Soft Cell revisit Say Hello Wave Goodbye on Later… with Jools Holland

Soft Cell perform Say Hello Wave Goodbye on Later… with Jools Holland on BBC Two (25 September 2018). For more performances and interviews from the show, subscribe now: Watch the whole episode here:

One of the best songs they ever did, love the david gray cover, but this is sublime & as good today as it's ever been... They deserve their place at the table of the greats... Welcome back... Later! xx
Paul Cole
Pure class! Soft Cell still got it. Quite emotional at the end with Marc singing next to Dave, Roll on the 02 on Sunday.
Peter Turley
Genuine Talent never diminishes - X .
Stephen Campbell
He always was a wonderful singer, technically wayward, but full of personality and feeling. I think he is even better now
Mauve Dreamer
Still got that beautiful expressive voice. 💜 💜
Peter Jones
Just brilliant. As great today as it was in 81. The original synth duo. I hope they continue to make new stuff.
Chris Wareham
Still sends shivers down my spine every time I hear this song!
As a hardcore Rush, Led Zep & Free fan I have to say this is absolutely bloody fantastic !
mark & dave i had tears in my eyes at the end you did a great job
Takayuki Ishiguro
Never get tired of this...
This song has a new dimension to it now that it’s surely the last Soft Cell reunion
James Wilson
I love Marc almond he is my favourite artist
The sound of synthesizers is too good. Korg !!!!!
Russ Thomas
Superb. One of the greatest songs ever written. And the new box set is magnificent.
Alexandra Reid
AMAZING! one of my fave songs, such passion Marc xx
one word... PERFECTION !!
graham tunstall
wow that was amazing, i love all these old bands coming back to life, and quite a lot of them sound better now than they did 30 years ago.
Just 2 guys on stage.....but oh so powerful!!! Ok there are 2 guys in the backround,but you know what i !!!!!
Brendan Fisher
'Master of None' S2 Ep5 brought me here. That taxi scene. Feelz.
Daniel Klöpper
Many References in the Stage-Setup. Tape Recorder in Neon ... like most every synthband of the 80s. And The Names in Neon are a reference to early Kraftwerk Stage-Setups.
Reed Reedly
Outstanding, that song is timeless and it was flawlessly performed. I wish most in the US could have realized how amazing they were well beyond Tainted Love, not to mention Marc's solo career. Would love to see their last show.
Antonymes Music
Welcome back Soft Cell. Keychains and Snowstorms is one of the best band retrospectives ever. Dave Ball's new remixes are so beautiful.
Spongecake Squareshoes
If you've never seen it on here. Look up Bronski Beat and Marc Almond live at Montreux. It's camp af but really good at the same time.
David Bellamy
Amazing! love it now as much as loved it in 1980s
One of the greatest songs ever written and never gets enough airtime or love. This is a painful song to hear for me and makes me cry. Utterly magical.
Fantastic song . Beautiful voice and brilliant band. Love ya x great memories and thanks for them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
nice dead inside shirt
Neil P
What a song that is - Still sounds great and in my view FWIW Marc Almond has a hell of a voice - He can certainly hold a tune. Neither of them have aged well, but they are still alive and kicking and can do themselves proud!!
Karyn Robertson
Saw them in Tiffany’s in Glasgow in 1983 was one of the loudest gigs I have ever attended and I’m a rock chick loved them.
Andy Settle
loved this first time round, on a par for me with 'days of pearly spencer' - fantastic!
Jorge Velez
Love love eternal love for these two.
DJ Darren Barnes
absolute legends !!
Stuart Williams
And if wasn't for David Ball's mum giving them £2000 to help them make a demo who knows where'd they be nowadays.
Bloody hell these guys can still nail it!
Saw Marc on tour last year , brilliant stonking performance with great band , one of the melancholy greats
Is that the original Keyboard player ? (he looks unrecognisable !)
Beautiful, almost brings a tear to my eye, grew up with this band, I'm so lucky to have been a teenager in the 80's
Mike Fellows
Absolutely superb ! Class is timeless and these guys are proof of that ! They laid down the soundtrack to the formative years of many of us and we are blessed for that ! Thanks guys , you were, and still are heads and shoulders above the rest !!!
keith-lee castle
I’ve loved this band since 1980...
Roy Wayne
Still a very beautiful song.
Wow what a great voice, Marc can still really channel the emotion. Such a unique inflection to his voice.
