow so beautiful you are amazing please make a vidio on how to make rainy season and you are so creative i love your vidios you are amazing guy ... i have a test on ms paint so please do that rainy season i love u
Dario Š
Do you by any change apply certain kind of "cartoon effect" in a small % on the final image using some other software?
Ri chang and my friends
Actual Trash
Anyone could have done this Just kidding your amazing
Laurel kim Groff
Very good I learn a lot from you. Thank you.
dove wing
good with ms paint   iv been using it for a realy long time and i stil dont know how to shade:(
Wojciech Jastrzębski
Beautiful :)
How did you drag those bottom leaves @8:42?
Deserve at least a million likes for these pictures
Hal Lasko approves. Incredible work there, this'll come in handy perhaps in my upcoming project to draw a tropical landscape.
White Heart
Bravooooo, I always used to think that MS Paint has a very limited ability for any artistic work, but you had proven otherwise..Very good job..
SlySluu :p
Can you just do a tutorial to show us on how to draw a lake?
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Shadow Star
That looks really nice :D
Shadow Star
You're welcome! 😊
Sean Fogle
I really have to say. I don't leave comments unless something is really good and well I think this is one of those videos. I have just been learning so much from your techniques and paintings that soon when I get the hang of it, I will be making my own! Also, the fact that you still reply to people YEARS after your video has been out amazed me! Thanks for the continued support of your fans (and this new one). -Sean
Alan Barnard
Thank you so much for this tutorial,you are very talented.
Omkar V
can you please upload one more video how to paint a man it will very helpful to the student those who are learning ms office paint.
Isaiah Tannis
looking at this today I can say that it looks really good!! nice job on the ocean n sky too, very realistic
Omkar V
thanks a lot for upload this video
Omkar V
Nicolai Mogensen
Do you use a graphic tablet?
thank you for showing this, I like it and I wil try it,
Indian Tradition
great job.......
Wow, you made an absolute marvellous "painting". Thank you :-)
Createful Art
sooraj s
nice amazing
Ashu Art
Wow .. you are awesome.. I have also created some videos in MS Paint.. Please check those :)
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Gurpreet Kaur
Wow too gud.
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Tough! 👌👌
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Photo Eagle
this is amazing!
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wow it's very interesting such ur painting is very nice
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Omg 😮 I never imagined that we can draw such things on ms paint ❤️😍
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Ariba Fatima
This is amazing...!! your previous ones were also good.
Carroll Durodola
Genius! What a great idea. And I love MS Paint, it was my first forays into digital art. Thank you so much.
This is really cool! I like how you use your mind and look into the tools to make something gorgeous actually quite easy! Thanks again!
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Koi Saral Tarika Bataye Ghar banane ka
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Partha Bhattacharya
Excellent, your talent speaks!
Emon37419 Kd
Trúc Nhã
Wow!!! Amazing!!!
I'm a 13 year old currently studying CAD. This is really inspiring! Well done. The colours really blend well together. Keep the good work up.
Gulmehar dar
not getting how to make tree colour
Wow, some nice techniques! I never thought of drawing leaves like that. I draw in an anime style usually in MS Paint, with a touch-screen laptop. :') I've been looking to spice up some of my art, so this might help! Thanks for the vid. :D
FitMC is the best
wow good job!!! I love your paintings
BedbyCity Hotel
Aida L. Arnaldy
I found it great! Thank you .
Lulo Ayanda Situnda
great technique.
demi X
This is amazing😱🙏🏻 i lovee ittt❤️
Abdur Razzaque Hassan
It's really awesome...
Amazing speed art! Very talented! I just uploaded a MS Paint speed painting of Gene Wilder (Willy Wonka) as a tribute. If you don't mind, I would like for you to check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks in advance! :)
Hi, I am from New Jersey. I liked your two scenery videos a lot. I painted both the beach scenery and the waterfall scenery. I followed your instructions. They have come out ok. One place where I need a tutorial or guidance is the depth. In both the sceneries, I was not able to get the depth. example - in the waterfall scenery, the three green layers under the orange mountain, my painting, it looks as 3 green mountains. Although in your painting it looks amazing. Same way, in your coconut tree painting, I got most of it, but the sea looks sloped down towards me. Whereas in your painting the sea looks flat. If you could please give instructions or video in how to create depth and perception, that will be great. I understand that it is how your draw the curves and the blending. But I want to know the basics behind this. Thanks for reading my comments. Appreciate your response. You are an amazing painter......
Could you do a tutorial on how to draw an age of sail ship?
Wow all this in 25 minutes.
Great vid! Especially like the way you explained each step. Thank you for taking the time to make this.
Mrjohn M
Fantastic painting. Lovely composition and beatiful colours. The ocean looks very realistic. I really liked how you did the palm tree leaves. Very well explained too. Great video : ).
David Church
Another amazing video! Your MS paint videos are really beautiful;I love the cloud detail; very realistic and much like an acrylic painting.
Quanta Salman
cool sister cool
nice dedication. I'll try making one if you don't mind? thanks for this video. helps a lot thanks
Ram Sir
No talk
Sydney Doe
I'm looking for a way to map out some bead weaving projects i have in mind and i havent found a free program that was easy to use and for more projects than peyoye stitch etc...was wondering if u map out projects and what do u use can paint work? If so maybe you could do a tutorial for example on how u would use it
Alex Rus
Care îi aici din Gojdu? :)))
Christina Carrington
thats really good
Shamshuddin Makandar
Thank you so much
Ganesh Kumar Chintanippula
Creative... You Deserve a lot of Applause s. Hats Off To Your Work... Loved It Finally Thanks For the Share
You are amazing!! I did not know you could create something as beautiful as this on MS Paint! Thank you so much for this tutorial!! <3
korat jay
your painting so good . I think you have start making animation.
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Ótimo 100% bom Deus te abençoe!
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in mind one thing came that it's extremely arts in and to give complement to u are this ok
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Madam you are a gift of nature. God gifted to earth. Heartly congrats for your creative mind. Salute to you. Really great.
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Thank you for this tutorial, you are so artistic
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this is what Microsoft paint was invented for nice work
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bhai wah
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wow amejing drawing
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Nice,very useful ,How to you made this video tutorial?can you teach me,please..!
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Just AWSOME !!
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