One of the best songs ever written! Dripping with soul, class, despair and beauty. Still stunning after all these years...
yogurinha borova
amazing !!!
Kill Bill G
Los amos del calabozo!!!, el mejor duo de la historia!!!!!
Stray Wolf 777
Such a powerful record, I remember when it came out back in 81, the New Wave sound & Mark's voice makes it work together so well ! which makes you really feel the song.
eM Jot
Dave looks now a bit like James May's older and bigger brother.
Peter Jongeneel warm and fuzzy....., i am old...Feels great :)
What a beautiful voice Marc has outstanding vocals 👌
I still think Marc is gorgeous
Judgement Ravi
Geoff Joffy
Excellent. One of my favourite Soft Cell songs. Great to see them back again and having fun. Thanks.
Dean Appleby
Along with the PSB,s the best synth pop bands ever
I love this more than I have the words to say. I ache and burst with an uncontainable adoration for this song and performance. I am at the same time devastated into desolation, to learn that their last ever performance is days away and sold out.
Dominic AaAaa
Still sounding great, if they are calling it a day for soft cell it's nice to go out on a high
martin manifold
Best version ....dont like the other styles marc has tried
Fantastic! It’s nice to see they’re both on good terms still. I need me one of those neon lights, they look amazing
roberto ficelle
the stockman " l'éclusier" de Jacques Brel !
Djgingecoldwell Coldwell
Watching this reminds me of an early Peter Jay stand up of his Dad playing Keyboards on this track. Just Fantastic.
Dean Stanley
Old Dave as put some timber on I barely recognise him from the old days
jenna leigh-raine
beautiful and sad. i know dave well . but they did nt get involved in each other's life. so when marc turns to sing You never knew me...I never knew you... its like hes saying...well this was our life's take good care old friend 💜😢
91´ Mendelsohn Extended Mix is still the best Version ever
top 10 best records of the 80s
Fiesta ST Fan
Incredibly Amazing !! - When and Where ?? BIG LOVE
roberto ficelle
bravo Marco ---> the best one
Dave Treen
Best song they did
Blimey, that puts me straight back into my childhood bedroom in the early 80’s!
mark rocket man Grimstead
Superb,love it synth at it's best.also I want that neon🙂
Paul Atreides
dave and marc thank you so much from germany
Gimme Shelter
good to see you both have it in you David and marc
A reminder of how quick life is....
Adrian Federici
As good now as in the 80s , fantastic performance.
Groups, bands, singers, whatever, could learn so much from these two musical giants. And the thing that really got me was the fact they must've played this tune a gazillion times yet they looked liked they were having a 'ball'! Sorry Dave, I had to say it. Pure unadulterated class, from start to finish. Thanks boys.
Rich Baro
Too short, wanted to hear the soaring vocals at the end like on the record
Ian Fisher
That sounded really good. Like the neon. Timeless synthpop.
They are a national treasure absolutely brilliant !
Ditto .. sublime, as good as I’ve ever heard it..
A great performance here, just loved it.
Jon Vincent
18 dislikes from deaf people
A classic. Looking forward to the o2 on Sunday.
liam obrien
One of the best synth pop songs of all time...magic.
stephen whittle
Bumped into Marc by chance in London , a couple of years ago. He was a charming guy who was happy to chat and have photo taken.
Amazing! I just love it!
Richard Willcock
I tell you what, Marc Almond's voice has certainly stood the test of time.
PocketRocket 69
Still sounds amazing
Mitchell Edwards
One off the best voices in music
What a great performance, faithful to the original, I'm pleased to say. I hate it when artists make slight alterations when playing live.
Phil Bury
Definitely one for my desert island discs. Awsome! 👌
Robert Watson
a true classic, and that voice
Welcome back boys, please make us some more music!!!
My claim to fame here is I used to drive his [estranged] Dad [Peter] down to the shops to get his shopping and baccy in Cheltenham, 10-15 years ago.
Janet Broadley
Still has a great voice!!
brapman brap
pure class ..awesome tune
rob power
Just brilliant and still sounds as good as ever.
Jim Brennan
Absolutely brilliant!
Nigel Bartlett
100% better than that Idles crap, gonna have to dig out my " erotic cabaret" album now!
Kristen R
How in the Hell is this only <100K views?? Oh my.....
Ryan Oxley
such an incredible voice X
Count Cliff
Awesome, looking well Dude, love this song ....
Absolutely fucking amazing. Huge smile on my face - bought this when it came out back in nineteen eighty oatcake- a wonderful song.